The Art of Illusion – Chapter 1


The Art of Illusion – Chapter 1Phil was awakened from an erotic dream only to find out it was not a dream at all. His girlfriend of three months, Claire, was impaling herself on his morning wood and had just shrieked in orgasm. He reached up and grabbed her 38 DD’s by her hard nipples and tugged and then coated her pussy walls with a thick, heavy load of cum. His tug on her tits extended and intensified her orgasm by just an extra few seconds. Then she collapsed on top of him. She lifted her head and smiled at him, kissed him on the lips and said, “Happy birthday!””Thanks. In the future, you might wake me up first so I can enjoy the entire event!” he said, smiling back at her. “Want to go for another round? This time I want to be awake for ALL of it.””Nope. I have a special surprise for today that involves a treasure hunt of sorts. It will take most of the day, so you need to get up, get showered and get ready for a full day.” She was very mysterious about it all and would not give him any more details at the moment.This day started as a bright spot for Phil. As a man in his early 40’s, he was at the top of his game professionally, but was getting squeezed out by someone several years younger and his boss was a prick as well. He had complained to Claire several times, but as someone 15 years younger than him, she just didn’t seem to get it. He was at a crossroads and felt like he was going to have to find a way to start over and was thoroughly pissed at the prospects. But her attention to his sexual needs outweighed that at the moment and he could start off his 43rd year and his Saturday feeling a little more cheerful than normal.After his shower, he got dressed and met Claire in the kitchen. She placed a wonderful breakfast in front of him, kissed his forehead and sat down with him while he ate. “So what is this ‘treasure hunt’ idea of yours all about?” his curiosity was getting the best of him. “And is it really going to take all day?!” “If you get all of the clues answered correctly, yes, it will take you into the evening. I know you have been stressed about work and the poor treatment you have been receiving, so I came up with a plan for your day today that I think will help relieve some of that.”Now his curiosity was starting to drive him nuts. How on earth could an all-day game relieve that kind of stress?”Each clue will take you to a place. Here is your first clue. What is a symbol of peace and what provides modern day hospitality to travelers? If you think you have found the right place, ask for Akeem. He will give you information on your next step. Now get busy. You should be at the right place by 9 am to stay on schedule. Once completed, you will be given another clue. You have my permission – I even encourage you – to go all the way through with whatever is suggested when you arrive at the proper location.” Claire had a rare gleam in her eyes as she spoke.Phil finished his breakfast, mulling over the clue. The symbol of peace was a dove and modern travelers stayed at hotels. This was too easy. It was the Dove Hotel downtown. It was a 20 minute drive and only 8:30, so he had plenty of time. He kissed Claire, grabbed her ass playfully and headed out the door. He arrived at the hotel at 8:52 am and asked for Akeem. Akeem was apparently the assistant manager at the hotel and asked Phil a simple question. “What are the six digits of your girlfriend’s birthday?” Phil was surprised that he had to answer a question to get the next step but was proud of himself for knowing the answer. When he gave the correct answer, Akeem handed him an old fashioned room key with a number tag attached. Phil looked at the tag. 702. That was the top floor of the hotel and was actually one of four penthouse apartments the hotel rented.Phil took the special, dedicated elevator used only for those who lived on that floor. He got to the room and used the key to let himself in. He was surprised to find that Katie, his boss’s daughter, lived in the apartment. She was also living with the one guy who seemed to be trying to squeeze him out of his job and any chance for promotion.Kate was about 5’7″ tall, had legs that didn’t quit, a slim body, smaller tits and a face that made a man ready for action in an instant. Phil looked around and then asked where her boyfriend, Dave, was at. She said he was spending the day playing golf with her dad. Then she shocked him.”I have gotten to know Claire over the past couple of months. She said you and I have something in common. We are both getting fucked over by Dave. I have learned that he is ass banging half a dozen men in the company and is shitting on you at every opportunity. Claire thought we might both get a kick out of a couple of hours of revenge fucking. I am game. How about you?” She looked at his crotch, which was bulging to the breakout point when his cock heard the word “fucking”. He remembered Claire’s words about “going all the way…” and nodded his approval. “It’s too early in the day for cocktails, so how about we just get down to the revenge part and start fucking.” She laughed a little as she spoke and walked up to him and grabbed his cock through his pants. “Ooh, that feels very promising,” she cooed. “If you are as good as you are big, I may not want any other cock again.”Kate pulled off her leggings and t-shirt to reveal nothing underneath but a very sleek and beautiful body for Phil to enjoy. He was out of his clothes in an instant and Kate took a firm grip on his thick 10” cock. She was in no mood for foreplay at that moment and pushed him onto the sofa and straddled him. He kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth and grabbing her ass with both hands. She lowered herself quickly onto his cock and sank it deep inside her as quickly as she could, whimpering a little at the way it filled her so completely. She quickly recovered and began bouncing up and down on it. She was very tight and Phil was amazed at how quickly she adapted to his size and began thrusting up into her. They found a rhythm and kept at it for 10-15 minutes. During that time, she came twice and practically fell off of him as she lost control in her climax. He held her in place and was about to cum himself when she announced that she wanted to see him cum. She hurriedly got off of him and he stood up and aimed his cock at her chest. He proceeded to shoot thick ropes of cum all over her small tits. She watched each shot splatter off of her chest and run down toward her pussy. “Baby, that was some performance!” Kate purred. “Now, let’s take a little more time to enjoy the next one.”Phil looked at his watch. He still had 90 minutes left. Claire said each stop would be good for two hours and then he would have 30 minutes to get to the destination of the next clue. So he relaxed and they climbed in the bed and enjoyed another 45 minutes of foreplay when Kate announced that she wanted to take a shot at sucking off that huge cock of his. He laid back and watched her go to work on his shaft, now hard again as it ever had been. She expertly used both hands to gently twist and stroke at the same time while her mouth worked a little more and a little more of his cock into her mouth. She ultimately managed to swallow most of his rod, but could not take all of it into her mouth. She took one hand and started massaging his balls while she stroked and sucked. She pulled off long enough to say, “I want you to cum on my black bra here. I want Dave to find it covered in cum. That will really piss him off!”Phil was ready and Kate reached to the floor and grabbed the black lacy bra. She stroked him the rest of the way and Phil did not disappoint. His cum was huge and covered the outside of both cups. As a reward, Kate went down on him and sucked on his balls for a couple of minutes. Phil was in heaven.Kate then got up and told him it was time for the next clue and for him to leave. “Someone sailed the ocean blue. In what year did they do it and who was it? If you get it right, the next encounter will be as fun as this one was, I think.”Phil got dressed and pondered the clue as he left the apartment. He remembered a poem from his grade school days and it finally came to him. It was 1492 and it was Columbus. Museum? No, the museum was natural history not American history. Address? He did a search on his smart phone map and sure enough, it was an address in the wealthy section of town. It sounded familiar to him, but he could not place it. He had twenty minutes to get there and did not want to miss out on another encounter like this one. He hoped he was right.He arrived at the address and immediately recognized the house. It was his boss’s house. Now he had a sinking feeling. How would he explain to his boss why he was showing up here on a Saturday. Then he remembered Kate saying he was playing golf with Dave today. He rang the doorbell and looked at his watch. He was five minutes early. If he was wrong he still could make it to the museum, his only other idea of where the clue might lead.The door opened and he was astonished to see Donna, his boss’s wife standing in the doorway, bahis firmaları barely dressed. She had auburn hair and was wearing an orange shelf bra, hiding nothing, a matching thong, hiding very little, and a sheer gown of the same color, open, d****d over her shoulders. She was also wearing matching stiletto heels. Even the glass of brandy in her hands matched her outfit and hair color. She smiled, but said nothing, and opened the door wider so he could enter.”I see you got the next clue right. I am impressed.” She leered at him as she walked him to the sitting room. The clicking of her heels on the marble floor echoed and reminded him of the sound of someone walking through a museum corridor. “Since you have just been with Kate, I assume you have an idea of why you are here.” She again leered at him.”Well, I have an idea of the purpose,” he mused, “but I am not sure why.” “Like you and Kate, I am being fucked over by my husband specifically. I have grown fond of Claire through my meeting her when she visits Kate. She has been open about your concerns at work. I am pretty sure that Russ has been cheating on me with some hooker named Simone just a block or so down the street from the office. I want to even the score and Claire has given me her blessing. I just got off the phone with Kate and she said you are something else. I want to try it out for myself. Take off your clothes and do as I say.”Phil was taken aback by her demanding approach, but he was also turned on by her take charge attitude. He undressed to reveal a hardening cock that had Donna open-mouthed in amazement. “My, my. Kate was not joking.” Donna walked up to him. The smell of the brandy on her breath only aroused him more and his cock responded to her touch by twitching in her hand. Donna sat the glass of brandy on the end table and gave his cock her full attention with both hands. “I wish Russ had a toy like this to play with. I would be a much happier woman.””Here is what I want you to do the first time. Two things drive Russ crazy more than anything else. One is an untidy home. The other is the thought of someone else fucking his pretty wife. I want you to fuck me with a condom and fill it up so I can leave it on the unmade bed for him to find. He will go into orbit, although I am not sure which will drive him nuts more than the other.”With that, she pushed back her gown and peeled off the thong, laid down on the bed and beckoned him to mount her. She pulled a condom packet from the nightstand and erotically opened the package and rolled the condom down his cock shaft. Phil hated condoms, but this was too good to pass up. Donna was in no mood for play first. She was ready to set her own revenge in place and spread her legs eagerly for him to plow his big dick into her cunt. Phil positioned himself above her and shoved his cock deep into her in one stroke. She let out a howl at his size taking her all at once and her eyes rolled back in her head. Phil immediately went to work pounding his meat into her with long, fast strokes. She wrapped her legs around his lower back and used her feet to pull him in as deep as possible with each stroke. It would be his fourth cum of the day and he wondered if he had that many in him at this stage of life. But it wasn’t too long before he grunted and filled the condom to overflowing. He rolled off of Donna and she was pleased with the results. She carefully removed the condom from his cock and laid it on the nightstand in a way that it would not spill. She then licked him clean and informed him that she intended to to cross an item off of her bucket list by taking him up her ass. She reached into the nightstand and presented him with a little blue pill. “You may need this before the day is through,” she said with a laugh. “Russ sometimes has to have one just to get started. They disappear a lot faster than they should given the lack of frequency we fuck. That is when I began to suspect he is cheating on me.”Phil took the pill and swallowed it with a shot of her brandy. He was grateful for the extra boost. He could tell he was running out of the stamina it sounded like he was going to need. She proceeded to suck him until he got hard again, then she lubed her asshole and his cock and got into the doggie position for him to bury his cock in her ass. He didn’t think he would ever get it into her tight hole, but eventually he managed and she was in a constant state of groaning at the pleasure-pain of getting her ass fucked for the first time. Her pleasure stemmed as much from the completeness of having another man in her mouth, her pussy and now, her ass, knowing her husband would be furious beyond description. “Cum in my ass, Phil. I want to feel you cum in my ass!” She furiously worked her clit with a free hand and managed to cum herself as Phil finally drained his balls yet again in her tight ass. They were both exhausted after two rounds, his fifth of the day. Donna looked at the clock. “It is time for you to move on to the next clue. This is a tougher one, but very important that you get it right and follow through.” There was that refrain again, thought Phil – go all the way, follow through – and so far it seemed like a revenge tour. What could possibly be left to accomplish? Donna continued, “Here is the clue: this is the only place where you can be a swinger from one to eighteen and get a drink when you reach nineteen. If you get this right, ask for Marty. He will show you your next challenge.”Phil got dressed and left. He had no idea of what this clue could be and was afraid Claire’s plans for him would unravel. He slowly started down the street when he saw a billboard for the country club advertising the renovated nineteenth watering hole at the golf course. That was it! The golf course. You swing a club for 18 holes and then get a drink at the “19th” hole – the club house. He was only three blocks from the golf course, since it was adjacent to Donna’s mansion. He arrived at the country club and walked into the bar and asked for Marty. Marty came in and smiled at Phil and led him to a door near the entrance to the locker room. Marty never said a word. He just chuckled and left Phil standing at the door.Phil watched as Marty walked away and then turned and opened the door. At first, it appeared to be a closet. Upon further inspection, Phil realized it was a makeshift closet with a round hole cut just below waist level and about 6″ in diameter with a black veil covering it from the other side. There were two handles about head high that Phil did not understand. There was a small table to one side with two envelopes on it. One said Open First, the other said, Open Before you Leave. Phil opened the first envelope. It read, “Close the door for privacy. Once the door is shut drop your pants and make your cock hard. You are going to experience the ultimate glory hole anal sex. Use the condom you will find in the drawer of this table. When done, remove the condom as you pull out. Then open the second envelope for your next clue. Phil could feel the effects of the blue pill working and his cock was hard again, partly due to the pill and partly due to it being his first experience with a glory hole. He wondered if it might be Claire on the other side giving him his final joy of the day. He put on the condom and pushed his cock through the opening and immediately felt it encounter something soft but resistant. He must he in the right place! He pushed harder and heard a muffled groan from the other side. He pushed harder and felt the ass on the other side give way and his cock enter a couple of inches. He was having a hard time balancing himself against the wall and remembered the handles above. Now he knew what they were for. He reached up and grabbed the handles and plowed his cock hard into the asshole on the other side of the wall. The groan from the other side was still muffled, but louder. He was fully buried in that mystery ass and he began pumping for all he was worth. The more he pounded the tight, hot ass on the other side of the wall, the more noisy the groaning became. Phil assumed they were more turned on with each thrust and gave them all he could put out. He finally busted his nut, filling the condom to the spilling point. Out of breath, he grabbed his cock at the base and held the condom in place and he withdrew his cock from it. The noise on the other side of the wall subsided.Phil opened the other envelope after making himself presentable again. The instructions were to find the woman known as Simone somewhere in within two blocks of their offices where Phil worked. She was described as having long, straight, platinum blonde hair with blue highlights, generally heavy makeup, jeans with holes up and down the legs, and usually a tight tank top. The note indicated that Phil might have to ask around a little and that this might take more time, but he should be able to make contact if he asked the right questions. He had heard rumors of this girl. Police assumed she was a hooker, but they never saw her walking the streets in evening and never caught her kaçak iddaa propositioning anyone when she was out. In fact, witnesses had said that she was known to slap men when they propositioned her.So Phil headed for downtown and parked in his usual slot in the parking garage and looked at his watch. He was an hour ahead of the schedule he had been given and he was grateful, because this girl might prove to be elusive. The pill he took was keeping his cock hard but he wasn’t sure he wanted a piece of this particular ass. She didn’t sound like his type. He walked down the street in front of his office building trying to figure out where to start. At the intersection of the street in front of his office building, all he saw were store fronts and more offices. He walked a block south and noticed a building with store fronts and what appeared to be possible apartments above on the second and third floors of some shorter buildings. He glanced around hoping he might catch a glimpse of this woman out walking around, but no luck.He stopped into the store of the building and asked if the upper floors were apartments. The clerk said that yes, in fact, there were apartments. Phil then asked if they had seen anyone fitting the description he had been given. The clerk gave him a sideways glance and smirked. Yes, she had seen the girl on many occasions and asked him what business he had with her. He only said that he needed to ask her a few questions. The clerk said she thought the woman lived in an apartment across the street, but not in this building. She continued to give him a judgmental look as he turned and walked out. Feeling very uncomfortable now, he crossed the street without looking back. He did not want to see that look again.He entered the next store and the man behind the counter said that the girl meeting that description did in fact live on the third floor above the store. He smiled and said he hoped Phil had better luck with her than he had had. He said she was a lot colder than her looks and threatened to kick his balls across the street. Phil chuckled and said he wasn’t after THAT from the girl. The guy nodded as if he didn’t believe a word of it and went back to his duties. Phil asked if the man knew the room number and the guy just shook his head. Phil stepped back out and went to the entrance just to the side of the shop, opened the door and climbed the stairs to the third floor. He had no idea what he was going to do other than go door to door. It was 4:30 and if he found her he was going to be with her until 8 pm because he was that far ahead of schedule. His cock hurt thinking of another three hours of wild sex – if he could go on that long.He reached the third floor and as he entered the hallway, he caught a glimpse of long blonde hair entering an apartment. He couldn’t be sure because it was only an instant, but it might have been her and it was as good a place to start as any. He walked to the far end of the hallway and knocked on the door. The woman answered on the second knock. It was Simone. She was dressed exactly as was described to him. She was wearing a tight tank top, showing her full figure. Her jeans had the fashionable holes throughout the legs. She wore high heeled sandals with well manicured toe nails. Her finger nails were long and done to match her toes. Her hair was long and platinum blonde and she wore heavy makeup, especially around the eyes. She wore dark red lipstick. She seemed nervous and a bit distracted, but not surprised by his presence. Maybe it was because of the description and the rumors, but he felt as if he already knew her – at least until she opened her mouth. She talked in a high squeaky voice like one of those stereotypical blonde bimbos in the old movies.”You must be Phil. I have been expecting you.” She looked down the hallway to see if anyone else saw him – or them.”Come in. From what I understand, you have had a full day.” she said with a half-smile. “You must be tired. Have a seat.” Phil walked in and sat down in the sparsely furnished apartment. He was grateful to get off his feet without the sense that he was about to be feverishly fucked again.She sat in a chair across from him. “You must have some questions. I will answer as best as I can.” She sat there with her knees together, her calves spread and her feet turned in toward each other. She was leaning forward with her shoulders scrunched in and her hands folded in her lap. She seemed vulnerable. “Why am I here?” Phil didn’t even know what to ask. He was surprised at the turn this was taking. “You have spent the day getting some bit of revenge with others of like mind, am I correct?” She asked in return.”Yes. But all I know is that you may be having an affair with one of the men with whom everyone wants revenge.””Yes and no.” she replied, offering no satisfaction. “I provide a service to both of the men in question, but it does not involve me fucking them.””Then how can the “yes” part of the answer apply?” Phil asked trying to narrow it down further. He was concerned that Donna was wrong and all of this was not as it seemed. He was beginning to feel guilty.”Your boss has a fetish. He offered to set me up in this apartment and pay me $3,000 a month if he could come here each weekday afternoon for an hour. He said he only wanted me to strip for him and then jack him off with my feet. He likes to have a woman jack him off with her feet and then cum on them.” She pulled the chair up directly in front of Phil and removed her sandals. She raised her feet and placed them between his legs and began rubbing his still hard cock with her feet. Phil had to admit that it was a turn on and suddenly realized that he had not paid enough attention to Claire’s feet and promised himself that he would remedy that the first chance he got. “Most of the time, he would come here around 4 pm and strip and make me do the same. He would feel me up until his cock was hard and then we would sit like this and I would stroke his cock until he came. His cum would run down his cock and cover my toes. Then he would get down on his knees and lick it all off of my feet and then he would leave. Sometimes he would hold the soles of my feet to his cock and foot fuck me and then shoot his cum on my tits. Sometimes he would want me barefoot, other times he would want me to wear stockings.” Phil had the sudden urge to pull down his pants and experience this for himself. She saw the desire in his eyes and asked if he wanted a demonstration. She didn’t seem to really want to, so he declined. This wasn’t part of the game plan from what he could tell and would therefore be wrong. He shifted the topic to Dave. “What about the other guy? Are you fucking him for money?””No. He doesn’t come here to fuck me. He brings men here. Usually one a day. They come here around 1 pm for an hour or so. He tells them this is his personal playground and has me hiding in the closet filming there sex games without their knowledge. I have filmed about sixty hours of him ass fucking his buddies, getting blowjobs from them, using toys on them, whatever is on his mind that day. I asked why he wanted me to film it instead of just setting up a camera somewhere out of sight. He said it was more fun to have a hidden audience. He was getting off on not only fucking his friends, but by having someone watching him as well. He said if I didn’t do it, he would tell Russ and the money and everything would dry up and I would be on the street. So I film it for him. Not bad, though. I am not into man on man stuff or foot fucking for that matter, but I make five grand a month for two hours a day and don’t have to spread my legs for either creep.”It was mostly coming together for Phil now. Still, not all of the dots were connecting. “How do you know Claire?””Claire and I met when I was filling in as a server at one of your company functions. She introduced me to your boss and Dave and several others because I was hoping to break into an office job somehow. I guess I don’t fit the profile though. Russ came to me later that evening and offered me his sleazy option. I told Claire about it and she suggested I take it as long as it didn’t involve sex in the true definition of the word. She said to keep her informed and she would see what she could do. Apparently she has a plan of some kind since you are here.”Phil looked at his watch. He still had two hours he was supposed to be with this girl, but it was clear she was a bit down and lonely but not interested in intimacy. “Simone, would you like to go somewhere and have dinner and maybe a drink? You look like you could use a friend and I have a couple of hours to go before what is supposed to be my next clue. And that comes from you as I understand it.”Simone looked at him with appreciation, “That sounds like a great idea. I don’t remember the last time a man offered friendship or even dinner without sex as the price of admission. But you need your next clue and plenty of time to figure it out. It may take you an hour or so. If you figure it out early, do not enter until exactly 8 pm. Besides, kaçak bahis this is one time I feel like using my feet to jerk off a cock and that big tool of yours is obviously begging for attention. Pull down your pants and let’s have a go at it.”Phil dropped his pants and his cock sprang free. Simone masterfully began stroking his cock with one foot and moved the other to the top side of his cock and stoked with it as well. Then she worked her big toe to one side and her second toe to the other as best she could around his thick shaft and began working it up and down. It was an amazing feeling and the sight was something to behold as well. Then she moved one foot over the head of his cock while her toes continued to stroke his shaft. She went slowly at first and was obviously enjoying it as much as he was. It didn’t matter to him that she remained fully dressed. He was mesmerized by her foot action. He finally couldn’t take any more and launched yet another huge load of cum several inches into the air and it his cum came back down on her toes and feet. She continued to stroke until he was drained. She smiled, satisfied that she had pleased him. He caressed her feet and found a towel to wipe them off gently.”Here is your next clue. Remember, do not arrive before 8 pm, even if you figure it out early. The round table is where all of the big decisions are made. But the decision makers are not who you would expect. There has been a change in the natural order of things.” Phil was completely confused by this. It wasn’t a clue. It was a riddle. And a lousy one at that. Simone continued. “You will have to put all of the pieces together from your day’s experience in order to find this place.”Phil left with a lost feeling and like he had reached a dead end. He drove around for an hour and finally parked in his spot in the garage because he was too distracted to continue driving aimlessly. Twice he nearly had an accident because he wasn’t concentrating on his driving. He had met the boss’s daughter, then his boss’s wife, then he had the strange encounter with a glory hole at the country club. Then it ended with the bizarre encounter with an equally bizarre woman named Simone. They all centered around his boss somehow. It was now 7:45 and he was no closer to an answer than before. He was about ready to go home when he realized that his company’s board room had a round table in it. Was it possible that this was where he was supposed to get his final answer? And would he find out that his boss had set all this up as the final effort to shove him out the door? After all, he spent the day fucking his daughter, his wife and his mistress. And would Claire set him up for all of this because she wanted more than he could give her? He knew that either way, he was done with this company and he might as well face up to it if he was in the right place. The offices were dark as he entered, but saw the lights were on under the door to the board room. He realized he was definitely in the right place. He was just nervous about who was behind the door.It was now two minutes before 8 pm. Close enough, he thought and opened the door and walked in. At the table sat Donna, Kate, and Simone. All of them smiled from ear to ear. Having fucked all of them that day in one way or another, normally it would have been damned awkward. But they all knew they were a part of this grand plan and what had happened to each other over the course of the day and were obviously okay with it, so he relaxed a little.Donna spoke first, “Well, congratulations to our well hung executive! You figured it out. We had our doubts about the last clue. Please, have a seat.” Phil sat down across from the three of them, looking at each one tentatively, still not knowing where all of this was going.Donna slid a folder across the table to him. Inside you will find some rather graphic and condemning photos if you care to look. Phil assumed that they were of him fucking with each of the ladies at the table. Donna continued, “There are some changes taking place immediately in the day to day management of this company. Most people don’t know it, but I am the chairman of the board and have been since my father died and left the company to me. Kate is another board member. My two brothers make up the remainder of the board, but I bought their voting rights with an annual allowance that keeps them happy. Russ and Dave were getting greedy and wanting too much control of the business. On top of that, they were taking money left and right. We arranged a little surprise for them. Please, look at the pictures.”Phil opened the folder and found numerous photos of Simone jacking Russ’s cock with her feet, Dave ass fucking several of the men, most of whom Phil knew. But the last one sent Phil reeling. It showed Simone lying on her side wearing a black bra covered in cum with Russ nestled up against her positioned as if his cock was buried in her ass or pussy, and behind him was Dave nestled behind Russ as if his cock was buried in Russ’s ass. Donna continued. “That last photo was staged this afternoon. Once Dave’s buddies were informed of the film of them fucking and sucking Dave’s cock, they were more than eager to assist in the revenge plot in exchange for silence and a hefty severance package. All neatly handled by legal contract. Russ never fucked Simone. The black bra was the one you covered in cum for Kate this morning. The cum all over Russ’s ass in the photo comes from the condoms you filled for me and in the glory hole this afternoon. The men helped out today by using some c********* on both men in the clubhouse locker room. They set up the glory hole and arranged for your encounter there. Marty was most pleased with that part of the scheme. You see, your revenge – and ours – is almost complete. You have fucked his wife, his daughter, his mistress and the boss himself. That’s right. The ass you plowed was Russ’s and he was not happy about it.” Donna laughed so hard she nearly choked. “And when he was shown the film of Dave ass fucking the office staff, he was convinced Dave was the one who ass fucked him. Both men resigned without any cash settlement with the threat of going to jail for embezzlement and the risk of the photos being released. Russ is hell bent on killing Dave and both men are required to leave the country by the end of the weekend. And they have to stay out or I release the photos and turn over the documents to the prosecutor. Now, Phil, would you be interested in the role as our new president?”Phil was stunned and his head was spinning. A zillion questions ran through his mind. “Why involve me in all this when you already had what you needed? And how does Claire fit into all of this?”Donna walked around the table and sat next to Phil, placing her hands on his thighs. He squirmed a bit but did not pull away. “I had to know I could trust you and not just take Claire’s word for it. You showed you could follow instruction and were smart enough to figure out the clues. You didn’t cross any lines and you showed respect to each of us, especially Simone, who played the role of the young vulnerable innocent woman.” Donna looked down at his crotch. “And you were a lot of fucking fun.” All the women laughed and agreed. “I also enjoyed taking my revenge on those dirty pricks and watching you enjoy yours. Accepting the offer would complete the game.””I accept!” agreed Phil emphatically, “but that doesn’t explain Claire. I would like to get her side of all this. Mind if I go home to talk with her and let you know for sure tomorrow?””That won’t be necessary,” said Simone. She removed the wig to reveal the short, dark hair Phil was familiar with. She also began using makeup remover to wipe away most of the heavy makeup she was wearing as Simone. Under all of that was Claire, beaming with the warm loving smile of the woman Phil had grown to love and lust after.”Surprise!” said Claire in an anti-climactic moment. “Donna hired me about three months ago, right after you and I started dating. She knew something was not right with Russ and Dave, but she needed more information about you and them to confirm. She is the one who designed this entire day. I know you are now wondering if I really love you and the answer is yes. I hurt for you when I found out how you were being treated. I got to know Kate and she suspected Dave was a prick just like Russ. They both wanted proof, so recommended “Simone” to Russ at a dinner party and he took it from there. Donna stepped in. “There is one caveat you need to be aware of. Claire has already agreed to it if you will. First, she has to share. There is a secret room with a nice big bed behind a hidden panel from this board room. Each weekday afternoon, you will entertain Kate or I or both in that room. Claire gets you any other time you can get it up. Besides, the seven figure salary and bonus package and Claire’s new role on the board should be enough incentive to keep you rock hard as needed.””Deal!” was all Phil could muster. “Good!” Said Donna. “Now, let’s all go into that secret room and finish off this day like it started. I assume you will want and need this.” Donna handed Phil another blue pill. She then pressed a button to open the secret panel. It is going to be a long night, Phil thought to himself as he smiled.

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