Tattoo (incomplete story)

Tattoo (incomplete story)((Unfortunately, this is an incomplete story. This was a common project with my roommate Lady-Jen but unfortunately we have no idea and no motivation to finish this story))It was pitch black. Kelli tried to focus her eyes. She fluttered her lids repeatedly.Nothing.Pitch black.She felt something caressing her face, but couldn’t tell exactly what. She opened and closed her eyelids again.Nothing.A shiver of apprehension ran through her. Something was wrong.She started to move her right arms up so that her hand could rub her eyes. Maybe her eyes were just full of sleep.She couldn’t raise her arm.She tried the left.Nothing.Fear replaced apprehension.What is going on? her mind started to race as cold fear now shook her. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t move her arms.What’s happening to me?She shook her head from side to side as panic now overtook the fear.No movement possible. Only her eyelids moved. Open and then closed.Darkness.Pitch black darkness.She thought she smelled leather.It was the thing covering her face.Then another smell crept into her senses.She could smell this new, acrid scent getting stronger and stronger.Sssssssssssssssss…”AAAAAAGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”The agonizing scream tore from her throat as a searing fire scorched her left buttock, burning the flesh, scaring her naked white ass. Kelli couldn’t see what was happening. She could only feel.And smell.She could smell burning flesh.It was her own!And the pain was intense. More intense than anything she had ever felt in her life.It was horrible!She passed out as the hissing sound approached her again, and her right buttock felt the terrible heat sear into her tender white skin.She awoke with a start, sitting bolt upright in her bed. She was perspiring heavily from the nightmare that had just seemed so real. Touching her face, their was no leather mask. She could make out the furniture in her bedroom as the morning light crept in through the drawn blinds. Kelli took a deep breath and slowly worked her thighs over the side of the bed. She sat and reflected for a moment before getting up to take her morning shower.It was so real. Her forbidden fantasy.She had always wanted a small rose tattoo on her left buttock. But in her dreams, her desires ran even deeper. She wanted to be branded as a mark of ownership. She wanted a tattoo like no others. In her dreams, the hot iron seared a rose pattern that covered the hillocks of her buttocks. Her became nightmares.So real.So painful.Yet — very exciting.Kelli felt the dampness between her thighs. She had cum in her sleep!As she finished applying her makeup she made one final check on her outfit for the day and adjusted the hem of her dress to ride closely with the new satin slip she purchased. The slit on the side showed a nice portion of her well shaped thigh as she took several steps around the room.Kelli took a route through the East End and drove by the tattoo parlors. She had found several out of the way places in the phone book, as she was still not sure if she wanted to go through with it. She just wanted to spot them out.The area of East End she was driving in was not the best, and she felt a little bit creepy. The characters she saw made her shiver. They all looked like bikers, ex cons or whacked out war vets, the latter living their dreams on the colors in their arms.Kelli drove slowly past St. John’s Tattoo Parlor. The name of the place always amused her. Must be the name of the owner, she thought, as she slowed to look at the artwork in the window. The pale pink rose that she wanted tattooed on her ass, always caught her eye as she drove by. This would be the place she decided.If she went ahead with the tattoo.If the nightmares would stop.The connection was still too strong.The subconscious desire to be tattooed, merged with a deeper subconscious desire to be branded. To be someone’s property. To be a submissive tattooed and branded slut. She turned the car and drove away.The nightmare continued in the next night.The leather mask was suffocating her as she struggled in vain against the ropes holding her arms to her side.The branding iron seared her buttocks again as güvenilir bahis şirketleri she screamed until she was hoarse.She slumped against her bonds, only to be awakened by a pail of cold water splashed on her naked torso. The cold against the searing heat caused her to jerk in agony.”Now, my dear, the petals have a deep red to them. I had to mark them twice,” the woman’s voice came from somewhere outside the discipline helmet.She couldn’t see who was tormenting her flesh so badly. But the voice sounded familiar.Her mouth had been filled with a wadded pad so that her agonizing screams would be muffled. She had been screaming so horribly from each touch of the white hot poker, that her cries were now raspy and hoarse. She didn’t need to be gagged any longer.She would not have been heard if she wanted.”You do like my tattoo, don’t you darling?” The voice continued.In her agonized state, Kelli couldn’t quite make it out. She only knew that she had done a terrible wrong to someone, and now they were making her pay.Ssssssssss…She could hear the bellows heating up again as her body broke out in a fresh wave of perspiration.She jerked and trembled.Her knees went weak.She could feel the overpowering smell of burnt flesh in the room.She wanted to cry out that she wanted a tattoo, but not this kind.She couldn’t utter a sound.She wanted to be branded.Or did she?Her thoughts became more confused as she felt a soft hand caress her upper thighs.”Ah, a perfect spot for the stem. Maybe a few small marks for the thorns. We can’t have a rose tattoo without a few thorns now, can we Kelli?” The woman’s voice rose in the hot room.Kelli started to cry.Her tears turned to a torrent as she felt the heat of the poker approach the tender backsides of her upper thighs.She tried to move away from the heat.But couldn’t.Sssssssssssss…”AAAAGGGLLMMMPPPHJHHHHHH!!!!” her muffled screams renewed.Kelli started to open her eyes. Her hand instinctively went to her buttocks under her short nightie and felt for the branding marks.There were none.Kelli Stroud felt her panties damp again.The nightmare had caused another orgasm while she dreamed of the hellish pain.”Now Kelli, I am going to tattoo your soft breasts,” the voice intoned as a rattle of instruments banged somewhere in the room…”As I tattoo each breast I am going to pay particular attention at trying to draw a large rose petal on your nipples.””If my hand stays steady, you will have a most beautiful tattoo. If you move or react in any way to my needle, your nipples might be disfigured, do you understand me?” the voice continued.”Are you ready to receive your breast tattoos?”Submissively Kelli nodded her head ‘yes’.A sweat broke out on her upper lip, and her body tensed at the pain she knew the needle would make in her soft, sensitive breast flesh.Ssssssss…”AAAAAGGHHHHH!!!!!” The young girls body jerked against her bonds in agony as the needle pierced her flesh. Only it felt larger than a needle. It felt like the end of a white hot poker.Sssssssssssss… Sssssssssssss…”OOOOOH GOD! I CAN’T STAND IT!!!!! PLEASE, HAVE MERCY. NO MORE!!!!”Two searing touches seared her nipples.Kelli’s agony continued as her breasts felt as though they would be mutilated beyond all healing.Hot fire raced through her convulsing body as the pain started to take over and her pussy started flowing, the pain becoming arousal of need, as the punishing instrument did its work in marking her tender breasts.Ssssssssss… Sssssssss…”OOOOOHHHHH AAAA AGGGHHHH!!!!!!” Her terrified scream tore out of her throat.A thin line of searing flame crossed her breasts as the branding iron again tattooed her naked flesh.Kelli’s body convulsed again, this time in orgasm at the sweetest pain she could ever have imagined from her painful branding consumed her lithe punished body. The branding continued for another half hour as her tormentor took her sweet time in laying the red hot, then white hot metal in exactly the places that would make her pretty captive experience the most pain.And the most pleasure.Kelli passed out as her breasts were seared time after time until she could stand no more.”So! canlı bahis şirketleri You like to submit a man, do you?” the voice reached her again as the fire in her buttocks started to subside.Kelli didn’t know how many times the white hot tip of the poker marked her flesh, but she was sure that her whole backside and lovely thighs now carried the horrendous tattoo of the branding iron.When she wanted to be tattooed, she didn’t think it would turn into this.She was weak from exhaustion. The continuous burnings had removed all of her resistance and she slumped against her bonds.She heard a squeaking noise. Suddenly, a full length mirror was rolled in front of her. Then, another was positioned behind her.She couldn’t see the person who was positioning the mirrors around her bound body.”I always like to know if my customers are satisfied,” the sneering woman’s voice said as she grabbed Kelli’s hair.”Take a look at your tattoo, darling.””Look nice?”Kelli was afraid to open her eyes.The hand yanked hard in her hair.”I said LOOK at it!!”She slowly opened her eyes and her bound form came into vision from the mirror in front of her.She was bound in thick leather straps securing her arms to two poles on either side of her body. Her thighs were spread and secured to the bottoms of the poles.Her head was held rigidly by the choker collar which also had two small leather straps pulling tightly in opposite directions and attached to the poles.She was afraid to look at the mirror behind her.The smell of burnt flesh smashed into her nostrils as she looked for the reflection of her backside in the mirror in front of her.”YIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!” A scream of agony tore from her lips as her branded ass and thighs came into view.”OOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed into the darkened room.”WHYYYYYY????” Her screams continued.Large dark brown mottled marks made horrible curving patterns in the shape of a misshapen rose petal. Deep welts from the burning rod formed the rose stems. Smaller ones made up the thorns. She was marked for life!”Ooooooo…” her wailing continued to come from her throat.She started to sob as she realized no one would ever want to touch her body again.No man.Especially, no woman.The horrible branding she had just been through would ensure that.She sobbed harder now, and slumped again against her bonds as the realization that her desire to have just one small petite tattoo, led to this.Who was her torturer?From whose body did the voice come from. Kelli was in a nightmare but didn’t know it.She couldn’t figure it out.She had only entered the dark shop to finally get the tattoo she had wanted, thought about, then decided to get.As she passed through the black curtains into the back of the shop, the candle light flickering off the walls cast an eerie glow in the room.Strange place to give tattoos, she had thought.But then, this tattoo would not be just another tattoo. It was to be a small pink pale rose, on her ass cheek. The back room was the only place to tattoo so sensitive a spot, she was told.But the voice coming to her was not that of the parlor owner.Her nightmare continued.”I think we might add another little design to this lovely tattoo,” the silken voice whispered as Kelli could feel hands touching her raw bottom.She winced, then moaned in pain at the touch.”Perhaps I should tattoo the words slut slave right here…”SMACK!!!!The hand slapped her right at the end of the large ugly rose.”AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!” Kelli screamed again as her torture continued.And she was getting wet again. She could feel her pussy starting to juice from the pain and the agony of the past hour.Or was it an hour?How long had she been here?Her mind was a jumble of confusion, pain, pleasure and fear.The mirrors were rolled back from her as quickly as they were placed around her. She could hear the bellows start to pump, and the heat in the room grew once again. The rattle of metal shook her consciousness as the poker was turned over and over in the flames, bringing the tip once again to a smoking white heat.Her pussy convulsed in orgasm.She had crossed the line.As she increased her speed to keep up canlı kaçak iddaa with the flow of traffic she was cruising along at the road an hour and back in the East End in ten minutes.Something was wrong, her sixth sense told her before darkness fell over her eyes from the blow to her neck.Kelli slowly regained consciousness and was aware that she had difficulty moving.What happened?Am I paralyzed?Where am I?Trying to move her arms and legs, felt like lead weights were attached to them.She didn’t know it right away, but she was right.Two young women, one blonde and one black haired, entered the room to watch the girl regain consciousness. They had spread eagled her on the bed, tying her hands and feet to the four corners and added heavy weights to the ends of her limbs, stretching her taut.Kelli Stroud was naked.Naked and in bondage.Kelli tested her bonds, but couldn’t move an inch. She wondered what would come next.Both Women wore nothing but panties and heels, and the twin sight of naked flesh made Kelli’s pussy lubricate, even in she predicament she was in.God she loved women.The Woman with black hair took a thin leather belt from the night stand and started to lightly strike the bound girl on her thighs, then moved up to her breasts. Kelli twitched at each lash, and started to jump in her bonds, but she was powerless to escape the stinging blows.After covering her body with a series of lashes that marked Kelli’s flesh from her shoulders to her ankles, The Blonde brought some warm oil in and rubbed it over the writhing girl’s body. After that, the black haired started whipping her again. The stinging blows were enhanced by the oil, and Kelli felt every measure that the blac haired laid on her. She was in agony after a hundred more blows struck her struggling body.”Owwww, oh why are you doing this?” her cry sang out.Without a word, the Blonde pulled her panties down over her hips, and stuffed them into Kelli’s protesting mouth, gagging her completely.”Mmmphffff.””There, that’s better,” the Blonde spoke as she turned to the Black Haired.With a quiet yet stem voice, the blonde Woman told Kelli that she was in for more. She untied the girl’s ankles from the end of the bed and brought her legs back over her head, attaching them now to the same corners that held her hands.They informed the hapless Kelli that she was going to get a punishment enema, her ass was so helpless exposed and open now.The two women walked into the bathroom and arranged the equipment making sure their words and the sounds of the instruments were loud enough for Kelli to hear in the other room. It gave the bound girl plenty of time to contemplate the very filling intrusion that would soon be coming.They could hear her whimpering through her gag as they returned holding the bag.”You know you deserve this, Bitch!”The Blonde held the insertion hose as the Black arranged the bag on top of the four poster to ensure maximum flow.Taking some Vaseline, she lubricated the insertion nozzle and plunged it into Kelli’s gaping asshole, and another moan escaped her gagged mouth as the hard plastic slid in to its full length. Both Women took turns playfully pulling the nozzle in and out, fucking the crinkly rosebud as they brought Kelli to another state of anticipation.It seemed the bound girl actually enjoyed it as her ass wriggled on the bed and seemed to move towards the nozzle, trying to capture it deep in her ass.The Black reached for the clip and with a flick of her fingers, started the hot punishing flow into Kelli’s abdomen.As the four quart enema emptied into the girl’s body, the cramping became severe but the Black and the Blonde helped it along with several hard spanks to her exposed ass cheeks.”Take it all Bitch.”SPANK!”You know you need this, don’t you Slut?”WHACK!WHACK!Kelli was in agony by the time the bag emptied its last drop into her now distended belly. Her ass was on fire from the slaps both women were giving her along the way. She suffered painfully at the hands of the both dominant women, and her pain wracked body started to shift into a trembling of need.She wished the two women would stroke her pussy also.The pain had turned into pleasure.As if hearing her unspoken need, the Black bent low to lick and kiss the bound girl’s gaping slash, as her hand played with the nozzle still in the bound girl’s ass.Another moan of desire came form Kelli, as the Blonde now started kissing and sucking her nipples.

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