The Body


The BodyShe knew she had a body that let her get anything she wanted. She used it to achieve all she had. She was well versed in the great art of fantastic sex. She did everyting better than any one would guess. Men wanted her more and more. Her naked body was perfect. She had nice big round firm tits and an ass that made men stop and stare. Her pussy was tight and could squeeze a mans cock and make him cum several times. She would strip for him and perform a lap dance that made him cum just sitting there. After a night with her a man had no body fluids left as she had sucked and fucked him dry. She made sure he left with a limp and sore cock.Tonight a VIP prince was coming and she would make sure when he left he would know how to be fucked in every hole and drained dry. All it would cost him would be a very huge diamond ring worth thousands of dollars as it was a one of a kind. He was married and she planned to show him what he was missing with his uptight wife. She had shaved and showered and douched and was sexy and clean and waiting for him to arrive. She only wore a sexy half bra, a thong and a sheer dress. She was dressed to show her hot body that was made for all night sex.He arrived in his limo and the driver was to sit all night while the man was royaly fucked by the sexy nympho. As he rang the door bell she answered and he looked over her sexy attire. His cock got hard just seeing her magnificent body. She grabbed his hand and took him into her room. She removed his coat and next his tie. She unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the floor. She unzipped his pants and lowered them and his sexy briefs. She took his cock in her hand and checked it out to admire the size. He was right when he said he had a huge cock, long and thick. She loved a big thick cock for her entertainment. She then felt his round hard balls. They were also huge and that was a good sign. She then turned him around to see his ass. He had firm ass cheeks and she wasted no time spreading them and looking at his ass hole. Later she would fuck his ass with her huge strap-on till he spurted cum down his leg.She now had him naked and began to kiss him shoving her tongue in sarıyer escort his mouth and licking all over his teeth and tongue. She pressed her body tight to him as she then felt and tweaked his nipples. She felt his cock get hard and press to her stomach. She reached down and stroked his cock a few times, but she did not want him ready to fuck till she stripped and teased him for a while.She then pushed him into a chair and tied his hands and legs so he could not touch her as she stripped and danced for him. She straddled his legs and removed her dress. She then turned a complete circle so he could see her complete body which he was not able to touch for now. She got an inch from his face and removed her bra. Huge tits were unveiled. She rubbed a nipple across his lips and his cheek but would not let him suck it yet. Next she removed her thong standing with her legs spread wide and then she placed a leg over his shoulder and rubbed her pussy against his face. He stuck his tongue out to lick her pus but she only allowed a fast taste of her sweet cunt. She then began to dance twisting and moving her hips against his nude body. She bounced her tits as she rubbed his body with her hard nipples. She ran her tits over his hard cock and as the cock leaked precum she rubbed the cum to her finger and across his lips as she then licked the cum off.she started to kiss his huge cock and this made him so excited he began to raise his hips wanting her to suck him till he could cum but she was not ready to let him yet. She stood on the chair and straddled him with her pussy only inches from his face and his eyes were watching her as she spread her pussy wide for him to see. She put a finger in her cunt and then ran the finger across his lips. She dipped her finger in her hole again and pushed the finger in his mouth to suck. She then pushed her pussy to his mouth and let him lick her for a few seconds. She grabbed his head and held it to her wet cunt as he licked her leaking cunt hole.She slid down his body stopping to let him suck her nipples as she grabbed his cock and began to stroke esenyurt escort and jerk him off. He sucked her large nipples as she squeezed his hard balls and played with them. Then she really jerked his cock making him spray his cum up in the air as he screamed with the release.She then sucked his cock to get him hard once again taking the cock deep into her mouth. He was all man and got hard again fast. She like that as she needed to keep that cock hard for hours tonight. She planned to drain every drop of cum from his well fucked cock all night.With his cock hard and sticking straight up in the air she then slid her wet pussy over it and let it deep into her tight hole. She moved up and down on his pole as she rode him deep and hard. She moved her hips in a circular motion and he once again moaned with pleasure. She kissed him trading tongues as she played with his nipples as she fucked his huge cock hard and rough. His cock was in her clear down to his balls. She liked it deep and rough. As she fucked him she kissed him sucking his tongue into her own mouth which was a very erotic move. Sucking the tongue made him even hotter and he kept lifting his hips to fuck her harder and deeper. As he was ready to explode she then let him cum deep in her love hole. He filled her with his cum. She grabbed his lip with her teeth and then pulled him out of her. She stood on the chair and stradled his mouth to let him lick his cum from her pussy hole. His tongue pushed deep in her hole as he sucked all the cum from her love nest.She then reached over and got a ball of twine and began to wrap it around his balls and cock. This was her favorite trick to make the man horny and want to fuck hard. When she got to the tip of his cock she played with the pee slit. She then inserted a gold nail down the slit. It was small an meant for pleasure not pain. As she pushed it in his cock got hard against the binding on his balls and cock.She then left the room and came back wearing her strap-on. It was large and had a part to fit in her cunt to give her pleasure as she fucked the sexy man. She let him watch as she smeared lube avrupa yakası escort over the fake cock and then showed him how a fake cock was in her hole. Next she found his ass hole with a finger and rubbed lube inside his ass. She pushed her finger all the way in him fucking him just a bit. As she fingered his ass she saw his cock jerk loving the ass fucking. She added two more fingers and fucked his ass hard stretching it for the large strap-on. She then untied his hands and pushed him forward over the bench in front of them. She then retied his hands to the bench with his ass in the air. She slapped his ass cheeks before she got ready to mount him. She spread his ass and pushed the huge fake cock into his ass. She pushed slowly into the tight ass loving how it stretched under her big cock. As she got the cock up his ass she then pulled on the bindings around his cock and then began to fuck his ass. As she pushed in his ass the other cock pushed in her cunt. The harder she fucked the ass the harder her cunt was fucked. Soon she was in a trance fucking him harder and harder as her cunt was fucked harder and harder. His ass was stretched wide and she watched the fake cock fuck him as she felt the other cock up her hole. She then heard him scream as his cock spurted cum down his leg and still she kept fucking him as she was going to fuck till he released a second wad of cum. The man kept screaming in pleasure as she fucked his ass hard and without mercy. After another twenty minutes he squirted cum one more time down his leg and was screaming and shouting.She next pulled the fake cock from his ass and filled her fingers with the cum running down his leg. She pushed her cum filled fingers in his mouth and let him suck his own cum before she licked his gaping ass hole. Licking it would make it feel better after it had been stretched to allow the huge cock in it. She could tell he really loved his ass fucked and would probably find a nice young boy to fuck him on a regular basis. Or he would return to her to be ass fucked.She then took him and laid him on her bed and spread his legs so she could remove the bindings from his balls and cock. She was ready to fuck him several more times till he was sure his cock would fall off. When he would leave her he would barely be able to walk as his ass and balls and cock would be sore for the next few days, but the men always planned to come back for more and every time they left cum dry and ass and cocks fucked raw.More of the sexy nympho to come….

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