Taken and made to serve (part 3)


Taken and made to serve (part 3)The guy hawked and spit, it landed right onto my sensitive bung hole and he smeared it around with his dick head. As he did so he started to undulate his midsection so that his dick started to enter my tender bung hole as I winched in anguish! Daniel guided his dick head into my lips, his penile glans is so huge I had to stretch my mouth as wide as I could and it still could barely fit!Terrified as to what would happen to me if I did not obey. I tried with all my strength to get my lips around Daniel’s huge dick head. The new guy was taking his time entering my now well lube bung hole. He was the first grown man to have a go at my no longer virgin bung hole. I still had fears of what Bruce and Charlie had warned me of the first time. That Daniel had taken another teenager in Juvenal Hall and had ruined his bootie so that he had to wear a bag to defecate in!Daniel’s dick was so huge he could not get his dick past his penile ridge, just the first half of his dick head was filling my oral cavity. Daniel instructed me ‘ … use your damn tongue Whore, run your tongue over my dick head like it’s candy! …’ Bruce and Charlie chuckled as they watched. The Guy in my butt now had most of his dick up my anal chute and was sliding it back and forth in a sawing motion as he started to fuck my bruised, tender butt hole.I whimpered istanbul escort around Daniel’s huge dick head in agony as the two of them had their way. The grown ass man was fucking me like I was truly some whore they had picked up, mucus and tears hung from my lips and chin as Daniel held my head as I ran my tongue over his huge throbbing dick head. My body convulsed involuntarily from the pain and fear as to what was happening to me.The grown guy was grunting with each thrust even though he was not being too rough he was getting his dick balls deep with each thrust. Every time he rammed forward I was pushed on to Daniel’s thick dick head. My lips felt as if they would split apart, my jaws ached so that I had little thought of the dick up my butt!Bruce and Charlie was on each side of us stroking their teenage dicks edging Daniel and the grown guy on saying things like … ‘ … fuck that Bitch … ‘, ‘ … make that Bitch whine … ‘. Helpless I could do nothing but try to take their assault and hope that I came out in good shape.The grown guy started to ram into me in quick short strokes until he gripped my hips tight and pulled me to him and I felt his dick as it throbbed and squirted huge globs of his semen in to my bowels. I felt his thighs tremble as Daniel pulled his sufficiently avcılar escort moist dick head from my lips. My jaws hurt so bad that my mouth hung open as my jaw muscles started to relax.Daniel moved around me as the grown up pulled from my very sore anus and I tried to plead. Charlie took that time to scoot round and take hold of my head and stick his hardened dick into my lips. It hurt so bad to close my jaws that Charlie manage to get his dick into the back of my mouth and try to stick it down my throat.I gagged and heaved as his dick head struck the entrance to my throat, it must have been more then Charlie expected or just enough cause he started to cum. With the added slipperiness of his cum his dick head did enter my throat for few seconds as he erupted. His dick head was expelled when I up-heaved and vomited his substance and the contents of my digestive system up!Charlie tried to scramble out the way but got covered with the explosive vomit all down his legs and feet. Daniel pulled me to the foot of the bed and raised my butt up in the air causing an obscene sound of air escaping from my well used bung hole. It was a wet moist sound that startled me and had Bruce laughing so much that Charlie got mad and slapped me across the face.Daniel was standing behind me and pushed his enormous dick head into şirinevler escort my open ass hole. With all the splodge from the grown guy still dripping from my anus. Daniel’s dick went half way in before it met any resistance, that was about seven inches of Daniel with about the same amount waiting to enter.Daniel started to slam into me so hard I could feel him striking the walls of my rectum and I begged and pleaded for him to stop. Daniel slowed down and asked ‘ … you want me to stop. Then tell me how much you like being our fuck toy. Let me hear you say “Yes, I love being fucked by you!” … ‘When I did not speak quickly Daniel started to ram into me again and again until I babbled out what he had said. Soon as I had said it twice Daniel pulled from my aching bun and Bruce went in before I could drop to the floor. For the next couple of hours the four of them went at my butt with me bent over at the foot of the bed.When they all had shoot two or three more loads of their baby batter into me they let me drop down to the floor. In agony I could only curl up holding my gut as it convulsed, I could actually feel my insides as the readjusted. Copious amounts of air and sexual mucus escaped from my stretched and gaping butt hole!I laid their whimpering and sobbing as the grown guy dressed and passed out three ten dollar bills for using their fuck toy! But my anguish was not over for Bruce Charlie and Daniel had nothing else to do that day so they took turns with me until they tired and went away leaving me trembling in shame and pain telling me that I ‘ … belong to us now. So when we want you you gonna be coming. No we gonna be cumming you gonna be fucked! … ‘

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