The Bus


It was late and I sat in the back of the public bus but there weren’t many people on it. She told me to dress in the short cloth skirt and it barely covered my naked shaven pussy. And as instructed, I wore the small top without a bra. I could not help but feel dirty in this place. I was her little toy and she sat two seats ahead of me, dressed far more demure than me, watching me. A man got on at one of the stops wearing torn jeans and a hard rock t-shirt of some sort. He walked toward the back and glanced at me before sitting across from me and perusing my body with his eyes.

He looked longingly at my shapely bare legs and I gave him my best sinister smile while parting my legs. I showed him that I was not wearing underwear under the short skirt and licked my teeth with my tongue.

She signaled that this was our stop and I stood pulling my skirt down a little to cover the crack of my ass. Following her off the bus, I climbed down the steps and onto the street. She did not glance back at me and walked on. I was not sure of her plan and just followed. This was not a part of town I was familiar with and if she was not with me I was certain I would be raped. I did as she told me and exposed my naked pussy to a man on a public bus, but somehow I figured she wasn’t done with tonight’s game. Usually, she would just tie me up and run the electric pulse over my naked breasts and pussy or put clamps on my nipples and pussy lips and have me clean the house wearing a huge T-shirt until she was done with me, but tonight it was different. She dressed me like an erotic doll and told me what I had to bahis firmaları do.

She walked into a convenience store and purchased a cola. I stood waiting for her when I saw the man from the bus walk in. He asked for the men’s room key and walked out of the store. She also walked out and I obediently followed her.

“I have to piss,” she whispered roughly into my ear. She shoved me behind the store to the restrooms. The man was there with the key in the door to the men’s room. He roughly grabbed me and forced me inside the dirty restroom. She did not follow, but I imagined she meant for him to do this.

He grabbed the door key, it was one of those with the huge paddle to keep it from being pocketed. He pushed me over the sink so that my head was against the fogged dirty mirror and used the paddle to spank my exposed round cheeks that were peeking out from under the short skirt. When they started to thrum from the heated pain of being slapped he turned me around. Facing him, he forcibly kissed me while he feverishly grabbed my breast with one hand and shoved two thick fingers in my quickly slickening pussy. My small shirt soon had both my shapely breasts exposed to this stranger. He pulled away from my mouth to lean down and suck my nipples making me moan, as he slurped and bit my breasts and tits with his mouth, tongue, and teeth.

He pushed my naked ass onto the cold dirt encrusted sink with his thick fingers buried in me fucking me fast and hard punishing my inner G-spot. Soon, I was gasping for air and cumming shamelessly around his fingers coating them with my juices. I was kaçak iddaa bombarded with sensations of ecstasy and craving while his fingers continued to abuse me driving me painfully past one orgasm and into the start of another.

Straightening, he grinned cruelly before leaning forward and biting hard on one of my tits. He pulled back with the flesh still grasped in his teeth until it escaped from their pinch as he kneel down between my quivering legs.

His mouth was vicious as he bit the layers of my bare nether lips. He chewed them without concern for my pain before delving his tongue into the juices leaking from my pussy and inside me. He tongued me like a thirsty man taking a long drink. When his thirst was sated, he found my clitoris to savagely bite and suck. His teeth grasped it and he pulled back on it like he did my tit. I wanted to scream, as he repeated the torment several times, but kept it trapped in my throat. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I was being ravished by a man I didn’t know.

When he stood again, he crushed his lips covered in my juices against my mouth again and I felt his hard bulbous cock head knocking against the entrance to my sloppy hot hole. I didn’t even realize he had released it. My heart jumped and I felt sickly excited as I knew he was going to shove it into me. I didn’t know this man and he was going to actually fuck me.

It was without fanfare that he did the deed. He grunted and rammed his hard cock all the way in without giving me time to adjust to the girth and I had to bite my lip to avoid screaming. I was completely debased kaçak bahis to just being a warm hole to fuck. He pulled his cock all the way out before plunging it in deeper this time. It was so deep in me I felt my cervix move. He pushed my entire body with each stroke of his cock and my breasts shook as my head slammed against the mirror.

He fucked me for a short time before pulling out and catching my hair with his hand. I was yanked off the sink and forced to my knees where he crammed my mouth over his cum soaked cock. He was huge and he shoved it into my mouth over and over again. I was moaning in naughty delight as I gagged on him. He shoved the meat deeper and deeper down my throat making me cough and cover him with thick saliva. I had never deep throated a man before, and I was having trouble breathing between his violent forced strokes.

Apparently my lack of skill was enough, he started to stiffen and wrenched my mouth off of him by my hair that was clumped in his hand. I was yanked to standing again before he shoved me around to face the mirror. With my face pressed against cold glass, he thrust his cock back between my legs. This time he monstrously fucked me harder than he did before. My face was slapping the mirror as he held my hair like a rope and slammed me forward. I no longer held back the grunts and squeals as I started to cum quiveringly around him. My cumming triggered him and he stiffened again to grunt and release into me his hot white ropes of sticky cum.

When he slackened and started to breath rhythmically he withdrew and slapped my ass with the paddle again before he zipped up his pants. I pulled my shirt over my breasts and we left the restroom. The cool night air hit the mixed cum running down my legs, chilling it as a lewd reminder of our fast hot nameless encounter.

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