Take My Wife Please


I was nervous about going.

Still, she had practically set this up and given me permission. But I was still nervous.

The pretext involved inviting me over for a swim, knowing that he was going to be there and that she and her daughter would out.

She had even given me a bathing suit to wear.

Now that I was actually putting it on, I realized just how this small bathing suit was and that is likely why she chose this one. My heart rate was increasing and my palms were sweaty. She called this a bikini but it barely was the size of my palm.

The thin sheer material of the top hardly covered my nipples much less anything more. It covered even less as I become more and more aroused.

My nipples were so hard they ached. They were now the size of erasers and they pulled the fabric so much that the material started revealing the pinkness of my areolas.

When I tried to put the bottoms on, the tiny front triangle stretched tight over my pussy leaving my clit prominently visible and showing every detail of my cleft for anyone to see. The string that was the back fit deliciously between my cheeks and now was almost invisible with it pulling very snuggly against my rosebud.

My brain told me that I should be embarrassed, that I looked like a slut. My mother and my friends would be shocked that I would even consider wearing this, much less what I was preparing to do. Was I some kind of adulterous whore, going to cheat on my husband? What would my daughter think?

Even with these thoughts, I was so horny I could feel myself getting slightly dizzy. I felt deliciously exposed, partly embarrassed to be on display, and partly excited to unlocking my hidden secret desire. I never thought I would ever get a chance to act on that desire, but because of Lauren and husband, it was going to happen today.

All morning part of my brain kept telling me this was a mistake and I should not go. As I did the housework and then worked out it was all I was thinking about. My mind pleaded with me as I showered and shaved myself. Shaving my legs, I enjoying the smoothness as I always did, doing my pits, and then my pussy. I used a mirror to get everything, I was even wetter than I was when I started.

Before long I was completely bare and very smooth. I loved the feeling of being so smooth, sometimes I even considered shaving my head. I loved the prospect of being completely hairless. I would masturbate imagining how everyone would react to seeing me naked and totally exposed.

If all the people who knew me as a prim and proper mom only knew that, I had a secret: I was a closet slut. Deep inside me, I wanted to be fucked by men and women, and as often as possible. I had always kept that buried, nobody knew, not even my husband. No one until Lauren, I suspect that she guessed it right away.

I forced myself to concentrate as I dried my hair and put it into a pony tail. My mind continued to say this was cheating and that adultery was a sin. Meanwhile, I hadn’t bothered to put any clothes back on, and was completely naked as I prepared myself.

I could imagine people saying, “What would her husband say, if he knew?”

I smiled again, “Hell, not only does he know, he was the one along with Lauren that suggested this, and both of them almost had to beg me to do it.”

At first, I didn’t know if I could, it was only after both of them had gotten me drunk with red wine, that I gave in. They had been so excited when their convincing had worked. Although secretly, I had been wet since they first brought up the idea.

I remembered the look on my husband’s face and how turned on he was when Lauren told him about her plan and how quickly he had agreed. She would take her daughter to the movies and invite my daughter and my husband to go as well. They had done that before on several occasions. My husband and daughter knew I didn’t like going to the movies so no one would question why he and Lauren were going together. Her husband never went to the movies either. She convinced me that nobody would ever mind that I went over and used their pool.

My brain fast-forward to just a about a week ago when Lauren explained that her and her husband wanted him to have me first, something that made my husband almost tremble with excitement. For as long as I could remember that was his overwhelming fantasy for me. In the last few years, our sex life had become plain and predictable, it was still good, but we both wanted more.

We had talked about ways to spice things up, and had tried many things that usually involved him fucking me in unusual places. He had told me that sharing me was his “darkest desire” several times, but nothing had actually happened.

We never seemed to find the right opportunity until we moved into this neighbourhood. Lauren had worked with my husband for several years had actually told us about the house we bought and how nice it would be to be neighbours.

Lauren and I became close friends very quickly. My husband and her drove to work each day maltepe escort together. One night over several glasses of wine, Lauren had said that her and her husband, Brad wanted to find a couple to share having sex. However, they had experienced the same problem we had because they couldn’t find the right people.

I realize now my husband had set me up and I remembered how excited Lauren had become after that. She said that her and Brad’s appetite for sex seemed only to be increasing, but like us, they were tired of the same old same old and wanted to experiment. She explained that she wanted to try sex with another man and hinted that she wanted to make love to another woman as well.

She as much admitted she wanted to fuck my husband and when our house came up for sale, she and Brad convinced him to convince me about the move. Lauren said we were everything they were looking for. Not to young, not too old, both in good shape. We had been married a long time like them and sex had gotten predictable.

I thought about that conversation as I adjusted the tiny bathing suit, trying unsuccessfully to stretch the fabric and to completely cover my areolas and fighting a losing battle as my nipples got even harder which pulled the fabric even more away from covering my increasingly sensitive nipples. I felt so excited, knowing that soon another man, other than my husband, would ravage me. Still considering that until now, despite our discussions, it had never seemed like it could actually happen.

I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe it was me in my reflection, I looked like a pinup girl, my bathing suit did nothing to hide the fact I looked ready to get laid by the first man who would see me. I knew it was naughty and that if I went out in public some people would think I really was a slut, but I loved the feeling of being exposed, my body was literally shaking in anticipation of going outside.

“Maybe being a slut isn’t a bad thing,” I laughed to myself.

I thought again of that night, after Lauren had left, my husband virtually attacked and ravished me in ways he hadn’t for years. The door had barely closed and he literally ripped my clothes off and fucked me in the living room.

I remember having him inside me before Lauren would have gotten to the end of the driveway. He stayed almost fully dressed and while he was fucking me. He called me a slut several times and even a whore as well, I loved it. Fucking me with his clothes mostly on made me feel even more as a slut and I loved that feeling. His ferocity had surprised me and he fucked me like he was possessed.

My husband was never much for foreplay and that night was no different. I remembered lying on the couch afterwards, naked, with his cum dripping from my pussy. As much fun as this had been I was hoping that Brad would be better at making me cum, and then wondering about the different ways Lauren might make me orgasm.

I longed to have my pussy eaten by someone who would enjoy making me orgasm, to have someone explore every inch of my body. The idea of Lauren being that person was an incredible thrill and I was dreamily lost in thinking about that for several minutes. I masturbated while my husband sat across the room watching the ball game.

Thinking about Lauren kissing me, her tongue exploring my lips and mouth made me dreamy again. Her long fingers exploring my body and seeking out all of my secret places and knowing how that would make me feel, made me moan and whimper. Imagining my fingers being hers, I used them to caress and feel all over my body. With a finger between my soft nether lips, I could feel my clit, rolling it slightly, and lightly playing with my sensitive sex. I remembered exploding with a powerful orgasm, and actually squirting on the couch.

My husband had stopped watching the game and stripped while I made myself cum. The next thing I knew he was pulling me onto the floor and putting me onto all fours. I heard but could not see a lid snapping open and I could feel something slippery being rubbed onto my ass. I moaned at the thought about what might be next.

“Kari, you want to lay around the house like some kind of wanton slut, to let people fuck you and that little shaved cunt of yours, well how about me fucking your tight ass?” It was more of a statement of intention than a request. Normally my husband wouldn’t even talk about anal sex, tonight though he seemed inspired because soon I felt the tip of his bare cock at my tiny rosebud.

I had always fantasized about the idea and I was now in heaven with the feeling of his cock rubbing up and down the space between my cheeks. He must have used the entire bottle of lube on me and despite the tightness. I could feel him struggling and after a sudden burst of pain, he was penetrating me.

“OMG,” I repeated over and over again as he pushed against my tiny opening. It would have helped to use his fingers first, but my husband, as good a lover as he was, was never really into what I wanted.

First, just the tip escort maltepe was inside my ass, god even that felt like I was being split in two.

“God Kari, you are so tight back here,” he more grunted than said. The mixture of pleasure and pain only increased as he pushed deeper and deeper. After applying more pressure and groaning for several minutes, he was all the way inside my ass.

I could feel his balls and pubic hair on my skin, I felt so full, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt.

Then he leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Maybe Brad will fuck you in the ass too, maybe some time you will have one of us in your pussy and another one of us in your ass at the same time, wouldn’t you like, my little slut?”

I nodded my head up and down and moaned in reply. Then we both moaned as he withdrew and then plunged deep into me again.

My husband was calling me every dirty word in the book as he fucked my ass. Then he was talking about how turned on he was about Brad fucking me, how afterwards he wanted me to let him fuck my sloppy pussy. I could barely focus on his words because of what he was doing to me. Moments later, he came inside my ass, filling me up with his hot white stick cum.

He leaned against me, my arms supporting his weight before he pulled his cock out of my well-lubed ass. I started to get up and he said, “Kari, don’t get cleaned up, not just yet, I want to watch my cum drip out of you.”

Lying there on the hardwood floor, he did just that. He got dressed and made me lie there until all of his cum had stopped pooling on the floor.

“Kari, you are such a beautiful little slut, I can’t wait to fuck you after Brad has.”

My phone buzzed, drawing me back to the present. “Have you left yet?” my husband texted. I started to reply when it buzzed again.

This time it was Lauren, “Send me a pic before you go, I want to see you in that little bikini.”

Lauren was taller than me and at 46, ten years older, but otherwise we could be sisters. She had known my husband from work but had never met me. Now we talked or texted almost all the time. I had felt an immediate attraction to Lauren; she was bubbly, very attractive, and extremely interested in me.

We started running together a few times a week and did yoga as well. The more we connected the more comfortable I felt with her. She was a very huggy person, and whether by design or by accident, it wasn’t very long before she hugged me, lightly at first, but now looking back at everything, I realized she was recruiting me or at the very least seducing me. It worked mainly because I loved the attention from both her and my husband.

We had moved a lot, and my husband said this was the last move; his company had promised. For the first time I felt like I could make some real friends and become part of the community. When Lauren reached out to me, I was in heaven. A friend, someone who liked what I liked, liked me, and someone who I could talk to. It was perfect.

Lauren knew that I was quiet, but I think she could tell that there was something under the surface that was just looking for the right chance to be released. All of the moves had left me cautious about making friends, but since this was our last move, I allowed myself to become much closer to Lauren.

Refocusing on the present, I realized I was wasting time. I hurried and put on just a touch of makeup. Looking in the mirror, I could see a wet spot on the sheer material of the bottoms and shivered with nervous excitement. I could detect the scent of my arousal was lingering in the air. I took my phone and snapped a quick selfie and sent it my husband and to Lauren.

“This is it,” I said and took a deep breath.

Just as I got to the door, my husband texted back, “You look so ready to be fucked Kari, remember I want you to do this!”

I moaned aloud when I read that and it was everything I could do not to masturbate myself right then and there.

Then Lauren texted back as well, “You look so delicious, I want Brad to fuck you silly Kari. I want him to fuck that little pussy of yours so much that you won’t be able to walk properly afterwards.”

Her language over the past few weeks, I noticed had been getting increasingly more explicit, and when I had mentioned that to my husband, he had said, “I wished you talked as dirty as she does, it really turns me on.”

The way he talked about Lauren made me wonder if they had already been doing each other already. They had been co-workers for a number of years and had gone to conferences together. Surprisingly as I realized that this was probably true, I wasn’t jealous. I could hardly complain; especially now that I was virtually naked in this tiny sized bikini and was being encouraged by both my husband and her to get my ass fucked off by her husband.

I had to force my hands to stop shaking, my time to change my mind was rapidly disappearing as my legs walked me out of my house. Without thinking about it, I swayed my hips as I walked barefoot across maltepe escort bayan our lawn and onto the sidewalk. I was very conscious that anyone who saw me might think I was naked and the thought made my knees weak.

I walked down the sidewalk, the breeze whirling around my body. Past the first house, then the second, the neighbourhood seemed deserted as if the whole community was in on what was happening and was purposely hiding and watching me. My mind screamed at me as I walked up the driveway of Lauren’s house.

It kept screaming right up until my finger pressed the doorbell.

I stood by the door, all 5.5 of me and my newly toned 115 pounds, the same weight I had been when I had gotten married. At 34 x 22 x 35 my little body filled out the cherry red bikini almost as good now as it would have then.

My mouth was dry; my hands were shaking, my nipples engorged and my pussy soaked.

I knew Lauren would have told Brad about the bathing suit, it was too small for her and based on the way it fit me, it was even too small for me. I felt so exposed and virtually naked as I waited for the door to open. I almost felt dizzy with excitement, I think deep down I was more excited than either my husband or Lauren.

The door opened and there was Brad.

If I had to guess, he was about sixty, salt and pepper hair cut short, still muscular, no six pack but trim. I figured him to be about 6 foot and maybe 180 pounds. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and flip flops. His cologne reminded me of leather and was intoxicating.

He smiled and kissed me without a word. A hard, powerful kiss that took my breath away.

“Kari, you look amazing, especially in that bikini, even more beautiful than I could imagine,” he said in a voice that was quiet, almost as though he was talking inside my head.

Momentarily speechless after the kiss and more than a little dazed, I let him take my hand and let him pull me deeper into the house and towards the backdoor and the pool area. My nipples were even harder than before and I was sure that my pussy was so wet that my juices had soaked my bottoms completely.

“Do you have any sunscreen on Kari,” Brad asked without seeming to have noticed the effect he was having on me.

“Kari?” he asked again.

“Huh, uh, no,” in getting ready, I had completely forgotten to apply any sunscreen. I just shook my head and Brad smiled again.

Brad gave me another one of those amazing kisses and said, “No problem Kari, let me rub sunscreen onto you, we can’t have you burning. Come over her and lay down on the chaise.”

He moved ahead of me and fully reclined a chaise so it was completely flat and then told me, “Okay lay on your stomach, we will start with your back first.”

I heard him open the sunscreen, pour some onto his palms, and then I felt his powerful hands on my shoulders. He had bigger hands than my husband and they were rougher, calloused from hard physical work.

He lathered my skin and massaged it at the same time, it was a good thing I was lying down because I am sure my legs would not have supported me. My husband had massaged my muscles before but it felt like Brad was massaging my soul with those wonderful hands. Was I being melodramatic … I was virtually naked, being massaged by a good-looking married man, who was older than my father, that would make anyone melodramatic.

Pausing every so often to get more sunscreen, Brad continued down my body. Past my shoulders, to the top of my back, without asking he undid the string holding my bikini top and carefully laid the straps out of the way. He held my sides and his fingertips grazed the sides of my breasts. His touch was electric and I felt my stomach fluttering. I inhaled sharply as his hands and fingers made lazy circles on my skin. Accidently, maybe, his fingertips reached under me and just grazed my ever so hard nipples, I didn’t even try to hold back my moaning.

Sometimes softly, some times almost to the point of hurting me, his amazing fingers kneaded and worked my muscles. The dampness between my legs, I was sure, was making a puddle on the chaise as Brad’s hands worked towards my lower back. My eyes were closed and in my mind, I only saw bright reds, oranges, and yellows. My ears only noticed his steady breathing and my increasingly loud whimpers and moans.

“That’s perfect Kari, tell me how it feels, let yourself go completely,” he leaned over and whispered into my ear. The scent of his cologne adding to my excitement of being completely dominated by him.

“OMG Brad, that feels so incredible, don’t you dare stop,” I said with my eyes closed.

Brad’s fingers reached the flare of my hips and disappointingly he barely touched my ass. Continuing south, he applied the creamy sunscreen to my thighs, his touch came within inches of my anxious pussy and I opened my legs to give him better access, but I moaned in frustration as his hands seemingly ignored my sex and continued down towards my toes.

Using his fingertips, he lightly touched me. Then his hands and fingers swept up and down my legs. His hands alternately would tighten and grip my muscles almost with a vicelike tension and then softly caressed them. The mixture of pain and pleasure only heightened my arousal.

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