The Assistant


Nothing could have prepared me for the surprise I was in for. After months trying to find a suitable position, here I was at one of the industry’s leading companies with more benefits that I could have imagined possible. I had just completed my three month probation period when I received the memo asking me to visit the Happiness and Satisfaction Department, not that I had heard of them before. Therefore, up I went not concerned about a thing since the company had been voted as having the happiest employees three years running. After numerous questions, a complete physical check-up, and signing a heap of documents, I was handed a packet that contained information regarding my new office, assistant and a new clearance badge. I would no longer be reporting to the larger common office but to my own private office — with an assistant no less.

I got to my office and got busy with the packet. A bio and picture of my assistant was included, she had dark slightly curly hair and pale creamy skin, gray eyes framed by long dark lashes, soft looking lips. Her credentials were remarkable and I hoped we would get along. I placed her bio aside and continued perusing the contents of my file noting things I wanted to ask my boss about later, only to be interrupted by a knock on my door.

She looked just like her picture … only better. She was shorter than I had expected, probably five two or three at the most with what I would describe as a nice body. Her breasts seemed to be about a nice handful and were probably her best feature. They were very tastefully contained in her blouse although one could see just a trace of her nipples. Her small waist flared out to nice rounded hips then tapered off to a great pair of legs … I really could not decide whether I prefer the top half or bottom half. When she spoke, I detected a slight accent and made a note to myself to ask her about it later.

After our introductions, we set off to a good start and managed to get a number of things done before lunch. The company frowned upon the idea of eating lunch at one’s desk and permitted long lunches, and even encouraged the employees in my new tier and higher to take refreshing naps in order to recharge. To accommodate this and a lot more as I would learn, each office came with a cot.

Before that first lunch, Tara walked into the office, closed the door behind her and flipped a switch next to it. With a rather mysterious smile, she turned and asked if I was ready. Before I could respond, she crossed the short distance to my desk while unbuttoning her demure blouse to reveal her breasts encased in a deep red bra. To say I was shocked is an understatement. By the time she got to my side of the desk, she had unbuttoned and taken off her blouse and was working on the fitting skirt to reveal a matching pair of lacy panties. Once the skirt was down around her feet, she took my hand and led me to the pull down cot. She loosened my tie as she kissed bahis firmaları me softy and took it off, got rid of my shirt, shoes, socks, and was unbuckling my pants before I managed to speak up … I mean what was this?

Don’t get me wrong she was a gorgeous woman and daggonit, I had been too busy to round up a good lay in a long time. She kissed me once softly, and then started explaining. As my assistant, one of her duties was to ensure that I was sexually satisfied, and if I had taken the time to read the whole packet, I would have been privy to that bit of information. Each associate in my tier and above had the same set-up — an office with a cot and access to a beautiful or handsome assistant picked especially for the reason that we were having this conversation. This would also explain the seemingly intrusive questions, the strange physical I had endured that morning and the privacy documents I had signed earlier.

She then kissed me again, softly but a little more insistently, again and again, each time her kisses getting deeper. Her soft tongue probed and sought mine out, and her lips suckled on mine gently. When she sensed that I had relaxed a little, her hands went back to my buckle and soon enough, I was standing before her in my boxers. Yes, I was nervous … who wouldn’t be in same scenario? Her hands slipped into the waistband and she slowly drew the boxers down. My erection, harder that it had been in a long time caught then snapped against my stomach, the loud smack echoing in the small room and leaving a smear below my belly button. She sat me down on the cot and knelt between my thighs, rubbing one hand up my thigh while the other sought out my hardness.

I slipped off her bra and had the presence of mind to note that the breasts were a lot more than a handful. The tight raspberries that were her nipples contrasted with the creamy skin begging to be sucked and I indulged them. Drawing one into my mouth, sucking gently, biting then sucking again, then alternating back and forth giving each one some attention and was rewarded with a low moan. My hands roamed her body grasping and squeezing her magnificent ass. Her womanly scent filled my little office and I wondered how I would air it out. I dipped one of my hands into those lacy red panties to find smooth, sleek skin. Slipping my fingers into her folds, I rubbed her clit as I went by, rolling it gently under my thumb and was rewarded with another deep moan. I rolled it again and again, firmly but not too hard, and felt it grow larger under my fingers … she was on. Her breathing grew ragged, the gray eyes, dark and unfocused, lips swollen — I had not seen a sexier woman. She pulled my hand out from between her thighs and sucked the sleekness off my fingers, tasting herself then kissing me to share that salty womanly taste. I felt drunk.

Her other hand, so small against my thickness danced up and down my length pulling the foreskin down, measuring kaçak iddaa and gauging. I was wet and had been seeping since she started. Her thumb caught a bead of wetness and swirled it around the head. The other hand came down, lifted my balls, and gave a small squeeze, she then kissed the head, licking off the drop of pre-cum that had collected there. Her tongue darted out to take another taste before she engulfed the head in her mouth, her hand never stopping its firm dance while the other now alternated between caressing my thigh and my balls while her lips sucked, fluttered and kissed along my length. I am larger than average but she did not seem to have a problem taking me in deep, sucking and looking up into my eyes every now and then.

The woman was driving me crazy. At this rate, I knew I would not last but I didn’t know what she planned to do when the time came. I was getting closer with each stroke of her hand and each suckle from her soft, wet mouth. With her head in my hands and fingers wrapped in her hair, I tried to slow her down to draw out this moment but she would have none of it. She kept sucking and stroking, her tongue working the sensitive spot right below the head. I could feel the tingle start in my toes, and my balls drew up tighter ready to spew, and I started thrusting my hips up into her mouth. I fucked that sweet, sweet mouth until with one look from those gray eyes I went over the edge with a long loud grunt. She swallowed almost every drop and kept suckling my cock until it was soft and sensitive between her lips and I lay back on the cot exhausted.

The absurdity of the situation did not escape me one bit. My assistant whom I had just met that morning, was kneeling between my legs with drops of my cum decorating her décolletage.

I did take a nap but the rest of the afternoon I was lost in a sexual fog. Our interaction had done nothing but awaken the starving beast inside me. I could barely focus and as soon as I had a moment to myself, I pulled out the package and re-read the section pertaining to my beautiful assistant and her duties. What I read only made my situation worse. I wanted more but could not think of a delicate way to ask for it … was I to call her in for dictation or was I to state my needs clearly and plainly? I wondered how I would ever accomplish anything while she sat right outside my door ready to fulfill my needs. I wondered how many associates had received the same treatment, how many people knew what had happened in my office during lunch and how many associates Tara had “assisted” in the same manner. I wondered about many things that afternoon!

By the end of the day, I had worked myself into quite a state and was ready to take the next step. I summoned Tara to my office and she promptly walked in with a smile on her face. She found me standing by my desk, the turgid length of my cock forming an undeniable tent in my trousers and figured why she had been kaçak bahis summoned. Her kisses were not as gentle as they had been previously; she practically devoured me while I got rid of the blouse. I caressed her firm buttocks raising her skirt to her slender waist in the process and to my surprise, the panties she had had on earlier were missing and her wetness had spread halfway down her thighs. She unzipped my trousers and gave my throbbing cock a few firm tugs as I turned us around. I planted her on my desk and stepping in between her legs, buried myself to the hilt in her warm wetness the force of my thrust pushing her a few inches up the desk. I paused for a moment to suck on her lips … and buy myself some time. Fuck! She felt so wet and tight around me.

I straightened up, pulled out to the head then pushed back in looking into her gray eyes as I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it to the floor. I repeated the motion, this time watching her swollen lower lips pulling out with my cock like they didn’t want to let me go and coating me in that sleek wetness while her little clit stood at attention. She had a beautiful cunt. In fact, everything about her was beautiful including the soft gasps she let out each time my thumb caressed that clit. Her hands were on those amazing breasts, kneading them through the lacy bra and twisting her nipples. She opened the clasp between her breasts and I leaned down, took one nipple in my mouth, and sucked it into a tight peak as I started pumping my hips into her. Her strong legs wrapped around me and she used them to thrust herself up to meet my cock while she urged me on, moaning my name louder and louder the sound bouncing around in that little office complimented by the slurping sounds of our wet fuck. I ground my cock into her, twisting my hips so she could get the full feel of it and she trembled in response and wrapped her arms around my shoulders to draw me closer. With a firm grip on my head, she kissed my neck and sucked my earlobe gasping, “Fuck me,” with each thrust of my cock. And fuck her I did, like a man possessed.

Churning my cock with each deep thrust, I ground myself against her clit while she urged me on with her chant, “Fuck me, fuck me.” I lost myself in her wetness, her softness, her scent, and her moans until she arched her back, neck strained and head tilted back in the throes of her come. Her teeth were clenched, eyes tightly shut, nose flared and eyebrows raised. Beautiful. Erotic. She spasmed around my hardness, clenching my length, a hotter wetness flooded in her while the legs wrapped around me flexed and trembled. I felt my cock grow heavy and firm as I continued the onslaught with my head now buried in the crook of her neck, grunting, hissing and gasping for air as I pushed up on my toes, my hips flexing into her. With a loud cry and final erratic thrust, I exploded into her milking softness while she kneaded my buttocks as if to drive me deeper. Fuck me!

While she softly kissed me, I gathered her in my arms not wanting to separate us and wobbled on my weak legs with my pants still tangled in my pants to the cot. I was still hard … and extremely happy.

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