The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 2


The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 2This is a story that involves the discovery of the joy of cross dressing. If you have no interest in this fetish you will want to move to another story. I would appreciate your comments.I had promised myself to never touch that catalog again. But how was I supposed to deny myself the trigger to my new found obsession and the stuff shooting out? Yes this was the day that I discovered that my little cock could spurt white stuff and feel really good like my friends said it would. But they said rubbing it really hard would do it. No what really does it is to use the catalog to look at pretty woman in their under garments.I went to bed that night wanting to use the book again. I had seen my mother in her new bra and girdle and I knew I would probably never see such a beautiful sight again. But the catalog with the picture of that same bra and girdle could be the key to making my boner feel good again. As I lay in my bed in the dark I pictured my Mom in that girdle. It fit her so tightly especially between her legs.I had no idea what a woman looked like there, but I knew that she was smooth, no lumps or bumps and my little boner popped up hard every time I thought about how the girdle fit. I had read the description from start to finish, “a nylon tricot crotch.” Well I knew what a crotch was but what was nylon tricot?My hand went inside my underwear and I began stroking my hard little cock and it felt so good I pulled my underwear off and enjoyed the feeling of being naked from the waist down. My hand found my cock again, I loved the feeling of my fingers sliding up and down, but somehow nothing happened except feeling good. The house was quiet, my Mom and Aunt Charlotte had been in the living room talking and laughing.Dad had gone to bed, “you two girls better call it a night,” he said, “You’ll keep the whole house from sleeping.” I heard footsteps in the hall when they stopped talking and my door opened slowly. I closed my eyes most of the way and pretended to be asleep. I knew it was Mom checking on me. She came into the room and touched my forehead, pulled a blanket up further, and left.She left the door open a bit further, the talking and laughing was over. I had my hand on my boner again, it was feeling really good, but I knew it couldn’t happen because I didn’t have that catalog. I saw a shadow in the hall and waited in silence. It was Aunt Charlotte headed to the bathroom. And “Geez she is wearing nothing but her bra and panties,” I screamed in my mind.My little cock throbbed with the sight of her slowly walking down the hall. That meant she would need to come back down the hall. I waited, it seemed like hours. Then the toilet flushed, I waited, my little cock ached, the throbbing was like the time I hit my thumb with the hammer. I closed my eyes and rubbed it some more thinking it would stop the throbbing.It was feeling really good; I was lost in the pleasure and the thought of my Aunt Charlotte in her bra and panties. It was the same bra she was wearing today, the white lace one. The panties were silky looking and they had a glimmer in the hallway light.Then it happened, a hand was touching my arm. I froze, my heart was racing, my ears buzzed and I felt dizzy. I opened my eyes. It was Aunt Charlotte not two feet away from me. Her shiny panties were right at eye level as she ran her hand down my arm under the blankets.Then as if in slow motion she turned slightly and set on the edge of the bed, her hand still on my forearm under the covers. “I know what you are doing Larry,” she whispered quietly. It was like I was frozen, my heart beat so hard my head hurt, I was busted, I was playing with my cock and now my aunt would tell mom, “I am in a world of shit,” I thought.Her hand was warm and soft, neither of us moved. With her free hand she reached up and turned on the lamp beside my bed. I closed my eyes, it seemed so bright, when I opened them slowly I noticed my door bakırköy escort was shut tight and Charlotte was smiling down at me. Her bra begged me to notice every detail.The white lace covered the cups and there was a seam across the middle of each cup. There was a little white bow between the cups and I noticed that it was stretch straps, I had read all about that, “for a comfortable no bind fit,” I remembered. I watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing and then my fingers started to move on my throbbing cock. I had no way to stop it.“Do you know why boys get erections?” Charlotte asked. My hand stopped again, her hand was still on my arm, just flying there, not pulling me away, no stern look or scolding.“No,” I said“Well Larry it is part of growing up. Your body is changing and this happens to all boys your age.” She said as she looked directly at me. My face felt flushed I had no escape. “What happens if she discovers I am naked under here?” I worried.“A man gets an erection and that make him able to plant a seed in his wife to make babies, do you know about that?” she asked.“No,” I said.“Well there will be a time for that later. I bet you get erections a lot, right?” Charlotte asked as she crossed her legs. Her panties glistened in the light, the fabric made little folds that were so delicate. I had not noticed in the dark, but in this light her panties were sort of a minty green color. There was elastic all around the waistband but not like my cotton briefs, it was skinny. And there was elastic around the legs as well, only it looked sort of lacey but not really lace like her bra. I was consumed with the details of what she wore. Her skin was pale and she seemed heavier up close, but she looked just like my mom in this light. I could smell her perfume, it filled my head differently than Mom’s.“Does anything happen when you touch your penis,” Aunt Charlotte asked.I shook my head no, this was so personal yet I wanted to ask her why it only happened once, why the catalog made it do it. “What do you want to ask me Larry, I will never tell your mom and dad, it will be our secret.” She said in a kind and gentle voice. She bent and kissed my forehead and brushed the hair away from my eyes. “I know you want to ask me something, I can see it in your pretty blue eyes.”Then the dam broke, I felt like I needed to know things so I said, “How come it only happened once, stuff came out once, did I break it?” I said with a quiver in my voice.“When did it happen Larry, when you were asleep?” she asked, her soft hand was still on my forearm. Her bra covered breasts just inches away, her shiny panties begging to be touched, my little cock aching.“No this afternoon, when we got back from the store. I had the catalog, I was looking at a picture and it happened. I am so naughty, Mom said boys to touch themselves are bad.” I closed my eyes, I wanted the world to go away.Then something changed, it wasn’t my hand on my cock, it was hers, soft and warm and she ran her fingers over the tip and down to my balls. “You didn’t break it Larry,” she whispered softly, “you need to be in the mood, that is what we call it when it is more than just stiffness.” She said as she pulled her fingers away from my stiff cock. I didn’t want her to stop, it felt so different than mine. “Tell me about the picture you were looking at,” Charlotte said as her hand returned to my forearm. She looked into my eyes as if trying to pull the words out of me.“It was a woman and she was wearing what Mom was wearing this afternoon, in her bedroom,” I admitted and then my mind nearly exploded. I admitted that I was peeking at them. “You mean your mom’s new dress?” she asked and I knew it was a test, just like in school, Miss Martin would ask a question we knew was wrong.“No, not the dress,” I said rather sheepishly.“I understand, and did you like what you were looking at on your mom and in the catalog?” beşiktaş escort She asked as she pushed my hand back over my throbbing cock. I nodded yes, “Can you tell me what part of what you saw you liked the most?” I didn’t answer right away but my mind went from the girdle and the fit of it between her legs and then the bra. It seemed in my young mind that admitting the fit of the girdle would make me creepy.“Maybe you don’t remember what you liked,” Charlotte said, her soft hand on my arm made me want her hand on me again.“It was this,” I said pulling my hand out from under the blanket and pointed to her bra. My finger trembled, it was just an inch away from touching that pretty lace.“Oh I see, your mom’s new blue bra, anything else?” she asked with her hand lying against my naked hip.“And yours,” I said pointing again.“Really, this old rag, I have some really pretty ones you’d really like,” she said. She looked down at her bra as did I, her breasts barely showed behind the cups, I knew they were padded, I loved knowing that and I loved know what size it was. “Have you ever touched a bra or girdle,” she asked in that hushed whisper that gave me the feeling we were sharing a big secret.I shook my head no, “would you like to?” she asked and with her free hand she took my fingers and slide them across the lace. “I am touching a breast I thought,” and I felt my cock throb and her soft fingers slide across my naked hip just a little. Her touch was so light and soft it almost tickled, yet it sent shock waves through my body. “Well what do you think?” Aunt Charlotte asked.“Sort of rough,” I said as she pulled my hand away and then moved them to her panty covered hip.“This is better isn’t it?” she asked as she rubbed the back of my hand across the delicate fabric. “These are nylon tricot, soft as silk.” She whispered as I felt her hand slide along my hip and then her fingers were around my cock again. She softly stroked the tip, gliding over it as light as a feather, I groaned, looked into her eyes while my fingers slide across her hip, and my cock jerked like before.She moved her hand up over my tip and I felt my cum shoot into her soft hand. I felt the same rush that I felt with the catalog and there was no stopping it once it started. I closed my eyes and when my cock stopped spurting I opened them and Aunt Charlotte was smiling, “that felt good didn’t it?” I smiled and nodded my head.“Do you know what just happened is called?” Aunt Charlotte asked.I shook my head no, my body felt totally relaxed, it was like I melted into my bed. I felt her hand leave my cock. “When you or someone else touches you that way it is called masturbation and you will have an orgasm. An orgasm is when your body reacts to the pleasure you feel and then you ejaculate your sperm. Do you know what sperm is?” Charlotte asked.“No,” I said, as I watched her pull her hand out from under the blankets. She opened her hand and I could see the creamy white stuff that got on the catalog page.“This has your sperm in it. Sperm are little seeds that when put in a woman at just the right time make babies. Now all of this sounds sort of complicated, most guys say they jerked off so they could cum. There are many names for body parts and many names for what happens, but jerking off seems pretty common.” Aunt Charlotte said as she reached for a tissue and cleaned my cum off her hand.“Do women masturbate and have orgasms?” I asked feeling secure enough to ask since she had offered so much information.“Yes we do, we masturbate in a different sort of way and our orgasms are different than yours. But we have those same good feelings when we reach that point. Do you know why this worked this time?” she asked and didn’t wait for an answer, “it is because you were aroused or as I said before, in the mood.”“Just because you get stiff doesn’t mean you are aroused enough to cum. I asked you to think about the things beylikdüzü escort that seemed to arouse you, the bra and girdle you saw your mom wear, the touch of your fingers on my lace bra, and your fingers touching my nylon panties. All of these put your mind to a point that your body followed.” Charlotte said as she pulled the blankets up to my neck, “It is time for sleep, none of what has happened today makes you a bad or naughty boy. We can talk again if you want.” Aunt Charlotte reached for the lamp, “What we just did and our little talk, it is a secret that I hope you will keep.” She said and turned off the lamp. She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, “Sleep well Larry.” She said and got up from the bed. As she opened the door the hall light let me see her one more time in her bra and panties, I thought the whole thing was pretty special and I knew I’d keep our secret.The next morning I woke with the same erection I had for the last year at least. But I remembered what my aunt had said, “just because you are stiff doesn’t mean you are aroused,” so I put on my robe over my nearly naked body and went to the bathroom. As I was walking out I saw my aunt in the guest room wearing a bra and panties. Both were completely different than last night.It was Saturday and to my surprise her black panties had Saturday printed on them in fancy letters and her bra must have been one of the pretty ones she mentioned. She saw me looking and curled her finger to invite me in and then put her finger to her lips to signal to be quiet. I stepped in and she motion to close the door. When it was closed she walked over to me and bent to kiss my on the forehead, “did you sleep well?” she asked.“Yes Aunt Charlotte,” I said.“I tell you what,” she said as she knelt in front of me, “when we are alone you can call me Char if that is okay with you?”I nodded and looked down at her boobs in her bra and felt my cock harden under my robe. I had never seen anything like it in the catalogs. It was shiny black and had circular sticking around the cups that came to a sharp point. It looked as slick as her panties were last night and my fingers itched to touch it.“Would you like to touch it?” Char asked. I nodded and said, “Yes Char.” It felt strange to call her that but I liked it. Char took my hand and passed my finger tips over the cups, “Not so rough is it?” she asked. “I told you I had some pretty ones you’d like. Don’t tell anyone but this is padded.” She said and just like she did in Mom’s room she pulled the cup out and I could clearly see her boob and part of her nipple. She let it snap back before I got much of a look but I knew that her nipples were much bigger than mine.She stood and I could plainly see the detail in her panties. They were silky smooth looking. “Do you have underpants with all the days written on them?” I asked.“Oh my yes Larry, I just love these panties, they are so soft and silky. Each day is a different color, the green one last night had Friday printed on it, you probably couldn’t see it then,” she added. “Now you better go get your clothes on your Mom will wonder where you are.”I look at Char again, her black shiny bra with the pointy cups and her black shiny Saturday panties and I want us to talk like we did last night. But I know I needed to do as she suggested and leave to get dressed. I turned away from her and as my hand was on the door knob I felt her hand on my shoulder. I turned and she is smiling, “I forgot to ask,” She said, “did you jerk off this morning?”“Well uh no, I was stiff but not in the mood,” I said with a smile that only comes from sharing a secret with someone you respect and perhaps understand. Looking at her bra and panties and wishing we were in my bedroom like last night I knew what arousal was about. “Are you in the mood now?” Char asked.I nodded yes, I was unable to form words but I wanted to tell her my hard cock needed to be jerked so I could cum. Instead I turned and opened the door knowing that we might talk later.This is another made up story that in some ways parallels the awakening of a lifelong fetish for many cross dressers. In this case I discuss my favorite research document at the age of 11 to 13 years old, the mail order catalogs.

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