The Anniversary


I knew you never in a million years expected me to remember that this weekend was the first anniversary of the first time we made love, so I planned carefully. I made sure you had no plans with friends or family. Reservations at our favorite restaurant and the five-star hotel downtown, and for you, an appointment at a nearby day spa for an afternoon of pampering. Thankfully your boss is an old friend and I convince his to give you Friday afternoon off. So now here we are, after the manicure and pedicure, after the massage; after penne ala vodka and chocolate mousse, after the hand-holding and sweet wine-flavored kisses; you are soaking in a luxuriant bubble bath as I make final preparations.

Joining you in the bath (although, not in the tub), I towel you dry, and secure a silk scarf around your eyes, blindfolding you. I lead you to the bed and kissing you gently, ask you to lie back and relax. I stretch your left arm high above your head and use another silk scarf to tie it to the bedpost, at the wrist. A similar fate awaits the right arm as well. I sense you tensing up and whisper in your ear to relax and trust me.

Knowing I would never do anything to hurt you, you relax and allow me to spread your legs and complete my work by tying your ankles to the posts as well. Stepping back, I admire my handiwork, your naked body stretched before me in all its glory. I now dim the lamps and light some mildly scented candles, soft vanilla and lilac, and strip out of my clothes.

I’ve gathered my supplies on the night stand, and am ready to proceed with my anniversary gift for you. First I slowly draw my fingertips over your body, kneeling beside you on the bed, tracing up your left leg, drawing lazy circles back and forth across your thigh. Keeping to the outside of your leg, I slide up past your hips, trace up your arm to the knots of silk and then back down. My fingertips trace across your neck and up the other arm. Leaning over your prone form, I run the fingertips back down your right arm and all the way to your foot, using the slightest pressure, so far avoiding all the places you want touched most.

You moan softly, “Ohhhhhhh you’re going to drive me crazy….”

I move to kneel between your spread legs, my fingers continuing their exploration of your body. Running my touch up the inside of your legs, one hand on each, until they meet at your moist cleft. canlı bahis şirketleri Still wanting to tease, I slip my fingers just to the outside of your dampened lips, sliding past and up to you naval. I dip the tip of one finger into your bellybutton and swirl it around a little, causing you to giggle and squirm a little bit on the bed. At least as much as your bonds will allow.

Leaning forward, I plant a soft tender kiss on your naval, my tongue sliding out to swirl around, as my fingers move up to your breasts, following their contour around and out until they reach your arm pits, and then on up your arms again. The stretch to reach your hands with mine causes me to lie out full upon you, my hardening cock presses against your belly causing you to moan again, “Ohhhhhhh!”

I kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing, and then climb off the bed as your hips press up against me. “Mmmmm come back,” you plead. I assure you I am not going anywhere, standing beside the bed, deciding what ‘s next. I reach into the bowl I have placed on the nightstand and grab an ice cube. Bringing it to your lips, I watch as you flick your tongue out and suck the ice. Then, I run it down over your chin, down your neck and to your breasts.

Ever so slowly, I draw circles around your nipples, first one then the other, over and over, back an forth, until the cube is all gone. Grabbing another, I continue downwards, pausing to let a puddle form in your bellybutton, and licking it up. Down again the ice travels, tracing through the finely trimmed patch of hair just above your sweet pussy, then down and around the sensitive lips. Down and up, one side then the other, still not touching them. Until . . .

I slip the remains of the cube slowly into your hot, wet cunt.

As I watch the melting ice run from your lips, I grab another cube and gently trace it up and down your pussy lips, pausing to rub your hard little clit on each pass. As the ice leaves your clit, I lean over and blow lightly on it. The cooling sensation causes you to shiver, until I slip the last of this cube where the last one disappeared, and select my next ‘tool’.

Grabbing the vanilla scented candle I’ve been burning, I raise it over your stomach and slowly pour a little of the melted wax onto your belly. You inhale between clenched teeth and your stomach shudders. As you pull against your bonds, I take another canlı kaçak iddaa ice cube and sooth the recent burn. Glancing up and down your beautiful body, I move the candle and then . . .

A thin line of hot wax down your left thigh, . . .

Followed quickly by another on the right, . . .

Followed by ice.

Once again I return to your naval, and fill the shallow pool of your belly button with hot melted wax, and apply the ice quickly to sooth the burn. Then it’s on to your lovely breasts. The nipples, still extremely hard from the ice earlier, are calling out for the hot molten liquid of the candle. I pour wax over them in turn, first the right, then left, and again.

With each pass back and forth, the wax spreads further and further out your breasts, until they are both fully covered. With no more melted wax left, I grab fresh ice cubes to harden the wax, and slowly pick and peel it off your body. Your breasts I clear in one solid piece, having plans for that mold later.

With your body free of wax and fully excited from the second pass of ice, I grab a jar of honey from the nightstand. Slowly I drizzle some of the sweet amber liquid across your lips, allowing you a quick taste before leaning over and kissing it away. I drizzle here and there, always leaning over and licking it up.

Again, your hard nipples seem to call to me and I coat them liberally with honey before sucking them one by one into my mouth, cleaning off all the sticky mess. Next, a thin short trail down across your stomach, again filling your naval, which my tongue and lips follow all the way to your dripping wet snatch.

I liberally cover your mostly bald pussy with honey before laying between your legs and licking up your thighs. Reaching back, I loosen the bonds on you ankles, allowing you to raise your legs, just enough so that I can slide my arms around your thighs. Diving right into the sweetest, wettest pussy ever, I run my tongue in circles around your clit, then up and down your tender lips. As I reach the bottom I slip the tip inside, tasting your sweetness in addition to the honey.

I continue my oral attack on your pussy until all the honey is gone and you are trembling under my tongue. Then my tongue slips down to your puckered asshole, and quickly laps up any remaining honey there, before slipping into your back door. Pulling your ass cheeks apart, canlı kaçak bahis I continue to tongue worship your ‘darkstar’ as my fingers twist and tease your nipples.

Sensing you’re ready for the next step, I kneel back up between your thighs, spreading them as far as they can go with the scarves holding your ankles, and lean in and kiss you again, whispering in your ear, “Are you ready to cum for me baby? Ready for the final act?”

You can feel my steel hard cock rubbing over your pussy lips and try to buck your hips to get it inside. I grab your hips and align my throbbing cock with my favorite hole, slowly slipping it in your tight ass. Gently but firmly, I continue to push forward until you can feel all 7 inches of it buried deep. For a minute, I merely sit and flex my cock in your ass and then . . .

I slowly stroke it in and out. Setting a steady rhythm, I reach back into the bowl on the nightstand and grab my final trick. Again you feel the cool wetness of ice crossing your skin, first your nipples, then down your sides, along the underside of your breasts, down to your clit. A few quick little circles around it, and back up to circle your nipples.

You are straining against your bonds now, your tongue out, wanting to suck on it. So, I oblige and you are shocked to taste cherry. As you pull more and more into your mouth, you realize that I have a cherry Popsicle. As the realization comes across your face, I move it back down to your pussy and tease your clit again. Then, pausing my cock-stroking in your ass, I slowly slide the frozen psuedo-cock into your tight cunt.

After you come back to your senses, I slowly begin rocking both my hips and the Popsicle, double fucking your ass and pussy, one with my hot cock, the other with the frozen treat. The heat of your cunt quickly melts most of the Popsicle and since we don’t want any splinters, I bring the rest to your mouth and let you finish it as I slide my cock out of your ass and into your pussy.

The change in temperature, from your hot, tight ass, to the chilly confines of your iced down pussy, sets me going and with a few short quick thrusts, I announce that I’m cumming as I blow my wad into your sweet cherry flavored cunt, triggering another orgasm for you. I thrust and thrust, and shoot and shoot until I lay exhausted across your body, my hard cock still buried inside you.

I kiss you tenderly and reach up to untie your wrists, allowing you to embrace me. I slowly pull off the blindfold, kissing your eyelids and then once again on your lips, and we drift of to sleep, as I whisper in your ear, “Happy Anniversary, Darling.”

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