The Bookstore


Barnes & Noble

Here’s what I’d like to have happen some day at the bookstore…

I was a little tired after the long drive home and decided to stop off at B&N for a coffee and to stretch my legs. It was a bit on the cool side, I walked in quickly and went to the bathroom. Every time I went in there I thought of how nice that handicapped stall would be for a quickie and smiled to myself. Like THAT’S ever going to happen..but it’s a nice little fantasy just the same. I finished up and washed my hands. Still thinking about getting it on, lost in my own little fantasies for a while. I went over to the coffee shop and stood in line. Ahead of me was a VERY cute girl, wearing a black skirt and a white blouse under her jacket. I looked at her pantie lines..nothing wrong with that..she must be cold..poor thing..maybe I should warm her up..LOL.

I caught her eye and said “ must be freezing!”

She gave me a dazzling smile and said saucily “Maybe I am and maybe I”m nice and warm..” I smiled. My kind of girl.

“Well I would think you would get a lot of cold breezes in that skirt…maybe you have on those heated panties..” I laughed. Her smile widened a little and she said very softly..

“And maybe I don’t need panties to stay hot.” I laughed..

“Maybe don’t seem like the cold type.” She laughed and moved a little hand was almost touching her thigh..which were covered in black stockings.

“Definitely not.” she said. I smiled and ‘accidently’ brushed her thigh with the back of my hand.

“Oh..excuse me.” I said. Her smile got even wider..

“No problem..” and moved a hair closer so that my hand was definitely on her thigh. I felt my cock perk up a little. The girl behind the counter called her and asked what she would like.

“Hmmm..”she said and looked at me..”what’s good here?”

“Well” I said “I like the breves..they are nice and creamy..”

“Ummm..that sounds good. canlı bahis şirketleri I’ll have a breve please.”

“I’ll get that for you..and I’d like one myself, please.”

We walked off to the side to wait for our drinks and started chatting.

“So what brings you out on such a cold night?” I asked. “Oh, my daughter needs some help with the computer. All I really know how to do is get online and chat.”

“Well I can probably help you there..I know a bit about computers..I can help you get something that will fit your needs.”

“Do you think so? I want something that will really do the job..”

“I’m sure I can help you out.” Hmm..this was definitely getting interesting..My mind was flashing all sorts of fun thoughts.

We got our drinks and headed over to the computer section. She was standing very close to me. I asked her what she needed help with and decided to play little sexual word games to see just how far she was willing to go with it. She said she was looking for something on MS Office and bent down to pick out a book from the bottom shelf. I caught a flash of thigh above her stockings and a glimpse of the start of the swell of her ass..Hmmm..Yummy,

“Well” I said “That’s a good book..nice and really will stretch your mind. But those aren’t really all that great unless the person who’s doing it knows how to get down to it. Sometimes they are just overkill.”

“Yes. I’ve noticed that before.”

“Now, these more average sized ones can be really good if the person knows the subject thoroughly. They pretty much stick to the important parts and really hammer it home.”

She backed up a little and stood with her ass just touching my hip.

“That sounds like just what I need..a thorough job. All the hot spots hit.”

OK..I thought, this is getting interesting. I reached my hand forward and gently ran my finger up her hip.

“No sense in wasting your precious time on the things that don’t canlı kaçak iddaa count. Just go over the important parts and really pound them into you..sometimes that’s exactly what you need..”

She bent over again and her skirt rose up a little..definitely no panties. I could see her hot little slit this time. She stayed bent over and looked up at me.

“What do you think of this one?”

“I think that’s one of the better ones..very good for an in-depth exploration of the subject.” I reached forward and very gently ran my hand up her inner thigh. “I think that would fit the bill nicely..” I slid my finger over her slit and she gave me a big smile..

“I can see you are willing to help..But I’d hate to take up too much of your time..I remember you said something about getting inside where it’s warm.”

I gave her a smile and slid a finger inside her..she was very wet and warm..I smiled and pulled my finger out..then lifted it to my lips and sucked the juices off it..looking her in the eye I said “That’s OK, as long as I have something warm and creamy to enjoy I’m in no hurry.”

She smiled and stood up.

“I need to make a phone call” she said” isn’t the phone near the men’s room door? Maybe you could help me find it?” She reached out a hand and ran her fingers over my crotch. “I’d be glad to give you a nice reward for all your help..”

“Of course.” I said. “It’s right this way.”

We walked over to the phone and she looked me in the eye. There was no one in the fact the whole store was very quiet.

“I’ve always wondered what the men’s room is like here.” she giggled.. “Do you think you could sneak me in for a peek?”

“Sure..” I smiled. “Be right back..”

I walked one was in any of the stalls so I opened the door and motioned her in..She looked down the hall and I guess no ne was coming because she swiftly came in..

“It’s a little different than I thought.” she said..”I figured it canlı kaçak bahis would be roomier.”

“Well, the handicapped stall is fairly large..come on..”

We walked into the stall and suddenly I heard the door open..she looked up at me and giggled a little. I swiftly sat on the toilet and lifted her into my lap.Her body was pressed against mine and my cock was definitely noticing it’s proximity to her hot little pussy. We heard the guy walk to the urinal..meanwhile I was reaching around and playing with her ass…

“Ever done it in a men’s room?” I whispered..”This is one of my favorite fantasies.”

She gave a sensual smile and reached between her legs for my cock.

“Since you’ve been SUCH a help..” She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, which was getting harder by the second. The guy flushed and left.. I picked up her skirt and slid her onto my cock..just a foreplay. SHe was tight and wet..I opened her blouse a little and began to nibble the tops of her breasts while she began rocking back and forth. trying to get my cock in as far as it would go.. I grabbed her ass cheeks and started to move her in slow circles..with my hard cock in her to the balls. She was getting flushed and smiling as I pulled her bra down and began to suck and gently bite her nipples. We were there for a while..her bouncing up and down on my cock, then stopping and moving slowly and sensually when we heard the door open. People were coming in and out..standing in the stall next to us..some guy was talking about how much he’d like to bone the countergirl to his friend in the next stall..we almost cracked up wondering what he would think about a guy and a girl fucking 2 feet away from him while he fantasized about the clerk. The bathroom emptied again and she began to really bounce up and down..trying not to moan out loud..panting and throwing her head back and forth. I picked her up by the ass and put her against the wall and started to pound into her hard..she was loving it…finally I came and we adjusted our clothes. I walked out into the one was I called her she came out quickly and with a little smile we went our separate ways…..

the end.


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