The Bug That Got Me Mom Ch. 04

Good Morning

I would like to thank ChasP for editing this story for me.

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


Dawn awoke to her body shivering. The fire they had lain next to had died to embers and the cold night air blew across her naked body. Her body stirred and her bearings cleared. Next to her lay her son, the wonderful child that just hours ago made her climax like never before. Remembering how he had taken her again awakened her sinful passion as her body begged to feel that monster cock pumping and ramming deep inside her once again.

Dawn felt her pussy moisten as the strange new sexual urge took control over her free will. She had become a slave to her new desires and all thoughts of right and wrong had vanished. The only thing she wanted was her son pounding madly inside her tingling womb.

Dawn reached for his body as her hand trembled and she lightly touched his marvelous young, muscular chest. She no longer felt wrong to touch him this way. To rub her young man’s body gave her great pleasure.

Her pussy tingled as her hand slowly made its way down to his waist. She could hear him breathing lightly as he innocently slept beside her.

Farther down her hand strayed. Down to the spot a mother dare not go. A place that in the world’s eyes was unacceptable and forbidden. But Dawn didn’t care; she only knew she wanted him. She needed him. And she was going to have him. She had become obsessed with what her body beckoned for. He was the only thing that could quench the fire that burned deep inside her. Her hand touched his magnificent manhood and she paused as her fingers felt its hardness. Her son was already stiff. The thing she most desired was now ready to service her dark desire. Dawn opened her hand and enclosed as much of her son’s enormous dick in her palm as she could. Lightly she stroked up and down its great length. Her son’s body responded as she toyed and his hips began to push against her moving hand.

Dawn lowered her other hand down to her sweltering pussy and her finger grazed her clit sending micro orgasms throughout her body. Her clit was hard as a rock and needed to be felt. Her juices flowed freely, seeping out of her mound.

Dawn toyed faster on her swollen nub while she pumped harder on her son. He began to stir and she went lower with her head, inching her mouth closer to the object of her lustful desire.

Her tongue lightly touched the tip of the shaft, and her son moaned. She felt his hands grasp her head and ease her closer. Without any remorse or regret, her mouth opened and slowly eased his enormous pole inside her watering mouth.

“Ohh. Ohh fuckk, mom,” she heard him groan, as her mouth stretched to take all of his girth.

Faster and faster, she went. Billy’s hips pushed up to meet her as her mouth slid down, driving more of his immense meat into her mouth until it was no longer simply in her mouth, but was now sliding down her throat – so deeply it caused her to gag as more and more of it slid inside. Dawn found herself unable to breath as the monster pumped madly.

Billy grasped his mother’s head tightly and pushed her entire mouth on his raging cock until her lips were locked to his boiling balls. Light muffled coughs were heard coming from his mom as his cock erupted its prize down her gagging throat.

“Oh. Fuck, mom. Oh. Fuckk. I’m coming.. Oh your mouth is so fucking fantastic!” he said, even as she tried desperately to pull herself free from his impaling prick.

Billy finally let her go and Dawn came up gasping for air as his hot sperm dribbled down her chin.

“Billy, I couldn’t breathe!” Dawn scolded, but didn’t even wait for a response as she moved herself onto his mouth with her needing pussy.

“Eat me!” Dawn pleaded as she pushed her hot mound to her son’s lips. “Eat mommy. Make me cum. Mommy needs your tongue.”

Billy did as he was told and licked his mother’s sweet nectar as it smeared his face.

“Ohh. Ohh. Yes, Billy, that’s it. Yes… Yes… Right there. Don’t stop. Ohh. Fuck, please don’t stop,” Dawn pleaded as her first climax sent waves of pleasure throughout her trembling body.

Billy kept licking and sucking as more and more of her juices escaped her swollen hot cunt, and his dick rose again to the occasion.

Dawn eyed her son’s massive monster growing before her eyes, and her mouth watered as Billy licked and lapped at her pussy. She leaned over and devoured his stiff tool again, taking him as deep as she could handle.

As moans and grunts of sexual pleasure filled the cold night air, the sounds traveled to Greg and woke him. Still not fully alert, the sounds of sex pierced his brain and his eyes opened.

Greg looked over the embers to and saw his wife and son engaging again in their forbidden foreplay. He knew that before, Billy’s sex with his wife was to help him cover his own misguided mistake with his daughter, but now it sounded different. There was no sign of resistance from his etlik escort wife as she eagerly sucked on her son’s cock. He could hear moans of pleasure from her as his son hungrily feasted on her pussy. He couldn’t stop watching; their incestual romp filled his own mind with thoughts of pleasure. His dick wanted to feel what they were experiencing. His passion grew more and more as the sounds of sex filled the night sky.

Greg looked over at his sweet daughter. She slept peacefully as the moans from his wife became louder. His dick grew stiffer and stiffer, almost painfully so. He needed relief. He needed to feel his little girl’s soft skin against him again. He needed her hot pussy dancing on his cock. Greg moved himself closer to his daughter and lightly traced his hand over her soft breasts, causing her to softly moan. Her body twitched as his hand played with her globes and her perky nipples stiffened under his fingers.

Dawn needed to feel her son’s cock inside her now. She slipped his dick out of her mouth and turned herself around. Straddling his body, she lowered herself down until her pussy came in contact with his rod. Dawn grabbed his giant pole and guided it to her entrance and eased herself down. Farther and farther down her body descended. Letting her pussy swallow his huge cock, she said “Ohh. Fuck. Billy!!!! You’re so big. I’ve never had anything like that inside me before. Ohh. Awww!” Dawn wailed as her love-hole stretched wider and wider until she felt all of him inside. Slowly Dawn eased herself up an inch, and then back down. And eased up another inch and then back down. Up and down she went as her pace slowly increased and slid more and more of his massive dick in and out of her, until finally she was bouncing and slamming her hot stretched cunt forcefully on her son’s enormous stiff cock. “Ohh. Fuck me, Billy! Fuck me. I want to feel you fill me again. Give me your seed. Oh. Your. Oh god, you’re touching my G spot. Oh My GOD!!!” Dawn screamed, as waves and waves of pleasure filled her quivering body.

Greg couldn’t take anymore. His hands wormed their way down his daughter body until his fingers brushed her sweet mound. He twisted them around until they slid nicely into her.

Stef stirred and her hips twitched as her father worked two fingers deep inside her, warming her love-nest up for his arrival.

Faster his fingers went. Deeper his fingers went. Feverishly he finger-fucked her until her hips bucked to meet his every thrust.

“Oh. Oh. Daddy! Oh. Yes. Oh. Fuck me. Please fuck me,” Stef moaned as her father positioned himself over her petite figure.

“Yes, Daddy. Make love to your daughter. My pussy is waiting for you. Fuck your baby girl. Make me cum again.”

Greg slid his stiff dick along her slit until it parted. He could feel the heat and wetness glide across his hard member as his cock’s head found its mark. With a solid push, half his dick went home. “Ohhh. Fuckkk,” Stef moaned as her body pushed up and sent the rest of her father inside her little pussy.

Greg went faster and faster as the moans from his wife and daughter filled his ears. The sounds of their incestual act had driven him mad. His cock boiled with sperm as his daughter wrapped her legs around his waist and rocked her hips wildly on his tool.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little girl. Oh. I’m close. You’re going to make your little girl cum.” Stef said this as her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him to her.

Greg pumped faster as he felt her approaching orgasm. Her cunt gripped tightly to his cock, sending his sperm racing to the tip. He felt her body stiffen and her hands squeezed his ass tight as groans whimpered from her lips. His dick-head fattened as has he felt his own climax burst free and send his seed into his little girl. “Oh. Fuck. Stef. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.”

As Dawn’s body trembled, Billy sat himself up and gently helped his mother back to the ground. Taking her legs he put them over his shoulders as his magical tool plunged deep back into his mother’s wonderful pussy. He had all the control now as his stiff prick rammed deep inside her.

Dawn screamed as his massive cock went even deeper than before. Waves and waves of pleasure rippled through her body as her son wildly fucked her. “Oh. God, Billy. You’re tearing me apart!”

Billy went even faster and harder. Taking hold of her thighs for more leverage, he was able to push even more of his thick dick into her innermost womb. Her cunt clutched and gripped tightly to his shaft as it raced deep inside his screaming mother.

“Is this what you want, mom? Is this how you like to be fucked? I can do this all night. Just ask me. Tell me you love my cock. Tell me you need it.”

“Oh. Yess. God yes. I need it. Fuck mommy! Make me cum again. Oh. Oh. Aww!” Dawn screamed as another climax was set free.

Billy felt her juices erupt again as his own release was closing. Her tight pussy clutched his dick, driving him crazy. He pushed and pushed and pushed and then, etlik escort bayan “Ohhh!!! Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” His sperm exploded and his giant cock throbbed inside his mother as her hips bucked and twisted around. Billy crashed on top of her again as his head spun from the excitement.

Greg eased his weight off his daughter’s body. But Stef touched his arm as she sat up.

“Let’s go into your tent, Daddy. I want to make love to you again,” she said as they both walked to his tent, leaving his wife and son alone to play by themselves.

The four of them made passionate love until day break. Dawn and Billy relocated to his tent and fucked themselves silly. Their lust never diminished; their new sexual desires only deepened. Instead of feeling satisfied, they were left with wanting more. The hunger for sex grew and grew and didn’t show any signs of stopping. Whatever had happened to Billy because of the bite had also affected his mother.

Totally exhausted, they both finally passed out. They awakened at about noon and immediately their sexual hunger returned.

“Oh my god.” Dawn said, as she felt the strange tingle building once more.

“Me too, mom. My dick wants to feel you again.”

“No. Billy. I now understand now what you meant by not being yourself. I feel it myself,” Dawn replied.

Dawn got up and raced out of the tent before her body’s sexual desires could stop her from wanting to leave. Her pussy tingled with every step. Her pussy-lips felt swollen against her clit and her excitement grew. It was becoming harder and harder to ignore. Like an itch that had to be scratched. Dawn rushed into the woods and found a spot by a big tree. Her hand went down to her pussy and pressed it lightly to her clit. “Ohhh,” Dawn moaned as her body twitched from the touch. Her fingers went; faster and faster, building herself up to climax. She needed more than her fingers rubbing her clit. Her pussy was screaming for something to fill it. Dawn stopped flicking her nub and dug three fingers deep into her wet cunt. Pumping faster and faster, her moans grew louder. Her release was close; she could feel it as another digit went inside. Her body tightened up as her imminent climax broke and sent her over the edge. “Aww. Aww. Aww,” she wailed, as her hips twitched against her hand.

Dawn looked and her mouth dropped as her daughter stood only feet away from her trembling body. “Stef,. I can’t help it. I had to do this. I think I’m infected with something. Whatever bit your brother has affected me,” Dawn said, as tears swelled in her eyes.

“It’s okay, mom. It’s okay. Let’s go tell dad. He’ll know what to do.”

Dawn wept as she explained to Greg what she was feeling. He wasn’t sure how to handle this situation. But he knew he desperately wanted to help his afflicted wife. Billy also felt bad, feeling it was all his fault.

The only thing they could do was seek medical attention. Which meant packing up and leaving. Greg hurried at doing it. Billy also did his best to help, but was finding it unbearable to control his own sexual urges. His cock ragged in his pants and begged to be set free. “Dad,” Billy said “I need to, um, take care of something.” Greg looked down his son’s body and knew what he meant. Realizing it was something he had to do to release the built up sexual tension, Greg half-wondered if Dawn was feeling the same way.

“Okay. But try and make it quick. I want to get you and your mom to a doctor as quick as I can,” Greg replied.

Stef was busy helping also and was only an earshot away. Her mind thought back to the previous night as she and her daddy made wild passionate love. She didn’t want that to end. She didn’t want to go back to the way it was before the camping trip. Her pussy yearned to feel his warm dick filling her up. As Greg walked away to check on their mother, Stef slipped away to find her brother.

Greg found his wife. She was standing inside their tent with her legs crossed tightly as she wept. Greg approached her and lightly touched her shoulder.

“It’s okay, honey. I understand. Don’t suffer. You need to release this feeling,” he said as his hands went down to her pants rim.

“Oh, honey, no. I can’t. I have to control this.”

“I’ll help you,” Greg said as his hands unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them to the ground.

Greg went back to his wife’s needing mound and touched it with his hand.

“Ohhh God, Greg. Oh. I’m so fucking horny,” Dawn said, as her hips pushed against his moving hand.

Dawn reached down and worked Greg pants open. Taking her own hand she fondled her husband’s prick. Both brought themselves to mutual orgasms.

Billy found a secluded spot and stood back against a big oak tree. Quickly he dropped his pants and shorts and wasted no time stroking the monster he now possessed. Billy closed his eyes as his mind reminisced over the images of him fucking his mother. His body jerked as his cock pumped between his fingers. His lust grew more and more escort etlik as the wicked images danced in his brain. And then he felt something else grab his dick and he quickly opened his eyes.

It was Stef. Her hand was gripping his cock as she lowered herself in front of him.

“Stef!” Billy shouted as he watched her head ease closer and closer to his stiff dick.

“What are you doing?!”

“It’s okay, brother,” Stef replied as her mouth closed around her brother’s member.

“Ohhh… Fuck!!!” Billy hissed as the new sensation ran through him. His sister was sucking him off, bringing another incestual desire to life.

Steff eased more and more of her bother inside her mouth. His massive girth filled her mouth as her head began to bob back and forth.

Billy put his hands on her head as his hips rocked, meeting her thrust.

“Ohh. Fuck. Sis. Your mouth is so tight. I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Stef bobbed faster as her hands toyed with her cloths. Undoing her pants she wiggled her ass free. Her bare pussy began to moisten as her own sexual desires grew.

Stef took Billy’s shaft out of her mouth, stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Climbing up her brother’s body, she gripped his waist with her legs and began to ease herself down onto her brother’s thick cock.

“Oh. No. Sis. We can’t. You’ll get. Ohhh. Fuckkk!!!” Billy groaned as he felt her tiny pussy stretched over his massive head.

“Oh. My. God. Billy, you’re so fucking huge! Oh. Ohhh. Ohhh!!!” Stef screamed, as Billy’s cock pushed and stretched her little cunt wide.

Billy was lost. His mom was tight but sis was tighter, and the wicked thought of spreading her wide had overcome his worry about infecting her. Billy moved his hands between her thighs and held her weight. Her legs went higher and spread wider giving Billy ample room to send his monster as deep as he wanted. Stef screamed loudly as her tiny pussy expanded to the massive invasion of her brother’s steel rod. Deeper and deeper, Billy’s dick went. His body pushed and thrust hard into his squealing sister as her body bounced up and down.

“Oh. Fuck. Yes, Billy. Oh. I’ve never felt anything like this. You’re fucking me so deep.”

Billy stiff cock rubbed against her g-spot and caused Stef to lose all control. Her climax hit her like a brick and her body tensed sending Billy the signal to release his seed. Billy pushed and pushed as he felt his prick squirt its infected juices into her thrashing body.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Ohhhh. Fuckk!!!” Stef wailed as one orgasm rolled into another. Never had her body felt like this as her climaxes went on and on until Billy was holding his sister’s exhausted body in his arms. Stef had passed out and Billy lightly set his sister on the ground by his feet.

Stef woke up panting as her body trembled. She felt his sperm burn inside her womb and spread thought her body. It was a new rush as her emotions grew wild with passion and desire. Her brother’s infection did its job. Stef was now feeling the need for her brother’s meat – just as her mother did.

Stef, on weakened legs, tried to stand; Billy helped her to her feet.

“Billy, we have to get back before I want to fuck that magnificent cock of yours again.”

“Stef. I’m sorry. I should have stopped you. You’re sick now, too, aren’t you?”

“Oh God, yes! I want to fuck you again. I can feel my pussy already dripping.” Stef replied. “I don’t want to get cured. I want this to keep going – us fucking our parents.”

“Stef. Mom’s upset. She wants it to end.”

“Do you? Do you want it to end?” Stef asked.

“No. No I don’t. I want to fuck her until she’s pleading me to stop. But. Now I also want to do the same with you.” Billy replied as he grabbed hold of his sister’s body and pulled her forcefully to him. Their lips crashed together and their tongues played. Stef broke free and pushed him away.

“Wait. We have to get back. We need to change their minds,” Stef announced as she grabbed Billy’s hand and pulled him along.

They approached the camp and heard their parents in their tent. Loud moans and grunts could clearly be heard as they approached the entrance.

In their rush, neither of them had dressed and stood naked as they peeked into the tent. Billy and Stef were awed at the sight of Greg and Dawn standing and facing each other as they masturbated each other. Dawn’s hips pushed against her husband’s hand as she stroked him long and fast.

Both children slipped quietly into the tent. Their presence went unnoticed as their parents played their sexual game. Stef went to her father’s side and Billy to his mother’s. Billy went down on his knees and ran his tongue up his mothers ass crack as Stef reached around her father and grabbed his balls. Both parents quickly opened their eyes as they felt their children joining in their sexual foreplay.

“Oh. No, Billy. Ohh. We. We have stop. Ohhh. Fuck,” Dawn moaned as her son tongued her asshole. “Stef, your mother’s right. We. got to refrain from this.” It was no use. Dawn stopped playing with her husband’s tool as her hands reached back to her son’s head as his tongue dug deeper into her puckered ass. Stef wasted no time and dropped down in front of her father and took his stiff cock inside her mouth.

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