The Best Dinner!


This is the night we’ve been waiting for, for ages! “The Dinner Party” We prepare all day for this and we were totally exhausted! Let me tell you all about it!

Jay and I had a great sex life .We were obviously meant for each other, Nothing seemed to be too * out of it * for us.

We were lying beside each other after a Great night of sinful sex. I said to Jay ” have you ever thought about fucking all of our friends?

Jay Laughed ” Sure, What do you have in mind?” Then he thought…” as if Debbie would be a part of this, she is so beautiful but such a prude!”

And as if to read his very thought I said ” you know.. Even prude Debbie, but without them knowing “

Now this really caught his attention…” OK Girl!!” He sat up on his elbow and laid his head in his hand. Looking into her beautiful blue eyes (Gwad He Loved those eyes, They made him fall in love all over again).

” Now you have my undivided attention!”

“Let’s throw a Dinner Party.”

Now Jay was really confused..”What does that have to do with fucking all our friends?” he giggle “Oh I get it an Orgy!! But how would that work without them knowing?”

“Well” I said Grinning from ear to ear ,Because I knew Jay would be right into this!!”

What if we made love with everything that we are going to have for dinner?”

Jay’s eyes lit up! “Fuck girl …you do have a great mind!!! Yeah lets do it!!!”

So they invited all their friends for the best dinner party.

Bob & Denise, Mark & Debbie, Bonnie &Bruce. (I Know how Jay Felt about Bonnie .I knows He would love to have her swallow all of his sweet nectar, But Bruce was a very jealous man. Bonnie was a Beautiful Barbie type Girl.Beautiful small tits and very hard nipples that stuck out like little erasers when she had too much to drink. I suspect that was Bruce’s cue that she was very horny cos the always left when he noticed. Bruce was an average looking man .A little shorter that the average guy I think. Lots of curly hair. He was over weight by about 30 lbs. but that didn’t seem to bother him nor Bonnie.The guys often kidded him about how the hell he landed such a beauty. He laughed back at the guys and grabbed his cock and said,,,, you guys will never know!!!

Bob & Denise were your average husband & wife kinda people .I know with some great drinking and the right mood we would definitely get a 4 some going! Bob had a bit of a belly (but I like that in a man)(too much beer he always said) starting to bald he was about 6 ft tall and was a bit quiet around crowds. almost like he was casing the crowd. Denise was over weight by about 50 lbs. She was about 5 ft 6. But shit, She had a great set of tits. Very full! She always had fun at parties.

And then there was Mark and Debbie. Mark was a very handsome man. When he wasn’t with Deb. he was always joking around .He loved to joke about sex. Jay informed me that Mark had a little crush on me .. I knew that cos one night when we were all playing card and I had a low cut top on to reveal my full tits. (Jay loved to watch them jiggle) I bent over to pick something up and when I looked up Mark was looking at my tits and he had a rock hard cock that showed in his tailored pants. Deb. Was very matronly liked everything just so? Her house was NEVER dirty. Ever!! Even at 5 30 in the morning her hair was done perfect and her make-up was always on. They rest of us looking like.. Well ,,like we just got up!

So we planned it for the following Saturday.

Jay and I went shopping … It was like shopping in a candy store of a love shop! We giggled at each other as we carefully picked out every thing we needed. Roast beef, potatoes, and carrots. Cucumbers, sour crème, dips you know the entire yummy casino şirketleri thing for a great dinner party.

When we got home we could hardly contain ourselves. Where do we start first?? We unpacked everything and washed it then uncorked some wine and undressed for a delicious afternoon. (I’m very self-conscience about my tummy so I put on Jays Favorite.The purple&black full bodice with cups just under my tits to hold them perfect. A garter belt with black stockings and high heels. My hair was done perfectly and my make-up was like the “Fuck me now look ” but tastefully done!

As I dried off the cucumber and put it aside, Jay picked it up and sat on the floor. I continued to peel the carrots when I felt his hot tongue on my ass.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” I said ” and just what are you going to do with that?”

Jay passionately said” just you wait and see!!”

He ran his hot tongue all over my ass and slowly made his way to my bald wet cunt. I spread my legs and let him devoir my sweetness.his cock was so hard. He made sure I was very wet and slowly inserted the cucumber until it was totally inside me. He slowly moved it in & out. I leaned back a little so he could get a better look and a little more inside.

He Stopped and said “Don’t move “

He came back with the video camera and set it up and started it recording….”for after “he said. I didn’t mind I love it more. He got down on the floor again and inserted the cucumber again; slowly he fucked my cunt, then slides around to get in front of me and licked me. He pushed my legs to open more and face the camera more and licked my pussy as he fucked my wet cunt with the cucumber. : Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me Bruce, get all my juices on that fucking cucumber!!!”Jay licked my clit and sucked on it till I came all over it. My juices were flowing out just thing of what we were doing.

Jay pulled it slowly out of my dripping cunt and went over to the table and began slicing it into little circles and placed them neatly on the tray. Then he came back to me and took three carrots and continued the same thing. My juices were all over the Veggies.The air was filled with love smells. You know that “hmmmmmmmmmmmm I know that smell, but I just can’t think of what it is smell, but I love it.

“Now it’s your turn”I whispered in a sexy voice! I had prepared the roast just perfect .. It need just one more seasoning to make it right. I placed it on the table at the prefect angle for the camera. I made a hole just right to fit Jays cock. I said in a deep husky voice” FUCK DEBBIE’S PUSSY!” Jay’s cock instantly ached because it was so hard already. He held the roast like it was Debbie’s ass and plunged his cock inside it. I got down on the floor and softly sucked his balls one at a time. Jay slowly rocked back and forth fucking the roast “do you like this Deb? Do you like the way I fuck you? What .. You want it harder?”I moaned pretending it was Deb.I popped his ball out of my mouth and stroked his balls. He grabbed that roast and pounded it hard.


Jay filled the roast with his cum and with his cock in his hand squirted the left over cum all over the roast. He Looked at the camera …” for extra flavour”At that he placed the roast in the pan and into the oven.

We played with all the food spilling our juices all over the food. Gwad it was fun each time we fuck a fruit or meat or veggie we called out the name of the person we were fucking.

We put all the freshly covered fruits and veggies in the fridge. We were excited and tired.. We took a casino firmaları shower and lay together and fell asleep dreaming of the events that were about to happen.

We awoke to the wonderful aroma of a stuffed roast cooking.mmmmmmmmmmmmm what a wonderful aroma. Jay started to get dressed but I stopped him” you still have to get the dip rerady.”Jay smiles “ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ” He was more than eager to do so.

Jay Knew I love to watch him stroke his cock .So we started the camera up and I was the Camera lady. Jay Mixed up the ingredient that it called for then looked at me and smiled ” Now for the secret ingredient!” He sat at the kitchen table and open his robe and exposed his rock hard cock …Gwaddddddddddddd His balls where huge! This was obviously as big a turn on for him as it was for me. He slowly pour on some cooking oil for “added flavor” and stroked his beautiful cock .As he stroked he talked to Barbie.” You like this Barbie? You like the way I fuck my hand? Pinch your nipples Barbie. Make them hard so I can squirt my cum all over them. Mmmmm that’s right honey pull on them… yeah that’s my Barbie. Now finger your clit for me “As he spoke I did what he asked. Felt wonderful…

” Ok. Barbie Get ready” He grabbed the dipping sauces and jerked out into the dip.” Yeah Barbie this is for you! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all over your tits!” He milked his cock till every last drop of cum had found its way into the dip. He stood up and his limp cock fell beautiful and swayed when he walked .He mixed up the dip and took a little carrot from the fridge and dipped it in to the dip .. “Now you have had both of us Barbie “… and munched it all down!

I was so turned on. I love to watch guys jerk off. It’s so sexy.

We had two more things to prepare but the last one would be fresh, right there.

“Jay, I think Mark and Bob need me!”I slowly sauntered over to the counter and took the sausage into my hands. It was about 10 inches long. I seductively started to suck on it. Pretending it was a huge cock. I licked it like a Popsicle and circle the top with my tongue all the time looking at the camera.” You like this Mark? You like the way I suck you hot cock? I know Debbie doesn’t do this for you, but I will. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm Mark you taste so gooooooood .How can she not like this long hard cock.” I begin to su7ck it like I suck Jays cock .Jay was watching and was already hard.

” Oh Hello Bob cum in!! I need your help. Would you fuck my ass while Mark fucks my hot cunt?” Jay was right on cue!! He walked in stroking his cock

” Damn rights I’ll fuck your ass. Fuck I’ve wanted to do this for a long time!!”

Jay took me over to the table that we are going to serve our friends at in a couple of hours. Laid me down and spread my legs wide open, lubed up my ass with oil and stroked the oil on his cock and slowly pushed his cock into my ass.”Yessssssssssssssssssssssss Bob that’s my man fuck my ass. Jay rocked slowly enjoying every minute of my tight ass. Then Jay says, ” Mark wants some action too!” Jay takes the sausage al inserts it into my wet cunt while he is deep into my ass.

“Holy Fuck that feels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I cry.” Go guys fuck me hard and fast!”

I take a cob of corn and rub some oil on it and begin to stroke my clit with it! Slowly I rub then get faster as Jay fucks me in both holes!!

Jay begins to growl “Yeah this feel great in your ass baby and Mark your cock feels awesome with just a piece of skin between us.”

” Fuck my cunt Mark, You know you’ve always wanted to. Shoot your juices into my wet cunt.

Jay can’t hold back any more. He fucks Me so hard I think IM gonna rupture, güvenilir casino But if feels soooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!

Jay pretend he is both guys that cum at once … ” Yeah you slut here I cum!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fuck kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

Jay milks his cock in my ass and slips out. “Baby you are so fucking hot!!!!” he helps me up and kisses me with his tongue searching for mine. Our tongues touch and are drawn into a long deep kiss. After a bit we break. Jay looks deep into my eyes, slaps my ass and says ” Get ready sexy!”

He walks over to the counter whistling and starts to slice up the meat that was just in my cunt. He winks at me and pops one into his mouth.! ” Yeah baby!!”

Our guest start to arrive and we greeted them all with a cold drink all of their favorites.

Everyone was dressed to kill. It was great to see everyone. But what was more exciting was all the comments on how delicious everything was .. “Especially the dip” Debbie says excitedly. We both looked at each other and smiled.

We took everyone into the dinning room/kitchen and seated everyone. Every thing was on the table except the roast .Jay brought that out and carved it and served all the ladies first. He was really excited that the men were gong to taste him too.

I could see Jays hard on, and he did nothing to hide it.. It was so wonderful to watch. Everyone comment on the wonderful flavors everything had. Jay and I just smiled and watched everyone taste our juices and fucking us with all their taste buds and loving every minute of it. Dinner was Just about over.

Jay asked everyone to go to the sitting room for dessert and asked me to cum and help him.

Everyone left the Kitchen. We turned the camera back on, I got out all the chocolate sticks and Jay took out the warm apple pie. We both looked at each other and giggled. Jay placed the warm apple pie on the table. Took his cock out of his pants and stuck into the pie and started to hump it

.”Fuck this feels wonderful” I took a stick of chocolate and fingered my wet cunt with it, I knew It was going to melt a little so I put some on my exposed cleavage and Jay licked it off as he fuck the apple pie gently.

He started to cum in it ….”Fuck sweetie we show have done this ages ago!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh ” He Milked the rest of the cum all over the top as decoration.

The rest of our friends were in the sitting room not knowing what was in store for them. We added the small amount of ice crème on the side. I dipped the chocolate into my wet cunt and made sure it was covered with my juices. Then inserted into the pies with Jays Juices.

I had chocolate all over my lips .. I looked at Jay ” what am I gonna do with this????”As I pulled up my dress exposing my chocolate covered pussy.

Jay dropped to his knees.” MMMMMMMMMMM My Desert!!” and Devoured all the chocolate from my lips and licked my clit just enough to make me horny. (As if I needed it)

We straightened up and took out ” Desert” Coffee and ” Crème”

The look on everyone’s faces was priceless as the eagerly finished. “Gwad this is the best tasting Apple pie I have ever had! ” says Debbie ” What’s your secret?”

Jay winked at her, smiled and said, “I doubt that you will ever let me show you!”

Bob helped Jay take everything into the kitchen. He noticed the camera. Jay went into the other room to get more things stopped to chat a bit. Bob took advantage of the time and rewound the tape a little to see what was on it.

As he watched it was Jay Fucking the apple pie they just ate. Jay walked it and saw Bob. Jay stood in shock as to what to do. Bob stopped the camera, winked at Jay and said.” I doubt if Debbie will ever let you too!

Jay started to say something and Bob interrupted him. “Listen Jay Denise and I were wondering…

To be continued…

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