Terry’s Story


There were probably 100 people at the party all dressed in their best outfits, drinking and eating and laughing and making small talk. I had come to the party for political reasons and really wasn’t very interested in most of the people there. I wore my long black skirt that is split up to the top of my thigh, my black silk blouse with the jet buttons up the front, a black lace bra that hooks in the front, no panties, black thigh-high stockings and black heels. I looked like the rest of the group and tried not to appear too bored.

As I walked across the large room to the bar I spotted a man leaning against the wall. He was dressed in a nice suit, was a nice-looking man and seemed as bored as I was. He looked up at me and that’s when I saw what would draw me to him – his eyes. He had the same eyes that I see when I look in the mirror – those of a slut. I guess it really does take one to know one. Our eyes held the gaze for only a second and I went on over to the bar and ordered a glass of wine.

Sluts always seem to manage to find one another and this was no exception. I walked in his direction and caught his eye again. Never having been shy I introduced myself and asked if he were having as much fun as I was. We both laughed and I knew he was as bored as I was. We talked about all the things people discuss at parties but there was a knowing in each of us that this meeting would be more than small talk.

As I looked into his eyes I could feel my pussy get wet and I wanted his hands on me. I wanted to feel his mouth on mine and I wanted to see if he had grown hard as we talked. I turned just slightly so that my breast brushed against his arm. He didn’t back off and I knew I had him and he would have me. He moved his leg so that it was now against my thigh and my body shivered ever so slightly. I could feel him moving toward me but his body was standing still. We continued to talk about things that didn’t matter but there was another unspoken conversation going on that overshadowed any words that were said.

I put my wine glass on the table and turned toward him so that the slit in my skirt was hidden from the view of everyone else there. He turned slightly sideways and placed his hand on my arm. The heat of his body sent signals to my breasts and my clit and my nipples hardened as I felt his energy. I needed his hands on me. I reached for his hand that was on my arm and moved it to my thigh. He could feel my bare skin above my stockings and he stroked my thigh very softly.

Our eyes never left each other and there were no more words, only feeling those desires that sluts have for each other. I knew he understood escort ataşehir who and what I was and that he wanted me for all of those reasons. I needed him so desperately. My body craved him and I knew he felt that – it was in his eyes. His hand moved up my thigh and my legs parted slightly. I could feel the wetness start to seep out of my pussy as I anticipated his touch on that tender part of me.

I moved just enough so that my hand could find his cock without being seen. It was hard and needy as I brushed it lightly. I could feel him tighten his muscles so that his cock moved against my hand. Then, so suddenly his fingers reached my wetness and he pressed against my clit. Oh god how I needed to feel his cock inside me. I knew what he would feel like before he was ever there and I needed, craved, desired, and wanted him. My body burned with a desire I hadn’t know before. I wanted to crawl into this man and have him possess me. He was like me, he knew the needs of my body because his had those same needs. I felt as though I were outside my own body and moving toward something that would change me forever. Never had I experienced such total freedom.

The heat in the room was unbearable. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You are a lovely slut.” I felt as though I would faint. His arm was suddenly around me and guiding me out of the room to a large patio. Beyond the patio was a beautiful garden and the full moon shone so brightly on it. I knew he was guiding me to the garden but it was as though I were floating, led by what must be.

We reached a spot deep into the garden where there were hedges all around and a large stone bench in the center of them. He took my hand and led me to the bench where I sat for fear of falling if I didn’t. He knelt in front of me and took my hands in his and started to kiss my palms. My head rolled back and my eyes closed so that I could feel all that he was giving me. His kisses moved up my arm to my shoulder and then to my throat. I was being consumed by fire from within and I wanted this never to stop.

He whispered to me again, “You are a lovely slut and you are mine.” I knew I was his and I wanted to be his. I wanted to let all of the years of being a slut and a whore bring to him such pleasure as he had never known. My arms went around his neck and I pulled him to my breasts so that I could feel his warmth. The night air was cool but the fire that burned inside the two of us was enough to keep us warm. We both moved slowly, kissing each other’s faces and necks, holding each other close and letting the waves of passion wash over us.

Each of us held kadıköy escort back and wouldn’t let the passion take its full measure. We needed to touch and feel and taste and smell all of those things that would eventually lead to the total release of the passion. Our hands roamed over each other’s bodies in gentle strokes, not daring to break the moments of anticipation that grew in each of us. The fires of passion were rising to fever pitch yet we still held back from giving in. We were not withholding ourselves, only delaying that final moment when the earth would shatter and we would be spent in each other’s arms.

He laid me back on the bench and stood over me and looked the full length of me before placing his hands on my belly. His gentle hands that made me quiver with excitement. He moved them over my belly and up to my breasts, cupping each one so tenderly that I thought I would scream out for more. I put my hand over my mouth just to keep from screaming for him to take me. I wanted to savor each touch, each movement of his hands. He released my breasts and moved his hands slowly down my body.

He moved my skirt aside to reveal my womanhood but his hands never touched me there. He only made feather light touches down my thighs to my ankles. He removed my shoes and ran his fingers over my feet. Then he knelt beside me and started to kiss from my toes up over my calves and my thighs until he reached the place that burned for him. I didn’t think I could stand anymore but he made me wait for him. He kissed my belly slowly and make shivers go all over my body as his hands continued to stroke my thighs.

Finally, finally – the touch I had waited for. His mouth came to my swollen clit and kissed me there so softly that I thought I would die. I could feel the orgasm building in me but it built from the inside out. My whole being seemed to focus on him and my energy centered on his kisses. I could not wait. My body exploded as it had never done before and the orgasm was not only for my swollen clit but also for my entire being. He stayed with me until I couldn’t take anymore and he moved to my mouth to kiss me and let me taste the juices from my own body that he had solicited. I kissed him deeply and tasted the two of us mixed together.

He cradled me in his arms until I was breathing slowly and totally relaxed. I never wanted to let him go or to be out of his arms. Such lust as I had never known had consumed me and I needed him to feel what I had felt. I sat up and asked him to sit with me. He sat with his arms around me and I reached for his manhood. Oh yes, it was hard and wanting as I had been wanting.

I maltepe escort bayan knelt in front of him and took out his hard cock. It was all I could do not to immediately devour it but I wanted to take my time with him as he had with me. My hands ran the length of his thighs as my tongue flicked the head of his cock. There was precum there and it tasted so sweet on my tongue. I kissed the head of his cock and then let my tongue slowly wander the length of it, getting it wet. He lifted his hips just enough for me to slide his pants down so that I could get to his tight balls.

As I sucked each one of his balls into my mouth I stroked his cock in long slow strokes. I could feel his body tense as he experienced the same pleasure he had given me. My mouth closed over his cock as my hands cupped his balls, squeezing them gently. His cock felt so right in my mouth as I closed over it and let my tongue play lightly. Then just as slowly I brought my mouth back up again and continued the slow stroking with my warm wet mouth. My hands searched his body so that I could know every part of him as he knew me.

Even though I moved slowly I could feel the orgasm start to build. Suddenly he took me by the shoulders and moved me back. “I need to put my seed inside you. I need to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.” I lay back on the grass, pulled my skirt open and move my legs apart. As he lowered his body to mind he kissed me. I could feel his hard cock against me but he didn’t enter me immediately. He let his cock slide over my clit until I was begging him to take me.

He thrust his cock into me suddenly and deeply and held it there. I gasped as I felt him fill me up. I could feel him all the way inside me and I needed him even more than I had before. He pressed his body against me and I felt myself turn to liquid. I was his to own and he was mine and we were one. He moved his cock all the way out of me and then slowly inserted himself into me again. The pleasure was more than any I had ever known and I needed his cum inside me. He moved faster and my hips matched his movements so perfectly that it was as if we had always been together.

I was moving to the edge so quickly and he sensed my need. He matched my rhythm so that we would cum together. I felt it – the hot liquid that was his essence – as it spurted into my waiting womb. We came together in total release of passion. There was no one and nothing else around us – we were caught up in a world of our own – two sluts giving totally to one another, understanding the need to give and to receive. We were spent.

We lay there under the stars and the full moon for a very long time just letting the passion ebb and flow as it would. We made love several times that night and each time was more intense and releasing than the one before. We were two whores who barely knew each other’s names but we knew each other so very well.

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