The almost love boat part two


The almost love boat part twoThe almost love boat part two We just got home from our little trip. Helen was a very happy wife. She got to fuck Sam like she wanted to do when we went on a cruise over a year ago. Now she is hooked on his black cock and I am willing to bet, since I am a betting man, other black cocks will be entering her. She will turn into a black cock whore. This is just the beginning of my black cock loving wife.As soon as we unpacked Helen mention she needs to go shopping.“I have nothing to wear next week when I go meet Sam and his friend” she told me.Well isn’t that the idea that you won’t be wearing anything when you entertain them I shot back.“ You know I will be getting naked for my black lovers. I just need a few sexy outfits to wear to dance for them before they fuck me. You don’t want me to be boring.” my wife replied.I can’t argue with that and away we went shopping.She did pick out 2 outfits. One outfit had holes in the little blue nightie for her breast to hang out, the other was a silk red short robe which just stays open. Very impressive I told her. I am sure any black man would love to get ahold of what is behind the little bit of clothes you have on. No panties? I finished with a question to the wife.“ I don’t want to slow them down when it comes time for them to fuck me.Which reminds me I do need to get some anal lube” my wife repliedHelen did manage to pick out a white lace see through shirt and a very short black skirt. Typical clothes a white wife wears when she goes to a black club with a couple of her black boyfriends. She said they do plan on going clubbing and Sam wants to show her off to other black men.Are you going to wear a bra under the lace blouse I asked her hoping her answer was no. All I could think about was how all the black men in the club would play with her nipples through her lace shirt.“Yes I am. Don’t want to scare away the local blackmen” she laughs to my disappointment.We then made our way to an electronic store where I purchased an ip camera.Having a good camera broadcasting live images to you is the next best thing to seeing your wife being sandwiched by 2 black cocks. I got the one where I could swing left to right and up and down with a zoom. Be nice to be able to follow my wifes’ breast swinging as they fuck her doggie style. Then I could zoom in and see the cum dripping out her as they pull their black cocks out.Our last stop was Walmart to pick up a big tube of personal lube. Nothing like shopping in Walmart picking up a big tube of KY so black men can fuck your wife in the ass. I should take a picture of my wife looking at the personal lubes”Black cock whores of Walmart”It was next week and I had to drop off my wife at a commuter airport. Lucky the town she was going to have commuter flights in. The travel plans you have to make to send your wife to spend 3 days fucking a couple of blackmen. I never knew it took more than your wife just opening her legs but hotel reservations, drinks, food and travel all has to be accounted for. Of course me paying for all this too. I did travel to my work destination.By the time I arrived my wife was at the hotel setting up the cam. She had it working as I just got to my room. I was watching and talking to her on my laptop. She brought it into the bathroom where she was getting ready for her date. Had the shower running as she shaved her legs and as an extra bonus I watched her shaved her pussy. “There I am finished getting cleaned up and dressed for my date. What do you think?” Helen asked me as she turned around to show me.I was about to bust a nut just looking at her. She had her white lace blouse and yes she did have a white bra on. But I was very happy to see her with this bra. It had all the cup material gone. It exposed all of her creamy white breast only giving support underneath. This made her full breast stick straight out. Any sag was gone and it accented her nipples clearly poking the lace blouse. She only button 1 button on the bottom. Thoughts of black men playing with her breast in the club filled my dirty little mind. Then I noticed her black skirt. It just barely hid her ample ass. She did a little twirl and her ass did show. She did raise the front up a couple of inches just to give me a show of how easy her white pussy will be exposed to all the black men at the club. Now I have nasty thoughts of all these black hands playing with my wife’s fat round white ass and wet pussy.To bring this outfit all together she had on a pair of black high heel shoes. I wished I was here to taste her pussy before and after her date with Sam and his black friend.Helen moved the cam onto a dresser overlooking the bed. She got on all fours asking me if the cam could see it all. Then she laid on her back with her legs open like she was fucking a black man. I told her the cam was in a perfect position where I should be able to see her get fucked.There was a knock on the door. Sam and his friend were there. I remote rotated the cam to see the door. Helen opened the door. bahis firmaları Both men walked in and wasted no time putting their black hands on my wifes white ass as they each took a turn to tongue kiss my wife. As one man was kissing her and fingering her pussy the other man had his black hands on her white breast. He took to sucking on one of her erect nipples. I could tell by the way her nipples were hard and erect my wife was being sexually stimulated by the 2 blackmen.Helen dropped to her knees as she pulled 2 stiff black penises out. She kisses one then the other working her way from kissing a black cock to full blown sucking on them till they camed into her mouth. From the second the door opened till she had 2 black cocks cumming in her mouth it was less than 5 minutes. So much for hi my name is or good to see you again small talk. Everybody knew what they wanted. My wife seems to like having a black cock exploding in her mouth where she sucks it all into her belly. After the quick blow job Sam did introduce Fred, his friend to Helen and me. Fred waved at the camera while his black cock was still out his pants. I finally had time to take in how big and black Freds dick was. He was huge. My wife will truly enjoy having his black cock in her.All three got their composure, body parts and clothes back where they suppose to be. They said goodbye to me as they left to go to the black night club.So now the hotel room is empty. Wife is in the company of 2 black men who are her dates for the next 3 days. Maybe I should not be sugar coating it by saying dates but the 2 black cocks who will be fucking my wife’s brains out.Well I guess I should watch some tv. No sense watching an ip cam pointed at an empty bed. Just as I was getting into a show on the tube my wife called. “Hey babe. I just want to let you know we made it to the club. I think I will have a good time here” my Helen said.My wife was on video chat and someone was holding her phone pointed at her. They were in a booth. She sat in the middle with Sam on one side and Fred on the other. She had one leg on Sam with the other on Fred. Nice and open as Sam and Fred had their black hands playing with her white pussy. Her breast were hanging out her blouse as Sam suck on one nipple and Fred on the other.Looks like you are relaxed I told her as I saw black men stopped by to eye up my wife’s exposed breasts and pussy.“Got to go. Sam said I have to sit next to the black man who was holding my phone as we chatted. ” my wife saidThe phone was still on as I could see movement going on in the booth as a blackman sits down. My wife scoots over next to him without covering up. Without saying a word she just reaches into his pants and pulls out his semi hard black cock. Her mouth is on it the second she had it exposed. I could see other black hands touching my wife’s breasts and pussy. This is coming from the gathering of 3 more black men. Then the phone hung up. I have a feeling my wife will be sucking 3 more black cocks. She sure does have an oral fixtation for sucking on nigga dick.I went back to watching tv. I started to snooze when I could hear a door close and laughing. I glanced up at my laptop. It was my wife and 2 black men. Helen is between the two kissing one than the other. Both of the black men have their hands all over my wife’s plump white body. She steps away pointing to the bed telling them to go get naked. She heads to the bathroom saying she needs to powder her nose and not to start without her. They all laugh again.Both Sam and Fred are naked on the bed. Their black cocks are waving in the air waiting for my wife to come and service them. I bet she will suck them off again before they fuck her in both holes. Out comes my wife with her breast hanging out the cut outs on the nightie. She dances her way to the bed playing with her breasts and pussy. Sam and Fred just like me are stroking their dicks. She then climbs into the bed and starts sucking Sam’s black cock first. I could see holding my wife’s head down on his black dick as he cums into her mouth. She then moves over to Fred and repeats what she down to Sam. Fred does what Sam did and holds my wife’s head tight against his black dick as he too cums in her mouth. No telling how many nigga dicks cumed in her mouth tonight. It will be the first question I ask.Helen removes her nightie as she climbs on top of Fred. My wife just grabs a whole of Fred’s black dick and slides it into her pussy. As she sits up rocking on the black cock in her she grabs the personal lube off the nightstand. She hands it to Sam telling him how bad she wants his black cock up her ass. Sam greases his rock hard black cock. His cock looks extra big and hard from the idea of it entering my wife’s ass. He slowly insert it in as my wife gasp a little in pain and a lot in pleasure.All 3 get into a fucking rhythm. I have never seen such lust in her eyes as she gets fucked in her ass and pussy at the same time. The only thing that could have made it better was if I was there in person.It kaçak iddaa did not take long for Sam to bust a nut in her rectum. He pulled out and I zoomed in on the black nut seed cum leaking out her ass. Fred pulled out her pussy for he too wanted to dump a load of cum in my wife’s rectum.For the rest of the night I saw my wife being double teamed by 2 black men.She will be popular for football watching parties which I plan on having at our house. Of course I will only invite 4 to 5 black men to watch the game with me. I don’t think my wife would object.I watched them fuck till around 1am. I had to attend some meetings in the morning. I don’t want to explain why I was so tired because I stayed up all night watching my wife fuck nigga men. I checked on the cam as I was leaving for the meetings . There was my wife naked sleeping between 2 naked black men.She had her hands on one black cock while the other had it resting on her ass. She looked happy.Once back to my hotel room I checked the cam again. No activity. I called my wife to see when I can expect to watch her fuck. She said her and Sam went to visit a couple of his friends from out of town. She just got finished fucking his 2 friends and she will be back at the hotel in an hour. I had to ask her if his friends were black. My wife answered she would notHave it any other way.It was close to an hour. I did have the cam looking at the door. Helen came in followed by Sam and Fred. Before the door can slam shut my wife is on her knees. Her lust to suck on some nigga cock takes over. My wife just reaches into both Sam and Fred pants to pull out their black dicks. She pulls her ample white breast out her dress where they are just hanging down over the dress. She pushes her breasts together and lets ride the black shaft between them. She takes the head of th black cock into her mouth working the black head with her tongue as her soft white breasts work the black shaft. It was Freds’ lucky day as he was first for this pleasure. As soon as Fred popped his load into my wife’s mouth Sam got the same treatment with the same end results. I have to say my wife was very consistent with the way her mouth made those black cocks shoot their loads down her throat.With cum dripping off Helen’s lips she tells her two black lovers to sit at the small table in the resort room. She leaves and disappears into the bathroom saying she needs to freshen up a little.I pan the ip cam following my wife into the bathroom waiting for her to come out. She comes out with just the short robe on. It hangs open where her breast are jutting around. Helen has one hand rubbing her clit as she walks up to Sam.She sits in his lap making sure the robe is wide open for him to touch her anywhere he wants on her white body. I don’t even know why she is wearing a robe. She should be just sitting with her nake body on the black mans’ lap.She kisses him as his black hands roam over her white breast. Fred just reaches over and plays with her pussy. My wife responds by opening her legs so he could easly finger fuck her pussy.My wife was getting hot. She reaches in Sam’s pants and pulls out a hard black cock. She repositions herself so she can slide her pussy over the hard black cock.Fred helps by holding open her ample pussy lips. That is just the way it is for a mature woman’s pussy lips to look as a fat hard black cock slips in.They fuck in the sitting position. Fred is not left out as my wife had his hard nigga dick in her mouth.After a while I think they realize they would be more comfotable just fucking in the bed. My nake wife was carried by her arms and legs by the two now naked black men. They laid her into the bed where they took turns fucking my wife the rest of the night. The next day I went to my meeting. As I left the hotel I watched or the last time my wife rolling on all fours as again she took in the ass because Sam and Fred had to leave soon.My meeting was over after lunch. I was heading back home to the airport to pick up my wife. Once I had her in the car I could not hold back and was kissing my wife like never before. She just had this different look to herself. I looked down her dress and could see she had bruises on her breast. She raised up her dress to show me her bruises on her inner thighs.“I got all these bruises from how rough those two niggas were fucking your dainty little white wife” Helen told me.Once home I ate and fucked my black cock whore wife. She was happy and I was happy.A week had passed and it was a Friday. Helen was well rested and I could sense she was ready for some more black cock. I did leave for work and on the way in stopped to get a cup of coffee.As luck happen I saw the same black man whom was eyeing up my wife which really brought everything into the open to begin with. He was drinking a cup of coffee and he did spill some on his shirt. I could see he was not having a good day.I went up to him and asked him if he needed help. “Of all the days to spill coffee on my shirt I have to take some promotional pictures kaçak bahis of myself for my business. I live a good ½ hour away and don’t have time to run to a laundromat to wash my shirt. This is the shirt I had to wear” he told me.I told him I live 5 minutes away and I know my wife can get that stain out in less time than you getting back to your place. Correct me if I am wrong but your name is Mike I finished saying to him“I now remember. We did talk as we both were women watching. Are you sure your wife won’t mind? “ he asked.She won’t mind I told Mike as I called my wife explaining the situation to her.Mike and I made it in less than 5 minutes getting to my house. Helen was waiting for us. She had on blue jeans and a button up shirt. No cleavage or other goodies were showing.Mike this is my wife Helen I introduced the two.Helen stuck out her hand to shake Mike’s black hand. Mike did shake her hand with me thinking how dark Mike was as their two skin tones collided.I could see Mike had a I met you before look on his face. Helen told Mike to remove his shirt as she handed him a robe. Mike did revealing a very good shape older black guy. He was bare chested as he handed the shirt to my wife. She helped him into his robe making sure to brush her fully cloth breast against his bare chest .“I will be back in 5 minutes “ my wife said.After she left Mike said it is like he met her before.Maybe you may have seen her at the coffee shop. She has been grabbing a cup of black coffee lately. That is something she started doing the past year I told Mike.Maybe so Mike said still with the puzzle look on his face.Mike and I did talk about sports and card playing.I see we both like to play cards and support the same football team. Maybe you can come over. My wife loves to play cards too and she loves the game of Spades. Not much fun in just the wife and I playing Spades I told him.And one more thing I know there is something you would like to do …Just then my wife walks into the room with Mikes shirt. Well she only had on Mike’s shirt.And that is having a piece of ass from my wife I finish saying.My wife stood in front of Mike. One breast was showing while the other was still hidden by Mike’s shirt. She made her clit hood stick out her pussy showing Mike it was ready to be played with. My wife for some reason looked a lot sexier than wearing sexy clothes to begin with.Mike took out his cell phone. He called to cancel his photo shoot. He knew the wife wanted some black cock and he knew that I wanted to watch my wife fuck some black cock.Helen removes his shirt off of herself. She hands it to me telling me to hang on a hanger. As I am getting a hanger she removes the robe off of Mike. This time she is rubbing her bare white breast against his black chest.Mike places both of his black hands on my wifes fat white breast. That looks a lot better than him shaking my wife’s hand. As the two were tonguing each others mouths Mike was still working on my wife’ breast. The wife meanwhile was working on a pair of pants to pull out a caged black snake. Once she had the black snake in her hands she stroked it for a minute as the two of them still kissed. She broke from her kiss to work her head down onto the black chest. She kissed, sucked, then kissed each nipple on her black lover’s chest again working further down till she reaches what she really wanted in her mouth.Once on her knees my wife started to satisfy her oral nigga dick craving and started to suck on the black cock before her. A pair of black hands grabbed her by the back of the head as you can plainly see a load of black cum is about to be deposit in my wife’s mouth.Mike head my wife’s head to wear she would have to take every drop of his sperm into her mouth. In reality my wife would suck it dry. Helen did not stop sucking until she had a rock hard black cock poking her mouth.She got off her knees. She helped Mike remove the rest of his clothes t where they both were completely naked. Again they broke into a kiss but this time there naked bodies was mashing against each other. Again my wife broke from the embrace.“Would our bedroom where we sleep as husband and wife be okay?” my wife asked me.Yes I would love to see you spread your legs for this black man in our bed I replied.With that being said Helen led Mike into our bedroom where I watched them fuck for 6 hours straight. It was getting later into the evening. Helen asked Mike if he wanted to shower with her. I watch as my wife was showering with a black man.I don’t have to say it but you do know he was fucking her in the shower.Mike did get dress. His shirt was clean.On the way out I asked Mike if he wanted to play a game of spades next weekend. Mike said yes and then added he has 3 black male friends who would also like to play spades if Helen likes more than 1 partner. “Sounds like to me we should be playing the whole weekend. Honey why don’t you get us a room next weekend. I like it when you are not there when I do a group of black men. I can be more of a black cock whore. I will bring the cam.” my wife replied as she kissed Mike goodbye.She is right. One black cock in her on our bedroom where I could watch. If she does a group of black men she does it herself in a hotel room. I love my wife.

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