The baby monitors


The baby monitorsThis is a long work of mainly fiction driven by recent events that have been stitched together for your reading pleasure, it features my wife of 27 years Kay and her very old friend Lesley who she has known for over 40 years.It all started innocently some weeks back when a family friend asked Kay if she knew anyone who had some old baby items stashed away that her daughter could have, Kay explained that most of what we had went years ago but she would get me (Vernon )to get up in the loft and double check – which I did.While I did find our sons pram and cot these were items Kay insisted, we kept but there was a large box marked baby items, brushing the dust off the box I took this down out the loft and let Kay go through it. Inside were two of those over cot mobiles all wrapped in tissue, various baby blankets and a triple set of baby monitors, Kay decided it was pointless keeping them, but would the baby monitors be ok as they were electrical.I plugged all three monitors in but got nothing but static, I told Kay I would look at what could be done as there were frequency adjusters on them, but I had no instructions and would have to look them up online. It took me several days to find the dammed instructions and downloaded them to see if I could get them to work, placing one monitor in our bedroom, one in the kitchen and the final master monitor in the garage near my work bench I set about trying to get them working.Following the instructions I completed a complete re-set and started to get actual sounds from the lounge but the bedroom one was still a little crackled, going up to the bedroom I moved the two little antennas to a vertical position and put the TV on and went back to the garage. Bingo, I now had crystal clear reception on all three monitors.Walking back up to the bedroom Kay walked out of the shower and just stood there wrapped in a towel, well she said. I told Kay I thought they were working fine but thought we should keep them on test for a couple of days to make sure we are not giving away something that will end up as a pile of rubbish.Kay agreed and proceeded to dry herself off and exposing her 36c breasts in all their glory, bugger off Vernon Kay said and turn that tv off as Lesley is popping round soon. I asked Kay why Lesley was coming around and she said Lesley wanted to borrow a dress for an event she was going to, and I was to keep out of the way-especially the bedroom as Lesley wanted to try them on. Cheekily I said I could always stay an offer my opinion and what looked best on Lesley, Kay looked straight at me and said -you get worse Vernon you old perv so go downstairs and get the coffee on.(Lesley and Kay go back to school days; Lesley was divorced but very recently got a new boyfriend named Kalife who was from Turkey, but we knew little else about him having not yet met him.)It was now near 10.30 when Lesley arrived, hi Vernon she said where is Kay? I told her that she was in the bedroom and to go up as she knew the way. Ok Vernon Lesley said, any chance of a coffee? I told Lesley that I would bring her and Kay some up to the bedroom once it had finished filtering and did just that, as I opened the bedroom door there stood Lesley in just her underwear with a dress in her hand.Kay shouted at me that I should have knocked and took the tray from my hands and said that they would probably be a long time and to knock next time if I needed her, as I shut the door behind me all I could think about was Lesley standing there in that lace white underwear and her breasts spilling over a balcony bra.Returning to the garage I could hear both girls talking but not clearly, going over to the monitor I realised the volume settings were still set to default so turned it up. Now I could hear every word as they chatted and talking about which dress to try on next, as I sat at my work bench trying to sort out another electrical problem item Lesley asked Kay if she remembered there holiday to Morocco when they were just 19?Kay chuckled and told Lesley how she could not forget it, Lesley asked Kay if the blokes name was Hamid and Kay said yes. Lesley then said she remembered how Kay would disappear each afternoon with Hamid and always come back to the apartment flushed but never knew why, Kay asked Lesley to make sure the bedroom was shut and I could hear it click shut fully. Come on Kay said Lesley tell all, Kay said there really wasn’t that much to tell which Lesley said rubbish I want all the gory details.It went quiet for a minute when I then heard Kay say well if you really want to know I will tell you but you must never tell anyone- OK, Lesley replied with a yes but she was now intrigued and was it something bad? Oh god no said Kay Hamid was amazing, what do you mean by amazing asked Lesley? Do you remember when I met him when we were at the beach and agreed to go for drinks asked Kay? Yes, said Lesley.Well when he was standing looking down at me on the beach and chatting me up, I could see the head of his cock dangling near the bottom of his shorts. No said Lesley, I never noticed that. Yes, said Kay and I knew I just had to see more which is why I agreed to meet up with him, so said Lesley spill the beans.Kay said that she met Hamid as agreed at a bar and had plenty to drink when he asked if she wanted to go to his house for more drinks as it was more private, Kay told Lesley that she did go with him and how excited she felt. Lesley jumped in and asked for more details as she was sure there was more to it than just going to his house for drinks, again it went quite when Kay said that while at his house he kissed her and started to fondle her breasts and run his hand up her leg.Kay then said that Hamid had taken her hand and placed it on his shorts over his cock which felt huge, Kay then said that Hamid had started to finger her pussy and how hot it felt. Lesley then asked Kay for more detail as she was sure it did not just involve playing around, Kay told Lesley she was asking too many questions and that it was private.Lesley said something but I could not hear it properly and then Kay laughed, well said Kay Hamid continued to play with me when he said we should go to the bedroom and get more comfortable which we did. We laid on the bed and he continued to play with me, his large fingers kept playing with my breasts and he would then go back to my pussy and by now I was so wet his every touch made me shiver. Oh shit Kay and then what asked Lesley, Hamid then took my panties off and just went straight between my legs and sucked my clit hard and rolled his tongue all over my clit which is when I just let go and had an awesome orgasm.Hamid then just stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor which is when I saw his cock for the first time, it was huge and because he was circumcised the head of his cock was like a giant mushroom. What do you mean by huge Kay asked Lesley, do you mean thick and long?Kay said she thought she had said enough when Lesley said no you don’t girlfriend we have been friends for so long you have to tell me the rest, Kay said she needed a drink and the next thing I heard was the fridge open and the clink of glasses from the kitchen. It was then I heard the door to the bedroom shut and Kay as Lesley if she wanted some wine to which she said yes, well Kay tell me the rest.A clink of glasses on the monitor and I then heard Kay so ok but remember you made a promise Lesley, I know I did Kay, but have you ever told Vernon about your antics before you two met. Oh god no and I am surprised I am finally telling you, anyway after Hamid stood up in front of me, I could not take my eyes of his cock. He stood there with a smile on his face and asked if I liked what I saw. His olive skin just highlighted the paleness of his cock as it just hung there, so how big was it Kay Lesley asked?It was at least 8 inches and that was before he was fully hard, it was also very thick and just hung there between his legs. It was at this point Lesley that Hamid moved towards the bed and held his cock at the base and moved it towards my lips, I knew what he wanted so I just moved a little forwards and put my hand out to grasp his monster cock just inches away. Lesley his cock was so thick I couldn’t get my hand round it and as I moved to start sucking him, I could barely get the head of his cock in my mouth. You luck cow Kay, so did you manage to get the head in your mouth?Yeah I did eventually but only managed a couple inches when Hamid moved backwards and pushed me onto my back on the bed and spread my legs wide, he was just looking down on me and started to run his hand over my pussy which made me jump. He reached behind to a draw and brought out a huge bottle of baby oil and then moved towards the area behind my head, suddenly the oil hit me forming a large pool near my belly button. Hamid’s hands appeared from behind my head and started to work to the oil over my breasts in circular movements, but he avoided my hard nipples, he was gently working the oil further down my stomach with every move. I remember Lesley how the oil just got warmer and warmer with every stroke when he stopped and moved down between my legs, he put more oil on my stomach and started to work it down my legs and back up to the tops of my legs but never touched my pussy which was driving me mad. Hamid must have done this for another 10 or 15 minutes before I felt me muscles tightened, and I had my second orgasm.I looked towards Hamid and could not believe just how much bigger his cock now was when erect, he was huge in all areas and the mushroom head of his cock was bright purple. He then asked me if I was now relaxed and to move up the bed a little which I did, gently he edged forwards so he was kneeling on the bed between my legs and could clearly see how wet I was when he parted my pussy lips with his fingers. He was so gentle Lesley as he gradually put more fingers in me and worked them up into to me with ease, god this felt so good I just closed my eyes and savoured every slow and deliberate stroke. I felt Hamid shift his position on the bed and was now parting my legs to the full when I felt the head of his cock nudge my opening, as I looked down between my legs Hamid had one hand round the base of cock guiding it towards me but there still had to be 8 inches in clear view. What the f**k Kay, you mean he was about 10 inches long? Kay giggled when she said Hamid could have been more, but he was also very thick, anyway kay said I was laying there flat on my back with baby oil dripping everywhere when it happened. The head of his cock popped in me between my lips making me gasp, he was opening me like never before and I was not sure if it pain and pleasure, but Hamid just stayed still all the while looking at my face. I honestly don’t know Lesley how long we stayed like this but Hamid gently started to put some more pressure behind his cock while still holding the shaft tight while he did so, I tell you Lesley as I gradually relaxed I could literally feel every inch and stroke as he edged ever deeper into me.Hamid continued his assault on my pussy for a good 20 minutes while my body became use to being so full of his huge cock, I do not know why Lesley but I looked down between my legs as Hamid moved and he had picked up the bottle of baby oil again and squirted another load of oil over my pussy and around the tops of legs which felt great as it dripped between my ass cheeks. Then I realised, he had removed his hand from around his cock and there was more to come, I tell you Lesley I nearly fainted at the thought of even more cock working into me but just looked at Hamid as he smiled. Hamid raised his body slightly and started to push gently even more of his huge cock into me, I felt his every stroke pull my pussy lips back as he withdrew slightly then my pussy lips would slide back as his strokes increased. I could feel his cock veins as he slid in and out of me when it hit me, my stomach felt swollen when I realised, he was now fully in me and he just rested there. Hamid moved one of his hands over my clit as he started to ease his cock in and out of me slowly so I got use to him and then started to increase his pace, it felt so thick as he slid up me and once he started to play with my clit I just exploded. I wanted more and told Hamid that he could now go a little faster, Hamid spread my legs as far as they would go and moved to hover over me so his body was above me and he started to fully work his cock in and out, the baby oil was making slurping sounds as he thrust ever harder in to me and then pulled out completely which made me jump as the head of his cock came out.Oh, hell kay no wonder you kept going out each afternoon while we were away, so did you let him finish in you? Well Lesley as he continued pumping me he told me to play with my clit while he really started to pump me harder and harder, it felt dirty playing with myself but I could feel my self-building to an amazing climax and when Hamid had sensed this he really started to push into me with really long strokes and increased his speed and depth of thrusts. I was going mad on my clit when I just started to squirt all over his cock when Hamid asked if he could come in me-yes Hamid come in me, please let me feel you come. This was all he needed when he pulled me onto to my side and entered me from behind pulling my leg up in the air and continued to pump me hard then all of a sudden just pushed fully in me which is when I felt his cock swell and throb and his come just kadıköy escort hit my womb with huge hot spurt after spurt.Hamid collapsed behind my body and he just laid there for ages with his cock still filling my pussy, his cum could be felt dribbling down between my leg and pussy as he pulled out of me and we just laid there while calming down from our sex session.So, Kay, is this why you have still remembered his name after all these years or was it his huge cock? I think Lesley it has to be his huge cock first and being banged by it every day we were on holiday. Do you miss having a huge cock inside you Kay as I know you have said Vernon is only a little over 7 inches, sometimes Lesley but Vernon always makes me cum when we have sex but I have to admit I have on occasion fantasied about a huge cock when Vernon is in me and I think Vernon has twigged that I have had a huge cock before. Why do you say that Kay? Well Lesley and again this is between us he has just bought one of those cock sleeves as he said it will spice things up and we are going to try it tonight , I can tell you Lesley it looks as if it will make Vernon twice as thick as he is and a bit longer but I did still question why he got it but it does look like fun.Why did Vernon say he had got it then Kay, he said that after being married for as long as we have it was about time, I got some fresh cock the dirty sod. What on earth did you say about that kay, I told Vernon not to be smutty, but I was willing to give it a go if it made him happy. You sly woman Kay, are you looking forwards to trying out your new Vernon tonight then?I had never thought about it that way Lesley but after finally telling you about Hamid I am feeling very horny, but what about you Lesley and Kalife? Well Lesley stuttered, I only met him about three weeks ago and I must admit he is a little younger than me. Yeah Lesley said Kay so how much younger than you is he, he is just 28. What said kay, he is nearly half your age so he must be something special you cradle snatcher.He is so bloody hot and fit kay and his body is so lean and tanned, he is just the opposite to Dave my ex that I must pinch myself sometimes to think Kalife is in my bed every night. And asked kay, what makes him so special Lesley?He is um, Kalife sounds like he could be a brother to Hamid if you know what I mean. Your saying he has a huge cock then – don’t be shy Lesley as I told you all about Hamid. Yes, he is big Kay, it does not sound as if he is as big as Hamid was, but he is very thick and un-cut and I would say about 9 or 10 inches long when hard. We have agreed at this point in time to take things easy and given the age difference we have said we would be free agents until we are sure on the route we want to take together, maybe I should lend him to you for a couple of hours Kay – ha ha Lesley that’s not funny.Now who’s a lucky girl then Lesley and I must say I have longed for that feeling again over the years, but Vernon always satisfies me, anyway when do we get to meet this hunk asked kay. Soon I guess but I really do need to sort this dress out first and then we can sort out a date, OK said kay let’s get you sorted out with a dress and we can catch up tomorrow then. Soon after this there was some girly chat and Lesley had selected a dress and Kay said I will come down with you and see what Vernon is up to, with this information I turned my monitor off when kay and Lesley came to the door when Lesley said see you soon Vernon and have fun with a smirk thinking I had no idea what she was talking about.As Lesley left Kay came into the garage and said could I help her in the bedroom, Ok I said I will shut the garage up and be up in a few minutes. Walking into the room there was no sign of kay so I called out and she emerged from the bathroom completely naked and her nipples were standing erect, ah I said I thought you wanted some help with something when she just said my pussy is burning and I need your cock now so get out of those cloths and have a quick shower and I will be waiting so don’t take too long.Sex in the afternoon was virtually unheard of so there was no argument from me, shower done in double quick time Kay was already laying on the bed and playing her pussy. Her fingers were wet, and I could see they were gliding easily in and out of her pussy. Come on Vernon I am waiting, eat my pussy please and give me your fingers. Going between kay’s legs I started to suck round her clit when she pushed me face tight and told me to get some fingers in her, I started with two fingers while sucking her and then gradually built up to four when she started bucking hard against my hand. It is time you let me have some cock Vernon, why not try that cock sleeve you were going to test run tonight?Why now Kay I asked knowing exactly the reason, I just thought it would be a waste to wait and leave it in the draw said Kay. Getting off the bed with my cock standing to attention I went to the draw and took the package out, opening the sealed covering I grabbed some lube and smeared some on the length of my penis and started to roll the sleeve down to the base and popped my balls through the loop at the base. Wow did my cock feel different, thicker by a lot and somewhat longer, Kay asked me for the lube and started to smother her pussy with it and pulled me on top of her. How does it feel Vernon she asked? Strange I said but I am surprised how warm it is and just so different in my hand.Well Vernon, put some lube on it and let’s see what all the fuss was about when you told me you had bought it. Edging towards Kay’s pussy I held my new cock and presented the large head to kay’s opening, Kay was watching intently as I put a little more pressure on the head of the sleeve when in I went. Oh, Vernon that is so thick, take it easy please and don’t rush. Slowly I eased a little more of my new manhood into kay when she put her hands on my chest to stop me while she became accustomed to my new girth and told me not to move.Ok Vernon you can slide some more into me but please take it slow, doing as kay asked, I eased a little more into her pussy when she reached down and smeared more lube over the shaft. Kay adjusted her legs a little wider as I eased more of my sleeved cock into her, that’s lovely Vernon but keep going please. As I eased myself gradually into Kay until I was fully penetrating her kay placed her hands round the lower part of my back and just held me still, are you enjoying this Vernon she asked? It feels very different Kay, but I think it is you getting the most out of it or am I wrong?It is very different Vernon and I feel full, now was my opportunity – so you mean like an old boyfriend then? Kay just looked directly at me and hesitated. Oh, come on Kay I have always felt you had experienced a huge cock before, but you have never shared anything about past lovers in all the time we have been married. Why do you say that Vernon? I am not stupid Kay and I have noticed over the years when you are really horny that you would grab my ass cheeks and pull me as deep as possible, I now start to work my cock a little in and out of Kay when she says I may have had a bigger cock than yours in my past but I am more than satisfied with you Vernon and you always make me cum when we have sex.Now I started to move with longer and deeper strokes when kay starts to sigh with pleasure, oh Vernon that’s it keep going and make the strokes longer so I can feel all of you. I must of withdrawn too far when the large head of the sleeve popped out of kay’s pussy which is when her hand went between her legs and guided me back in, this was getting hotter and seeing Kay’s eyes close it was clear she was enjoying things when she tensed a little and had her first orgasm on my new cock. Now with Kay at my mercy I worked her pussy with ever greater strength of strokes I again asked kay about previous lovers which got me excited knowing the answer, kay’s eyes were still closed when she said that she had previously had a huge cock but many years ago and it was now a distant memory -yeah I thought.Now I feel harder than ever before as I continue the assault on Kay’s gaping pussy, Kay is really going for it and meeting every thrust as she parts her pussy lips with both hands. Oh, Vernon f—k me harder, Jesus I am coming again – keep going, I am also now getting closer as I pull as far back as possible before I slide back in as far as I can go. Kay is furiously rubbing her clit now and says she is getting close to her third climax which drives me to the edge and I just stay as deep as I will go, yes, yes, yes stay there Vernon when instantly Kay wraps her legs round my waist and I feel her shudder while I empty my balls into the sleeve and feel my own hot come ooze from the balls loop.Kay does not move beneath me and even though I have just shot my load I still feel hard and can feel the pressure of Kay’s pussy engulfing my cock, Kay just looks at me and said – I think you enjoyed that big boy to which I said I bet you were thinking it was your huge cock lover from years ago that was between your legs and not me pounding you.What I was thinking Vernon is for me to know and you to find out – but maybe next time you can take me doggy and I may just let you know, maybe even tonight if you are a good boy!Chapter twoLater that night Kay had prepared a light dinner with a bottle of wine, we sat and ate our meal with the normal chit chat but no mention of what happened that afternoon. All the clearing up done, the dishwasher loaded we sat down in front of the tv and just chilled out. About 10.15 Kay said she was heading up to take a shower before bed so I should just finish my wine and come up once I had checked all the doors were shut and turn the lights off, about 20 minutes later I strolled upstairs to find Kay laying on top of our bed in just a black baby doll and obviously no panties that she knew I loved seeing her in and it always got my attention if you know what I mean. Don’t take too long getting ready Vernon as I am hot for the new you again, speeding through the bathroom I went back to the bedroom to join kay on our bed.Play with me Vernon as I need you to touch me all over, there is some baby oil on the top of radiator getting warm so why not give me a slippery oily massage. Now I knew where this idea had come from but said nothing and told kay she should loose the baby doll as it would be a waste to ruin it with oil, Kay sat up and pulled it slowly over her head so her breasts just fell downwards below the flimsy fabric while I grabbed the baby oil. The bottle was lovely and warm and as I popped the lid kay lay flat on her back with her head face up towards my crutch, putting a large pool of oil in the palm of one hand and then mixing it between both palms I started to oil Kays shoulders and the sides of her breasts. I was trying to remember what kay had told Lesley earlier that day about how Hamid oiled her body when kay asked me to fully oil her body and work it all the way down her body and then move down to her feet and work back upwards Now being at her feet and working my way up both legs to her groin area kay instinctively opened her legs so I could work her inner thighs, I did this for several minutes but never touched her pussy so as to build the tension and to be honest the view from where I was standing was so damn hot I was more than happy just to continue.Kay however started to insist I paid some attention to her pussy and clit as she had a burning in her that needed some serious attention or she would explode, grabbing my towel of the floor I lifted Kay’s ass of the bed and placed the towel beneath her and poured a heavy amount of warm oil all over her navel and let it run between her legs and down over her pussy. Again, remembering her portrayal of what went on with Hamid all those years ago, I eased her legs a little further apart and started to finger her. Kay was so wet both of her own making but also the volume oil that I had no problem immediately inserting two fingers in her pussy, followed by three and then four.Kay was getting into this now and as I fingered her harder she spread her legs further apart and the squidgy sounds coming from her pussy and the oil became louder and louder with every stroke, Kay asked me to move slightly to one side of her when she tugged at my cock and took me in her soft warm mouth and I am still not sure how I did not immediately cum there and then. We stayed like this for a few more minutes when kay said she need me and the new Vernon in her pussy, I told kay that if she wanted the new Vernon again then she had to tell all ( although I already knew but wanted her to actually tell me) Kay glanced at me and said I am sure Vernon this is getting you turned on and if you really want to know what I did many years before we ever met then slide your cock sleeve on and do me from behind.I needed no asking again and slid the cock sleeve over my solid hard cock while Kay got on all fours pointing her pussy opening directly at me, with my cock in my hand I edged the head of the sleeve to Kay’s pussy opening and was surprised how easy the huge head popped in. I rested there and told kay it was now time to tell all when she asked if I really wanted to know and I said of course as you have never discussed previous partners and it will be turn on knowing you are re-living part of your sexual life.Ok Vernon, but you need to start sliding some üsküdar escort more of your cock in me which I did. Kay gave a small sigh as I did so and then she started to tell me how when she was 19 and on holiday with Lesley that she hooked up with a local guy named Hamid and that he had a really huge cock in fact about 10 inches and very thick, this spurred me on and I worked on Kay a little more when asking for more detail. Kay was getting into this now and appeared to get hotter talking about it and was bucking back against every one of my own strokes until I was fully embedded in her on each hard thrust. So, I asked kay, did you let him spunk in you given you had not long met him. Kay went quiet but continued to push against everyone of my strokes, when I asked again – kay just whispered yep Vernon I did let him fill me, but I was on the pill.Again, I asked Kay another question as I was thrusting hard in her oiled pussy, so did ever have as big a cock again after this holiday romance? Oh Vernon no I have not until today when you put the cock sleeve on now shut up and fuck me really hard, with this I felt Kay’s hand go between my legs and grasp my balls briefly and then she moved to rubbing her clit, I could feel every movement of her fingers playing with her clit when she just said F- – k and pushed hard against me and shook with a gushing orgasm that soaked the towel beneath us. As kay stayed pushed hard against me, I reached forwards with one hand and massaged her left breast while pinching her nipple which made her jump. Kay asked me to move as she was getting cramp in one of her legs and asked me to lay behind her but to remove the sleeve off my cock, in doing so kay guided me into her spread pussy and she felt so warm but also very loose due to the oil and being spread by the thickness of the cock sleeve. Kay put one hand on one of my butt cheeks and pulled me deep into her when she said she need me cum in her and she wanted to feel hot sperm splash her insides, now starting to build my pace with an aim to fill her insides with my sperm I started to talk dirty to her.Do you not miss having a huge cock like Hamid f – – k you kay, or do you still want a real one rather than my fake one? Vernon you are all I need for now but what I do need now is for you to fill me with your sperm and stay still when you shoot so I can feel every drop as you let go, this I did and the feeling was just so dirty having my wife actually admit to me in person that she had previously been spread by a really huge cock.A couple of days later Lesley called to say she would bring the dress back she borrowed and when was a good time, I called out to kay who said any afternoon as she knew I was about if she was not. I let Lesley know and she said she would call kay prior to confirm it was ok. Kay came downstairs and I told her that Lesley would call, a couple of days passed when Lesley called to say that she had been called away for a couple of days on business but had arranged for Kalife to bring the dress back in the morning. I explained that I was also out most of the day but no problem as kay was home, oh thanks Vernon this is a big help said Lesley.Getting back to what I was trying to do, I went back to sorting the darned monitors out, so they worked even when a tv or radio was on and you did not get intermittent static. I decided it may be interference from a specific item so to test this I set a up a long length recording program on the PC and an everyday radio program as background in the lounge first, having let this run till near bedtime I went back and rewound the recording and fine all clear.Bugger I thought as I was sure this was it so went and unplugged that monitor leaving just the garage and bedroom, it was then that kay called me and asked me to help her for a while so I just pressed record and shut the internal garage door.What is up Vernon, not much but I am still trying to get those silly baby monitors to work properly before you say we have them. If you can not sort them then don’t worry and remember you must be away before 10.00 am, ok I said I will have another look over the next couple of days then.As we got into bed Kay asked if I would be back for lunch tomorrow and said it was very doubtful but more than likely home for around 15.00, ok she said so at least we can have a quiet dinner and an early night then. With that we went to bed and I was up and gone before kay was awake so I could get back home as planned, I called kay from the train about 09.45 and she said she had been up since 08.30 as Kalife was dropping the borrowed dress back then she was going to get some chores done.Ok Kay I will give you a call about 11.30 then, got to go as the signal is poor on the train-ok talk later kay said. Having completed my meeting I headed back to the station to see the next train was not for another 35 minutes so sat down to call Kay as it was now near 12.00, our number just rang and rang so I tried her mobile and again no reply and it went to voice mail. Leaving a message that I would now be home around 15.45 I said I would try later once I knew the train was on time.About 14.45 kay called me to say she had lost track of time and had probably been out in the garden when I called, no problem I said, and I will see you later. On arriving home kay greeted me at the front door looking a little flush so I asked her if she was feeling ok when she said she had probably been doing to much in the garden and did I want a drink, that would be nice Kay and I will go and get out my suit and freshen up a bit – back down in a minute.I noticed kay had changed all the towels and bedding as it was pilled up on the wash basket in the corner and I had new clean clothes on the bench at the end of our bed, having changed I went down for dinner and asked kay how her day had gone, fine she said the new bookcase arrived and I got most things done that I wanted to so not bad. Did you get your dress back from Lesley ok, yeah but I think I will still get it dry cleaned as I can detect a faint trace of her perfume.And, what about err Kalife? What was he like then? Kay looked at me and said he’s ok but looks younger than 28 and is very tanned, did he have much to say about how things are going with him and Lesley? Not really Vernon, anyway I will clear up and we can then relax as I am a little tired.All set we sat down and watched some tv and went to bed, kay was asleep within minutes and slept right through to gone 10.00 in the morning when I woke her with a coffee. Come on sleepy head time you were up, why not get a shower and freshen up and what are your plans today? I need to go into town Vernon and then I am having a leg wax and my nails done so will be back at 2pm, a Brazilian I quipped! No Vernon just my legs and I am always trimmed down there as you know and like a little hair which is why I trim my pussy myself rather than have one of the girls at the beauty shop do it. Ok kay, while your out I will have one more go at sorting those baby monitors out or they go in the bin. Kay left about one hour later and I went to the computer in the garage and re-wound the recording programme to the beginning, then went and got the monitor that was in the lounge on the sideboard and I decided to try it in the kitchen. Power on I went to the garage and sat by the pc, right I thought let’s make sure the bedroom one was still clear from yesterday and pressed play. I had very little recorded except for what sounded like the vacuum cleaner in the distance which must have been downstairs, then I heard our distinctive doorbell and muffled voices which is when Kalife must have arrived with the dress. Again, there were muffled voices for a while and what could have been the front door open. A couple of minutes later I could hear Kay talking which became clearer so she was obviously coming upstairs, then a male voice said it is ok Kay I can bring these up so just show me the way. It must have been Kalife but what was he bringing upstairs? Then I heard Kay’s voice saying that the delivery guy just left the parcels near the door and went as he was very busy, ah it must have been the new bookcase kay wanted and something else for me to put together. I then heard Kalife ask kay if she needed anymore help as he was free for a few hours with Lesley away and wanted to kill some time, Kay sounded hesitant but said as I was out could he get some boxes out of the top of the wardrobe as they were heavy and she could then sort the contents out which was long overdue. I could hear Kay guide Kalife to which boxes she would like lifted down and to just put them on the floor near the bed, Kalife asked her what was in them as they were definitely too heavy for her to have lifted down and kay just said that they were some of her summer wardrobe and she needed to see what still fitted.Kalife the cheeky sod said he could help kay if she wanted when there was a loud crashing sound followed by laughter, I heard kay ask if he was ok and Kalife just said he lost his footing and sorry for spreading clothes everywhere. There were rustling sounds and I heard Kalife say he would help clear his mess up and then ask Kay about something and he bet she looked great in it, kay just said oh that is an old swimsuit I have not worn in years which is why she was having a sort out.Kay then said to Kalife that she was sure Lesley had something very similar and perhaps he should ask her to put her one on for him if he was that interested in seeing a woman in swimwear, Kalife laughed and then came out with “ was this the sort of thing you wore when on holiday with Lesley then?” What has Lesley been telling you about our holiday Kalife? I was sworn to secrecy Kay, but as it is you, I can tell you I know everything and when Lesley told me what went on with you and Hamid I started to get a hard on which Lesley then had to take care off. I did tell Lesley Kalife this was meant to be just between the two of us so you must never ever discuss this please-promise!Yes I promise Kay and I would not want to hurt you in anyway and as you know Lesley and I are not in a full time relationship yet so I would not want to make things difficult between you both because of me, but Kay ( there was a brief silence) is it true that you still long for a big thick cock? Kalife I think this conversation should end now said Kay, Kalife just said is this what you have been missing Kay for all these years when there was a loud gasp from Kay and she told Kalife to put it back in his pants.Kay at least take a long hard look before you say that, please put it away Kalife and more to the point you are with my friend Lesley and I am old enough to be your mother. Kay do you not like what you see, and don’t you at least want to feel it? Please Kalife I am married, and you should not – sudden silence was broken by the voice of Kalife and see kay how thick and warm I am. Please stop Kalife this is not fair, and I have never cheated on Vernon, let my hand go from your cock and perhaps you should now be going. Kalife get your hand of my breast now or I will tell Lesley about your betrayal of her, Kay it was Lesley that told me you needed a huge cock to F – -k you again and that it would be our little secret if you wanted me, how dare she tell you and please let my hand go from round your cock as you are starting to get excited and this should go no further.Kalife don’t do that, Kalife please stop, Kalife no get your hand out of my panties, there was then a loud audible sigh which I know from experience meant Kalife had his finger in Kays pussy. Kalife then asked Kay why she was so wet as she wanted him to stop and was his cock as thick as Hamid’s? Please Kalife I really should not be letting you touch me like this, oh god Kalife this must stop! Another long hard sigh can be heard and Kay telling Kalife that yes, he is a lot thicker than Hamid was – so Kay had obviously still got her hand around his cock despite her complaints for him to stop.Do you like my cock then Kay and do you want to see how good my cock tastes? Kalife we really must stop and if you promise to leave when I tell you to, I will give you a blow job while you finger me some more, deal? Kalife agrees instantly when I hear the bed creak a little and some shuffling which I presume is them both getting naked, another very big sigh can be heard and then the voice of Kalife asking if she can get his cock in her mouth. Kay speaks up with a mumbled tone that he is way to be big for her mouth, but she will lick and stroke him till he cums as agreed, there is a long silence which is occasionally interrupted by muted sighs which goes on for a good 10 minutes.Then I hear Kalife tell Kay to lay flat on her back as he wants to taste her pussy and use his tongue as his fingers are starting to ache, there is no response from kay that I could hear but then I hear Kay ask Kalife to use his tongue on her clit and then another long silence which is suddenly interrupted by a Kay telling Kalife to suck a little harder as she is coming – oh yes, yes I am Cumming!Oh my god Kalife that was perfect, Kalife told Kay that she tasted so sweet and how wet she was, but he still had not come and his balls were aching for relief. Kay asked Kalife if he wanted a hand job when he said he would much rather sink his cock in kays wet pussy. Kay told Kalife that was not the deal when Kalife said he knew she wanted him and having gone this far did she not want to feel how good his cock in her pussy tuzla escort would feel?Kay told Kalife that she had never cheated on me all the time we had been married and that she really had gone too far by letting him just do what he had done and it should stop right now, Kalife told kay that she had just cheated so why not finish what had been started and he knew she was desperate to feel his cock in her pussy, I could then hear Kay tell Kalife to stop doing that and it was not fair rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy. Why is it not fair Kalife responded?Please stop Kalife Kay said again, you are driving me mad with slutty feeling’s, but Vernon’s cock is the only cock I have had in me since we married. Kalife then asked Kay if she did not like the feeling of him rubbing the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips? Kay just said that it was not the point if she did or did not like it but it was wrong, Kalife was obviously still rubbing the head of cock up and down Kay’s pussy as you could hear Kay let out a loud and protracted grunt.So you are enjoying my cock on your pussy Kay Kalife said, you know you really want me Kay and you want to feel how big my cock would feel in you so why fight you what your own body is telling you? Let me just ease the head of my cock in your pussy so you know what I feel like, there was no response but I heard a draw open and shut – it must have been the bedside draw as that could have been the only thing in reach with them both being on the bed.Then it was kay’s voice I heard, Kalife take this and make sure you use a lot round your cock and my pussy and be gentle, bingo she must have handed Kalife the tube of lube we keep next to the bed and she was going to let him f – – k her. Hearing this I had very mixed feelings, Kay was going to cheat on me but why had I got a semi hard on and why did I get so aroused when Kay told me about Hamid? I decided in my head that it was Kay’s pleasure that mattered, and I was just disappointed that all I had was audio rather than see my wife being penetrated and pleasured by Kalife’s huge cock.Then I heard Kalife tell Kay to spread her legs wider so he could get a better position, then it was Kays voice telling him to go slow and not to push as hard. Again, after a short silence Kay let out “Oh f—-king hell Kalife your huge in me” just stay there while I get use to your cock head in me. Kalife could be heard asking Kay if he was the biggest cock she had ever had to which kay said yes Kalife you are most definitely the thickest so please go slowly.Kalife then asks Kay is this ok? Kay responded and asked Kalife to put more lube around his cock before he puts more of his cock in her pussy as he is so tight and stretching her like never before. Oh Kalife please go slower and don’t push as hard, yeah that is better Kay said, again there is nothing to be heard for some minutes when Kay tells Kalife she is going to cum – yes Kalife said Kay like that, yeah that is perfect, oh, oh yeah I am Cumming -yeahhh that was what I wanted Kalife but keep sliding more of your huge cock in my pussy. Kalife then tells Kay that there is more cock waiting to sink into her pussy when kay tells him to push a little harder, yes Kalife that’s it please keep going and I feel so full said kay. Your pussy is so tight on my cock Kay it feels so hot said Kalife it makes me want to cum. Don’t you dare cum yet said kay just get more of your cock in me as I am going to cum again and I want you to feel me tighten around your cock as I do, yes that is what I want Kalife keep going I want you to f—k me harder – now Kalife harder just get all that cock in me, there don’t stop -yes oh yes, yes , yes and then an almighty F—-k from kay. Kay your pussy juices are running all over my cock and your bed is soaking in your cum said Kalife, I could then hear the telephone ring, and ring which means it must have been about 12.00. Then I heard the distinctive ring tone of Kays mobile and it was now all falling into place why she never answered. Don’t worry about the sheets Kalife Kay said I can change them but you haven’t finished yet, I want to feel more of your cock in me so hold my legs apart in the air so you can get deeper in me and now my pussy is really wet I want you to really fuck me hard and give me longer strokes. That’s it Kalife I can feel the head of your cock hit my womb, keep doing what your doing, Kay I can feel my cum building in my balls so I should get out, no Kalife don’t you dare it is safe for you to cum in me and I want to feel you fill my pussy with your cum. Ah Kay that’s what Lesley tells me when we have sex and she also said you liked to have cock as deep as possible so you could feel every spurt, is that true kay? She should not have told you all these things but yes, I do, and I need it soon. I am getting very close to Cumming Kay, really close, get your cock in me as deep as possible Kalife and don’t move when your going to come but I am coming again now, come with me Kalife come now – oh yes right there don’t move! Kay your trembling are you ok? Shut up Kalife and cum in me, I need to feel you cum, cum in me now, shit, shit, oh my god my heavens Kalife I can feel every squirt of your cum, yes it’s splashing my insides and your cum is hot and then Kay screams with an obvious convulsive orgasm and tells Kalife that she had dreamt for many years of feeling this full of cock and the sensation of cum hitting her that deep again but never thought it would actually happen.Kay says to Kalife that he must never tell anyone even though Lesley may have suggested it, it has to not be spoken off again. Kalife said he will not say a word but if she ever felt like doing it again it would be there dirty little secret, kay responded that she doubted it very much and he had better get dressed as she would have to change all the bedding before I got home. There was silence when I thought I heard the front door close and then a rustling noise in the bedroom which must have been kay changing the bed sheets, then I heard kay’s voice – you slutty cow, why did I let Kalife f—k me, why oh why but he was so bloody thick and he filled me with so much spunk I’m still oozing from my pussy. Get a grip Kay and clean yourself up before Vernon gets home.Now I knew why kay was so tired last night and do I tell her I know as lets face it she knew there was a baby monitor in our bedroom, but then again I was not sure if she knew I had it to record? After about another hour I realised kay would be home so took the CD out the computer and placed safely in a blank sleeve on the shelf in the garage above my pc, a while later Kay arrived home with three bags of shopping and one large bag which she said she would take and went upstairs with it, I called up to kay and asked if she wanted a cold drink and she replied yes please Vernon that will be nice I will be down in a minute.As Kay comes into the kitchen, she is wearing a three-quarter length very lacy purple negligee – you like Vernon Kay asks me, wow you look bloody hot. I presume that is what was in the bag you took upstairs, yes Vernon I just thought you would appreciate me in something this sexy? Do I ever Kay and it is so see- through and err you are totally naked underneath, is that a problem Vernon or am I getting you all hot and bothered asks Kay? Any man would get all wound up seeing you in that but why now in the middle of the afternoon Kay not that I am complaining.Let’s go upstairs and you will find out why, I need to lock up first Kay as the patio and side doors are still open. Don’t take too long then or I will start without you, doors done I also go into the garage to turn the lights off and decide to grab the cd for my own perverted reason and take it with me upstairs. Walking in the bedroom Kay asked what I had in my hand? Is it some porn (we have a tv/DVD player that sits on the wall opposite our bed) when I tell Kay yes, it is definitely porn and slide the disc into the player. Getting out of my clothes as quickly as possible kay has already started to rub her hand over her pussy and tells me to hurry up or she will get cold, oh come on Kay you could not get any hotter I tell her and climb on the bed next to her. Are you putting that porn on then Vernon, not yet kay there is plenty of time and I want to get warmed up myself so you can take your hand away from your pussy as my tongue needs some exercise, moving the lacy fabric from my target I move into position between Kays legs and part her pussy lips with my hands. Oh, Vernon you’re so good at licking my pussy and you always know how soft or hard I like it when you are down there.Kay then tells me take it a little easier as she feels a little sore for some reason ( I know why) when I said that perhaps she had shaved herself a little too much ( knowing exactly why)as she was now virtually hairless when she said that was probably it, don’t stop though Vernon as it is getting very hot down there and try putting a couple of fingers in me. I stood up and went to the bedside draw and got the tube of lube out and the remote for the tv, lube in hand I told Kay we should get some more as it was nearly all gone and I thought we had plenty left.Don’t worry Vernon I have two spares said kay so let’s carry on where we left off, getting back between kay’s legs I moved them further apart and lubed up a couple of fingers and started to slowly ease them in and out of Kays pussy. That is lovely Vernon, can you also play with my breasts please? Kay has her eyes shut but opens the negligee so her 36c breasts are ready for my attention, with my free hand I smear some gel over both her breasts and start to massage each breast with alternative cupping motions and only lightly skimming over each nipple. That’s wonderful Vernon, slip another finger in me please and some more gel round my pussy lips. Halting my attention to Kay’s breasts I did as she asked and resumed my pleasuring of her pussy and breasts for some time when kay asked me to penetrate her, placing a blob of lube on the head of my cock I easily slid into kay’s vagina. With her eyes now shut again it was time, I pressed play on the tv/DVD player but held the fast-forward button for a little while and let it run.Silence and then there we go, the audio started playing right at the spot Kay had told Kalife “take this and make sure you use a lot round your cock and my pussy and be gentle,” Kay opened her eyes with all I could describe as a chicken in headlights mode and tried to move but I stayed firmly in her pussy. What the hell Vernon, what-turn it off now and how did you get this? Did you forget Kay that I told you I was recording the baby monitors to see what appliance may cause the interference? Please turn it off Vernon, I mean it Vernon turn it off, why should I kay I asked as I pushed a little harder into her pussy?Vernon don’t listen anymore, just turn it off. I have heard everything already Kay and I wanted you to know that I knew you cheated on me, but more than this by the sound of it all you could not get enough of Kalife’s huge cock kay which is why you are sore down there and judging by the recording he did you for near 45 minutes. Vernon I am so sorry I let Kalife f—k me but once he held my hand on his huge cock, I just became a different woman, I was in a trance and had to feel him in me. I know how wrong this was and how disappointed in me you must be, and it will never happen again, and I will do anything to make this up to you.As Kay finished talking and I was still rock hard in her pussy the recording got to the section where kay had just said “just get more of your cock in me as I am going to cum again and I want you to feel me tighten around your cock as I do, yes that is what I want Kalife keep going I want you to f—k me harder – now Kalife harder just get all that cock in me, there don’t stop -yes oh yes, yes , yes and then an almighty F—-k from kay. Kay your pussy juices are running all over my cock and your bed is soaking in your cum said Kalife. So, I said, your juices ran all over his cock then.Well Kay I asked again, yes Vernon I just could not stop coming but turn it off now please which I did. Vernon will we be ok after this Kay asked. Yes kay, I told you that I always knew you had lusted after a huge cock and at least you finally told me about Hamid the other day so lets just put this down as a temporary lapse of judgement not to be repeated -OK? Yes, I promise Vernon, good but if I am being honest with you, I did find it a big turn on listening to you being really pleasured by Kalife’s huge cock and how utterly slutty you sounded.With that Kay looked up at me and said she wondered why I felt so hard and that in the future we should go to be and read hot sex stories together if this is the reaction can expect from my cock, as I agreed kay asked me to move from between her legs and told me to lie on my back which I did. Kay then gave me a long slobbering lick along the length of my cock before squatting over my cock and slowly sliding her pussy down until she was fully engulfing my hard on. Kay felt so wet on my cock as she worked her body up and down on me before she reached forwards and placed her hands on my upper thighs which just increased the pressure as I felt my cum building in my balls, kay I am going to cum if you keep this up, good said kay as I am so close to my own orgasm and worked on me harder.Now Vernon, now cum in me and as I started to shoot in kay’s pussy she just sat hard on my cock and this is when she came with such force I could feel her leak around the base of my cock with both her juices and my own hot sperm. Little was said as we rolled exhausted on the bed and awoke about 21.00, come on Vernon lets get a shower together and you can help me shower if you know what I mean. Chapter 3, Lesley turns up unannounced, but this is for another time.

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