Taxi ride- paying for the ride


Taxi ride- paying for the rideMy wife and I decided to go out for a night on the town last Friday so we drove to a nightclub we’d heard some good things about. We arrived at 10pm and proceeded to dance and have the occasional glass of rum ‘n cola. Sabrina, my lovely wife was dressed in a knee-length black skirt with a slit up one side, a sexy little spaghetti strap silk top, thigh-high fishnet stockings and a strapless bra. It was the perfect outfit to attract attention from most of the males in the club and my wife was enjoying being a tease.We hadn’t realised how late it was until the DJ called the last dance for the night at 3am. We finished the last dance and decided that we were too drunk to risk driving home so we called a cab. We stumbled outside to wait for our ride to arrive. The Taxi pulled up right in front of us within 15 minutes and we climbed in and told him we lived across town about 1 and a half hours drive.When we arrived I reached for my wallet and realised that I’d left it in our car. Sabrina had no pockets to check for money so I asked the cab driver if he would take us back into town to my car so I could get some money to pay him. He was a fat middle-aged Indian man with a sour face and he told me that we already owed him $85 dollars. He said he was going to call the cops unless we paid him immediately.I asked my wife if there was any money in the house but she shook her head and said that there was only a small amount of coin. I turned to the driver and asked if there was any way we could make a deal without involving the law. He turned his lecherous eyes on my drunk wife and said without hesitation, “Let me have her for a while and we’ll have a deal!”I refused immediately and he reached for his radio to call the cops. I pulled him to the side and said quietly so my wife couldn’t hear, “How about playing with her tits? Will that be enough for you?” He shook his head and suggested a blow job. I said no and again he reached for the radio. I pleaded with him not to do this and he turned to me and stated that this was his last offer, he wanted to finger fuck my wife until she came and be allowed to suck and fondle her breasts.I nodded van escort and then turned to my wife who was leaning against the car a little groggily. I told her that the driver would wipe the fare if she’d let him play with her a little. She asked what he wanted to play and I told her to just do as he told her. She smiled innocently and said she would play as best she could.Rahiji (the driver) told my wife to turn around so her back was to him. As soon as she was facing away he reached up under her skirt quickly and pulled her panties down to her ankles. My wife bent forward to retrieve her panties and as she done so Rahiji thrust his hand between her legs and cupped her bare pussy. Sabrina looked at me for help and was puzzled when I just stood there.Rahiji told my wife to move closer to the open drivers door and to turn toward him and raise her left leg up onto the drivers seat. My wife obeyed slowly and positioned herself as she was told, this allowed Rahiji full and easy access to my wife’s vagina. Rahiji raised his hand to his lips and sucked each of his fingers leaving a lot of saliva on each one and then lowered his hand and slid it between my wife’s open legs.Sabrina closed her eyes and shuddered slightly as the fat driver pinched her clit softly and rubbed his fingers into her silky flesh. I stood there watching my wife being fondled by a stranger and it was making my cock stiffen.Rahiji told my wife to remove her silk top which she did without opening her eyes. The taxi driver used his free hand to pull Sabrina’s bra down, revealing her luscious white breasts. My wife sighed as she felt the stranger’s tongue flicker across her swelling nipples. Suddenly Sabrina gasped as Rahiji slid two of his fat fingers into her vagina and started pushing them in and out roughly.I pulled my cock out and started jacking off as I moved closer for a better view. My wife was starting to ride the taxi drivers hand with lewd movements, obviously enjoying the thick fingers in her snatch. She leaned onto the car door with one arm as she used the other to hold her right tit up for Rahiji to suck.Rahiji reached one hand down and unzipped diyarbakır escort his pants as he continued to suck my wife’s tit and finger her pussy. My eyes widened as I saw the huge purple cock spring forth from the taxi drivers zipper. I was a little concerned until I saw he was just freeing it so he could jack himself off too.My wife was moaning even louder now and I noticed that the driver had added a third finger into Sabrina’s very wet pussy. Rahiji grabbed my wife’s right hand and guided it onto his enormous cock. As soon as Sabrina felt the throbbing cock in her hand she opened her eyes and looked down at it. She gasped and smiled as she realised just how huge it was. I saw surprise in her eyes as she saw me wanking myself and then she blew me a kiss as she started stroking the cock in her hand.Rahiji pulled his dripping fingers out of my wife and raised them to her mouth, she sucked them one by one until they were clean. The driver then told Sabrina to rub his cock against her wet cunt. I expected her to hesitate but she didn’t, she pulled his cock toward her and then rubbed his swollen cockhead up into her slippery cuntlips.The taxi driver returned to sucking my wife’s nipples, alternating between breasts as his cock was rubbed all over her warm wet slit. I knew what was coming and wasn’t surprised when I saw Rahiji starting to push forward, easing his hard cock up into my wife’s welcoming hole. Sabrina guided the huge member into her pussy with her hand and seemed to accommodate the considerable width with ease.Rahiji reached around my wife and grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand and started pulling himself into her inch by inch. I came as I watched my wife’s pussy being invaded by this strangers huge black cock, her continuous moaning a sure sign that she was loving every inch. My wife was clinging to Rahiji as she was lifted into the air with each driving thrust of his manhood. The driver had managed to insert his entire length into Sabrina’s pussy and was building up speed as he fucked her. Sabrina groaned long and loud as she came on the huge cock inside her cunt, shuddering as her orgasm rippled ısparta escort through her body.Rahiji held his cock deep in my wife and enjoyed her pussy spasms on his cock and then he slowly pulled his length from her dripping hole. Sabrina almost collapsed but the driver held her up and manoeuvred her around to the front of the car and bent her forward over the bonnet. He then spat on his hand and rubbed his saliva all over my wife’s ass and pussy.The taxi driver placed both hands on my wife’s ass as she lay on the bonnet breathing deeply, seemingly totally relaxed. I watched as he guided his swollen cock into my wife’s cunt from behind, easing it all the way in until his balls were hanging between Sabrina’s spread legs. As he started to fuck my wife from behind he began to push his thumb into her anus as well. He told my wife she had a lovely asshole and an even more beautiful cunt as he thrust into her faster and faster.I told him to fuck her hard with all he had and he said without looking at me, that he was gonna fill my slut wife with more cum than she’d ever had pumped into her before. My wife just reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart so that Rahiji could see himself plunging into her depths. The taxi driver really started pounding his cock into my wife and began grunting loudly as he grabbed her hips roughly. He rammed his cock home and held it there as he emptied his balls into Sabrina’s silky cunt, splashing her pussy walls and her womb with thick, gooey sperm. Rahiji was twitching with each spurt and he held my wife hard against him while he filled her with his cum.As the driver slowly pulled his spent cock from my wife’s cum filled hole, loads of creamy white sperm flowed out from her womanhood. It dribbled down her legs and some splashed onto the ground. It was a beautiful sight to see Sabrina’s hole so wide open with a continuous stream of cum gushing out of her freshly fucked pussy.The taxi driver zipped his fly up and gently lifted my wife up off of his car and carried her to me, placing her in my arms. My wife smiled up at me with a glazed look and then rested her head on my shoulder. After passing me Sabrina’s clothing that had been removed, the driver pressed two $100 dollar bills into my hand and said, “She was well worth it!”Then he kissed my wife on the forehead and got into his taxi, honking the horn as he left.I carried my wife inside the house and we went to bed with her cunt still full of taxi driver sperm.

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