Tanning Bed


After applying tanning oil over my entire body, I got into the tanning bed. I was laying there totally relaxed and thinking about you. When I suddenly felt a hand gently rubbing my leg. The hand was coming from the small opening of the bed and it was slowly moving over my entire body. Once it found my breast you began squeezing and pulling on my nipples driving me crazy. You then moved your hand down my body, easing between my legs gently feeling, my pussy. I opened my legs to let you in and your fingers began to find their way inside of me. You started trusting your fingers inside of me and at the same time used your other hand to play with my nipples. I tried to open the top of the tanning bed but you would not let me. I was dying to get out so you could fuck me.

You were driving me crazy. You then stood up and walked to the end of the tanning bed, you reached in and grabbed my ankles and slid me down until my ass was on the end of the bed. Once there ataşehir escort you knelled down and started kissing and licking my pussy. I could feel you tongue inside of me moving in and out and back and forth. This was driving me crazy because I was unable to move, the space in the tanning bed was so confined, and I begged you to let me out, so I could at least touch you. I wanted you more than you could imagine. You said I could not get out until the bed turned off. That had to be at least twenty more minutes; I did not know how I could possible stand it. You kept licking and sucking me, until I came. This just seemed to get you more excited and you began to suck on my pussy even harder, you tongue seems to go even deeper. I was dying to have you inside me, but you would not let me out. The more I begged for you to fuck me out the more intent you were not to let me out. You keep moving from my pussy to my nipples driving me completely crazy until kadıköy escort bayan you made me cum again and again.

After what seemed like an eternity the tanning bed turned off, and you opened the lid and let me out. You grabbed me by the arm helped me out. We stood facing each other and began kissing you tasted so good I began to feel of you Dick and dropped to my knees and unbuttoned your jeans, I started sucking your Dick and balls. I could not get enough of you; I had waited so long to get my hands on you. Then you reached down and pulled me to my feet, and said it was time to give me what I had been begging for. You then turned me around and had me lay over the tanning bed (It has a curved shape). While you entered me from behind, you pounded me as if you were a mad man. I begged you to fuck me harder and harder. You obeyed my request you seemed to get harder with every thrust. I reached what had to be my forth organism, right escort maltepe after you exploded inside of me. It felt so hot and I just had to taste it. So once you pulled out I started sucking you again, the mixture of you and me made an incredible taste. This seemed to really get you excited and I continued to suck you until you came again. This time you grabbed your Dick and squirted you’re cum all over me.

You then led me to the bedroom, where you laid me on to bed and started licking me all over. You licked and licked until every drop was gone. I again begged you to fuck me and this time you turned over on your back and said if I wanted it I would have to take it. I climbed on top of you and began ridding you, you were so hard and I could feel you deep inside of me. You reached up and stared pulling at my tits; this got me so excited that I rode you harder and harder. The harder you pulled the more excited I became. Until neither of us could hold back any longer. We both reached orgasm at the same time. I then scooted up until my pussy was over your face and you liked me dry one more time.

I got off of you and laid beside you, you turned over and put you arms around me and we both fell asleep, completely content.

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