TARYN’S OTHERLAND – CHAPTER NINE:deletedCHAPTER NINE: It didn’t take me long to fully bring the other wolves into our world and to accept them as family. Bo and I had survived and, indeed, thrived in our half year or so in this land. I felt content and adjusted with only Bo as my companion. He provided a measure of security and companionship beyond our sexual relationship, which had matured beyond the titillation of the taboo of human mated by canine. The other wolves brought a different feeling with them. It changed the relationship between Bo and me slightly, now having others to consider in our daily life and activity, but it also brought a higher level of comfort and security. I didn’t think any of the other younger males were as physically intimidating or powerful as Bo, but numbers always seem to bring a feeling of greater security.Beyond the simple security feeling, life in general took on a different feeling. The wolves clearly had accepted me and my position in the pack. The relationship between Bo and me was clearly strong and they were soon as relaxed with me as Bo was. Certainly, part of that was my reaction to them, providing strokes, pets, and scratches when they were close, just as I provided to Bo. I was impressed with Bo’s reaction to it all as the relationships quickly evolved. Bo didn’t appear to be threatened by the attention I gave the others. I couldn’t recall a moment of conflict. Maybe that is the way packs are.Each wolf had distinct markings I used to easily identify them. Being human, I soon felt the need to use names even if my use of spoken English became less and less. As I used sentences of language less and less, I still felt compelled to use a word or phrase on occasions and the use of a name made moments personal and intimate. So, I came up with names for all of them. Within a short time, they were reacting to them. I kept all the names simple and short in keeping with Bo’s name.* The oldest of the wolves was a female and mother of the three pups. It was possible that she was the mother of all the wolves that joined us and was the connection motivating the others to follow her. She is slightly smaller than Bo with silver grey coloring. She is slightly darker over her head and down her back. It was an attractive combination. I called her “Ma”.* The younger female I called “Dau”, since I made the assumption that the three younger adults were from a previous litter of Ma, therefore, is the daughter. She is a light grey and having similar darkness over her back like Ma.* The young males are named at random as “Uno” and “Dos”. It seemed silly but the wolves certainly wouldn’t understand that. These two were nearly identical in size and coloring. They were still slightly smaller than Ma while maturing to full size. They were dark grey over their entire bodies, except for lighter coloring on their undersides. They both had a white mark on their chest just below the neck. The only difference between them was that Uno had a smaller mark than Dos.* The pups are clearly the offspring of Ma. The others just seemed that way to me. The two males are called “Ram” and “Que”. Ram is the rambunctious pup that started all this by trying to cross the lake to Bo and me. Que is quiet, but not a pushover. He might be more reserved than Ram, but holds his own in play and wrestling. The female pup is called “Gen”. She is gentle and attentive, a different personality entirely. It is as though she understands she is learning from Ma and Dau rather than the males of the pack. When I am quiet, she is often near me or Ma. When she gets into play, though, she can be every bit as aggressive as her brothers.It took me a number of nights to work up the courage. This was not something I could discuss with Bo, first. In fact, it occurred to me how little speech was a part of my existence, any longer. Everyone talks to their dogs. I did and continued to for a long time. I found that inflection and tone were the signals that Bo understood more than the words. I was using words less and less.First things, first. Open mating among the adults was not going to work, if Bo wasn’t on board with it. He was the alpha, but he was much more than that to me.If I had any question about how much communication happens in the a****l world beyond verbal, it was plain to me that night. I was nervous, anxious, and aroused. I fidgeted and made quick, then hesitant movements as I felt the time arriving. The pups were deep in the cave as normal and they were quiet. I was with Bo near the top of the slope to the main living area. The males mistook my intention from the earlier night and bahis firmaları moved to the entrance to the cave. The females moved likewise but further into the cave, short of the pups but providing an additional line of security to young. I was looking at Bo intently, as if he might read my mind and help me through this. He only returned my gazing with looks of confusion.I cooed into the side of his head and ear as I stroked his neck and side. I was anxious to see this happen, though, and it wasn’t long before my strokes went underneath to his belly as he sat in front of me. I was naked, which was undoubtedly another signal to the others. I touched his sheath, stroked the outside of it several times and was rewarded with the touch of his cock tip coming out. I cooed more into his ear, the kind of sounds with the same tone that might have been used when I used words. One hand was holding the side of his head while the other was stroking him, again using his pre-cum for lubrication as I began stroking the cock as it emerged. He impulsively jerked his hips, driving his cock through my hand and I knew it was time that we could mate. But, this night he was not going to mate with me. I was surprised by the emotions going through. I believed this would be a positive and powerful benefit to the pack, a new and different element of life that would bind the pack together stronger than the dominance used in nature’s packs. But, at the same time, Bo was the only male in my life that I have physically loved who had become truly special. And, he was the only canine I had any experience with. There was a sense of loss, jealousy, and possessiveness passing through me. Following those feelings, though, was a sense of excitement, inclusion, and benevolence. If it was accepted.I made a sharp sound close to ‘here’, a sound to indicate more the desire for attention than for an action. My human language had less meaning as time went on. I never really knew how much Bo understood beyond the tones, attitude, and repetition. Now, with the new a****ls in our group, there was less reason to rely on a language form they had no understanding of, much less awareness of. As I stood, I did have the attention of all the adults, the pups remaining quiet and curled together.I kissed Bo on the snout, an act that meant something to us, and moved to the mother wolf. She sat up as I approached. She was smaller than Bo by several inches but still larger than the young males by about the same amount. The young female being slightly smaller than the males. I put my hand on the back of her head and encouraged her forward, encouraged her to Bo. She stopped in front of Bo and … nothing … nothing happened. They weren’t understanding what I was intending at all. How do I go about explaining the concept of mating with others? I was not only trying to indicate that it was okay for Bo to have a different female besides me, I was also breaking down core element of pack social structure and behavior that a female other than the beta would be mated, and that this mating could occur without the female being in heat. How do you argue those points without the ability to communicate?The only thought that came to my mind seemed so demeaning of Ma, but I finally rationalized that we were in an a****listic situation, even for me. I turned her around so her ass was pointing to Bo and he looked at me, then to Ma. I scratched Ma’s ears as I raised her tail to Bo. He looked, leaned forward and sniffed. I moved my scratching hand underneath her and slid it down her belly and between her legs. She flinched when I came into contact with her vulva and her head turned to me. I removed my hand and went to her head, cooing into her ears and looking intently into her eyes.I looked over her to Bo and she turned her head to follow my gaze. Bo seemed to be focused on her rear as though he was working something out in his brain. He finally looked up and glanced from me to Ma and back to me. I smiled and nodded while stroking Ma about the head and neck. She followed his look back to me and I gave her the same smile. I felt extremely silly at this point, as if by sheer force of will this communication was going work.Then, she did three amazing things. First, after looking me in the eyes, she turned to Bo, stepped to him and reached her snout to him. He reached his snout to her and they first touched, then they licked each other. Did she do this because she saw Bo and me doing it or was this also a sign of affection for canines? Second, she turned back to me and repeated the motion. I reached my face forward and touched noses and tongues. kaçak iddaa Third, she looked to the other adult wolves as if foreseeing how the future was changing and somehow signaling to the younger ones. Then she lowered her front to her elbows so her rear was the highest part of her and raised her tail, exposing herself to Bo. The rest, as they say, came naturally. He probed at her ass a number of times before finding her opening, but he eventually did. They had both mated before and it didn’t take long for them to be deeply involved in their own activities.I thought about that poking and that I use my hand to assist him. In nature that certainly isn’t done … the females don’t have hands to assist with. To me, though, it isn’t a matter of him eventually finding my pussy and penetrating, I want it to happen as smoothly as possible. Their hard cocks are indeed hard, pointy, and it hurts a bit as he probes. Another advantage of the opposable thumb.I touched Ma’s head as I moved to the next two. Success was going to my head. Ma had mated before, which was the reason I chose her. Now, could that example properly motivate and lead the others? Dau and Dos were sitting next to each other and had been attentively watching. Even where they were sitting I could see that this had an effect on Dos. The tip of his cock was out from his sheath. This seemed to have produced an anticipation among them by the unexpected participation of Ma. Now I was looking to the young adults and they seemed to be willing.I moved Dau in front of Dos. She looked at me, then to where Ma and Bo were, well into their mating, and again to me. Suddenly, I felt a pang of guilt and trepidation. What if she didn’t want to and she was going to be taken against her will? This wasn’t a situation where I could assure her and give assurance that she could stop simply by saying ‘stop’. But, I needn’t have worried. Whether it was just a****l need, following the example of others, or physical need for satisfaction, she reacted similarly as Ma had just done. She lowered her front and raised her rear, raising her tail in the process to display her readiness, an action normally only performed during heat.With Dos approaching her, I wasted no more time and approached Uno like a bitch in heat. Just thinking and planning all this had me dripping. Walking and encouraging each mating coupling had my legs wobbly in anticipation of my own desperate need for satisfaction. I treated Uno no different than the other females were able to treat their partners. I spent no time kissing, stroking, or manipulating his body or sheath. When I was in front of him, I dropped to my knees, turned and went to my hands with my ass pointing him. Just to make it the same, I went to my elbows so my ass was the highest part of me, just like the other two females. Tonight I wanted to be taken just like Ma and Dau would be taken, taken like bitches, the same as any other female in the pack. There would be other times when I would use my human abilities on each of the males that would differentiate me sexually from the others. But, not tonight. Tonight I was just another bitch.I felt Uno’s nose at my ass, sniffing me. If he had any experience in mating, which I doubted, my scent had to be different. The difference didn’t bother him, though, if it was. He was quickly on my back. I was about to be mated by another canine. A devilish smile formed on my face because canines were likely to be my only mates from now on. And, I already knew from my experiences with Bo that canine mating presented no let down in that regard.Because I could, I slipped my hand between my legs and assisted his entrance into me. I was looking to be fucked, not poked more than I needed to be. I felt his cock slid onto my fingers and I just guided it to my pussy. It didn’t take any holding, just forming a guide for his cock to slide along and bump into my pussy. A move and adjustment and he was inside me. I knew this was his first time when he paused upon entering me. It was like, ‘Ohhhhh … this is good!’ Then, his hips started thrusting like crazy, like Bo did … like I now assumed all canines did. It’s as if when they enter a pussy, something shorts inside their brains and all signals to their hips is locked on high speed. It’s an amazing … beyond amazing … feeling.He was an eager boy that was for sure. His cock grew inside me with almost an urgency of its own. So much more than I had experienced with Bo. I imagined that taking his virginity would make it different next time, whichever of us was coupled with him. But, this time, I was glad it was me. It was intense kaçak bahis and more primal than I had ever felt it previously. He banged into me with force and energy, thrusting and pressing. I felt his knot forming quickly and hitting me on the outside of my pussy, banging against my lips, as if trying to punch into me. He pressed at me with the ancient instincts guiding him, that a proper mating required a tying, knotting himself inside his bitch to hold his seed inside so the womb would be properly saturated. At the moment with this young, urgent, and driven male experiencing probably his first mating, it was with me, and all those feelings were washing over me, as well. A female of the pack being mated, about to be knotted and seeded, my womb washed with him. It was wild, primal, and exciting. I cried out as his knot stretched me further and further. I pushed onto him, feeling him pressing into me, the two of us singularly focused on achieving this coupling completely.I felt his front legs loosen, felt his body slide inches further onto me, and then his front legs clamping tightly around me, again. He had gained a slight amount of additional leverage and the knot popped past my constricted lips and I howled at the sudden fullness and increased depth of penetration. He didn’t realize his motion would be restricted by the knot, but he continued to try to pull back to drive into me. In the one motion pulling my lips out from my body and then driving back into me.I felt his cock twitch and I said a quiet ‘thank you’. I wanted this first time, especially, to be in unison and I was so close to cumming that it was making me quiver with need. I concentrated and focused to delay as long as I could until I didn’t think I could any longer without bursting at my seams. Then, I felt it. First, a swelling of both his cock and knot, then a violent jerk from his cock inside me. He stopped, laid his body on my back and pressed hard against me, holding his cock inside me, as deeply as he could, another instinctive reaction to seed his bitch. And, just to make sure, I pressed back against him and came … exploded! Even through my own orgasmic bliss, I felt his first spurt as his cock jerked and twitched inside and his seed coated my walls and womb. Time after time he spurted, filling me with his cum as my pussy clenched and clamped in spasms around him, as if my body wanted all that his body could give me.During my orgasm, my body had dropped to the floor of the cave, no longer supported by my elbows my breasts and face were pressed into the floor with my ass stuck up in the air, tied to this new mate obscenely. My eyes closed, I was aware that he didn’t turn but remained on my back. Perhaps not having any sense or need to feel a threat might be eminent, or maybe he had seen Bo do the same thing. In situations of comfort and security, I had encouraged Bo to remain on my back so I could feel his furry body on my bare back, feel his powerful body, and feel his heavy breathing quiet into easy and even breaths. For whatever reason that he remained on top of me, it felt nice. I reached back and stroked his side with one hand, the other moving under my head to ease my breathing as it lay in the dirt of the floor.A smile spread over my face and the reason was clear in my mind. It had worked. I couldn’t believe, with all my fussing and worry, how easy it had ultimately been. I opened my eyes as I felt Uno test the tie once again. His knot was firmly lodged inside me and the sensation of his pull was delicious, a combination of movement within my pussy still feeling the effects of the orgasm and the psychological awareness of being joined in this way to a canine.I opened my eyes and focused on what was before me. I saw Dau and Dos curled together before me, peaceful and quiet but their eyes on me. I moved slightly to peer ahead of me and found Ma and Bo similarly at rest. As I moved to look directly at Bo, he rose and what happened next surprised me. He stood, bent down and licked the face of Ma before coming to me and licking my face. The bond between Bo and me made that reasonable. What surprised me, though, was when Ma rose, waited alongside Bo, then licked him before lowering her head to lick my face as I lay on the floor still tied to Uno. The other two duplicated the actions and in the midst of it, I felt licks from Uno on my shoulder and neck, parting my long hair to touch my skin.With my love and fascination of hiking and the mountain wilderness, wolves were always a particular interest and attraction in my studies of wildlife. This was new behavior, never covered in those studies and speculations of wolf behavior. My smile grew larger with a deep sigh of contentment and accomplishment. I knew the bond in our pack was unique, secure, and strong.* * CHAPTER TEN will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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