The Academy


The AcademyChapter 1: The AcademyJasper Coleman, who was still adjusting to consciousness, stood with an absent stare just a few feet from the front door of his apartment. The apartment was dark, only the light of the outside city illuminated the dull setting, and even then a minuscule amount reached where he was standing. Jasper’s clock ticked at an unsettling steady pace, violating the silence of the early morning. Each tick pinged against his brain, which was currently fragile with ache. If a person were to observe Jasper at that moment, with his slouched stature and catatonic gaze, one would think him to be brain dead. This was far from true however, in his head, Jasper was checking off everything he needed for the day. He did this carefully and multiple times, for today was one of the most important days of his life. Jasper gently licked his lips and a spark of awareness lit in his eyes. He perked up and checked himself one last time. His hands ran down his sweatpants and up his jacket, making sure his keys, wallet, and phone were with him. He was an extremely attractive boy; while his body was moderately impressive, his facial features were what stood out. He had spiked dark hair that paired nicely with his perfect eyebrows. And his carved jawline accented his menacing gaze. His eyes were the feature that everyone consistently noticed when first meeting him, they were dark brown, almost black, and were sharp and mysterious. While he himself was a kind and gentle person, his look was overpowering. Jasper was young, just barely a legal adult, and was still adjusting to living on his own. His father left his mother after she got pregnant in a one night stand, so when his mom died in a car accident a year ago, he was left on his own.But he wasn’t thinking about that then, it was time for school.His new school, to be specific, today was his first day. And school is a term used lightly, for this school was a special one. See, this school teaches the art of intercourse. And Jasper had no idea what he was in for.Jasper inhaled a deep breath of not-so-fresh air as he stood on an unsanitary and dim street corner. Chicago. The city he grew up in and never planned to leave. He loved every aspect of city life, it was what he was accustomed to and he desired nothing else. His city happened to be the birth place of sex schools, he remembered it happening only about nine years ago, when The Academy of Sex opened for business. He had never thought he would attend in his wildest dreams, but applying was a last ditch effort. For he would be forced to quit school and find a job if he didn’t find a way to pay the bills(The Academy provides a place of residence for its students). He was amazed that he was accepted, considering the acceptance rate was below ten percent. His future was now set up for him, he knew that, when someone attends The Academy he or she automatically is guaranteed a job somewhere whether it be porn or prostitution. The bus then arrived and snapped him from of his trance. Jasper ungracefully plopped down in the second to last seat with a groan. On the bus no conversation existed, and a depressing silence held in the air. The bus was empty aside from a few passengers. Jasper looked forward and waited to arrive at the school.Not very long after Jasper got settled, he noticed something. A pair of eyes looked back at him from about five seats up. She was a girl. He couldn’t see much of her because of the morning darkness, but he did see a brunette ponytail sticking up from the seat. Her arm, which was covered with a baggy sweatshirt sleeve, rested on the seat, on which she laid her mouth and half of her face so only her eyes and nose were visible. He couldn’t see much, but he could tell she was cute.He then realized he had been unintentionally making eye contact with this girl for a solid thirty seconds. He didn’t feel right simply looking away at this point, for the staring must be on purpose. So Jasper responded to her with a friendly half grinning face that he knew looked good on him. He still couldn’t see her mouth, but he could see her eyes start to smile along with her cute nose scrunching up. The mysterious girl then got up and walked to the seat across from him. Which Jasper wished she didn’t do. Despite being incredibly charismatic when he wanted to be, Jasper was not a people person, and usually preferred being left alone. She sat across with him with her hands in her lap and a upright posture. She didn’t say anything, only looked at him.She was still grinning, never stopped in the first place, and she tilted her head a bit. Now that she was closer, Jasper got a look at her, she was absolutely gorgeous. She had the slightest bit of brown freckles on her face that was rounded perfectly with a nice smile. The girl was a perfect size, not too skinny and not too fat, athletic, he could tell. But her eyes. Holy shit, her eyes were captivating. They were brown like his, and seemed to hold a special aspect that was incredibly alluring. They seemed to sparkle every time the bus passed a streetlight, which illuminated her face for a brief second. And when they weren’t under a street light, the eyes were mysteriously sexy. Jasper was going to say hello, but it didn’t come it, he was too enveloped in her beauty. “You’re going to The pendik escort Academy, aren’t you?” She spoke with an inviting voice, but without whispering, which bothered Jasper a bit considering the whole bus was completely silent.He smiled and turned towards her, “How’d you know?”She made a noise, “Well, you’re an attractive boy who is on a bus at five in the morning, and the students for the normal school don’t come until six thirty.”Jasper laughed, “Right.”The woman two rows up, who was old and carrying a purple purse to match her ugly cardigan, looked back in obvious disapproval, perhaps even disgust.”You know,” she nimbly jumped over to his seat, pressing up against him, which surprised him, “I was one of the original thirteen.””No way,” the original thirteen students to attend The Academy were considered pioneers, and were famed across the country. “Yes sir,” she said with confidence, “Risked my butt to do what I love every day, which is fuck things.”The woman two rows up moved seats.Back when the launch of the Academy was big news, the stories of the original thirteen students were told on repeat on the television. Jasper, who possessed elevated intelligence and therefore an excellent memory, knew most of the names of the thirteen, he tried to remember them, “What’s your name?””Sasha,” she smiled, her teeth were perfectly straight.The name was familiar, Bishop..? Banks..? He thought hard.”Brinkman,” she answered his question for him, “Sasha Brinkman.””Yeah, wow, I know your name,” he said surprised, she was the one from the suburbs. Her story was interesting, he remembered her mother disowned her, and she became one of the head honchos for the anti-sex school movement. “It’s weird to meet you.””Why? Cuz’ I’m such a legend?” She smirked and took a bite of the granola bar that she had brought out of her backpack.Her odd erratic personality made him laugh again, “So your name is gonna be in history books.””I guess so,” she shrugged.”How’s that feel?””Well, I don’t know,” she paused for a second, “I’m gonna be known for more than this though. This pussy is gonna make a difference.”He laughed. “I’m not k**ding!” she didn’t seem offended, but she meant it.”How are you gonna do that?” He made sure not to sound rude when he said it.”I’m gonna be an icon. For all the girls who are told it’s wrong to have sex.”Jasper couldn’t help not smiling. “We sure as hell need one right now,” she muttered, thinking of the woman a few seats ahead of them.”Do all thirteen still go here?” Jasper asked.”Simi, Jia, Jordan, Miles, Rayne, Frankie and Izzy, Flint, Camila, Josh, Devon, Bri and me.” She spit out in rapid succession.Jasper raised an eyebrow.”Yeah. We all still go here.” “That’s amazing,” Jasper was impressed, they must be closely knit.”I can’t wait to have sex,” Sasha spit out, ignoring Jasper. Jasper realized that she had done this to purposely aggravate the woman a few rows up. Sasha said the phrase proudly, and the woman, now 10 seats in front of them, said with a disgusted tone, “Dear Jesus, bless them.”Sasha stuck out her tongue at the lady. Jasper felt embarrassed, but seeing Sasha’s attitude towards it helped.”Do we have classes together, you think?” Jasper would like someone so friendly in his class. “Awe. Someone wants to fuck me,” she laughed, the way she said it with smile and such a comedic tone… it was so foreign to Jasper… This must be what academy life is like. “Yes we do,” she continued, “It’s a small school, we all have classes together pretty much if you’re the same age.”Thank god, Jasper thought.The bus came to a stop with a jolt. Sasha got up, “Come on, hot stuff.” She said to Jasper, who was following her.The atmosphere of the school was the same of any other. Students were talking in groups, lockers were lined up next to classrooms, the regular stuff. It was weird to think in a few minutes these people will be fucking each other. “There are four different wings of the school, two downstairs and two upstairs,” Sasha said, Jasper was in his own world, a place where he resides often, he almost forgot he was walking with her.”Four?” He asked surprised, “I thought you said the school was small?””We only use two. The second floor of the building is pretty much unused,” she responded, “Hopefully, soon the school will be filled to the brim. We’re growing so rapidly.”The two had the same first class. “So Sasha, can you help me find this room…””SIMI!” Sasha interrupted with a yell, she waved her hands in the air, signaling to a girl across the hall.The girl responded with a smile and a wave back. She was a foreign girl, Jasper couldn’t tell what exactly. He could tell she had a bit of Indian in her, mixed with something else. She was extremely skinny(not Jasper’s type) but insanely gorgeous. Sasha ran off to be with her. Simi, as Sasha called her, was in a group of people. All attractive and intimidating. Sasha hugged Simi, turned around and waved for Jasper to come over.Jasper got bumped by a group of passing students, and used the opportunity to escape. He liked Sasha, but he didn’t want to walk into a group of people, that was too much. He made his way to his first class.The woman sitting behind the desk didn’t say anything to Jasper as he entered the room. She was looking down at her papers as he took a seat in the back escort pendik left corner. She was white and blonde. Her hair was curly and hung down to her mid back, and she sported glasses as she nonchalantly chewed on the edge of a pencil. Her nose was disproportionate, which was a mild distraction from her body. The woman, who was probably early thirties, was thick beyond belief. Her tits bulged from her button up shirt and her thick legs were crossed in her dress. Jasper was drooling over her as she looked up. “Jasper? Right?” He was the only one in the class.”Yes, Ms. Knopp,” he smiled at her and perked up.”Okay, you’re one of the only new students this year. You’ll love it here,” she said with a smile.”Thank you,” he responded just as friendly, “I appreciate that a lot.””You’re the one who broke the IQ record for the school,” she stated. This was true. Each student was required to take an IQ test before being allowed into the school. You must be a certain intelligence to be allowed in the school. The state didn’t want to take idiots out of the real classroom. Let’s just say, Jasper did more than meet standards.”Yes that was me, Ms. Knopp,” he said proudly. He got a 157.She looked down at her papers and smiled, “The K is silent, Hun.”He laughed and felt stupid at the same time. “Oh,” she continued, “You might wanna move over one, that seat is reserved.”Jasper was confused, but didn’t question anything. He moved one seat to his left.Students began to funnel into the room. Jasper took note of each one of them, they were each beautiful in their own way. Different cultures, sizes, sexes. It wasn’t just stereotypical beauty, it was attractive in every sense. Eventually, Sasha and Simi walked in and took a seat near him. Simi sat in front of him, Sasha to the left.”Where’d you go?” Sasha pouted, seemingly upset about not getting to introduce the new k** to her friends.”I got lost,” he said sheepishly. She rolled her eyes.He laughed, “Did you just roll your eyes at me?” She smirked, “Maybe I did…” She leaned in, her perfume filled his nose. His breath began to pick up. “…Whatcha gonna do about it.”The bell rung.Sasha winked and sat back in her seat.”Hello, class,” Knopp said with a smile, “Welcome to a new year.”Jasper got the chills.”Throughout this year we will have tons of sexual adventures together, and for…” She was interrupted by the door opening.A girl barged into the room with intentional recklessness and disrespect. She held a McDonald’s cup in her left hand and a purse around the other.”Yeah, yeah. I’m late, I know,” she said before taking a sip of her drink and taking a seat in the desk that Jasper had to move from.”I wouldn’t expect anything less,” Knopp smirked.Knopp continued talking, Jasper tuned out however, looking at the girl to his right. She was wearing a skin tight dress, she was tan, seemingly Italian, and her hourglass figure made Jasper’s mouth water. She had shortly cut dark hair, and she wore the style well, she radiated rebellious. “Now, class,” Knopp said, concluding her speech, “As tradition, the first day of class we get to know each other.” “As most of you know I’m not talking about getting to know each other personally, we will introduce ourselves later, I meant getting to know each other sexually. Turn to your partner next to you. And we’re gonna play a game. First partnership to have both members cum, wins!The class erupted in excitement. Jasper, who was amazed at his luck, looked over to Sasha. But Sasha was looking elsewhere, to her left. “Over here, dipshit,” he turned to see the girl with short hair looking at him. “Okay, now remember guys, start with some oral before you begin intercourse, I’ll be coming around and critiquing you.” Knopp announced.Jasper got up from his chair and awaited for the girl to do the same. This is something she took her time with. The girl took one last sip of her drink, and slowly stood up, sticking her ass out as she did so. She trotted over at a steady and sexy pace with overpowering confidence. When she got to him she stood at his side, sizing him up. “Alright new k**, whatcha packin?” she asked with a rasped whisper, and grabbed his dick. He moaned as he felt her hand, it’s been a while for him. Thankfully, this was a category Jasper was efficient in. The girl pulled out his ten inch cock. “Holy fucking shit,” she said surprised, but kept her voice monotone. “Impressive,” she was chewing gum, which contributed to her rebel attitude. “Don’t get too cocky though, I’ve been doing this for a long time.” She then continued to take her gum out of her mouth and stick it in his. Surprised by this action, he took it out, as he did so however, she bent over and began to suck him off.She deepthroated all ten inches. Jasper’s legs got wobbly and he had to lean up against a desk. He let out a long satisfied moan. She looked up at Jasper and stroked his dick, “Pussy” she laughed.”Don’t let her get to you,” Jasper looked up, on the ground a few feet from him was two girls on their knees, they were in front of a pair of boys, but they seemed to be working together. Then, with shocking realization, he noticed the two girls were sisters. They were different in many ways, one was older, tall and tan, and the other was younger, shorter, and pale. Not to mention one was blonde and the pendik escort bayan other was brunette. But Jasper didn’t have any doubt in his mind they were sisters, their facial features were too similar.”Moaning’s hot,” the smaller one said, then continued to help her sister suck off two dicks.Jasper couldn’t respond, he was too captivated in the experience. He never stopped watching the sisters though, they worked together masterfully. He also noted that they were touching each other fearlessly, obviously comfortable with each other. The older sister, the blonde one, who was much more slender then the younger one, took her hand and licked it before getting at her sister’s cunt from behind, and slowly dragging it all the way up her asscrack. The younger sister yelped with pleasure.Jasper moaned again, convinced he was in heaven. That’s when the girl got up, sat on the desk and spread her legs, revealing her pussy. A thing of beauty with a cute haircut, a triangle of hair above the clit, almost like an arrow. Jasper desperately wanted to make a statement his first day, and felt as though winning this competition would do that. He took no time before grabbing his dick and began to enter her perfect pussy. She violently grabbed the hair on the back of his head. “Not a chance,” she said, and shoved his head down. Frustrated but determined, Jasper began eating her out.The girl’s pride didn’t let her moan, but God did it feel good. She wrapped her legs around his head tightly, so much so she knew it had to hurt a little. She wasn’t lying earlier, she has been doing this for a long time, she’s attended this academy for 9 long years, even then, she doesn’t remember a time when she was eaten out like this. The girl finally gave in and grabbed his head with both hands before grinding her pussy mercilessly against his face. Then ripped his head upward, and gave him the go ahead to abuse her all he wanted.Jasper entered the pussy. He could tell immediately she has been with more guys than he could count, but he was still able to enjoy the masterpiece before him. As he began to fuck her, he looked over at Simi, who was getting fucked by a tall and fit boy with brown hair and frosted tips. He’s going way to fast, Jasper thought to himself. She’ll never cum like that. Instead he went at a nice pace, picking up and slowing down when needed. This was something Jasper had a sixth sense about, he knew how to pleasure girls to perfection.Around the room, people began to cum, no partnership has had two people finish yet, so the competition was still up for grabs. Jasper looked to his left.Sasha had her back turned to the guy she was fucking. Which was a tall black guy with tattoos. Just seeing her naked was an honor, no matter how hot the girl he was fucking was, Jasper forever wished he was fucking Sasha. The guy fucking Sasha tensed up before grunting loudly, the only explanation was that Sasha was now filled with his seed. Jasper felt jealous, which he instantly realized how stupid that was.Jasper continued fucking the girl with determination. She wasn’t encouraging, constantly saying passionate statements like, “Fuck you, you little bitch,” and “Pussy! Is that all you got.” Not to mention she kept rubbing her feet in his face. Knopp, at this point, was watching. Although she didn’t show it, the girl was at her breaking point. She was worn down from Jasper’s giant dick. “Alright, you win,” she said before rubbing her hand against her clit. And let out a much needed orgasm.Jasper loved how she came, she didn’t make noise, but instead her eyes rolled back into her head and her stomach scrunched up. Not to mention the way she spasmed on his cock. Thankful that she had finished, Jasper pulled out and exploded on her tan and fit body. It was a marvelous sight, to watch the white cum cover her as she rubbed her tits and sexily commentated it. “Congratulations, you win, Jasper,” Ms. Knopp said with a delicious smile. The boys of the class sighed, and continued to fuck their partners. The room filled with moans of pleasure. “Now, for your prize.”Without saying much, Knopp turned around and lifted her dress, revealing her beautiful pale ass. Which Jasper admired for a few prolonged seconds before happily fucking it. It was difficult at first, considering he had just came, but he was so excited, it didn’t matter. He observed her ass and how it jiggled with every thrust, it drove him crazy. The mystery girl, who was still recovering from the orgasm Jasper gave her, got up. She stood to Jasper’s side and cupped his balls as he fucked the beautiful woman. She cuddled up to him, wrapping her leg around him as he stood fucking his teacher. He felt her dripping pussy against his side. Her mouth lined up perfectly with his ear. She began to whisper, “I can’t believe you fucking did that you freak, you know how long it’s been since that happened to me?” She was so close to him. Contradictory to before, Jasper felt himself getting turned on by her power. Her hand that was previously wrapped around his waste went into his ass crack. “Cum, you nasty little bitch.”Jasper obeyed.He emptied his load as far as he could into Ms. Knopp. Almost collapsing when finished. The girl kept eye contact with Jasper the whole time, “Do you mind, Ms. Knopp?” she asked as she dug her hand into her teacher’s pussy. “No, not at all,” Ms. Knopp said panting, still bent over and recovering.The girl licked off her cum covered fingers one by one. “My name is Jordan, by the way.” “This isn’t over.” Jordan said.

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