Teacher/Maid/StudentYou’re the professor & I’m your student, I need money & I’m failing your class. You need your house cleaned, so you suggest that I can clean your place for money. I am happy to make some money & meet at your place as planned. You are a little taken back when you answer the door since I am wearing a short black mini skirt instead of cleaning attire such as jeans & sweats, but I explain that I am planning on going out with friends right after leaving your place. You are sitting on your couch reading a book, with recently graded papers on the table in front of you. I am wiping & dusting all around the room & you are trying your best not to get caught starring at my tight little school gurl ass! But one time after after cleaning up high on a step stool, I turn & carch you starring. I wonder if you could see my satin Pink thong panties under my black mini skirt, as I quickly approach you on the couch… Sir is my graded paper in here, as I start searching thru the graded papers. You are caught off guard, not wanting me to see my grade. Come on, I see other classmates, so mine must be in here! Unfortunately it’s not good Danni, here it’s a D-. Poutingly I state that I am screwed in your class & that it’s too hard. You put a reassuring hand on my shoulder telling me I just need to focus more on school instead of socializing. bartın escort I start to plead, your so smart, surely there’s a way to share some of your knowledge with me?! I am moving closer & closer to you on the couch, practically begging for help, please, please, please sir, surely you must know a way I can get smarter! Well there is an ancient aroma that is proven to open the brain to accept & retain more knowledge, but being only 18 years old, you are too young Danni & I could get fired so I can’t risk my career… I am already doing so by allowing you to clean here! I get frustrated… You know how to help me but you won’t, so what kind of a teacher are you?! Well guess what mister professor, I’m not leaving here until you help me, or I will go straight to the head of the school & tell them you had me over your house! So go get that magic potion & if you help me I swear on the life & souls of everyone I love, that I will never mention a word about anything… Deal?Well I guess you leave me no choice then, so wait here and I’ll get the secret potion.You return with a little dark bottle on a serving tray and make me promise again as I agree and beg for you to help me… I will do anything you say to get smarter sir! You tell me to close one nostril at a time & inhale as much as I can, so batman escort I do and I immediately melt into a state of relaxation… Oh my god sir, this is amazing, I feel so warm, so relaxed, so open… I feel amazing, what is this stuff, it is incredible. You tell me it’s an ancient oriental herbal mix, when actually it is poppers:)So how do I absorb some of your knowledge sir?Well Danni, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term seeds of knowledge? Yes of course, but I thought that was just a saying? Actually Danni the ancient Chinese elder men used to share their seeds of knowledge with students in need. Why do you think theChinese are so good at Mathmatics? Oh, that makes sense for sure, so how… Shhhh, you must inhale several more times before I can share my seeds with you. You must be completely relaxed and complient. You must not resist or have any negative thoughts at all, or you will not be able to absorb my seeds! Yes sir, I understand sir, you tell me what to do and I’ll do it! That’s a good gurl Danni, you are on your way to becoming a better student already.Now kneel on the floor in front of me and close your eyes, so you can better experiencel the moment. I do as I’m told and you proceed to put a blindfold over my eyes. This will eliminate your urge to open your eyes & allow you to use all your escort bayan other senses. Now are you ready to begin the next step of the process Danni? Yes sir, I am. Good, now inhale again deeply to begin… Snifffffffff, snifffffffff… mmmmmm, I’m so relaxed,. Good now Danni open your mouth. I do as I feel his hands on my cheeks as I feel a large thing enter my mouth… Oh yes, that’s it Danni, taste from my tree of knowledge, lick it, take as much of my tree as you can, mmmmmm, very good. When you want more of the magic potion just raise your hand and I will give it to you. I raise my hand and inhale yet again. Now Danni you will need to suck the seeds of knowledge out of my tree and I’ ll let you know when my seeds are getting close to flowing into your mouth. You are doing great, but there is no telling how long it will take. Thank you sir for offering your seeds to me, I am so grateful! Yes my dear, just concentrate on sucking, as I make more noise, you will know I am getting closer to releasing my seeds. I begin to moan as I am so anxious to receive your seeds… Oh my god Danni, get ready, keep sucking, I can feel my seeds stirring, oh yes, fuck yes, here it comes. Now make sure you swallow every drop. Yes, feed me yor seeds sir, I want every last one of them!I feel a huge gush of your hot seeds flow into my eager mouth as I feel you thrust and pump load after load of your precious seeds into my mouth. Wow sir that was a lot of knowledge! Thank you sir… You’re welcome my dear. There is only one other better way to rerecive the seeds of knowledge, but that I will show you the next time;)

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