The Adultress


You may also read the poem “The Adultress” which is what I wrote first.

I felt uncomfortable having an affair. But at the same time I couldn’t have felt better. For once in my life I felt so loved. No one knew about it except for us two. If my husband found out he probably literally have a heart attack. The reason for starting this whole love affair is because I lie in bed staring at the ceiling every night while my husband reads his little magazine. I didn’t want to be a lonely housewife. I wanted to be different.

The day it all started was a day that Tim had a baseball game. Tim, my son, came home and plopped his grassy uniform on the washer for me to wash. The housewife title had kicked in completely by then. I was angry.

“Wash your own damn clothes!” I screamed at him.

He turned around and surprisingly grinned at me! I just kept yelling. He walked toward me.

“I am tired of being this housewife who has nothing to turn to except the washing machine! I’m sick of it! Why doesn’t every–” my yelling was struck down. He placed his fingers on my chin, smiled, and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“I know how you feel,” he said to me.

We began to kiss. Not rough kisses but light, loving ones. He was only in a T-shirt and his boxers while I was in a flowery sundress. We stopped kissing and looked at one another gazing into the eyes of love. He grabbed my hand and walked me toward his bedroom. He swung open the door and all we could see is the baseball memorabilia plaster to the walls. We both knew that John wasn’t going to be home for a while. John being the husband I was about to cheat on with my own son. I couldn’t blame myself for what I was about to do. Tim is a very handsome young man; eighteen years of age, tall, tanned skin, dark hair, and my green eyes. I felt like an old woman compared to him. However, I knew that he could make me feel like a teenager again.

He tossed me on the bed and we both giggled. He lifted my skirt up over my head then began to dig in his bottom drawer. He pulled out a condom and started to open it.

I interrupted him by saying, “Um, are you a, uh well you know a–“

“Virgin? Yea I am, but your the only one I love and want to do this with,” he replied with a light smile on his face.

He continued to open the condom and slid the opening of his boxers open to put it on. I felt a rush of joy shoot through my body as he pulled his boxers off. He had a nice ass and a surprisingly large penis. It was about twice the size of John’s. I was still in my bra and panties and he still had his shirt on. He began to slide my underwear down to my ankles. He spread my legs and tickled my thigh with his cock. Like an earthquake had struck, he shoved his dick into me. It felt amazing. I wasn’t even worried about him being my son. He pounded his hips into my thighs. He was going awfully fast for him being a virgin but I just figured he was trying to give me the best. He started groaning and I was panting hard.

“Oh baby! Hun! Oh! Fuck me! Harder, harder, harder! Oh yes Tim!” I screamed as I felt his cock pulsate inside of my pussy.

Oh, it was so much better than John’s fucking. He worked me for nearly an hour, never stopping, reaching about three huge orgasms with several smaller ones, and cumming a lot. At about 6:00 P.M. we had to stop because John would arrive home soon. We didn’t want to though, so we just kissed and he fondled me for a while until John pulled in the driveway.

Tim always went to this club every Saturday night. That was pretty much the only time we had together. However, John had Saturday’s off so I made up a little excuse. I now had “Tupperware parties” every Saturday at eight o’ clock. Tim quit going to the club so he could be with me. On our first night affair on Saturday, April 17, I was a little nervous. I didn’t tell John whose house I was going to be at; I thought that was a little suspicious. I thought nothing of it and got into my station wagon and drove to the Holiday Inn where Tim was waiting in room 219. I swiped the key and opened the door. The bed was covered with white rose petals and I noticed chocolate syrup and whipped cream on the bedside table. He was in boxer briefs sitting on the chair when he rushed over to greet me with a kiss. Candles were lit and he turned out the lights. I was wearing a nice Gucci dress and stilettos. I wanted to look nice for him. He had no idea what I was wearing underneath of it, though he was about to find out. He unzipped my dress, thinking that I was naked underneath, he found out different. I was wearing a black nipple-less bra, black crotch less panties, and a garter belt wrapped around my thighs. I saw his mouth drop and he had nothing to do but stare. I laughed and pulled off his boxer briefs. He picked me up and lied me down on the bed. He grabbed the chocolate syrup and popped the top open. He held it high and dribbled it all over my chest trying not to get any on my new lingerie. He put some chocolate on his fingertips and rubbed them on my nipples. He began to lick off the trickled syrup on my upper chest. He moved over to my perked up nipples izmir escort bayan and sucked off all of the chocolate. I began to moan. He licked on my tummy and then grabbed the whipped cream. He licked on the nozzle and sprayed it into his mouth like a child would do. In some way this turned me on. Suddenly, he tossed a bombshell at me. He shoved the nozzle into my glistening cunt and sprayed sweet cream into it. He then sucked what he sprayed into me, out of me. I have never felt a better sensation.

I squealed, “Ahhhhhh! OH! More! Do more! Please!”

And more he did. He sprayed and sucked, sprayed, and sucked. I yelled for more.

“Well I would do more but it’s empty!” he giggled.

“Oh honey! I want you now! Anyway you want! Just take me now!” I said to him with a distinct amount of pleasure in my voice.

He placed me on my hands and knees and got out another condom. He slid his hands down my hips and guided his cock into my pussy.

“Yea I’m gonna burn out your fuck hole until it can go no more,” he said dirty.

“Oh baby, that’s all I need. Hot, dirty, wild sex! Give it to me!” I screamed with ecstasy.

He hammered me into the bed. I clenched the backboard and it slammed up against the wall with every single thrust he gave me. He fucked me with all his strength. He moved his hands up to my tits and began to fondle me.

He moaned, “Oh- baby, yes! I love your big beautiful tits, mom. They’re amazing. Big tan– nipples and lovely creases. I could cock fuck them all night.”

“Oh Tim! Oh my baby boy! I love your dick! I would let you fuck me, my mouth, my pussy, or my tits all night long and more! Do whatever you want to me! OHHH! YESSSS! AHHH!” I called out to him.

He fondled me, bouncing my breasts in his hands. He gracefully moved his hands down to the lips of my vagina. He stroked them lightly while he was banging my cunt. That fact of my only child fucking me doggy style in my cunt while fingering it… was unimaginable… and it felt great! He moved his fingers faster and fucked me harder. We began to pant and gasp for breath.

He told me in a loud groan, “OHHHH! I’m- gonna- CUM!”

He let out a full load into me and I shrieked with sexual bliss. My cum ran down his shaft as he spewed hot liquid into me. He removed his dick and put his boxer briefs back on. I noticed that one side of my bra was up over my tit while the other stayed in place. We really had gone all out. That was the best fuck of my life until Tim’s spring break came.

Tim had spring break April 18 through the 24th. And did we ever luck out? John had a contractor’s meeting in the city for that whole week! Tim did have a few days of practice on the first Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but that was it. When he came home from that practice he found me hunched over my garden working on the tulips. He came up behind me and kissed my neck. I turned around and kissed him hard on the lips. After all, I hadn’t seen him since the morning and I hadn’t had sex with him since the Holiday Inn. I was in the mood to be a little kinky. We had a tall privacy fence in the backyard so no one could see us. I hiked up my sundress above my hips and widened my legs. Tim was still in his baseball gear; he unzipped his pants and his cock fell out of them. He put on a condom and rammed it inside of me. He pushed and released his cock into me. He gazed at me through his backwards hat. He screwed me hard, twitching his legs. My elbows were hard into the dirt and I clasped my fist around the roots of a few tulips.

I sounded like a little French poodle yipping at her master, “Oh, oh, oh! Ahh! Yes, fuck me! Ah! Screw me into the ground!”

I had never sounded so demanding. I felt like a young prostitute who had a happy ending to her sad story. My son banged me until we both came. I went to place my dress back but he lifted it again. He rested his mouth onto my hole. He enclosed his lips around it and ran his tongue up and down my clitoris. It felt amazingly fresh, like I was virgin again. He sucked out all of his juices that remained inside of me. I reached an orgasm and came all over his face. It was excellent.

On Tuesday, I was making pancakes for us. I had only gotten the flour and the bowl of warm water out when we began to induce a little foreplay. Tim reached into the drawer and pulled out a turkey baster. He placed it into the warm water and squeezed the ball of it to fill it up. He quickly put it into my pussy. He glanced at me and smiled slyly. He squeezed the ball again and shot warm water into my pussy. I moaned. He squeezed the ball again and brought it all back up into the tube. He took the baster out of me and put it to his lips and drank a few drops of the water mixed with my love juices. He then pried my mouth open and shot the rest into my mouth. I tasted my own cum in warm water and it tasted so good, like musty salt water. We didn’t have sex; we just did foreplay that day. On Wednesday, however I had a special treat for him.

He came home from buying more condoms and I called him into my bedroom. He opened the door and found me tied to the bedposts wearing escort izmir nothing but his baseball socks clear up to my knees and his cleats. His jaw dropped. He had seen the aluminum baseball bat between my legs. One of my hands wasn’t tied up though and he tied it for me. He didn’t hesitate to drop his pants, put on a condom, and pounce his muscular body on top of me. Me tied up and just watching him get undressed excited me. I thought for sure he would use the baseball bat first, but he didn’t. I guess he wanted to save the best for last. Even though we were having bondage sex, I think he felt as if he were a little boy first finding out what sex was. He stiffened his legs and grabbed the headboard above me. It looked as if he were going to howl to the moon like a wolf on the prowl.

Instead, he screamed something that took me by surprise, “I LOVE YOU!”

Even though we were fucking at that time I knew he meant it. Then I thought he is my son for crying out loud! Well, I soon swept that thought aside when he came in me like a damn volcano. We screamed together and he untied my legs and bent my knees. He grabbed the baseball bat.

“Which end? The handle or the fat end?” he asked me?

I said, “The fat end.”

And the fat ends of baseball bats are huge, but he tried to get it in. He separated my lips and pushed the bat in. It got in a little bit but he was having trouble. He shoved it in and yet it barely moved. I began to cry. “Are you ok? Do you want me to lube it up first?” he asked politely.

“No, I’m crying because it feels so good! And no, don’t lubricate it. Do on your own,” I replied sobbing and panting.

He nodded and continued to press on the cold metal bat. It had only gotten in a few inches when suddenly he had an epiphany. He lifted my back up and put three large pillows under it. My pussy was sticking straight up in the air with a bat dangling from it. I felt my cunt muscles expand when he did this. He forced down on to the bat and got it in about three inches. I yelped with delight. Now that the bat was pretty much in he began to shift it within my pussy. I thought the whipped cream was good! Oh man this was delectable!

“OH MY GOD! YES! Fuck me with that beautiful baseball bat! OH GOD!” I cried out to him.

He slid it faster and faster, speeding up with every thrust inside of me. I was thinking I should get a vibrator this size so he could sex me up with a gigantic toy. Oh well, a bat is good enough for me. He worked me with that bat until I shivered out an orgasm. He pulled it out and it was dripping wet with my cum. He untied me and licked off a little bit of the cum on the baseball bat and put it back in his closet. He told me if he left all of my love juices on it, that it would bring him good luck when it was time for him to play.

It was Thursday night and I desperately wanted to get in the shower with him. He was asleep on the couch, so I tied a string to his big toe and tiptoed to the bathroom. I got naked and tugged on the string to wake him. He got up and followed my string trail where he found me in the hot and steamy shower. When he pulled back the shower curtains and stepped in he was completely naked wearing a condom, but I noticed he was wearing the necklace I had bought him for his 10th birthday. Right away, he moved me up against the wall of the tub and began to fuck me already. I was expecting to have him wash me first but I was so hot for him and just went along fucking. He hoisted my legs up around his waist and loosely juggled them in the air while he made love to me. My back was banging on the wall; it hurt a little but I didn’t care, his dick healed all of my pain. We stayed in the shower, screwing, until the water turned cold. Then we got out and started having sex on the bathroom floor. The floor was hard and cold but it felt wonderfully erotic. Whenever, wherever, and however we had sex was complete and udder satisfaction. He banged me hard and flavorful. I loved my son with all of my heart, which is why we have been cherishing our moments together so that no one knew. What we had done in the last few weeks was scandalous. Neither of us cared, we just wanted to be together. He finished making love to me on the floor and we got dressed and fell asleep in the spare bedroom together.

It was Friday in the afternoon and Tim had a baseball game. I watched him play and unfortunately he lost. He was very stressed and I knew he’d want to have sex to ease his anger. We were in the living room after we got home. The living room had all black leather furniture and big bay windows that the whole neighborhood could see in. I began to take off my clothes and he did the same without saying a word.

Quietly, he asked me, “Can I tit fuck you?”

I nodded. Tim said, “Your tits are so beautiful, they are perfect for tit fucking. They are nice, perky, and squeezed together just enough to fit my cock between them.”

He positioned his cock between my breasts. He began to stroke himself with my tits. I was getting turned on watching him fuck my chest. I began to finger myself. I had never fingered myself before and izmir escort it felt extremely good. I inserted one finger in at first and soon worked my way up to three. Tim was wiggling his stiff prick in between my tits and began to grunt. I twisted my fingers about in my vagina. I was getting hot. He moved his dick faster on my boobs and I inserted another finger into my pussy opening. I was turned on but I wasn’t near an orgasm, neither was Tim. I figured if I could fit a baseball bat into my vagina I could fit my whole hand in it. I enclosed my thumb into a fist and felt a surge of joy rush through my body. Tim was about ready to cum so he worked himself faster and faster. Soon he came all over my face and in my mouth. He got off of me and started to jerk off while watching me fist myself. I hunched over and got nearly my whole forearm into my insides. I could feel my muscles contracting around my fist. I pumped my fist in myself and looked over to see my son jerking off. His eyes closed shut and he stroke himself. I yanked and tugged at my fist. My cum was dripping all down my elbow. Tim had already cum. I was almost at an orgasm.

“Ohhhh, Ahhhhhh, yea. This feels SO GOOD! Oh I’m gonna hit and orgasm! Oh it’s a big one! OHHHHH GOD! AHHHH!” I pleasurably yelled as I had a remarkable orgasm.

Several minutes later, Tim turned on porn. I had never really liked the stuff personally. I thought that it was vague and disgusting. Tim looked so relaxed and he wanted me to watch it with him. So reluctantly I agreed. On the screen were a two guys and a blonde girl. They were caught in an awkward situation when the girl walked in on the guys making out in the nude. One of the guys began to fuck the girl in the ass. The other one stood there and watched until he finally began to fuck her in her pussy. The girl looked like she was in a great amount of pain and pleasure. I was beginning to get off at the sight of this. I played with the rim of my pants debating on whether to finger myself again. Tim snatched my hand away, however.

“Do you want to be fucked in the ass mom?” he asked me.

I replied, “Oh yes Tim! I do want you to fuck me in my asshole!”

He nodded and walked to his bedroom and came back with a strap on dildo. I knew that after he fucked me in the ass he wanted me to do it to him. I had no complaints. He bent me over and began to insert his dick into my round ass. He impelled himself into me. I squealed with elation. My son’s enormous fuzzy balls were bouncing up and down and against my soft skin. He rotated my hips and worked me faster. He had sex with my ass at light speed rhythms. Tim grasped my body and bounded it upward and down. He shot a huge load of cum into my anus when we reached a full out orgasm. He took out his penis and strapped the dildo on me. I was excited to use a dildo on my son; I had once dreamt about it. He bent over the way I was and I stuck the stiff dildo into his ass crack. It was a lot different fucking him like this. But I liked watching my baby boy claw his fingers into couch. I was hot watching the dildo slide into and out of him but I wasn’t feeling anything. So I grabbed an empty thin flower vase and began pumping it into my cunt. It was about the thickness of a fifty-cent piece. I scratched his back and propelled the dildo into Tim’s love channel. I was fucking myself with a flower vase while boning my son with a cheap strap on. I loved fucking him. It was so different each time, and so different from John. Tim began to groan and he hit his climax. I worked the vase harder and more rapid in my cumming pussy. I too had hit my climax so I removed the vase. We panted hard as we got dressed and laughed a little. We had forgotten to close the blinds; we hoped no one had seen us.

John wouldn’t be home until Sunday, so Saturday we decided to go out on the town. We went to a nice dinner and then we went to the park. Tim laid out a blanket for us to cuddle on. We cuddled for what seemed like hours until Tim started to grope me. He was grappling my breasts and started kissing my tummy. He took off my skirt and I shivered.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll keep you warm,” he said to me reassuringly.

He removed his pants and was wearing bikini underwear. I was wearing the crotch less panties again. I felt a cool breeze on my warm clit and I wanted desperately for him to be inside of me. He got out another condom and placed it on the head of his cock. He lied on his belly with his face toward my feet and lifted up my left leg and put it on top of his. He then heaved his dick into my vagina. This had to be something he read in a Kama Sutra book. It was different, and it was excellent. He worked me like a pretzel. He kissed my toes as his dick propelled in me. I swayed my head back and moaned with sexual and erotic feelings. I had never felt so good. Out of all of our making love, this was by far turning out to be the best. Sweat rolled down my breasts, and I heard my baby groaning with sheer and udder pleasure. I could feel his prick tremble against my pillowy walls. His dick was of a colossal size and it was semi-hard to fit it in me the normal way; but this way it seemed impossible. We made it work and he got it in pretty far. He shifted his weight and grunted loudly. I clenched his ass cheeks and held on to them until he came in me with an orgasm. We gasped for breath and left the park.

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