Tangled in Europe Ch. 01

Double Penetration

This is the continuing saga of Ben Black and his twenty-one year old daughter Cynthia; our lovers have been involved in an incestuous love affair. And despite the tragedy and heart break they have endured along the way. They have managed to somehow make their sex fuelled relationship work. Well, as best they can anyway.

After my baby girl almost died on me I decided to cash in a policy and take her on the trip of a lifetime across Europe. She had suggested we take a holiday while recovering in hospital. Cynthia even suggested we could pretend to be husband and wife. I must admit, I liked that idea.

Sitting at the kitchen table with my tablet, I was making the last reservations for our trip to France, Cynthia came in and standing behind put her arms around my neck and she looked at the accommodation list for the hotels etc, I had booked.

“Click on that one there. It looks fab.” She says, pointing to the tablet as she snuggles into my neck kissing me.

One of the places I have chosen in France was the chateau Louis in the Cotes-d’Armor region. It was a large old house that had been fully renovated in a Louis XVI style and turned into a small hotel. It had copied the style in a very meticulous manner. The photos of the interior and rooms were breathtaking, and I could see Cynthia was excited by them.

“Ohhh, Click that photo dad please.” And I enlarged a picture of one of the bedrooms. Its center piece was the very large white ornate

looking four poster bed decorated with gold leaf.

“God that’s some bed babe.” I said, amazed by its size.

“Isn’t it, isn’t it just. I bet its nice and soft too, perfect for fucking on.” She replied seductively and she began to kiss my neck slowly, while her hand wandered down the front of my pants seeking my now hardening cock.

“I can’t wait to fuck you on that.” She whispered in my ear as she caressed me with her lips slowly, her hand had found my cock. And she started to tug it slowly in my pants encouraging my pre-cum to flow while circling my cockhead with her thumb.

“Why wait my love? I want to fuck you right now.” My cock was fully erect and demanding attention.

Standing up I see she is wearing a slightly shear white blouse, her beautiful lemon coloured lace bra tantalised the eyes as it peeped through her top. Those beautiful puffy nipples now fully erect, were screaming to be sucked hard as they stood out teasingly. I pulled her into my arms and started to kiss her passionately on the lips, my hands pulled up her skirt exposing her very sexy black lace topped stockings and she had matching French lace knickers on.

Cupping my hands around her soft ass I worked my way down kissing her neck lightly as my lips made their way to her nipples. I licked them through the fabric while I slipped my fingers under her lace panties, into her very warm and moist pussy.

“Mmmmm, Your pussy is soft and wet babe.” I sigh, pressing my head into her chest.

“Well if you will tease it like that, what do you expect dad.” She giggled as she opened my pants to expose my now raging hardon.”

Sitting down on my chair she sends my pants and jocks to my ankles; I step out of them and kick them under the chair. Slowly and so gently she starts to lick my cockhead, moaning as she savours my pre-cum. Opening her sweet tasting mouth she proceeds to take me in right down the full length of my shaft.

“Oh Christ babe, that so fucking good. Oh, that’s it. Suck it Cynthia. Suck my cock hard.” I moaned.

Smiling up with me she continues to lavish my cock with kisses, and licks my shaft along its entire length. God how my little girl could suck cock beautifully, she really enjoys toying with me.”Mmm, I love your big cock. I want you in my pussy. Please!” She moans, as she presses her cheek to my cock. Standing up she starts to open her blouse. She releases her bra and it pops up just enough to expose her puffy nipples. I lean forward into her and start to slowly circle her nipple with my tongue while my fingers gently rub her pussy slowly carefully, before slipping inside.Her body jerks slightly as the electricity of ecstasy shot though her.

“Oh god that so good, your fingers.Ohhh fuck my pussy.” And she started to pump on my fingers slowly.

I continued to tantalise and tease her wet pussy; my baby’s juices were now flowing steady and strong coating my fingers; flowing down to my wrist. “You like this babe. Don’t you?” I say as I gaze into her deep blue eyes, I watch the effect my fingers have on her face.

She stops for a moment and looks at me smiling coyly. “Your fingers are nice. But I want your cock, I want it now!” Sliding her skirt off she leans over the table lifting her bum as high as she can inviting me to take my place behind her.

God what a sight her wonderful soft bum is in those lace panties; and there, bulging magnificently was her incredible pussy its soft folds peeping out from their elastic restraints in the crotch. I couldn’t resist. Falling to my knees I bursa escort buried my nose in her soft folds, her scent; god that intoxicating scent is so addictive. Like a junkie I can never get enough.

Pulling the lace aside to expose her pussy I slowly part the soft petals of her flower and I begin to lick her slowly sipping her succulent sweet nectar. Taking a deep breath she let out a long sigh.”Oh dad that’s so unfair. My pussy wants your cock. Ohhh fuck.”

Ignoring her protests I continue to lick and suck her pussy working my way slowly to her tight rose bud, circling her little bud with my tongue and dipping it in gives me the desired effect.

“Ohhh Fuck, dear Jesus that’s so good.” She cries in a long moan as her hands tightly gripped the edges of the table.

I begin to bury my tongue into her pussy as deep as I can and my patience is rewarded by her cry. “Oh god I’m coming. Dear Jesus Christ, I’m coming.”

Like a hopeless drunk I suck her pussy hard. I couldn’t get enough of her honey, even if I climbed in side her pussy it would never be enough. Panting away heavily she looks back at me.”That’s not fair. I wanted us to cum together.” She sighs in protest.

“Don’t worry my love. My cock is yours now.” I whisper to her, as I lavish baby kisses on her soft pert bum. Standing up I grab my shaft and pull her panties aside, slowly I begin to rub my cockhead between the soft lips of her pussy. Pushing the head in just a little bit I allow her to slide slowly down my shaft, drawing me deep in to her wet nest. I watch the excruciating ecstasy that is etched on her face as she bites her bottom lip.

I pause just a moment running my fingers under her blouse and up her back. Panting heavily she lets out a long slow moan. “Fuck its good. Your cock has me filled.” She gasps.

I slowly start to fuck her wet pussy. I want this to last and savour her sweet agonies as she pleads with me again. “Please fuck me hard. Your little girl wants you to fuck her pussy hard dad. Please!”

I continue to fuck her slowly for another moment or two. Then pulling my cock out slowly, but not all the way. I plough it back in deep and hard. “Jesus. Ohhh fuck yes, yes!” She gasps, as she struggles to catch her breath.Grabbing her hips in my hands I start to quicken the pace of my thrusts, her juices flow steadily down my balls as they copiously coat my cock. I wouldn’t last much longer as the heat of her pussy had started my balls pulsating. God I could feel it building in my balls, and suddenly like an electric jolt my cum burst forth into her tight wet pussy.

“Ohhh babe, I’m cumming. Holy fuck I’m cumming.” And she started to shudder herself as her orgasm building slowly; pulsated through her body.

“Yes, yes, yes. Fill me. Ohhh god fill my pussy with your cum!” She cried, as she drove her pussy in hard to me, clinching my cock as hard as she could.

Slowly my cock stopped pumping cum into her, and we are both out of breath, breathing deeply filling our lungs with much needed oxygen. Pulling the chair beside me I entice her to sit down on my lap as my cock was still nestled in her pussy. Sitting down I reached around and started to rub her soft nipples.

“God that was amazing. Really amazing babe. Thank you Cynthia.” I whisper into her ear as I snuggle my lips to her back.

“Fuck, amazing doesn’t even begin to describe this dad.” She replied still gasping for air. I could feel our cocktail of love juice begin to seep from her pussy and its warmth embrace on my balls felt so fucking good. We sat for a while and she leaned back in my arms her closed eyes, savouring the afterglow of our sex.

Slowly she got up and my now flaccid cock slipped out, I watch as my cum dribbles from her pussy. Moaning she complains. “Fuck I hate when you slip out. I feel so empty inside.” Turning around she gives me a very slow passionate kiss before whispering. “Thanks dad, I love you, love you so much.”

“I love you too, so very much.” I reply, gazing into her deep blue eyes. Gathering up our scattered clothes we dress and I go back to finalising our travel arrangements.

Cynthia went to the bathroom to freshen up, and with the door open I could hear her start to pee. Sighing her delight, she continued to empty her bladder. God the sound of a woman; my baby girl pissing is a wonderful erotic sound I think, as I sit savouring her sweet music. Again I wonder to myself, how many fathers wished to be able to listen to their little girl’s sweet symphony as they slowly tug their cock outside a closed bathroom door, listening in vain to the discrete silence from within.

We packed the last of our cases that night and turning around I see Cynthia picking up a new white swimsuit, turning to me she asks. “What do you think?” “You’ll look hot in that babe really hot.” I quip. And I could visualize her standing there in the swimsuit with a most exquisite cameltoe between her legs. Fuck what a vision! I say to myself.

We had an early flight so we placed the cases in the car that bursa escort bayan night and we both slip into bed, and into a deep sleep; still exhausted by our love making in the kitchen. God the afterglow was still burning away in my balls long after that hot fuck!

After a few hours our flight made its approach over the French coast, the plane banked slightly on its side and the captain announced in English and French that we should look out our windows. Cynthia leaned into the window, she was finding her excitement hard to contain. “Ohh look dad, ohhh look, its wonderful.” She sighs, as we made our final approach to Rennes airport.

Sitting down her face is aglow with excitement, I whisper to her. “We’re supposed to be married pet, call me Ben.” And I smile. She giggles and looks around to see if any of the other passengers were looking. But they were too busy looking out their own windows.

We made our way through security and one of the French cops on duty carefully examined our passports. He asked the purpose of our visit, and I told that my wife and I were on holiday. He stared at Cynthia and then at me. And I could see his dirty little mind working over time.

“Ok, Mr and Mrs Black, profiter de votre séjour en France.” He says, before handing back our passports and gesturing to us to move along.

We giggled like kids as we headed to the exit. “Did you see the look on his face Ben.” Cynthia said as she continued to giggle. “He’s just jealous babe,” I say. “and why not. I am married to a beautiful little girl.” We wrap our arms around each other as we head to collect our cases and exit the airport.

I had hired a small ragtop that wasn’t really practical, the cases just about made it in to the back. And soon we were whizzing along the French roads. I asked Cynthia what the cop had said in French, and although her French is good. “Enjoy your trip to France.” She said, well she thought it’s what he said anyway.

She loved driving along with the top down, the golden French sun beamed down on us. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, and she briefly pulled herself up to feel the wind in her face.Our first destination is at an old Abbey on the French coast. It had been abandoned hundreds of years ago by the British, and it was to this day still occupied by some monks.

Perched high on a hillside on a small sloping island, the abbey was the perfect place to view the French countryside from. Over the centuries a tiny little community had built its self up along the hillside, with a few hotels, shops and café’s discreetly dotted below the abbey.It was here we are going to spend the first night of our honeymoon in a little hotel called Hôtel Pierre. It was a typical family owned French hotel. Small but intimate.

We check in and the manager did not bat an eyelid at our age difference, his command of English was good. After he showed us to our room he left closing the door behind. The room was small but cosy; there was a bathroom complete with an old ceramic tub. Cynthia was positively aglow with excitement, her face and her beautiful blue eyes shone brightly.Throwing her arms around my neck she hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately on the lips.

“Oh, its wonderful, really wonderful dad. I love you, I love you.”

“I love you too my little beautiful girl. Remember its Ben now darling.” I chuckle.

“Lets have a bath, come on Ben, let’s do.” And she started to strip her clothes off; I sat there drinking in the wonderful strip show before I stood up to undress myself. We were like two children in the bath splashing the bubbles on each other in between passionate kisses. We slowly and carefully washed each other relishing our first bath together.

God I think to myself, I have to put a tub on the shopping list. I was thinking about the many opportunities for wonderful fucking it would provide.

I hopped out and as I stood there gazing at my lover she pressed her face to my cock snuggling against it she sighed. “God I just love your cock, I really love your cock.” And she held her face in my crotch for a moment or two kissing it gently.

We both dressed and Cynthia put on a white t-shirt without her bra. Jesus her tits looked amazing as the nipples poked out. She put on some white lace knickers and pulled on a short floaty pink skirt. We headed down and enter the restaurant attached to the hotel, and using her French Cynthia ordered us a typical French meal complete with some tasty local red wine. We sipped our wine and toasted our pretend marriage. After finishing our food we left to explore the abbey.

She raced ahead of me like a child, taking the steps of the first stone stairs two steps at a time. Her skirt floated up slightly in the air and I caught a glimpse of her wonderful pussy peeping through the lace knickers. What a sight to behold. Only another red blooded man can understand the erotic beauty of getting a glimpse like that, and the wonderment of what lies snuggled in that sexy crotch.

We make our way to the top escort bursa stopping along the way to take pictures, I want to capture this moment, to treasure it long after it fades. She sits on a wall and I take a wonderful photo of her as the sun sets. Her lovely hair is blowing in the wind behind her.

Cynthia then lies on her side on the wall, using the palm of her hand to prop her head up. I secretly gesture her to pull her skirt up just the tiniest bit, just enough to show a hint of lace. She obliges willing and with a devilish gleam in her eyes she poses for me. My cock was like a wild animal drooling over its prey in my pants. I quickly, secretly pat my crotch to acknowledge that wonderful feeling its giving me. God what a feeling that is.

We stay for a bit gazing out to sea in silence with our arms wrapped around each other in a loving embrace. As we head back down Cynthia explores the few gift shops dotted along our path. In one shop she gestures me to come over. And pointing into a glass cabinet I see what her excitement is all about. There in a little gift box is a pair of matching wedding bands, eagerly she looked at me and asks in a hushed voice. “Can we get them, can we?”

I call the assistant over and she lets us try on the rings and they fit perfectly on us both, placing them back in the box I pay the woman for them. Cynthia snuggles up to me as we walk letting out a sigh now and then as she savours the moment.

It is just about dark when we arrive down again, and we make our way to the sandy beach.

kicking off our shoes we walk along arm in arm. We stop to gaze at the moon for a moment before I take the rings out. We place them on each other’s fingers and exchange our vows to always love each other for ever, before engaging in a very long slow passionate kiss. I know it’s only a pretend wedding, but to us it’s just as solemn; just as real.

We walk along the shore and discover a secluded spot, and laying on the still warm sand my baby places her head on my chest and begins to rub her fingers lightly on my crotch. She can feel my cock begin to grow steadily and she opens my button and unzips my fly setting my cock free into the cool night air.

Slowly she starts to lick my cock, I close my eyes and I drift into a blissful delirium. Over and over again she licks my cock, sucking its swollen head and sipping my pre-cum. God my balls felt so tight, so swollen. I knew they could not take much more.

She knew I was on the verge of cumming and slipped my cock into her sweet mouth. Moaning and bucking my arse off the sand my cum rushed forth into her mouth. “Dear Jesus baby. Fuck that’s incredible. Please suck me hard.” I groaned. As she fondled my balls slowly milking them dry.

After my orgasm drifted away like the tide, she lay there in silence and every now and then she kissed my cock, pressing her face to my crotch. We stood up and she tucked my cock back in my pants as she smiled. We made our way back to our room and I returned the favour to my lovely little girl, as we consummated our marriage in that bed that very night, slowly, passionately, intensely.

The following morning I awoke first, leaving my lover behind I step out to gaze at her angelic figure. Her lace panties that were so eagerly discarded a few hours before lie on the floor. Picking them I sit in a chair and sample her sweet scent. I sit there like an artist in a studio gazing at the beautiful pose my angle, my subject has struck. She lies there naked on her side slightly curled up; her long auburn hair now tied in a ponytail rests on her pillow behind.

Slowly I let my eyes wander along my little girl’s body, her amazing tits now slightly pushed together lie softly against the sheet. I can see her lovely soft tummy rise and fall as she breaths softly, peacefully. And there, just cheekily peeping out between her legs is her wonderful pussy. God I had to restrain myself hard to stop myself from mounting her as she sleeps, as my cock begins to weep at this sight.

Like all fathers I have spent many a long night watching over my baby when she was sick, watching; listening to her breathing, hoping her deep sleep will last. It is about an hour before my baby finally casts off the velvet cloak of sleep. I watch as she stretches and flexes her soft supple body. Slowly she opens her eyes and with her wonderful smile she greets me. “Good morning Ben.”

Moving over to her bedside I kiss her slowly on her lips, letting it linger just moment. “Good morning to you Mrs Black.” I say.

“What are the plans for today?” she asks.

“Breakfast first I suppose. We don’t have to be at the chateau Louis until late this evening. It’s a long drive and we can explore as we go. But first I need to freshen up.”

“Oh that sounds so nice, so romantic dad.”

Before I leave her side I couldn’t resist burying my nose in her pussy. God her beautiful bouquet is much stronger in the morning, enough to leave you breathless with desire.

I head to the bathroom and filling the sink I prepare to shave, Cynthia comes in behind me still naked. She grabs my erect cock from behind and whispers in to my ear. “Good morning Mr Wood it’s nice to see you.” And she giggles just like a school girl.

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