The adventures in becoming the maid Trish

The adventures in becoming the maid TrishThe adventures in becoming the maid Trish.By Lindsey AnastasiaIt was hard to believe that a whole year had passed since I arrived at this place. The place was called “The Mansion” and it was run by Mistress Deena. It was a very large facility almost hotel like size and Mistress Deena’s main focus was on training and transforming males into beautiful feminized submissive permanent full time maids. The first day I arrived at about 10am and after a long cab ride I was dropped off at the front automatic gate. I gave the driver his fare and then gave him all the rest of the cash I had which was about 75 dollars. He appreciated the tip and then drove off. I pushed an intercom button and the gate opened. I walked up the long driveway to the front door of this place which was remotely located on 25 acres about 2hours from the outskirts of Atlanta. It had been my dream all my life to live a lifestyle like this and it had taken me awhile to locate a mistress like this.At the front door as I reached for the doorbell switch unexpectedly the door opened and their stood a beautiful, very tall and meticulously dressed and groomed maid. She had on a satin purple maid’s uniform with many white frilly petticoats showing and short enough to just show the top of purple wide square fishnet stockings overtop of sheer and shiny hose. Around her neck was a purple lace choker that had several keys on a small silver chain that were dangling just above some very ample cleavage that suggested two very large breasts were nearby. She had a beautiful face that was very well made up and almost unnatural aqua colored eyes (that I later found out were colored contacts) that were framed by thick and long false eyelashes. Her hair was very platinum blonde and teased up into a bouffant style that made her appear much taller. Along with her 7″ opened toe heels she was probably a foot taller in appearance.She said her name was Francine and that they were expecting me. She led me into a large room that served as the marble floored foyer. Then she brought me to a curtained glass door that was Mistress Deena’s office. When I entered Mistress Deena was standing behind her desk looking me straight in the eye and she was a very beautiful woman. Everything about her looked elegant and 1st class. She had on a perfect fit white silk blouse and tight black satin knee length skirt that suggested that she had one of those hourglass figures to die for. She had blonde hair and big clear beautiful blue eyes and wore very classy jewelry. One of the pieces was a bejeweled necklace which had several keys hanging just above some sexy cleavage, very similar to Francine’s, but these breasts looked very real and voluptuous, unlike Francine who I had guessed was originally a male like me.In her presence I immediately felt like a slob because even though I was taking female hormones I still mostly dressed as a male, though I may have appeared somewhat feminine because I had grown my hair to my shoulders and recently died it to a dirty blonde color. I kept my hair pulled back into a ponytail and through the back of my ball cap. I was wearing jeans, sneakers and a button up shirt when I arrived and that was all I had, the clothes on my back.The Mistress told me to have a seat on the stool that was in front of her desk. She got right down to business and slid a document across the desk and said that if I wanted to be in her program all I had to do was sign this document. Well, I said that is why I’m here. Mistress Deena said to sign next to the name “Maid Trish” and date it.So I did. She said that I was now her personal property, and would be trained for at least one year and then be sold on an “online auction” to the highest bidder and would immediately be transferred as their personal property. She said that her establishment “The Mansion” was one of f******n members in a private organization known as the “Network.” In the “Network” there were only two members who regularly trained and sold the maids. She knew the twelve members who regularly bought and used the maids, so wherever I ended up I would be in good hands. She said from now on you are Maid Trish and your name will be tattooed on the bottom of your left foot and your Network serial number that is under your name on the document will be tattooed on the bottom of your right foot. You will refer to me simply as “Mistress,” and you are not allowed to speak unless you are spoken to by someone who is above you. Maid Francine is the only maid above you, the other eleven maids that are in training here are senior to you but equal. When I ask you or tell you to do something you simply respond “yes Mistress” or “no Mistress.” Is that clear?”yup!” I mean “yes Mistress!”! Then she said that if I did not obey her every command I would be severely dealt with and that she was very imaginative. She then looked at Francine and told her to go get Monica and bring her portable make-up kit. Monica was the full time live in beautician that specialized in make-up, hair, wigs, nails, and helped Francine maintain the incredible wardrobe of maids uniforms of all types and colors and styles, costumes, shoes, lingerie, corsets, and wide array of bondage and specialty wear that was used there. The Mistress then walked around behind me and pulled off my ball cap and tossed it in the waste can. She said I wouldn’t ever need that again. Then she undid the rubber band holding my ponytail together and played with my hair for awhile.Just then Monica and Francine walked in. Monica was another beautiful woman that was perfectly dressed and groomed. She was carrying a small suitcase like bag that was her portable make-up kit. The Mistress told me to stand up and as I did she said, “face me,” so I turned and faced her and remembered to say “yes Mistress.” She said, “very good” as she began unbuttoning my shirt. She felt my breasts which were just beginning to show signs of being there. Then she told Francine to take off my pants. So there I was being stripped naked in front of three people who were total strangers just 30 minutes ago. The Mistress told Monica to give me a quick make over so we can immediately begin the feminization process. So she sat me down on a black leather love seat while I was completely in the nude and began working on me. She brushed out my hair pinned it back and gave me a very quick makeover. Monica said I had nice hair and my face has a lot of potential. I guess that was a compliment but not sure. Just then the Mistress returned and said to Monica “good work.”She then told Monica “now I want you to give maid Trish some cute bangs and then braid her hair into two pigtails.” Then she told Francine “when Monica is done, take maid Trish to the wardrobe room and pick out a blue vinyl lace-up the front dress, the speciality thigh high boots, and black opera gloves. Dress her in that and bring her back to my office.” “Yes Mistress” responded Francine. Then the Mistress left her office. When Monica had finished braiding my hair, Francine told me to stand up and put my hands behind my back. Hanging on a hat rack by the door was a pair of hand cuffs that she put on me. Then she reached for a leash that had been hanging next to the cuffs and put it around my neck and led me out into the foyer.The marble floor felt cold on my bare feet and as we walked down the hall her heels made that unmistakable sound of the clicking of very tall high heels in motion. So I was completely naked in a house of strangers beginning the process of being feminized. The wardrobe room was an incredible place. I never would have believed there was so many maids uniforms in one place. Francine undid the cuffs and leash. All the handcuffs used there did not have keys but a little recessed button that was impossible to access by the wearer, but a pen or long fingernail was all that was needed to trigger the release mechanism. First she gave me a sheer pair of black seemed stay up stockings to put on.Next we figured out what size of these thigh high boots that had a 5″ heel and zipped up the inside seam would fit. Curiously on the right boot only was a black strap that was just above the knee. She took a blue vinyl short dress that laced up the front off a hanger and helped me into it. It was a perfect fit. I then put on the black opera gloves and had to admit I was feeling very sexy and feminine. We then went back to the Mistress’s office with me hand cuffed and on a leash. When we got there I noticed laying on her desk next to my Network document was a ball gag, mono glove and a silicone vagina. I wondered if these were next.The Mistress and Monica were sitting on the love seat talking when the Mistress stood up and looked me over and said, “yes I think we are on the right track here with Trish’s look.” She then picked up the ball gag and told me to open my mouth. As she tightened the strap she told Francine to release the hand cuffs and begin putting the mono glove on. She then told Monica to go get Vicky. As I found out later Vicky was the IT-tech and photographer that was also a full time live in employee. Vicky also was a complete MTF transgender who had completed all her major surgeries. As Francine and the Mistress tightly laced me into the mono glove I was feeling helpless and completely under the control of the Mistress.Then the Mistress zipped up a heavy zipper that covered the laces and she clicked on a small padlock to lock the zipper up. She then had me sit back on the black leather love seat and as I did the short dress rode up and exposed my genitals. Then she spread my legs and firmly took hold of my dick and pushed it into my body and taped it with a round piece of surgical tape. It was as if it disappeared and was a little bump under the tape. Next she pulled my scrotum forward and pushed my balls back and again applied tape.I was amazed, it was as if I had a vagina without the slit. Francine handed her the life like silicone vagina that even had some blonde hair around it and she peeled back an adhesive backing and carefully placed it in my crotch. The Mistress stood up and told Vicky to take some photos. Vicky took about a dozen shots of me and then plugged her camera into the desktop computer on the side of Mistress Deena ‘s desk. Vicky turned on a large flat screen mounted on the wall that I had not noticed before. Instantly there I was on the big screen and could not believe how real that vagina looked. There were close-ups and shots from a distance, approximately 12 pics kept repeating about 3 seconds per pic.Mistress Deena looked at me and said I want you to see what you would look like if I decide to remove your dick and balls. She then turned to Monica and said, “Trish is the best candidate we have had in a long time to have her dick and balls removed, she is very fuckable right now. We could prostitute her and she would start satisfying our male clients.” I have to admit that I truly did want to be feminized but the way she was talking scared the hell out of me. My dick wasn’t anything to brag about but I was very attached to it.Monica agreed that I had a head start because I had been taking female hormones. She also agreed that I was the best candidate to immediately have the operation. As I gazed up at the flatscreen and watched the photos of me with a vagina I drifted into a daydream considering the possibility of this operation. Then I was startled as Vicky spoke up and said, “Well speaking as one who has had the operation I don’t think there is any reason to rush into a decision right now, and besides when you add the medical expenses and the recovery time, Maid Trish’s training will be way behind schedule and remember that a well trained shemale maid is bringing top dollar at auction.” Finally somebody presenting the case where I could keep my dick and balls at least for now. It was surreal as I leaned back, gagged and my arms tightly bound behind me listening to these people who were strangers two hours ago, having a serious discussion about my fate.Then Mistress Deena said that Vicky was right and it was time to continue Trish’s initiation in the dungeon. But first she needs a chastity belt. The Mistress opened a small flat box on her desk and withdrew a chastity belt. She handed it to Francine and told her to put it on me. She told me to stand up and as I did Francine lifted up my dress and put the metal belt around my waist and locked it from the back. Attached to the front of the belt were two points where a triangle piece of heavy girdle fabric hung and she pulled this thru my groin and connected it very tightly to the back of the belt. Along this strap was a heavy duty 3″ ring that exactly lined up with my anus. This gave access to my anus without having to remove the chastity belt.The Mistress told Francine to take me to the dugeon and the rest would shortly follow. Francine attached the leash and led me to the dungeon. We passed thru a large room with two slightly inclined bondage racks that were facing each other, then down a long hallway. The dungeon was a large separate building in the back of the main mansion, connected by this hallway. It was dimly lit with black walls and a red floor. Francine told me to stand in the middle of the room. She went over to the wall and began cranking on a handle and down from above a large heavy duty hook connected to a chain descended in front of my face at eye level. As my focus changed from the hook to a door across the room, I could see the Mistress emerging thru it. All she was wearing now was a sexy blue and white corset that showed her perfect hourglass figure.She paused and then switched various wall switches on and off and suddenly the dungeon’s lighting changed to illumination by black lights. That’s when you could not help but notice she was wearing a huge neon pink strap-on dildo. It glowed brightly in the blacklight and as she walked over to me, it bobbed up and down but mainly kept pointing to me, as if it was guiding the Mistress right to me. At the bottom of my mono-glove down where my fingers were, there was a metal ring attached. The Mistress grabbed the ring and pulled my arms and she reached around and undid a buckle that had the mono-glove firmly in place. She pulled the ring upwards and hooked it into the hook hanging from the ceiling. This made me bend forward as I balanced on my 5″ stiletto heeled thigh high ” come fuck me ” boots.She told Francine to crank it up and when she did my arms were pulled up towards the ceiling. This made my dress ride up and exposed my bare ass that was being framed by a 3″ ring that was a part of my chastity belt. As the Mistress stood in front of me with her large glowing neon pink dildo right in front of my face, she showed me a small strap that had a plastic hook on each end. She hooked a hook into each of my pigtails and threaded the strap back thru a ring on the mono-glove and pulled it very tightly back and secured it. This had the effect of pulling my head in a near vertical position and locked it in position where I could not move it.She then undid the strap on my right boot and it was long enough to wrap around both legs just above the knee. While she was hobbling me, Francine had brought over a short bar that had two ankle cuffs that she was securing to my legs just above the ankles. I thought this was overkill because of the way I was already secured. Then she pulled a pin on the bar it began to expand and push my high heeled feet apart. This had the effect of making my butt feel like it was sticking out even further. The Mistress then had Francine stand in front of me and told her to put her hands behind her back. I was somewhat surprised when she put handcuffs on Francine.The Mistress was in total control as the following events unfolded. I had not noticed at this time that Vicky had entered the dungeon and set up a video cam on a tripod and was filming this whole scene. Monica was standing next to her observing. The Mistress then lifted Francine’s petticoats and pulled out two ribbons attached to Francine’s chastity belt. These ribbons had velcro ends and she connected these to just above Francine’s breasts on her uniform. This held up her petticoats and exposed her groin. The Mistress then unlocked the two connecting points of her chastity belt and then slightly pulled down her frilly ruffled white panties.I could not help but seeing Francine’s large dick fall out, because it was just inches from my gagged mouth. The Mistress stroked it a few times and it grew to be as large as the 8″ glowing neon pink dildo which was also hovering around my face. Then she produced a jar of a honey like substance that was also glowing neon pink. She took a small brush and painted it all over Francine’s dick. Now maid Trish you are going to lick every bit of the glowing honey and we will see how good you are at giving a blowjob. If you can’t give a good blow job then we will have to cut off your dick and turn you into an ordinary prostitute.She then walked around behind me and I felt some kind of lube being injected into my ass. Next came the inevitable as the dildo slowly entered me and I could hear the Mistress groan with pleasure. At the time I was surprised that this would give her pleasure, but I later found out that the dildo was actually a technical marvel. Inside the dildo that was going inside of me was another dildo slightly smaller that was penetrating the wearer. It would move up inside the wearer the same distance and at the same speed that the wearer thrust it into her victim. At first she penetrated all the way in and then pulled it completely out. Then she must have been close to climax when she started thrusting rhythmically. After she had an obvious orgasm she reached around my arms and unbuckled the ball gag.Now it was Francine’s turn. Almost by reflex I opened my mouth as Francine stepped a little closer. As I took her dick into my mouth I tried to lick off all of the sweet tasting glowing honey that I could. Then I could feel the Mistress enter me again and begin her slow at first and then faster rhythmic pumping. Francine then exploded into my mouth and I kept swallowing all the honey and cum that was in my mouth. The Mistress then had another orgasm. I kept licking frantically all the sweet tasting glowing honey on Francine. The Mistress then withdrew the dildo and walked around behind Francine and released her cuffs. She told Francine to go get “Maid Pink” and bring her back blindfolded.As Francine left, the Mistress took the hooks out of my pigtails and held one in each hand and told me to open up my mouth. She inserted the glowing dildo about half way and pulled and pushed my pigtails back and forth and began her rhythmic strokes. She then reached down and pushed a switch that was located on the plastic pelvic plate that held the dildo and that was strapped to her legs and waist. Immediately it began to vibrate and sent the Mistress into waves of orgasmic pleasure at my expense. Just then Francine returned with maid Pink on a leash, hand cuffed and blindfolded.Mistress Deena named her this because on her first day she had Monica dye her hair from a natural blonde to a bright pink color and then style it into a page boy bob. Maid Pink would be very soon auctioned off so this was sort of her reward for completing the year long maid training program. As she kept the dildo in my mouth she unlocked the chastity belt on maid Pink. Maid Pink’s pink maids uniform also had the Velcro ribbons to hold up her petticoats and skirt.As she pulled her pink ruffled panties I could see her dick coming to life. As it became erect I was relieved that it was much smaller than the pink dildo. The Mistress told Francine to take her place and hold my braids. The Mistress placed maid Pink behind me and told her to move forward and as she did the Mistress guided maid Pink’s dick all the way into me. The Mistress took a small “s” hook and hooked it to the back of my chastity belt and to the front of maid Pink’s belt. This held her in place tightly behind me. Then she took a wide ratcheting strap and wrapped it around the middle of my thighs and then also around maid Pink’s thighs. As she tightened the strap maid Pink was now feeling like a part of me and she could not have pulled out of me if she tried.The mistress told Francine to place her dick back in my mouth, which she promptly did. She told her to firmly hold my braids and stay completely still. The Mistress announced that she wanted maid Trish to receive cum on both ends at the same time. I had a feeling that I knew what was coming next. The Mistress inserted her big neon glowing dick into maid Pink. The Mistress then reached forward around maid Pink and dug her long nails into my hips and I could feel her rhythmic penetration of maid Pink.Francine grew big and hard again and began giving my face a good fucking. It was maid Pink that was beginning to get excited and as the Mistress pumped harder and harder I could tell that she was ready to have her orgasm. Her pounding of maid Pink gave maid Pink enough movement so that she exploded in my ass. A second or two later the Mistress climaxed and Francine shot her load into my mouth. Three orgasms just took place almost at the same time and everybody was having them at my expense. This was all being put on video by Vicky and it would be sold on line by the method of paying by the minute to view it. This was another source of income the Mistress had developed. I later found out that this segment would be titled, “The initiation of maid Trish.” Not only was I being initiated, but the term “fuck puppet” began to have a new meaning to me.After this scenario was over the Mistress told Francine to have me change into the harness and then take me to the “rack.” She then told Monica to put a short to medium length light brown wig on me. The Mistress wanted to see how I would look with my natural hair color. Francine took me to the wardrobe room and I was stripped down to wearing just my boots and opera gloves. Even my chastity belt was removed.However when I was put into this very tight and adjustable leather harness, the groin pouch held my balls and dick out where they felt very vulnerable. The inside of the harness had a wide metallic belt that could be adjusted very tightly by a device on the side of the harness. Monica came by and pinned my braids up and slid a wig cap on. Then she showed me a beautiful light brown wig and pulled it on my head and then brushed it. She had me stand in front of a mirror and let me see how I would look if she colored and cut my hair and put a mild perm into it. I had to admit my natural color did look pretty good.Then Francine took me to the “rack.” The rack was located in a room that you had to pass thru to get to the dungeon. The rack was the place where you would be severely punished in the Mistress’s most imaginative methods. Francine told me to lean back on the rack and place my arms over my head. She closed buckles around my wrists and arms and then buckled the straps around each of my ankles. Then she walked out of the room and I was left there all alone. This was the first time I was alone that day.In a few minutes I could hear the clicking sound of high heels on a hard floor. As the sound approached I began guessing who this would be. Then suddenly the Mistress was there. She had changed her outfit and was now wearing a tight black leather dress and looked very much like the beautiful dominatrix that she was. She walked over to the wall and selected a cat o nine tale and began taking some practice swings on my groin.At first it did not hurt at all, then suddenly she snapped the whip and she got my full attention. Then she walked over to the wall and hung up the whip and returned with a small jar of a red paste like substance. Then she unsnapped the breast cups of the harness to get full access to my nipples. As she unscrewed the cap, I saw the lid had a small brush attached and she applied it to my nipples. At first my nipples began to tingle and then they felt very sensitive and alive, this was a new feeling for me.When I looked at them I was surprised at how erect they had become. Then the Mistress applied some nipple clamps very tightly and then re-snapped the breast cups. She looked me right in the eye and said, that the reason I was on the rack was to demonstrate where I would end up if I did not completely obey her every command. She told me that she was in complete control of me. As she was talking she grasped a round knob that was on the left side of the harness and as she started to turn it I could feel the metal band inside of the harness tightening around my waist. With each click of the knob it felt like it would cut me in half. She said that she knew that deep inside of me I had a desire to serve her, and be feminized and dominated by her. She said that I was realizing my need to please her and pleasure her. It was as if she had climbed inside of my head and read all of my thoughts.Just then Francine walked in and the Mistress told her to put me in a black corset and standard maid uniform and report to Monica’s room to have my hair and nails done, then she walked out. Francine then released my bonds and took me to the wardrobe room. She laced me into a very tight corset, heels, and a beautiful maids uniform. She then took me to Monica’s room. Monica’s room looked like a mini hair salon, complete with salon chairs, mirrors and she even had three old style hair dryers that you sat under.She gave me a zebra print smock to protect my maids uniform. She removed the wig and took the braids out of my hair and brushed it out. Her friendly nature put me at ease and I was really enjoying this pampering. She told me that the Mistress had given her instructions on how she wanted my hair. It would be dyed to a platinum blonde and worn in a long style with a clip in hair piece to add volume. She told me not to worry because she would help me with my hair, make up and nail care. After she had dyed my hair, she put it in rollers and had me sit under a dryer. Monica then pulled a stool around to the front of me and reached up under my smock and petticoats and undid the garters that were holding up my hose. Gentley she removed my left high heel and stocking and began to work on my toe nails. First she pushed my toes in a foam rubber toe spreader and then a candy apple red color was applied and as it began to dry she began this process on my right leg. Afterwards she used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Next she went to work on my finger nails and ended up applying a full set of medium length acrylic nails that were finished with a French manicure style.While my nails were drying she replaced my hose and heels and very sensually hooked my garters back up. Then she had me move to a regular chair and began to work on my hair. She removed the rollers and brushed and teased my hair and used some hair spray. She also clipped in a few rows of hair extensions that perfectly matched the platinum blonde color and added a good bit of volume and fullness.When I looked in the mirror I was shocked at my new look. I told Monica that she had done a wonderful job with my hair and I thanked her over and over. She had touched up my make up and said we have to get you ready to be presented to Mistress Deena. I was very excited about my look and strangely could not wait for the Mistress to see me because I hoped that this would please her. I told Monica even though the Mistress was thinking about having my dick and balls removed, that I hoped that this new hair style would please her. Monica laughed and said that the Mistress has a warped sense of humor.She was not going to have my dick and balls removed, that was a little joke of hers that she plays on all the new maids. We all just play along with her and afterwards talk about how the maid responded to the threat. I must say you did not have much of a reaction that could be noticed. I told Monica that the Mistress scared the hell out of me when she said that. Well you hid it well, now let’s go see the Mistress. As we walked toward the Mistress’s office I was feeling so girly and sexy in my maid’s uniform and new hairstyle, nails, and my new identity as maid Trish. When we arrived outside the office door she told me to get on my knees and she would be right back and she disappeared into the Mistress’s tuzla escort office.In a few minutes the Mistress emerged wearing a beautiful royal blue satin gown. Monica and Francine followed her out and at first when I saw her all dressed up, I thought she had dressed up for this occasion of me being presented to her. Then I later found out she was just going out for the evening. In her hand was a pink collar and leash. She took the pink collar and buckled it around my neck and attached the leash to it. She announced that this collaring was symbolic to the fact that maid Trish was now officially the property and responsibility of Mistress Deena. She told me to open my mouth and hold the leash with my teeth.As I did she began to give Francine instructions for me for the time she would be gone that evening. It seemed like holding that leash in my teeth was so distracting to me that I missed most of what the Mistress was telling Francine. This was the one time I should have been paying attention. I did hear the last thing she said which was that she wanted Francine to have me practice serving champagne glasses on a tray to the area back behind the pool out back. She said to have me walk back there at least fifty times, and teach me how to walk out and back without spilling a drop.Vicky would have a camera on a tri-pod near the pool and would have me on video so my serving skill could be evaluated. The Mistress looked at me and said that Francine would be in charge of me and if I did not obey her every command then I would find myself back on the rack for an extended period of time. I tried to say yes Mistress but was afraid I would drop the leash so I gritted my teeth and said it the best I could. The Mistress then told Francine that as soon as I had learned to serve, then have maid Pink teach Trish what will be expected of her when she takes over maid Pink’s client Mr. Hornsby. Now take the leash and lead Trish to the kitchen and get started. Yes Mistress said Francine and off we went to the kitchen.As I looked out back I could see the large dungeon building off to the right and the pool area was a little to the left and there was a small building off to the left of the pool that was used as a changing room and also had some showers. Behind the pool was a tall stand of evergreen trees that provided privacy for anyone in the pool. Later I heard that the Mistress would swim in the nude occasionally. There was also a large hot tub that the maids were allowed to use as a reward but this did not happen too often.Francine took out four champagne glasses and a silver serving tray. She told me to fill two glasses with water and take them out to the table on the far side of the pool then come back and take two more out to the table next to that one and bring back the two that were on the first table and then repeat this again. She said each time I came back to the kitchen I was to set the tray down and put a checkmark on a piece of paper that was laying next to the sink. So this I did until I had fifty checkmarks on the paper. It took about an hour and a half to do this. Francine demonstrated different styles to walk and said I should try to take smaller steps and keep my shoulders back and walk in a straight line. She said that I should also try to roll my hips as I walked. She said that I would be attending a daily dance class with an emphasis on belly dance. There I would learn to loosen up my hips and develop a more feminine walk. I had to admit Francine had an incredibly feminine and seductive walk. I tried to do this serving exercise as best as I could and try to employ the advice Francine would give, but this was harder than I thought.During all this time Francine was in and out of the kitchen, looking very busy doing other things. After I had fifty checkmarks on the paper she said ok let’s go find maid Pink. We went up to the second floor to maid Pink’s room. Each maid had a private room and bathroom on this floor. The mansion was so large that there were eighteen rooms on the second floor, and the hotel like size of this place made much cleaning and laundering a necessity. Which is what I would be learning the next day. When we arrived at maid Pink’s room she was packing a small suitcase with lingerie and a pink and black maid’s uniform.This was the first time I saw her without a blindfold and gag and I had to admit she was every bit as beautiful as Francine. Her pink hair went well with her skin color and meticulous make up. She had incredibly long pink nails that were tapered to a point. She told me about her client Todd Hornsby.She said it was ironic that his last name was Hornsby because he was very horny. About once a month Mistress Deena and Monica will drive you to his place usually on a Saturday. It is in a very expensive section of Atlanta and he is very wealthy. This client is very important to the Mistress so you must please and pleasure him in whatever he desires. You will be completely dressed in pink. He is especially turned on by pink corsets and the highest pink heels that you can walk in. When you get there he will want you to vacuum and dust, but after about twenty minutes he will approach you from the rear and bend you over and he will enter you from the rear so make sure you are well lubricated. As soon as he is done you are to go right back to your house work. He will do this about once an hour all day long. He will usually cum six times during this session. The guy is married to a beautiful woman but has a fetish for shemale maids. You will know it is his last time when he has you strip down to your corset and have you iron his dress shirts. He will have you do this in the bedroom and he will watch you as he lays on the bed. Then he will signal you to perform oral sex and after he cums this will be your cue to get ready to leave. He will then call the Mistress and she will pick you up. I think she goes shopping and visits some of her friends in the area. He must pay her well because she will ask you many questions when she picks you up. She wants to make sure that he is completely satisfied with the service.After maid Pink had finished I got very nervous yet also very excited about the client that would be mine. I secretly hoped that I wouldn’t screw this up. Francine asked me if I had any questions for maid Pink. So I asked how big it was. What? How big is his dick? Maid Pink laughed and said it is big enough, but never measured it. I smiled at that thought and then thanked her for her time and wished her well in her new direction in her life that would be decided the next day after the auction.Then Francine told me that she would show me to my new room. It was only four doors down the hall. Once inside she told me to strip down to my corset. We were required to sleep in our corsets. She unlocked my chastity belt so I could use the bathroom. Then she locked me up again. After she pulled the sheet down she told me to lay spread eagle on the bed. It was a large four posted bed with chains and cuffs attached to each of the four corners.She attached a cuff to each wrist and one to both my ankles and attached a chain to each cuff. Then she took a small stiff foam pillow that had a cutout for your neck and placed it under my neck. This kept my head from touching the bed. She said that was so I wouldn’t mess up my new hairstyle. She turned out the light and I thought she would leave. But instead she unlocked her chastity belt and pulled down her panties and climbed on top of me. She said I needed a little more practice in giving a blow job. I instinctively opened my mouth and as she swelled up inside of my mouth she laid her petticoats and silk skirt of her maids uniform over my head. I thought I tasted remnants of the glowing sweet honey from earlier that day and before I knew it Francine had cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all.She then quickly pulled on her panties and left. So that is how my first day as a maid in training had ended. So now it is a year later and I find myself sitting on the end of my bed waiting for Francine to take me to the Mistress and then they will prepare me to be auctioned off. I remember how maid Pink had briefed me on the client that would be handed over to me. Todd Hornsby. It was only about two weeks into my training that Mistress Deena and Monica drove me to his estate. He was very kind but very horny. I think he had a boner for four hours straight. He wore me out. As maid Pink had said he loved pink. I always wore a pink satin maids uniform with a pink corset.The first time I was there he told me to sit down because he wanted to explain a few things. He said please do not go outside because he did not want to have nosy neighbors telling his wife that he has a maid dropping by. That is why when we arrived we drove right into his garage and then the garage door had to be closed before I could get out of the car. He said his wife went out of town every month for a week and please don’t accidently leave anything feminine around. I told him I understood and was there for his pleasure and would do anything he wanted. Okay he said then stand up and bend over.There was a tube of anal lube on the table that he grabbed so I pulled down my pink panties and within seconds he was sliding up thru my chastity belt ring and deep inside of me. He pounded me for about a minute and then he groaned with pleasure. He did this about every thirty minutes. It was hard to get much cleaning done. I knew when he was about done with me for the day when he would come behind me and pull the zipper down of my uniform. He would pull the dress down and let it drop to the floor and I would step out of it and then he would lead me to one of his spare bedrooms and pull me down on him and I would give him the best blow job that I could.When this was done I would quickly dress and the Mistress would show up very soon. The Mistress and Monica would usually go shopping in Atlanta after they dropped me off. The third time I was taken to this place, the Mistress had picked out a very frilly pink uniform for me to wear. Also instead of Monica going, Vicky went and she had her camera with her. I should have known the Mistress was up to something when we turned off into an upscale neighborhood on the way back to the “Mansion.”It was late afternoon on a Saturday and she pulled the car to the curb and told me to go around to the trunk. As she popped open the trunk she handed me four helium filled balloons and told me I had to walk down the sidewalk and get four different people to accept one balloon from me. I was not allowed back in the car until I had done this. She said that Vicky would take some photos for my maid portfolio. Each maid had a page on the website that had photos of the different activities she had participated in.So I started walking down the sidewalk and at first I was very nervous but then I remembered that this is what I had always dreamed of being. It took six blocks to get four people to accept a balloon, mainly because I did not see many people. The difficulty in walking six blocks was due to being hammered by Todd Hornsby for four hours before this walk. When I had got down to one balloon I saw an older man inside his garage using an electric buffer on a classic looking sports car. Just then the Mistress pulled her car into the driveway.I was surprised as the man walked over to her window and as you might have guessed they knew each other. He was an old client of hers that had not used her services for years. I saw him pull out his wallet and pass her a wad of cash. Then he walked over to me and said he would accept my balloon, then he walked back into his garage. He told me that my Mistress wanted to talk to me. As I leaned down to her window, the Mistress said that Mr. Wallace needs something buffed, and she and Vicky would wait for me.So I walked into the garage and as soon as I cleared the overhead door it began to close. Mr. Wallace did not waste anytime. As soon as the door closed he dropped his pants and said he was ready to get buffed. So I got down on my knees and began to buff the head of his dick with my tongue. As he grew hard I dug my long finger nails into his butt cheeks. He seemed to like this. Then with my right hand I gently dug my nails into his scrotum. That was all it took as he shot his load into my mouth. He held my head in place with both of his hands for what seemed like a long time. As he relaxed his grip I leaned down and pulled his pants up and hooked the clasp and buckled his belt. He thanked me and opened the garage door and I walked out and got in the car and we all drove off. I did wonder how much money I had earned the Mistress.Besides all of the sexual chores that were required of me, I also had to do daily housework. This consisted of vacuuming, mopping, dusting and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen areas. Everyday two maids were assigned to clean the floors. One upstairs and one downstairs. The Mistress had come up with a requirement that made cleaning the floors very difficult. The two maids assigned would report to Francine and she would lock you into a chain harness that consisted of six cuffs. Two wrist cuffs, two elbow cuffs and two ankle cuffs. The elbow cuffs had a chain that ran behind your back and connected to the wrist cuff on the same arm. This severely restricted your arm movement, so to vacuum or mop you had to take many steps to get the machine to move. Then of course you had to take very small steps because the ankle cuffs werechained together. Sometimes the Mistress would stop by and watch you work at the task. I think she took pleasure in seeing you struggle at such a task. Also just cleaning the bathrooms every day was assigned to two maids because there were twenty six bathrooms in the “mansion.” On the days you either did the floors or cleaned the bathrooms you were very exhausted at the end of these days.We were also taught the proper way to make a bed, do the laundry, and iron. The one thing that we were taught that I did not expect was how to dance. We mainly concentrated on belly dancing, but were also taught pole dancing and stripping. Once a woman came in for a few days and tried to teach us ballet but that did not work out very well but I loved the tutu that we had to wear.Dancing was the one thing I wish I was better at, especially belly dancing. Each maid has a fitted belly dance costume but the one strange thing is that we are required to dance in our very tight corset which does restrict the hip movement. However I am amazed how my hips feel now, because I can move them pretty good in the three quarter shimmy. I think that dancing helps keep us in better shape. One day when we were practicing dance, the Mistress interrupted the class and told me to report to Monica’s salon room.When I arrived there I found Monica and Vicky working on a computer in the corner of the room. They were printing out some pictures off the internet. The pictures were of a beautiful actress from an old television show from the 1960’s called “Gilligan’s Island.” In the show the actress played the role of “Ginger Grant” who was a gorgeous actress that was marooned on the island with the other castaways. Monica looked up at me and said that they needed me to act as a model and they were going to make me look like Ginger for a photo shoot. This sounded wonderful to me.Monica got started right away. She had three different wigs that were an auburn color. With each wig that she tried on me she adjusted my make up and then Vicky would have me stand in front of a portable green screen and take many photos of me. I was really enjoying this because she would also have me change jewelry with each wig. Finally she had me change into a beautiful white gown and try on an updo hairstyle with the last wig. Vicky loaded the pics into the computer and then worked her magic. I was amazed as she added in different backgrounds. She and Monica then picked out three of the photos and printed them out. These would be shown to the Mistress.What this was all being done for, was to try to satisfy a prospective client’s fantasy scenario. The client was infatuated with Ginger Grant since he was a boy growing up in the sixties. He also had a hair fetish which would play into his fantasy. The Mistress had delegated this client to Monica to see if she could create a “Ginger Grant.” Monica e-mailed the photos to the client.She said that they were done with me and I could change back into my maids uniform. I had to admit I was reluctant to be in a hurry to do that because I was really enjoying this project. After seeing myself in that hair color I started to hope that maybe if the Mistress sees the printouts, she might consider having Monica change my hair color to the same color as the wigs.What happened next began a whirlwind of activity. Monica said I can’t believe this. She looked at me and said to stay in that gown and don’t move or take off the wig. The client had immediately e-mailed her back and said that if she could set up his scenario in an hour he would pay three thousand dollars. Monica hurried out of the room to confer with the Mistress.When she returned the Mistress and Francine were with her. They quickly devised a plan to set up a tropical scene. We all went to the large dungeon room. Against one wall Vicky placed a bamboo chair that was usually out by the pool area. Then Francine carried in an electric lighted palm tree that was in the storage area in the back of the dungeon. Monica then walked in with a rolled up grass mat that she spread out in front of the bamboo chair.Francine hooked up the palm tree and then plugged in an oscillating fan about twenty feet from the tropical scene. The Mistress walked up to me and said that this was going to be my show, and then proceeded to tell me what to expect and basically what to do, and what this client was looking for. She looked at me and said, “Trish you will do fine.” She then told Vicky that this man wanted the scene on video so Vicky went to get her equipment. Then she turned to Monica and said the man also wants you to be present. Monica looked puzzled but said that she wouldn’t miss this for any reason. The man arrived in less than an hour.As I sat in the bamboo chair I was a little nervous of the coming scenario. I tried to relax as I waited and felt the breeze from the fan. Vicky had set up her camera on a tripod and she and Monica were off to my left. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Francine with the client. He was short and balding with black hair and all he was wearing was a white terry cloth robe. He walked straight towards me and I could see Francine motioning me to stand. As I did I was a good bit taller because I was wearing five inch heeled white sandals.He said, “Oh Ginger you are so beautiful!”This stunned me because I had never thought of myself as being beautiful, but I admit that it made me feel pretty good on the inside. He seemed nervous so I leaned down and whispered in his ear that everything will be fine and Ginger was here for his pleasure. This seemed to calm him down. Then I pushed my luck when I leaned down and this time I stuck my tongue in his ear and wetted the inside of it and whispered in a very soft voice, “Ginger is your prisoner of love and you can do whatever you want to Ginger and she will love you for it.”That did it as he had an immediate erection poking out from his robe. He said ok then turn around and put your hands behind your back. I did as I was ordered and he pulled out a pair of hand cuffs from his robe pocket and locked me in them. He told me to get on my knees. He helped me do this and he opened his robe and held my head with his hands. I opened my mouth and he put his dick in but only for a moment. He then laid his dick up on my updo hair style and proceeded to fuck my hair. It probably was less than a minute and he shot his load in my updo wig. He just kept pumping as he held the sides of my face. I felt it running down the back of my neck but just stayed frozen in that position.Then as suddenly as it had started, it was over. The man walked over to Monica and asked her if he could purchase the wig I was wearing. I never did hear why he wanted it but I think it was an expensive one. In fact Monica did not really mess around with cheap wigs, they were all first class. I must have done ok because the next evening, Francine took me to the wardrobe room where the Mistress was picking out a purple and white colored very sheer dress. She told me she had a special assignment for me. She had a purple satin corset, with matching garters and a satin “A” cup bra. She also had a pair of sheer white seamed hose.Just then Monica walked in and the Mistress told her to touch up my toenails with some royal purple high gloss polish. Francine was going to help me change out of my maids uniform and to change into this purple and white outfit. But first the corset had to be laced up. The corset definitely had a different style waist line, and the Mistress and Francine were struggling to get it to close. After they closed it and zipped it up, it was locked with a small padlock. I couldn’t believe how tight it was.Then Monica did my toes and dried them with a hair dryer. After I slid on the sheer seamed hose, the Mistress gave me a large hand bag that had a pair of heels that were a shoe fetishist delight. They had eight inch stiletto heels and a single strap behind the toes and an ankle strap that had a clasp so they could be locked on with a small padlock. They had a three inch platform sole and were a matching royal purple. She told me to give these to the client when I arrived at his hotel room and he would put them on my feet and then lock them on and this would be a big turn on for him.She said he is a new but very important client and has an obsession with stiletto heels and loves the royal purple color. He was important because he was very rich. Later I had found out that he dropped out of college when his father passed away unexpectedly. He took over his father’s company, which was a network of warehouses, one of which was located in Atlanta. I was to wear my regular five inch pumps and then switch to the eight inch pumps and the Mistress told me not to wear them outside, only wear them in the hotel room, she was very adamant about that, the reason will be clear later. The Mistress drove and she told me to ride in the front seat, up until now I always had to ride in the back seat.We had a fairly short drive to a hotel on the interstate. The Mistress told me to wait in the car and she would be right back. She walked around the side of the building and thru a gate and into the pool area and then disappeared around the corner. She was wearing a tight black skirt and perfect fit purple satin blouse with ample cleavage showing. I only wished I had the sexy hourglass figure that she proudly possessed. When she returned she told me to walk thru the pool gate and the client would be at his rooms sliding glass doors that overlooked the pool.So off I went with my bag holding my eight inch shoes. As I approached the sliding doors the man smiled and ushered me in. He introduced himself and told me to call him “Rosin.” I never did know if that was his first name or last but that was what I called him for the entire year that I served him. I handed him the bag and he told me to sit on the couch. As I did he pulled the shoes from the bag and said, “May I”? Of course, that is why I’m here. He knelt down in front of me and began to remove my pumps and then very reverently he slid each of my feet into these shoes and gentley buckled the straps and put the padlocks in place. He then asked me to model them and walk back and forth in front of him. As I did I tried to walk and pause as sexy as I could.After a few minutes of this I noticed that he never took his eyes off of my feet that were locked into these sky high heels. I must have stood over six feet tall in these incredible heels. Eventually he had me sit back down on the couch and he lifted my foot and began kissing my toes and sucking on them. At first this made me feel a little bit awkward but then I tried to relax and enjoy it. After making out with both my feet he then ran his hands up my legs and underneath my dress. As he pushed up my dress he pulled my purple panties down a little and exposed my chastity belt that was firmly locked in place.To my surprise he pulled out a key and began unlocking the two lock points on the front of the belt. I had no idea he had a key so at first I thought that there must be some mistake because Mistress Deena was the only one that could ok this. Then I thought that she must have given him a key when I was waiting in the car. When he had exposed my privates he seemed pleased even though my dick and balls were much smaller than average. In fact when I was fully erect, I only measured a little under four inches.I was totally surprised when he went down on me and sucked my balls into his mouth. At first I was nervous and felt very vulnerable. Can you imagine how it feels when someone has both your balls in their mouth and is gentley biting down on your scrotum? He then began to massage them and roll them around with his tongue. I had never had this done to me so it was a totally new experience. As he had a mouthful, he was breathing strongly through his nose which was blowing warm air at the underside base of my dick. As I thought about how he literally had me by the balls and could castrate me with one strong bite, it suddenly was very stimulating and my limp dick began to inflate. Once erect he released my captive balls and took my entire four inches into his mouth. This also was a first for me and it was so exciting Idid not last long. He must have sensed this because he then only kept the head of my dick in his mouth and began to quickly lick just the top of the head. I exploded into an orgasm like I never had experienced before. He never allowed my dick out of his mouth during my orgasm so I guess he was ok at swallowing it. Then he had me lay down on the bed and he quickly finished undressing. As he moved on top of me he positioned his balls over my mouth so I knew what he wanted me to do. Also I was quite surprised that he had a very small dick and balls too. They almost looked c***dlike, similar to my own and the next time we were together he told me that he felt comfortable with me because we both had undersized private parts.I pulled his little balls into my mouth and began imitating what he had just taught me. He said he wanted to cum while his balls were in my mouth. I reached both my arms around his thighs and he took a tube of lubricant off the night table and squirted my hands with it and then he lubed up his dick. So I stroked his dick while holding his balls in my mouth. He got very excited and it wasn’t long before he was shooting his load all over the place.When he was content he got up and returned with a washcloth and towel. We quickly cleaned up and he unlocked the eight inch heels and I slipped back into my pumps. This whole encounter was over in about twenty minutes, I then told him good-by and returned to the car where the Mistress was busy on her phone.We then drove off and after she was done talking on her cell she told me to tell her what happened. After I told her, she said that there were two reasons why I was selected for this client. First, he had requested a shemale with a small dick and balls and secondly because she liked the performance I had done as playing the role of Ginger Grant with the little man.She said that my chastity was still strictly under her control but there may be some occasional rewards during my training. I had to admit that I enjoyed my time with Rosin but I am really more attracted to females or at least a beautiful shemale. Most of the time I was in training I usually was pleasuring males, however there was one day that was very different. Francine had summoned me and another maid for a special client. The other maid was named “Maid Claudia,” who was a very petite boy that looked totally passable as a female when she was in her maid’s uniform.We were taken to the wardrobe room and we stripped down to just our chastity belts. We replaced our full corsets with a black corselet with garters that held up black seamed hose and a beautiful black lace bra. We then put on matching black satin maids uniforms that were escort tuzla the standard attire for us maids. Just then Monica walked in carrying a medium length brown wig that matched maid Claudia’s beautiful hair. Maid Claudia was the only maid that the Mistress had not changed her natural hair color.I was beginning to see the object here, we were to be made up to be twin maids. That is exactly what Monica said as I had just thought of it. She put a tight wig cap on me and then styled the wig very expertly. She also touched up our make up and then applied the same lipstick and added a very liquid like lip gloss. When she was done with us, Francine took us to a room that was usually used by the Mistress’s guests. The room was very large with a large king size bed and an attached bathroom. I had vacuumed and cleaned here before so I was very familiar with my surroundings.We were to wait here, but not for long because as Francine walked out, in walked a beautiful woman who told us that she was “Mistress Lisa.” Following behind her was another beautiful woman who was introduced as “Maid Ellen.” Like Mistress Deena, Mistress Lisa also had a senior maid however her senior maid was a real genetic female. But she was dressed identically as maid Claudia and me.Mistress Lisa asked us our names and suddenly I realized that she was wearing the identical lingerie we had just dressed in and that was all she was wearing. She had perfect breasts in that beautiful black lace bra. She told us to sit down in to plain chairs that were side by side and at the foot of the bed. She took her place on the bed and propped herself up on several pillows and faced us as we sat on our chairs. She said to maid Ellen that she would like to have a “captive” audience.Maid Ellen said, “yes Mistress,” and opened up a drawer in the dresser and pulled out several small coils of rope. As she began to tie my wrists behind my back, Mistress Lisa took a vibrator out of the drawer next to the bed and laid it on her sheer black panties. She was becoming aroused, while watching me being tied up by maid Ellen. Before my wrists were tied she was having an orgasm and her panties were becoming wet. When she was done she got out of bed came over to me and slid off her panties and told me to open my mouth. When I did she stuffed them in and then took a stocking out of the drawer and tied it around my neck and I was very effectively gagged. She then got back on the bed and watched maid Ellen tie up maid Claudia and again was using the vibrator on herself.When maid Ellen was done tying maid Claudia, Mistress Lisa told her to lay on the bed next to her. As she did the Mistress started using the vibrator on maid Ellen. Mistress Lisa and maid Ellen began to kiss and she told maid Ellen to take off her uniform. As she did the Mistress very seductively took off her own black lace bra and exposed her beautiful large breasts. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were very large and erect. She used the vibrator on maid Ellen until she also had an orgasm. We watched as these two women pleasured each other.Eventually Mistress Lisa told maid Ellen to untie me from the chair. She removed the gag and told me to lie face down between her legs. She said she wanted to see how good I could pleasure her with my tongue. As I began to search for her clitoris with my tongue, maid Ellen began tying my ankles together and then pulling them up and tying them to my wrists. Mistress Lisa held my head firmly between her very strong thighs as I tried to orally satisfy her. I was in a hogtie position and Mistress Lisa dug her stiletto heels into my loins and used them like you use spurs on a horse.Maid Ellen untied maid Claudia from the chair and positioned her to kiss and lick the Mistress’s left breast, and then maid Ellen began to make love to her right breast. Suddenly Mistress Lisa exploded into a magnificent orgasm, her powerful thighs squeezed my head and it felt like she could have snapped my head off. We all seemed to relax for a few minutes and then the Mistress simply said, “again.” So we all went back to work on her. It only took a few minutes and she again had an orgasmic moment. After this one she got up and went into the bathroom. Maid Ellen untied us and told us that we were to report to Francine.As we left Francine met us in the hallway and told us that we were to report to the kitchen where we would be serving Mistress Lisa, Mistress Deena and maid Ellen on the back patio. When we were there just a few minutes Francine said there was a change and I was to follow her. I was surprised when she took me to Mistress Deena’s private room, which was more like a mini efficiency room because besides the large bedroom there was an adjoining room that was like a very plush living room. There was also a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. Francine knocked and as we entered I was surprised to see Mistress Deena laying on the bed looking very sexy and seductive as she was wearing a black and red corset with very sheer panties, black hose, heels and opera length black gloves.As Francine left the Mistress stood up and immediately began undressing me. She said remove your uniform and petticoats. This I quickly did, then she told me to lay face down on the floor next to her bed. She then pulled my hands behind my back and pulled out several coils of rope just as maid Ellen had used to tie me up less than an hour ago.I thought that I’ve never been tied up in rope bondage so much in a short period of time. She crisscrossed the rope around my black lace bra and pulled the rope so it tightly held my tied wrists against my back. Working very quickly she tied my legs together just above the knees and finished by tying my ankles together. I was amazed at how quickly and how I was absolutely helpless as I lay on the floor. Next to her bed on a small table was a metallic butt plug. I had many rubber ones inserted in me but never a metal one. It was a shiny chrome medium size plug but the difference was it had a hole at the base with a padlock through it.The Mistress put some lube on it and then pulled my panties down and pushed it through the metal ring on my chastity belt and deep inside of me. It took my breath away because it had just come out of the refrigerator and was very cold. She then installed the padlock through the hole and around the metal ring. She rolled me back over on my back and then she reached up on the table again and picked up a flesh colored dildo. But this dildo was different than any that I had seen. It fit over your bottom row of teeth and then around your chin. She had me open my mouth and as she fit it in, it forced your tongue up so your tongue would lay right on the top side of the dildo. It had two straps that she tightly buckled around my neck.Once in place I could swallow but could not close my mouth. I quickly figured out what was coming next. She slid off her panties and applied some lube to the dildo. Some of it slid down the shaft and it tasted like the glowing lube that I was required to lick off of Francine’s dick back during my initiation. The Mistress then crouched over my head and eased down on my face. When the dildo was fully up inside her, my tongue lined up perfectly with her clitoris. She ordered me to lick her as if my life depended on it. Even though my tongue was sore and tired from pleasuring Mistress Lisa I did as I was ordered. As she began pumping up and down she said don’t forget that I own you and you are here for my pleasure.The strangest thing happened when she said that. I felt waves of good feelings flood over my body as I wholeheartedly agreed with what she said. Then good feelings flooded over her body as she shuddered into an orgasm. When she was done I was surprised as she repositioned herself over my body and pulled down my bra straps and exposed my nipples and small breasts. She began to kiss and suck on my nipples and then gently bit down on them. This was very pleasurable to me and I had to admit that it made me feel more like a female than I had ever felt before. But then she turned pleasure into pain when she began biting hard on my nipples. She really worked my nipples over and they were feeling very sensitive and sore.When she was satisfied that she had inflicted enough pain she crawled back on top of my face and as she eased the dildo up inside of her, she said I was to keep licking her clit until she told me to stop. She was really wearing out my tongue but I kept on until she finally had another orgasm. After this one she removed the dildo and wiped it off with her sheer black panties. Then she had me open my mouth and she stuffed the panties in my mouth and tied a stocking around my mouth so I had no hope of spitting the panties out. She got up and went into her bathroom and left me tied and gagged on the floor. I layed there a long time because it sounded like she was taking a bath. Eventually Francineentered the room and untied me and unlocked the butt plug. After I put my petticoats on and uniform Francine told me to clean the butt plug and make sure Francine gets it back because it is very special to Mistress Deena. This had been quite a memorable day because I was giving pleasure to females instead of males. So I figured when I pleasure males it is to make money for the Mistress and when I pleasure females it is for their pleasure. After I had cleaned up and removed the wig Monica had helped me with my hair and make up and then Francine had me and maid Claudia serving Mistress Deena and her guests Mistress Lisa and maid Ellen out back on the patio. As I left this daydream, I realized I was sitting on the end of my bed waiting for Francine to take me to Mistress Deena and then begin to be prepared for being auctioned off. Now I heard footsteps outside of my door as I sat on my bed at the “Mansion” waiting for the head maid Francine to come and get me. I had just completed one year of training as a “feminized” submissive maid, trained in domestic and sexual chores. As she entered I stood and she said we must hurry Mistress Deena is waiting. Francine led me to the wardrobe room and in there was the Mistress looking at a variety of items on the table. There was a different looking black corset, a black lace bra that had cut outs to expose the nipples, a wide black patent leather belt, a pale purple very sheer baby doll nightgown, sheer and silky hose and a pair of off white panties that had a large round cut out in the seat bottom. She told me to strip down to just my chastity belt.First they helped me in my hose, heels and panties. The hole in the panties lined up with the ring in my chastity belt which lined up with my back door vagina. There were little tabs that snapped around the ring to keep the hole lined up. The Mistress said now put the bra on. While Francine adjusted the straps of the A cup bra, the Mistress pulled on my nipples through the openings for my nipples. She then rubbed a cream on them and they began to tingle. Almost immediately they were standing out as erect as I had ever seen them. They moved me over to the corner of the room where there was a corset lacing area. Hanging from the ceiling was a spreader bar that Francine buckled my wrists to. Then she spread my legs a little and attached ankle cuffs that were chained down to the floor.The Mistress was over at the crank handle and as she began turning my arms were pulled tightly up towards the ceiling. As I was being stretched, the ankle chains tightened up and it felt like I was being pulled in two. Together the Mistress and Francine worked very quickly and were now tightening the laces of this odd corset. It resembled what is known as a stovepipe corset and as they were trying to get it to close the Mistress went back over to the crank handle and stretched me even tighter. This did it and the corset was closed and the zipper was pulled up over the laces. They both quickly let me loose and the baby doll negligee was next and then the belt was tightened around my waist.When I looked down my small breasts seemed much bigger and the erect nipples were clearly showing through the sheer baby doll negligee. My waist also seemed smaller than I had ever noticed. Then I saw the Mistress walking over to me carrying a mono glove arm binder. She said to Francine we must hurry time is short. They laced me into the mono glove which I had become very used to over the previous year. Monica entered the room and the Mistress instructed her to tease my hair up and to slightly over do my make up for the camera.Monica was the full time live in cosmetologist that also took care of administering female hormones in pill form and injections. Then they led me into Mistress Deena’s office. In the back of the office was a door that I had never noticed before and as they led me through it I was surprised to find a large secret room that I did not know had existed. In the center of the room was a stool like device but instead of a seat it had a black padded saddle with a black dildo sticking up about 5 or 6 inches. Without even hesitating Mistress Deena told Francine to lube it up. Now the access hole in my panties made sense.As they each grabbed an arm they eased me down into the saddle and up my lower vagina went the dildo. I was pretty used to this so I was getting comfortable when all of a sudden the Mistress hit a switch and the saddle started to rise upward. It lifted my heeled feet off the floor and now all my weight was being supported by the saddle and it felt like the dildo penetrated another inch. Francine buckled a leather strap around each of my ankles and with my arms in a mono glove, I was completely captured in this position. There was absolutely no way I could escape this situation.I also felt somewhat vulnerable with the dildo up my ass. Then quite unexpectedly to me the Mistress hit another switch and the whole human display stand began to rotate. The thing that immediately came to mind was that the dildo was the only thing that was not turning with me. It was like I was pivoting around on a dildo. This actually was quite pleasurable, and then I noticed that Vicky had come in the room. Vicky was the mtf transgender totally passable as a woman that took care of all the technical issues of the Mistress Deena’s business. As I slowly rotated around I noticed on the wall was mounted a large flatscreen with a camera mounted above it.Vicky turned on the screen and there I was, a live video feed of me rotating around . So this was how the on line auction was conducted. In the lower right corner of the screen there was a box that said “current bid”. Next to it in the middle of the bottom was a closeup video of my head but as I figured out on my second time around the camera was opposite the screen, so as I revolved and saw the screen, the close up was of the back of my head. When I faced the close up camera my back was to the screen.As you will see there was a reason for this set up. In the lower left corner was an animated picture of the dildo that was up my ass. Whatever the dildo was doing was shown as animation. Then everybody in the room was gone and I noticed almost immediately that the bid box was up to 35,000 dollars. So this was for real, I was actually being auctioned off to the highest on line bidder. Just then Vicky came in and even though she was very high tech, in a low tech way she taped a piece of paper over the bid box and said that I was not allowed to know how much I sold for. After she left the dildo started to rotate around with me.The funny thought that occurred to me was that this thing had dildo brakes, and the brakes had just released so the dildo was free to rotate with me. Without warning as my back was to the screen, suddenly the dildo retracted into the saddle and then extended up into me three quick plunges. I let out an unfamiliar audible girly chirp. That’s when I realized the close up view of my face along with the animated view of the dildo must be giving the viewing bidders an extra show. I thought of Mistress Deena just then and how she always seemed to have this imaginative way of doing things, and I wondered if this display stand was her creation.Then the dildo brakes were applied and I was feeling the friction as I spun on the dildo. Next the dildo would retract and extend at seemingly unpredictable times. It always seemed to catch me off guard. A few minutes later the screen went into a split screen where my live video was on the left and on the right were short videos showing me in action. Some were sexual and some were of me doing household chores. It brought back many more memories of the past year. I did not realize there were so many videos and photos of me, going all the way back to my first day when I went through the “initiation”.This went on for about an hour and then suddenly the screen went blank and the Mistress and Francine entered into the room. They seemed to be in an excited mood and quickly released me from the stand and unlaced the mono glove. They took me back to the wardrobe room where they had me change back into my normal black corset but they left me in my open bra and the same panties. Francine hand cuffed my wrists behind my back and the Mistress put a collar and leash on me and she led me to the garage. I was put in the backseat of the Mistress’s limo and then the Mistress, Monica and Francine all piled in and off we went.There was definitely an excited mood in the car. Francine was driving and the Mistress turned around and looked at me and said that even though I was not allowed to know what I sold for, it was the same amount that maid Claudia had sold for last month which was one of the highest since maid Pink sold a year ago. The drive seemed to go quickly but then the Mistress handed Monica a blindfold.Monica was next to me in the back and the Mistress told her I must be blindfolded for the rest of the ride. Now in darkness my sense of hearing became more acute. I seemed to feel and hear every bump in the road. I noticed the car was slowing and taking more turns and finally came to a stop. I could tell a window was going down and then heard the Mistress say that the code was 2498. Then I heard what sounded like a sliding gate and then the car proceeded on and then the Mistress said there it is, drive up that ramp and through that door. Then the car stopped and we got out of the car. The hand cuffs and blindfold were removed and as my eyes adjusted I could see that we were inside of a large warehouse.It was cold and I noticed my nipples were erect and protruding out of my bra. Then I became somewhat uneasy as Mistress Deena, Monica and even Francine were all wearing “going out to dinner” clothes and I was wearing only my corset, bra and panties with very sheer hose and my black pumps. Right next to the car was a wooden pallet with a plywood platform and attached to that was a shoulder height post that was rigidly secured to the pallet and was padded on one side and had several white straps hanging down.The Mistress directed me to step up on it and put my back to the post. As soon as I did Francine pulled my arms back and strapped them to the post. Then another strap was pulled around my waist and one at my ankles. Then I was surprised when Monica stepped up on the platform and said that she was going to give me an extra booster shot of female hormones. I had been used to getting an occasional shot along with our daily cocktail of pills. The hormones were definitely working on my body.Then all of a sudden I felt very dizzy and light headed and I immediately noticed that all of the colors around me seemed more intense. I felt a numbness in my body and almost like a floating feeling. Francine had knelt down in front of me and was doing something but I couldn’t tell what. Then I noticed that she was holding my dick in her hand but I couldn’t feel it. She had pulled down my panties and unlocked my chastity belt and I hadn’t even noticed.She had a small clear plastic tube that she was pushing up inside my penis. It did not even seem like it was me that she was working on. She put several pieces of tape on the tube to hold it to my leg. The other end of the tube ran into a small white plastic container that was next to my foot. Then I noticed how pointed my heels were and how the points lined up with my very erect nipples. My nipples seemed huge. Then Francine began wrapping a stretchy thin cloth around me. When she got up to my groin, I noticed she forgot to lock my chastity belt. As she wrapped up my nipples I was sorry to see them go out of sight.Suddenly I heard a loud noise to my right and as I looked, it seemed to take awhile but then I realized it was an orange forklift. It lifted me and my pallet up and instantly we were moving to the other side of the warehouse. As we slowed I saw some kind of a machine that had a large round metal plate sitting near floor level. Next to the plate was a two foot long roll of clear plastic film. The fork lift set me down on the plate and then backed out of the pallet. The man attached the end of the film to the pallet and turned a switch and I began revolving around at a steady rate.Each time around the plastic film was stretching and wrapping tighter and tighter around me. I was trying to clear my head when the thought occurred to me that I was being shrink wrapped. As the roll of film moved up and then down I was relieved that when it got to my shoulder height it would start moving back down. At least it appeared that my head would not be wrapped. As I went around I began to regain feeling back in my body and the numbness subsided. Eventually the man turned off the machine and climbed back on the forklift. I was completely and very tightly secured to the post that was secured to the pallet.The forklift lifted me and my pallet up and we were moving quickly back to another section of the warehouse. Once there the man climbed off the forklift and took a long narrow cardboard box, that was open on both ends and put it over my head and slid it down. He then stapled the bottom flaps to the plywood platform I was standing on.He then filled the box up with those little styrofoam packing peanuts and cut half moon circles in the top flaps so they would fit around my neck. After he had them closed he taped the flaps down. Then he stacked a bunch of smaller boxes around the perimeter of the box I was in. They came up to the same height as my box. Leaning against the wall were two small pieces of plywood that had half moon cutouts. He slid each one from the side up to my neck and they were exactly the size of the stack of boxes. He then taped the seam and the corners. Then he climbed back on the forklift and lifted me up and off we went. As you might guess we ended up back at the shrinkwrap machine. This time the wrap was going around all the smaller boxes and pulling them in towards me even tighter and tighter. I could actually feel the styrofoam packing peanuts compressing tighter around my shrinkwrapped body. By now my head had cleared up and I realized why Francine had catherized me. I was probably going to be in this box for awhile, and that is why Mistress Deena had me fast for the three days before my auction. After the man was satisfied with his packing and wrapping of me he climbed on his forklift and off we went. This time we were headed back towards where the Mistress’s car was parked.The man sat me down and climbed off the forklift and took a step ladder that was leaning against the wall and set it next to my pallet of boxes. Then he drove off in the forklift and seemed to disappear. Just then Mistress Deena emerged from the car and walked over and even though she was wearing sky high heels, she climbed up the ladder and leaned over to me and put her face very close to mine. She said Trish I want you to know that it was very difficult for me to let you go. If I did not have Francine I would have made you my head maid. Now one thing that you are going to have to do is give several blow jobs along your way. Just cooperate and you will be just fine. Yes Mistress and thank you for training me to be exactly what has always been my heart’s desire.She smiled and then I was very surprised as she drew close and gently put her glossy lips against mine and gave me the most sensual kiss. As she drew back and began to climb down the ladder, she said that she would come and visit me in about six months. Then she said in a somewhat excited voice that she promised that I would love my new owner. Then very business like she got in the car and drove to the other side of the warehouse, and I saw the car exit through an automatic door, and they were gone. It seemed like I was the only one left in the warehouse and maybe somebody was forgetting about getting me on my way. In the distance I could hear the forklift approaching but this time a different man was driving it. In fact he was wearing a suit.I was very surprised when I recognized the man to be “Rosin”. A client of Mistress Deena that I was regularly meeting in a hotel room to have some very interesting and pleasurable sexual encounters. Suddenly I remembered that he owned a warehouse somewhere around Atlanta and so I asked him if this was his warehouse, and he replied that it was. So then I asked him if he had arranged my transportation. He said it was mainly Deena’s plan but he just worked out the details. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants and climbed up the ladder. He slid over to me and straddled my head with his legs and said he had one more favor to ask me.So I said anything for you Rosin and I really meant it. I told him that I was secretly hoping that he had purchased me and would set me up in a cozy apartment where I would be at his disposal. He laughed and said that the thought had actually crossed his mind because he did not want to see me go. He said the reason he felt so comfortable with me was because we both had relatively small dicks compared to the average. With that I opened wide and pulled his small but very hard dick deep inside my mouth and I could get all of it in there. I felt his thighs firmly hold my head and then when he was ready to cum he grabbed the sides of my head and ejaculated in rhythmic pulses. I sucked down all of his juices and did not want this to be over so soon, because I felt I was doing what I had been trained for. He said oh Trish I’m going to miss you. Then he quickly climbed down and opened a large door right in front of me, and I could see that there was an empty trailer sitting there.He got on the forklift and picked me up and put me inside the trailer. He put me up against the sidewall and then parked the forklift. He entered the trailer again with two straps he secured my pallet to the wall. He then put a large empty box that had a very large golden bow attached to the side on the floor next to me. He then put several envelopes inside a pouch that was on the side of one of my boxes. He then laid the step ladder on the floor. Without saying a word he closed the overhead trailer door and then I heard him talking to someone outside who I figured must be the driver. It was just another minute and I heard the truck engine start up and felt a gentle vibration from it, and we were on our way (wherever that was). I still had no idea where I was going.The truck seemed to be running at a constant speed so I figured we must be on the interstate. After what must have been several hours the truck slowed and eventually came to a stop and the engine turned off. The trailer was pitch black inside, so when the back door started to go up a small amount of light came in. That’s when I saw my driver for the first time. He was middle aged and somewhat scruffy looking and he hopped up in the trailer and set the ladder up then pulled the door down. Again it became pitch black as he said, ok honey I hear you give good head. It sounded like he was pulling off his pants as I heard the familiar sound of a zipper. Then he climbed up the ladder and was straddling my head when I heard a loud thud. It sounded like he dropped a two pound salami in front of my face but it was so dark I still could not see anything.Then I felt it. It was as if he was trying to force a submarine sandwich in my mouth, it was enormous. It had to be the biggest dick that I had never seen. I struggled and managed to get the head in but that was the best I could do. He must have been used to this tuzla escort bayan and so he stroked himself off and I did what I could. As soon as he came his mood changed and he became very happy. The next thing I knew he was down the ladder, put his pants on and then when he raised the door I suddenly realized we were at a large truck stop. As far as I could see were trucks lined up next to each other. Then I saw a smaller truck backing up to the trailer. I could see my driver directing this other truck until it bumped the back.The driver of the smaller truck jumped up and opened the back of his truck. It looked brand new and very clean. He put a small ramp between the trucks and wheeled a hand operated pallet jack and slid it underneath me. He unstrapped the two straps and then pumped the handle and lifted me off the floor and wheeled me into his truck. He put me in the front part and strapped the pallet against the forward wall. I was glad that this truck had several small round windows that let in some light from the overhead parking lot lights. Before he closed the door I saw my old driver give my new driver a small bag and an envelope. Almost immediately the smaller truck I was in now started up and again it felt like we were on the interstate because of the constant drone of the engine.We stopped in about an hour, so I guessed we were at a rest stop because I figured the driver would be needing the bathroom. Surprisingly the rear door opened and the driver climbed up inside and shut the door and you can imagine what he wanted. He put the ladder next to me and pulled off his pants and climbed on top and straddled my head with his bear thighs. I was surprised when he produced a bottle of water and offered me some. I did not realize how thirsty I was. He pulled some pills out of a bag and said that Deena suggested I take these for the ride. Where are we going? I asked. Without hesitation he said New Orleans. New Orleans? Wow. I kept repeating that to myself. Who was in New Orleans that would want me?Then I swallowed the pills with some more water. He then offered me his dick and I smiled and went to work on it as best as I could. He shot his load and before I knew it we were back on the road. Then as soon as we were up to speed I felt incredibly tired and thought that maybe those pills were sleeping pills. They must have been because I was out cold. When I finally came to I could tell the truck was going very slow and then came to a stop. The driver opened the rear door and climbed in and put the ladder next to me. He said I’m sorry I have to do this to you but I have these very specific instructions. He pulled out a ball gag and put it on my mouth. To get it in tight he pinched my nose so I had to open my mouth and he snugged the straps. Then he took the empty box with the golden bow on it, and put it over my head. It had a hole where the bow was so I could still see what was going on. With his pallet jack he rolled me out of his truck onto a liftgate that lowered me to the ground. I could see that he rolled me over next to a garage door and then removed his pallet jack and put it back in the truck. I was somewhat surprised when he got in his truck and drove off and left me there. When he got to the end of the driveway, he stopped and blew his horn for about ten seconds. Then he drove off.It was very quiet and I felt a stillness that I had not felt in sometime. Just then I heard some female voices nearby. Strangely enough they almost sounded familiar to me, so I strained my hearing to better solve this mystery. Suddenly the box was removed from my head and there standing in front of me was “Mistress Lisa” and maid “Ellen”! They both were as surprised as I was. Mistress Lisa said “it’s Trish”! Trish, we were not expecting you for a couple of days because the auction was just yesterday and were expecting you to arrive by car. Maid Ellen was trying to unbuckle the ball gag when Mistress Lisa pulled an envelope from the plastic pouch that was taped to the side. She began to read aloud, ” Dear Lisa, I wanted to surprise you with my new overnight delivery service. Hope you are surprised. As you unpack your merchandise, all of the little boxes are empty except two. One is for Trish and one is for Claudia. Claudia? Just then maid Ellen released me from the ball gag, and I blurted out, Oh Mistress Lisa I am so happy that you were the one that purchased me, I can’t think of anybody I would rather serve! And serve maid Ellen too! She said we are glad to have you here and I know you will enjoy working along side maid Claudia.”Maid Claudia is here?”, I said in disbelief. She said yes she is now let’s get you out of that box. I had been very close to maid Claudia and was very sorry to see her leave a month ago. I thought to myself that this situation was far better than I could have imagined and I remembered Mistress Deena’s last words to me, when she promised that I would love my new owner. Mistress Lisa told maid Ellen to go get maid Claudia and something to cut this cardboard. While she was gone Mistress Lisa found the two boxes that were marked Trish and Claudia and set them aside. Just then maid Ellen returned with maid Claudia. My jaw dropped wide open when I saw Claudia. Her long beautiful hair was now dyed blonde and it seemed much longer and fuller. Instead of wearing a maids uniform she was wearing a pink dress and was carrying a purse.When she saw me she said, “Trish I am so excited to see you”! “Claudia, I’m excited to see you too, but you don’t look like the maid I remember”! Mistress Lisa interrupted and said that Claudia was going to run up to the grocery store to do some shopping, but we are going to change our plans for the evening. She said that just as soon as they get me unpacked Claudia will take you and show you to your new room. Now Claudia I want you to draw a special bath for Trish and let her soak and relax for the rest of the evening and then sleep as long as she likes too. Trish must have had a grueling trip. Once I was freed from the shrinkwrap and other cloth wrap I felt pretty sore and the sound of a soaking tub sounded like heaven to me. As Claudia held my hand and started to walk me in the house I noticed that the driveway looked like a mess with cardboard, Styrofoam packing and shrinkwrap all over the place.Mistress Lisa said to maid Ellen that she wanted her to call Jose and Pedro (they did the yardwork) and have them come over and haul this mess away. As we walked towards the front door again I was aware that I did not have many clothes on and so felt somewhat self conscious as my nipples again were showing. I think Mistress Lisa realized this as she hurried us along. So I did not have much time to take in the view but this was definitely a very large estate. I would find out later that Mistress Lisa was very rich. She too was very creative and imaginative when it came to her business which she would tell me much about the next day but for now a hot tub was my business at hand.We actually took an elevator to the upstairs bedrooms even though there was a large wide staircase that led up to the second floor also. Maid Claudia showed me to my new room and I could not believe how large it was with a large bathroom, very large walk in closet, a queen size bed and a vanity table with a large lighted mirror. Claudia said she had so much to tell me but first she would start a hot bubble bath for me to relax in. While the water was filling the tub she helped me out of my corset and chastity belt. She said that Mistress Lisa was more lax about keeping you in chastity than Mistress Deena was during our year long training and feminization program. Soon I found myself soaking in a hot bubble bath and thinking that I must be in heaven! Claudia suggested that I rest and relax because tomorrow would probably be a busy day.She said Mistress Lisa and maid Ellen were very energetic people and it was all she could do to keep up with them. She said that they were getting ready to launch a whole new business expansion and we (Claudia and Trish) were going to be used to achieve that expansion. As she walked out she said that Mistress Lisa was going to explain it all tomorrow. I was enjoying this soaking when Claudia came back in after about twenty minutes. She was carrying a box. She said you will not believe what Mistress Deena sent you and me as a farewell gift. She sent us each five brand new maids uniforms in red, pink, purple, green and yellow with matching petticoats. She also sent us some interesting costumes that might be used in the expansion here. She sent me a blue playboy bunny costume and a sexy Alice in wonderland costume. She sent you a belly dance costume and an Elvira wig and costume. This was exciting and it made me want to hop out of the tub. Claudia realized this and told me that we had plenty of time later to try them on but please relax in the tub. So I gave in to her good sense. After a good hour in the tub I was ready to get out and as I did I felt an overwhelming tiredness set in. After drying off I saw that Claudia laid out a beautiful pink satin sleeping gown, with matching satin panties and bra. After changing into these items I crawled into this most comfortable bed with satin sheets and fell into the most peaceful sleep of my life.The next day a few minutes after I awoke I was trying to think if this was all a dream or did it really happen, when Claudia knocked on the door and peeked in on me. As I got out of bed I was so excited to see what this day would unveil to me. She helped me dress and get ready to serve my Mistress. She had me dress in a beautiful black satin maids uniform with my sky high pumps and took me downstairs to await on Mistress Lisa. She gave me a very light breakfast and told me to wait on a stool in the main room. As I sat there suddenly Mistress Lisa was standing next to me! I had not even heard her enter the room. I started to rise and felt embarrassed that I was being derelict in my duties, when she firmly held me in a sitting position with a hand on my shoulder. She said, “Trish, today we are going to spend the morning together, just you and me. I’m going to give you a tour of our facility here and try to explain some of the upcoming plans we have here that you and Claudia will be playing a big part. How does that sound to you?” Mistress Lisa looked down to me with a warm smile.I told her that I couldn’t think of a more wonderful way to spend the morning. So she gently pulled me to my feet and held my arm and steered me toward the back of the estate. As we walked out back I saw a large free standing building with a brick walkway to a door. As we were walking she told me that she and maid Ellen had been in business for nine years and they started out as beauty consultants to the male to female cross dresser. They would mainly do makeovers and try to bring out the feminine side of their clients. As time went by this evolved into a more complete program for the mtf community. I was amazed at what she showed me next as we entered the building. Inside, about half of the space was divided up into small three sided cubicles with some theme and each contained specific props to confirm the theme. For instance, in one there was a large replica of King Kong’s hairy hand that was large enough to lie in. It was padded and about the size of a lounge chair.Behind it on the far wall was a large close up of King Kong’s face, so it appeared that he was looking at whatever was in his hand. Mistress Lisa explained that she would dress up the client in a shear gown, long wig and make up and then do a photo shoot as the client would try different facial expressions and poses while laying in the hand. The outcome is very popular to the client as he/she plays the part of an actress even if for a short period of time. As she showed me these little mini-sets she said that behind this building was another one just completed. The other half of this building was used mainly for bondage and discipline scenarios. All of the bondage equipment is being moved to the new building and many more mini-sets are being added. For instance she showed me one that looked like a Shieks harem room. She said, even with all the work this week we are going to have a little fun too. I’d like you to put on your belly dance costume and pose in the harem set. I was immediately excited and said right now?No she said but don’t worry we will have time later. Then she said that she wanted me to pose for the three newest mini-sets so they can be added to her website. On the website every mini-set was shown with someone posing, always a mtf client or now, me and Claudia were going to get into the act. The new mini-sets were the Harem, a mermaid set and a very clever set that actually had two 6 foot sections of railroad track lying on crossties with real large pieces of gravel. On the backwall was a flatscreen that would show an approaching train coming down the tracks. The theme was a “Damsel in Distress”. The client would be tied to the tracks and have a short video made as the train approached.The mermaid set was a more simple set. A large wooden box at a slight incline was full of beach sand and seaweed to simulate a mermaid being washed up on the beach. Mistress Lisa said that she had several very high quality mermaid costumes that she wanted to use, and had been having many inquiries on her website about being dressed and filmed as a mermaid. She then pointed out that certain portable lights can be arranged to simulate the sunshine. As I would find out Mistress Lisa was a very accomplished photographer. I thought about dressing up for the three mini-sets and being photographed and was very excited to get started on this project. As we walked to the side of the building that was like a dungeon with many types of bondage equipment, Mistress Lisa said that all of this equipment would be moved to the new building and this space would be used to create more mini-sets that she had planned.She said that this afternoon she had a project for me to do. To help launch the new mini-sets and to advertise her forced feminization package for mtf crossdressers, she wanted me to pose as an older teenage boy that would be transformed into a beautiful French maid under her capable skills and then as a bonus the client could select three mini-sets to pose in. It was a promotional offer to help give her mini-sets some publicity on her web site. As we stood among all the bondage tables and racks she said that maid Claudia has been put into everyone of these devices and that I would be too.She said one of her favorite things to do was to tie people up or restrain them physically and then begin to psychologically take control over their will. She said so expect to be tied up by me and maid Ellen many times. We also have sex a lot, and as you probably know we are very bi-sexual. You and maid Claudia, maid Ellen and me will become very intimate as we will have sex together in many different ways. Remember though, you and Claudia will always be submissive to maid Ellen and me, however I have decided to use you and Claudia in a new way. Through our website, where most of our clients find out about us, we have had quite an interest in being dominated by a shemale. This is where you and Claudia fit in. I am going to teach you how to play the dominate role in the different role play and scenarios that we set up for our clients. Me dominate? (This is what I immediately thought).She said that she had already begun teaching Claudia and she was catching on quickly. Soon I will have Claudia dress in a dominate costume, complete with a strap-on and she will put you in every piece of equipment that we have so you both will learn. Then you will switch roles. She said that I’d be assisting Mistress Lisa with the clients as an assistant dominatrix to learn the techniques. This completely surprised me. In fact it sort of scared me because I did not have any experience in being the dominate one in a situation. Mistress Lisa must have sensed this because she then said don’t worry if you lack confidence, because I can build it in you. You can do this. Also I want you to remember that even though you will be doing many things that are new to you, I still expect you to fulfill your daily maid duties such as cleaning, laundering, ironing and general housework. I told her that I was so excited about all the upcoming challenges, and that I would do my best for her.Then she said let’s go have some fun with make up, wigs and costumes. Let’s see if I can transform you into a teenage boy. That afternoon I realized another talent of Mistress Lisa, she loved to work with make up, wigs, hair and costumes. First she had me remove my maids uniform and bra. Then maid Ellen wrapped an ace bandage around my perky breasts to flatten them out. She had me remove my make up and then handed me a man’s green collared shirt and tie. Maid Ellen tied the tie because I had never learned how to do that. She then applied some foundation to try to bring out a boyish look. She put a short spikey male wig on and she explained that to show a more interesting male to female transformation she would use the same color hair in the boy wig as the female wig. She then applied a slightly exaggerated on the heavy side application of make up, and then finally had me change into a French maid uniform with fishnet hose and wig.During all of this she would stop and take many pictures of the process. The next day she had me change into many different costumes and pose in the mini-sets. These were a belly dancer, a mermaid, a sexy nurse, a bride and a damsel in distress. That evening Mistress Lisa showed me the results of all this work (which was not work to me ) on her website. It was very clever. The caption read, “Come and sign up for Mistress Lisa’s forced feminization program. If you show up looking like a boy, the Mistress ensures you won’t leave looking like one. You will be transformed into a beautiful maid and you will be required to work alongside real life maids. You will be required to perform all the tasks a maid performs, whether it be household, domestic or sexual chores. When the Mistresss is satisfied with your performance as a maid, you will be rewarded by selecting any three mini-set themes and you will be made up and costumed for that theme and then be photographed or have some videos made. Each mini-set takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. Then when you are ready for bed, lingerie will be available and then at lights out one more surprise will be ……….. Well you have to sign up to find out!” After this caption the Mistress added some of the photos she had taken of me.Then she had put a caption after this that said. “Go to our Mini-Set Theme page to view all of the mini-set themes that we have available. Here are our three newest sets.”Then right after this, it said…. “Also be sure to consider our always popular theme’s, The Blushing Bride and The Naughty Nurse” The bridal mini-set consisted of a realistic looking altar, with a mannequin groom dressed in a wedding tuxedo. However when photographed the camera angle was from behind the groom and the bride would be seen as she was facing him in front of the altar. From behind, the mannequin groom looked very realistic because it was a large mannequin with adjustable height, so the bride was always shown as lovingly looking up into his eyes. This was a very popular theme because the bride would then be taken to a luxurious bedroom and then be photographed in her bridal lingerie. Mistress Lisa had many bridal gowns to choose from. In fact she had a client that had returned many times so she could be photographed in as many different gowns as possible. She had me try on about 12 for my photoshoot. The naughty nurse theme involved a lot of sexually oriented games such as, giving and receiving an enema, and being examined by Dr. Mistress Lisa.It too was very popular. After the Mistress had shown me the new web page, she gave me a detailed tour of her very elaborate website. The last page she showed me was a page introducing Claudia. She was introduced as “maid Claudia” and showed several photos of her in her maids uniform, but then said that “maid Claudia was very capable as a dominant shemale and then showed several photos in leather and latex outfits, where she would then become “Mistress Claudia”. I was in somewhat disbelief as Claudia looked like a beautiful dominatrix. I had only known her as a very submissive maid. Mistress Lisa said she wanted to create a page to introduce me in a very similar way, but we would need another dress up day with me. She said I would be dressed in leather and latex for the “Mistress Trish” photos and satin and latex for the submissive “maid Trish” photos.This sounded like another day of dress up heaven to me and I had to admit that I was very curious to see how I would look as “Mistress Trish”. I still had not had any experience of being a dominant Mistress and wondered if I could look convincing in the photos and ultimately on the web page. The next day was a very memorable day for me as Mistress Lisa seemed to enjoy picking out different outfits, wigs and hair pieces and experimenting with make up to give me different looks. She would have me pose in different rooms of the estate and she used portable lighting and back drops for effect. I also used some extra padding especially when I wore latex hip hugger bell bottoms in one of the outfits. That evening I was catching up on some laundry when Mistress Lisa called me in to her office to see my web page. She exaggerated about me a little bit, but she had a very nice description of me and my skills as a maid, but exaggerated about the dominate part but I thought now I really have to learn that part very quickly. Of all the photos she had taken of me that day, I really loved the ones she used.I thanked the Mistress for creating a beautiful web page of me. She said now we are going to teach you how to play the role of a dominatrix with our clients. She said that she wanted me to work with Claudia as assistant dominatrixes to her. At first we would have a small part as assistants but then as we learned, someday we may control the whole scenario. Less than a week went by when Mistress Lisa had me dress in a black leather outfit with a black leather corset put on over the leather top. She gave me a very short leather skirt that was slit up the side and had a Velcro fastener in the waistline, so the skirt was really like a wrap around skirt that could be removed in seconds. Also I wore knee high leather boots with 5″ stiletto heels.She had a regular client scheduled whose name was Tony. He loved to be dominated by Mistress Lisa and maid Ellen, (who was Mistress Ellen when he was there.) The Mistress told me she was going to push his limits a little bit today and I would be participating in this scene. Mistress Lisa and I took our places in the new dungeon. She was sitting on a wooden throne like chair and I was standing next to her. Mistress Ellen and maid Claudia brought Tony in and presented him to Mistress Lisa. She rose up and said to me, Trish remove his shirt. I slowly but deliberately walked up to him and stared him in the eye and began unbuttoning his shirt. As I stared at him I was thinking to myself that I was glad I had put on heavier than usual eye liner to give a more fierce look. When this was done the Mistress simply said, cuff him. I reached for a pair of hand cuffs that were lying on a table next to the Mistress’s chair.Again I slowly walked behind him and as I did, Mistress Ellen and Claudia pulled his arms behind him and I secured his wrists together. Mistress Lisa then said, “pants”. I moved back around to his front and began to unbuckle his belt and unclip his pants and then I pulled his zipper down and his pants dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them, and the Mistress told me to get the stool. The stool was a small wooden stool with a dildo attached to it sticking straight up. I lubricated it up and Claudia and Ellen forced him down on it. A strap went over his thighs and then I tied his ankles together with a short piece of rope. We then put him in an unusual piece of equipment that had two hinged box like sides that were full of a dense Styrofoam with slight cutouts for his body.As we closed this around him there was a cutout for his neck and at the back where the two halves met was a latch with a long handle that when forced closed, the foam was tightly compressed around the man body. Then Mistress Lisa walked in front of the man and slid off her panties. You could see from the man’s expression that he was loving this. The Mistress straddled the top of the box and slid forward until she had the man’s lips touching her pussy. She said let’s see if you can earn your way out of the box. I could see that the Mistress was enjoying his tongue very much but she was definitely acting like she was not. She tried to hide an orgasm but I knew she just had one. As part of the show she told the man he needed more practice so she had Mistress Ellen be next. Apparently this man had an unusually long tongue because Ellen too was trying to hide it when she had an orgasm.As she slid off the box, Mistress Lisa said you are pitiful at serving a pussy, maybe you should try a cock! The man really looked surprised at this comment. Mistress Lisa said, ” Mistress Trish” it’s your turn. I walked over in front of the man and without warning Mistress Lisa grabbed my leather skirt and instantly pulled the Velcro loose and there I stood my little dick staring at the man. The man was looking at my dick in disbelief and that is when the thought hit me, did he really think I was a woman? So I was as surprised as the man was. Then I felt a surge of confidence and I got on top of the box and slid towards the man not knowing what was going to happen. I’m glad the thought did not occur to me that he might bite this thing off. Mistress Lisa held the man’s head in her gloved hands and said open your mouth sissy man. He did as she commanded, and I squeezed the sides of his head with my thighs. As I grew erect he had my whole dick inside his mouth. Remember fully erect I was barely 4 and a half inches. I had to admit I was really enjoying this. If this was his first blowjob he was a natural. Then I noticed that Ellen was getting this on video with a small camera. The Mistress began to move the man’s head back and forth with a rhythm. This was getting me very excited and I knew I would cum soon. The Mistress sensed this and she said in a firm voice, you are going to swallow every drop. The man almost seemed to be really enjoying this too.I held out as long as I could and then came and the man kept sucking and swallowing. Without hesitation Mistress Lisa said that he still needed a little more practice. So she had maid Claudia get on the box and the man again seemed surprised when he saw Claudia’s dick because it was a lot bigger than mine. After he had pleasured Claudia we opened the box and the man was sitting on the stool with a large erect dick that was begging for attention. The Mistress walked up behind the man and leaned over and grabbed each of his nipples with her leather gloved hands, and as she squeezed them she said,” next time maybe we will dress you up as a sissy before we make you suck cock.” As soon as she had said this the man shot his load all over his legs. The Mistress took advantage of the situation and said, “Well I see that you really would like that, so we will plan a special day for you and maybe we will start you out as a sissy maid”.I had to admit that this experience was very exciting to me. I really enjoyed playing a dominant role, but I also always enjoyed being submissive. We were very busy with clients for the next month. One day the Mistress told me that she wanted to take me to a seminar that she conducted about three time a year. A friend of hers had an old mansion that had been converted into a bed and breakfast . The Mistress would rent out the conference room and sell seats to a select group that were interested in rope bondage. This was one of Mistress Lisa’s passions. She was considered to be among the best at this. Even though she did not really need me to be there she wanted me to come along to observe and assist her. She would mainly demonstrate rope bondage on volunteers from the audience. She said she always had more volunteer than she needed. I think she was trying to plant the interest in me. She picked out a beautiful black very tight dress for me to wear with sky high pumps. So I’m off with Mistress Lisa on a new adventure.

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