Teacher was Hot For Me!


Teacher was Hot For Me!Was just starting my senior year of high school, and while everyone knew I was gay, I had only recently told my parents that I felt I was born in the wrong body..so for my eighteenth birthday my mother took me to the doctor and got me new breasts, and started me on hormones…and even though I would dress for drag shows, it was only a special occasion thing, but at this point I started dressing everyday..and school wasn’t much fun on most days..lots of heckling and abuse from other k**s and even teachers..I did have one teacher who was cool to me, Ms.Riggs, she was always very sweet to me and didn’t let anyone pick on me in her class.One day Ms Riggs asked me to stay after class and I did and we talked forever about many things, and she offered to have me over to her house, and she would help me with my wardrobe and make-up, I thought I was quite passable at the time,but I said sure..as I was leaving she brushed my hair back and canlı bahis gave me a soft kiss on the lips..I was quite turned on. I woke up on Saturday and waxed myself, and put on my white boy short panties, and matching bra, my work out sweats and a tight t-shirt to show off my new tits..at the time my hair was shoulder length and red, I put it up..didn’t want to seem like I was hoping for anything to happen..I get to Ms Riggs’s house she invites me in offers me a margarita..sure I said, we took our drinks and went to her bedroom where she taught me some make-up tips, and even gave me some cloths, it was at this point she told me her “plan”..she said “look Maya, I’m going to ask you something, and if you don’t want to do it, I will understand and we will never speak of it again, OK?” I nodded and she said her boyfriend was coming over and they enjoyed S&M and ask if I would want to play..MMM fuck yes I would..she said great and filled my glass, we started bahis siteleri to make out, she was so hot, late 20’s with a tight little body..she kissed down tits and sucked them while stroking my cock..she quickly slid down to suck me..I was so turned on but it took me a minute to get fully hard..she would slide down and lick and finger my ass, before I knew what was happening, the boyfriend was standing by me with cock in hand, and quickly shoved in in my mouth, the thing was fat and I was having a hard time breathing..he didn’t care as he face fucked me..he and the MS Riggs then took me to another room..with one of those swings..the guy was so strong just threw me face down in the thing while Ms Riggs but cuffs on my ankles and really began to finger and lick my ass..”you are gonna feel this you little bitch” all the while the guy was face fucking me again..I couldn’t see it but Ms Riggs had but on a strapon and started to fuck me..it felt güvenilir bahis awesome, it didn’t take the boyfriend long til he exploded in my mouth, not letting my head pull away, I took his load in and around my mouth, Ms Riggs came up and kissed me, licking the cum off my face and spitting it back in my mouth..next the boyfriend began sucking my cock..with everything that had happened I was going to cum fast..Ms Riggs jumped down to catch my cum..she then spit it in my mouth..kissed me, and jammed a ballgag in my mouth..”swallow it bitch”..I did, I then knew she put the gag in..I felt my ass being lubed up and soon after the boyfriend jammed his huge cock in my ass..I would have screamed if I could, Ms Riggs sat on a chair in the room and began to fuck herself with the strapon dildo..the boyfriend having just came a while ago fucked me for what felt liek and hour..more like 15 minute..but with a grunt and an severe series of ass slaps he unloaded in my ass..pulled out and let Ms Riggs lick his cock clean..he then left, she untied me and we took a shower together..I spent the night, and it was filled with sensual sex and kissing..needless to say I got an A in Ms Riggs class.

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