The Anniversary Vacation


All characters in this are 18 and up. Hope you enjoy!


When my parents told me they were going away for their 23rd wedding anniversary, I was happy. Two weeks in our kick-ass house by myself! Well, not totally alone, my sister, Kenzie would be there too. But, since she graduated high-school, she is out at work or with friends doing whatever. Kenzie is an 18-year-old pretty brunette with straight hair that goes to about midway down her back. She has a killer body, which my friends always joke about, perfect c cup breasts, toned ass and legs, she’s usually tan and probably 5′ 8″. She’s got it all. I like to think I’m fairly attractive as well. I’m 6′ 1″ with a distance runner’s body. I have brown hair, like my dad and sister. I was also the older sibling, being 20.

What did ruin my plans was my parents telling me, at the beginning of the summer, that they wanted Kenzie and I to go with them to know how they met each other and see the things they did when they first met. As much as I was looking forward to spending the time at home drinking and going to work, it would be nice to get away from that for a while and just relax on a beach.

When we were packing for the small resort where Dad met Mom while he was on a business trip, Mom told me, “I know you might not like the idea of this now, but I think you’ll enjoy it by the end. Hey, back we started dating, your father and I were the life of the party!” I kind of nodded, rolling my eyes internally, like my parents could ever have fun. Not that either of them was bad looking. Dad is 48 and a tall brunette, traits that both me and my sister got from him. While not the most athletic man in the world, he was certainly not out of shape. Mom is 45 and drop dead gorgeous. Perfect tan skin, long blonde hair, large D-cup breasts, long legs and an ass only a mom could have. Large and plump. My friends always joked about wanting to get with her as well.

On the drive to the airport, I was already bored and constantly thinking about the warm beach sand and how it would feel to just have 2 weeks of that. Once we got on the plane, I slept from takeoff to landing, sitting next to Kenzie who was probably napping as well. We got all of our luggage and drove several more hours out to the small seaside resort. I watched the ocean meet the land out of my window, as Dad said, “Tom, Kenzie, did you guys know the only reason I was out this way is the company I worked for was planning on buying the hotel your mother worked at?”

This made my mom turnaround from the front seat, smiling and say, “It’s true! I was working the front desk of the resort we’re going to and I saw him. Then we started dating while he was still out here for business and… well the rest is history!”

“I had a vague idea of how it went down.” I said, semi interested. After more small talk and another hour, we finally reached the resort. It was located several miles outside of a small seaside town. The chauffer drove the rental to a garage after we gathered our bags and entered the main lobby. A young blonde woman was at the front desk and greeted us warmly. “Welcome to the hotel! Do you have a reservation?”

My Dad answered, “Yeah, we’re the Johnsons.”

The receptionist smiled, “One second please. There you are! Two rooms, one lover’s suite with an ocean view and a regular room with the town view?”

“That’s it!” My mom said happily.

“Have any of you been here before?”

“Yes!” my parents said in unison.

“You know about the beaches?”

“Yes. And I’ll explain that to my children here.” My Mom said.

“The receptionist nodded, “Then follow me to your rooms, your luggage will be brought up shortly.” She stood and led us up a flight of stairs and to the rooms. She pointed at a room, 210. “This is the lover’s suite, just try to keep it down for your neighbors.” She said with a knowing smile. Both Mom and Dad nodded, then entered the room in a hurry after taking their keys. She walks to the door across the hall numbered 211, “This is the regular room. Here are your keys to both rooms. If you need any accommodations, call the front desk!” She said the last part with a wink, probably thinking we weren’t related.

“Thanks!” I said to her with a smile. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be a waste of time after all. She smiled back at me.

Kenzie looked between us and said, “Alright brother dear, we still have to share this room.” I sighed and followed as the receptionist walked away, hips swaying side to side. Kenzie was always a buzzkill. Kenzie had already decided she wanted the bed closest to the door, so I took the window bed. I put my bag down and opened my phone. I saw I had a text from Dad. I opened it and saw it said, your mother and I will be busy for a little bit. Just hang out in your room until we come for you.

“You get Dad’s text?” I asked Kenzie.

“Ugh! Yes. Probably finding things to do to each other in the lover’s suite.” She said, disgusted.

“I didn’t need that image in my head.” güvenilir bahis I said to myself as I unpacked. After doing that a little, I stood by the balcony door and opened it, stepping onto the balcony. I watched the small, sleepy town from the second story. Kenzie came out a minute later, enjoying the warm sun and watching the town go about its business. We stood, talking about our plans for college and after. I wanted to be a personal trainer and Kenzie wanted to be a nurse. Then we heard a knock on our door. I went and opened it, as a man wheeled our large suitcase in. It was full of extra clothes, bathing suits and other vacation essentials. I thanked him and handed him a small tip. He thanked me and left the room.

“Mom and dad?” Kenzie asked from the balcony.

“No. Luggage.”

Kenzie frowned. “I want them to hurry up. They have all night, but they chose to fuck right now? When we just got here?”

I laughed, “I guess they have waited for this vacation for a while now. Let them have their fun for a little bit.”

For the next 10 minutes, Kenzie and I stayed out on the balcony and watched people go about their lives. Finally, about 10 minutes later, there was another knock at our door. I looked through the peephole and saw Mom and Dad. Dad’s voice was muffled through the door, saying, “…seeing you blow that porter. I was so turned on.”

Mom smiled and looked back at him, saying, “There’s plenty more where that came from. I expect a lot out of you too! I hope Kenzie and Tom enjoy this as much as we are going to… Shhh… I think one of them is coming now.”

I was shocked by what I was hearing. Even with that, I still opened the door and saw them both standing there. Dad dressed in a t-shirt and swim trunks and Mom in a white beach throw over. Through the sheer parts of the fabric, I could see her in a black one piece beneath. Mom had clearly just dried off from a shower. Both were wearing flip flops.

Dad, still smiling said, “Get dressed you two! Let’s get to the beach!”

I responded, “Okay. One sec.” Before closing the door and yelling to Kenzie, “Beach time!” Kenzie came back into the room and closed the door behind her.

“About time!” She said. “I have bathroom.” As she grabbed something out of the suitcase and went into the bathroom. I dropped my pants and boxers by my bed and put on my swim trunks. Kenzie came out of the bathroom a minute later, wearing a similar throw over as Mom was. Under it, her dangling belly button piercing was visible as well as the white bikini she had chosen to wear. She put on sandals and I put on my flip flops. We both left the room and opened the door prepared to leave. However, Mom and Dad both entered the room.

Before we leave, there’s something you need to know about the beach here…” Dad said.

Kenzie and I looked from Dad to Mom, waiting for an explanation.

Mom sighed, and finally said, “There is a nudist beach. No clothes allowed at all.”

Kenzie’s mouth dropped open, “Not even bathing suits?”

“No.” Mom said. Her expression neutral. “If that makes the two of you uncomfortable Tom can drive the rental to town and you can use the public beach. This beach is usually pretty empty though. Maybe a couple other couples here.”

“Did you know this when you told us to come?” I asked in shock. Mom nodded, still holding a neutral expression. “Then why did you want us to come?” I continued.

“You are both adults and we wanted you to learn about me and your mother and our lifestyle.”

“Lifestyle?” Kenzie asked shocked.

Mom smiled knowingly, “Maybe we can save that for later. In the meantime, me and your father are going to the beach. If you two decide to join us, your welcome to, if not… then text one of us.” Dad then opened the door and mom led the way. On the way out, dad playfully slapped her ass, then closed the door behind him.

Kenzie and I stood there for a minute in stunned silence. “So… what do we do?” I asked her.

She sighed. “We spent so much time in the car today… and its beautiful out… want to give it a shot?”

“Are you serious?” I asked. “That’s Mom and Dad and you’re my sister…”

“Exactly! We’re family. Mom and Dad are probably going to fuck like rabbits, but we won’t.”

“What if I get hard? What then?” I asked.

Kenzie sighed then said, “I’m sure that’s pretty normal for a nude beach. Come on, Let’s go into Mom and Dad’s room and see if we can see down onto the beach and get a feel for it.”

She opens the door and motions for me to follow. I do and she uses her key to unlock the lover’s suite. Inside, it is larger than our room with only one king sized bed. There are drawers that are labeled, “plugs, beads, dildos, extra-large, lube”. A hand written note on the dresser said, “Welcome back Sue and Kevin! Please leave any toys you use out for cleaning and remember to try to be quiet.”

I motion for Kenzie to come to me. She does and I say, “Read this.”

She reads it quickly. türkçe bahis “What the fuck? Let’s just look down at the beach and get out of here.” We walk past the labeled drawers and head out to their balcony. It is much larger than Kenzie and I’s room and has a two-person hot tub.

I look down the cliff and see a set of stairs going down to the sand beach. There is a bar set back by the cliff, and white beach chairs spread across the beach. There are a 4 people in the water, and appeared to be standing still talking to one another. There were two more on the chairs, sitting next to each other.

“Okay, there’s 6 people. That’s not too many. Want to give it a shot?”

I sigh, defeated, “Let’s go and see.”

Kenzie smiled at me. “Worst comes to worst, we just go to town the rest of the trip while Mom and Dad do their thing.” I sigh again and lead the way out of the hotel down to the beach. From the stairs down the side of the cliff, I could see Mom and Dad, both sitting naked, looking out over the water. The other four people had moved to the far end of the beach. I point them out to Kenzie. She nods and keeps walking down the stairs. After another couple minutes, we reach them. From behind, only the backs of their heads are visible and both were clearly wet from a recent swim in the ocean.

“Hey guys!” Kenzie says and both Mom and Dad turn to face us. From the way Mom turned, I could see the top of her breasts. Oh shit! I’m going to get hard quick out here, I think.

Mom smiles at Dad after seeing us, “That’s great guys! Undress and make yourselves at home!” Then she turned to Dad and says, “I think you owe me one now.”

Dad smiled back, “I’m glad I do.”

Kenzie groans, “Come on! At least wait until you get back to the room.”

“Sorry!” Mom laughs, not really sounding sorry. “Well come on!” Mom motions at our clothes and then to the bag in between her and Dad, which has her one piece visible on top.

Kenzie looks at me and mouths, You first.

You suck I mouth back and pull my shirt over my head, removing it. No big deal. Everyone in my family has seen me without a shirt. Now for the hard part. I think as my hands grip the waist of the bathing suit. With one fluid motion, I drop it to my ankles, reveling my semi-hard cock. I then toss my bathing suit in the bag and look at Kenzie, who is desperately trying not to look at anyone in the family. I grab a bottle of sunscreen and begin to use it to over my totally naked body. When I finish I put it back in the bag, on top of everyone’s clothes.

Mom smiles at me, “Good job Tom! Your turn Kenzie.”

Kenzie removes her cover up, then reaches behind her back, undoing her bikini top. She then takes it off, holding it at her side with one hand. Her firm bare breasts and small, pink nipples are now exposed to the warm sun and are noticeably paler than the rest of her body. Then she looks straight into the sky and drops her bikini bottoms. She walks over to the bag, and bending over, her toned ass cheeks pull apart and I get a view of her asshole and pussy. Her asshole was bleached and clean and her pussy was amazing. It’s puffy outer lips concealed most of her inner lips, with just the tips poking out. Kenzie picks up the sun screen and begins to squirt some on her hands. I look away, out over the water.

I walked around to the chair next to Dad and sat down while Kenzie took the one next to Mom. I looked over at my family. Dad’s legs were slightly open and I saw he was barely hard, but he had recently fucked Mom so I knew why. I looked at Mom, who’s tan breasts and large, pink nipples are still firm. Her shaven pussy, on the other hand, is red and open slightly, from her recent fucking from Dad. It’s inner lips extruding just past her outer lips. I can see why my friends would want to fuck her now. Last in line was Kenzie, who’s firm breasts pointed up at the sky. Her legs were tightly closed, but I could see that her vagina was clean shaven.

I feel myself fully erect and don’t want my family to see. “It’s hot! I think I’m going to go swim for a bit.” I say. Then, before anyone can respond, I get up quickly and speed walk over the hot sand, into the cool water. I stop wading in when I’m waste deep and the coldness begins to put an end to my erection. I suddenly feel someone tap on my shoulder, I turn and see Mom, who’s breasts are still above water. The water is clear enough that she certainly could see my hard on. I turn and face her.

“You know, there’s no shame in being aroused.” She said.

“It was that obvious?” I ask.

“No, your father and sister both missed it. Sex is a natural thing. Don’t worry about it!” She said with a smile.

“You and Kenzie are my family though! That’s different than coming here with my husband like you did.”

Mom looked me over, from head to toe, “Well maybe for the time being, you can try to forget and enjoy what happens. Go out and live a bit!” She gives me a wink with the last bit.

“Mom, what are you saying? güvenilir bahis siteleri And what did you mean earlier when you said you hoped Kenzie and I would enjoy this?”

Mom smiled mysteriously, “You are a smart and handsome young man, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. As for what happens… well we can wait and see can’t we?”

She then leans in and suddenly gave me a kiss on the lips, lingering for a second after, looking into my eyes. As she kisses me, I can feel her large nipples brush against my chest. “I’m going to head back to the chairs now, you do what you feel is right. I have a feeling your Dad is giving Kenzie a similar talk.”

“What makes you say that?” I ask.

“Just a hunch”, Mom said shrugging, causing her tits to jiggle. Then she turns and walks away, back to the chairs, her large, soft ass swaying side to side with her steps. I sighed. I honestly had no idea why her and Dad would want their kids on this trip.

I chose to stay in the water for a little longer before exiting. I walk back up to she chairs, feeling my cock swing back and forth in between my legs. The whole walk, I avoid looking at my family. When I reach them, Kenzie sits up, beginning to dress again. Dad has put his clothes back on and Mom stands and stretches.

Dad says, “We are tired from the trip here and heading back up to the rooms. We aren’t going out or anything tonight, just order room service or something.”

Kenzie says, “Okay, will do.” I begin to dress as well, first putting on my bathing suit bottoms, to cover my naked cock. Mom and Dad, having finished dressing walk away, Kenzie hangs back and waits for me. I throw my shirt on and pick up the now empty bag. I start to walk to the cliff stairs and Kenzie falls into step next to me.

“What did you think?” Kenzie askes me.

I shrug, “No idea. I think it is weird that they want us to come along with them on this.”

Kenzie agreed, “They knowingly brought us to a nude beach. Why would they do that?”

“I donno” I answer.

We walk the rest of the way to the room in silence. I open the door and Kenzie goes in before me. I follow and find she is already in the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower first!” She calls through the door.

Of course she is. I think. I lay on my bed, grab the remote and absent mindedly flip from channel to channel. A short while later, Kenzie finishes and several minutes after she exists, dressed in a t-shirt and gym shorts. I walk past her, holding my bundle of clean clothes. I put them on the counter and get in the shower. The warm water feels good and I replay the events of the day in my mind. I had absolutely no idea what Mom meant by, “well we can wait and see can’t we”. Did she want me to know that her and Dad have sex? I shake my head, as I finish cleaning myself.

I dry myself off, shave, dress then leave the room, in black basketball shorts. Kenzie has put on some movie. “Want dinner?” I ask her.

Kenzie looks up, “Yeah, can you order me a salad?”

I nod, picking up the phone and dialing the kitchen. “Hello?” A female voice asks?

“This is room 211, can we order two chef salads?” I ask.

“Yeah, they’ll be up shortly.”

I thank her and hang up the phone. Kenzie is paying attention to her phone. I go to my bed and lay down, feeling confused, still thinking about Mom’s words. Finally, I ask, “Did Dad say anything to you when me and Mom were in the water?”

Kenzie sighs, puts her phone down and sits up to face me. “He said that I should relax and enjoy the trip. And that Mom was telling you the same thing. Why?”

I immediately respond, “Because Mom told me the same thing. You know what they mean?”

Kenzie sighs, and turns the movie off, preventing any distractions. I sit up on the edge of my bed and look at her. “I have no idea what they expect us to do here. They are on a nostalgia trip and their anniversary. I don’t know why they would want us to tag along.”

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, “Must be the food.” I say as I get up. I quickly cross the room and open the door. Two trays are handed to me by the same blonde receptionist as before. I thank her, before walking into the room with it. I hand one to Kenzie, who dives into the salad. I eat quickly as well, and soon the two of us are finished.

I set the trays outside the room to be picked up and go back inside. Kenzie has sat up on her bed and is sitting, watching me. “Want to play a game?” She asks.

I roll my eyes, “What game?”

“Don’t be like that! Truth or dare. Come on, it’ll be fun.” She answers.

“Are you 12? Okay, but don’t make me regret this.” I answer.

Kenzie smiles, “That’s the spirit! I’ll go first. Truth or dare?”

I think for a second, “Truth”

Kenzie smiles, “You ever have sex?”

I laugh, “What kind of question is that? Of course. Truth or dare?”

Kenzie says immediately, “Dare!”

“You ever had sex?” I ask.

Kenzie goes red slightly in the bottom of her face. “A few times. Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I answer.

“You a tits or ass man?” Kenzie asks.

I think for a second, this one being a hard question. “Tits. Truth or dare?”

Kenzie thinks, “Truth.”

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