The Cabin Ch. 02


We’re almost to the cabin and she’s been squirming in her seat for the past half mile. I know her bladder has to be every bit as full as mine. There is only the woods and the cabin out here, which means there is no one to catch us doing anything. Privacy is important for all of the things I have planned for my daughter.

As I start to slow the car, I ask my daughter, “We’re here. Do you remember what you promised, Nia?”

I catch her squirming in the peripheral of my vision as I stop the car. “Yes, daddy.”

I turn off the ignition and turn my dark eyes to hers. “What did you promise?”

She is having a hard time holding still and I know her bladder is on the verge of bursting. “That I’d do anything you want, daddy.”

I smile in anticipation as I say, “That’s right. What happens if you don’t do what I want?”

She is having hard time not jumping out of car and rushing for the cabin. “You’d take me home and I have to spend every night in bed with the two of you.”

Her dark eyes move to the cabin in hope that relief will come to her soon. She will relieve herself of her swollen bladder, but not the way she is expecting. I wish my wife were out here with us, since one more full bladder is not a bad thing. That’s alright, since it will be the three of us before long.

My voice is a little on the playful side as I say, “That’s right, Nia, and I mean it. Go up to the door and take your clothes off. Fold your pants and shirt, then place your shirt on top of your pants. I’ll be over shortly.”

There is pleading in her eyes as she says, “Daddy, I have to pee.”

I grin as she squirms and say, “I know, Nia, but you have to wait a little longer.”

She grimaces from the discomfort and her voice shows her impatience. “OK, daddy, but please hurry.”

She gets out of the car and rushes towards the front of the wraparound deck with the special frame waiting for us on the other side. Her slender hands reach out for the door to the screened in porch as I reach for the bag and watch as she quickly removes her clothing and I see her small tits bouncing from the movement of her body. They are a little bigger than I thought, but not by much and her black nipples hardly stand out at all against our shared ebony flesh.

She is starting to dance as I join her and say, “Hold it just a little longer, Nia.”

Her dark hands move to her tightly trimmed pussy in an attempt to hold it in as she says, “OK, daddy.”

There is desperation in her eyes as I start to remove my own clothing, but she is not saying anything that could cause her delay to be any longer. I set the keys to the cabin on top of my folded clothes with the knowledge that neither of us will be putting anything on our naked bodies until I’m ready to take her home. Her dark eyes move to my flaccid cock and I can only assume that she is trying to take her mind off of her need to piss.

I pick up her dark shit and move it between her legs as I lower myself to my knees. Our shared dark eyes meet and she is desperate for relief. So far, she is not willing to risk us leaving and very willing to wait as long as it takes to relieve herself.

I have a warm smile as I say, “Squat over your shirt and piss on it.”

She looks a little nervous and her dark eyes are looking at my face for some sign I was joking. The words are still running through her mind and I know she is asking herself if I’m being serious. There is nothing on my face to tell her otherwise and nods her head to show she is willing to do what I want.

Her voice sounds a little odd as she says, “OK, daddy. If that’s what you want?”

I smile a little wider as I say, “That’s what I want, Nia.”

She squats before me and her pussy is very close to her shirt. I place my hands between her legs and she can not hold back much longer. Nia is trying to decide if it’s alright for my hands to be in the way of her shirt, but her bladder does not give her much time to do anything other than relieve herself.

Nia starts to let loose with a powerful stream of gold and I grin as the heat reaches my fingers. I am slowly moving my hands back and forth to get greater coverage and can hear the piss dripping down to her shirt. The smell of her golden stream is not quite as strong as her mothers, which is a pleasant change. Variety is a good thing and I intend to enjoy all those areas if difference from her mother.

As more of my hands get covered in her golden stream, our shared dark eyes are looking into one another and she is showing something far more than the relief of her slowly emptying bladder. She is sighing out as more of her gold floods over my hands and I can find no hint of embarrassment that she is pissing on me. The smell continues to drift up to my nostrils and I smile at the sensation on my hands.

She is starting to drip as I pull my hands back and move my eyes down to see them dripping from the hot gold that is starting to cool. I press my finger into my mouth as I move my eyes back to hers keçiören escort and taste the saltiness as she watches in fascination. The saltiness is pleasant on my tongue, but it has already started to cool a little too much for me to really enjoy my daughter’s gold. Next time that will not be a problem, since I plan on her pissing directly into my open mouth.

I press my dripping hands to her small tits and she does not pull back from the sensation of her piss. My hands start to explore every inch as I slowly work my way to her hard nipples. She lets out a sigh from the pleasant sensations she is feeling. Her black nipples are now between my fingers and I am glad she isn’t anywhere near as big as my wife. If her tits had been larger, it would have been impossible for me to cover them with her piss.

I reach down for the shirt and it drips a little as I press it to the ebony flesh just beneath her tits. “Hold your shirt right there and get on your knees.”

There can be no doubt in her mind as to what I am about to do and there is no concern in her voice. “Yes, daddy.”

I release her shirt as her hands press down and she lowers herself carefully down to her knees with a little assistance from me. My eyes are focused on hers as I stand up and point the head of my dick at her tits. There’s and advantage to not being hard and that is the ability to control where my piss will strike with far more ease than an erection allows.

My eyes move up to hers to watch her reaction as I start to empty my painfully full bladder. She jumps a little as my golden powerful stream makes contact with her tits, but does not do anything to show she is in a state of discomfort from my action. I move my eyes down and watch as I make certain both tits are dripping down to her shirt and collecting more piss. Her hard nipples make for lovely targets and I make certain both are getting the same attention. A stronger scent is drifting into my nostrils and I enjoy this greatly.

Once my bladder is empty and I start to drip my gold, I reach down and take the shirt from her hands. It is heavy and dripping with our combined release of gold and a stronger scent comes as I move up and over her head. It is dripping a little down her face as I wring it out onto her black hair. I am tempted to press her shirt against her face, but hold off for the moment.

Once there is no more piss to wring out, I drop her damp shirt on her head. The smell of our combined piss is pleasant and I’m glad she doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of this. She is going to be experiencing a lot more piss related activities before we leave. I find myself wishing again that my wife was here, but I know I have to wait for some of the more interesting things that will happen.

I’m tempted to have her lick the remnant of piss of my flaccid dick, but want to wait to ensure there is nothing to interfere with what I have planned. I pick up the key and unlock the cabin door while smiling down at her naked body. She is so eager to please me and I think that is how every daughter should be with her father.

I open the door and say, “Go inside and wait for me, Nia.”

She looks up and says in a voice that is eager to explore the cabin, “Yes, daddy.”

I bring everything inside and she is standing on the white carpet in the great room. Her black shirt is still on her head and I know she won’t take it off until I tell her she can. My daughter’s dark face and tits are glistening under the lights, which is a pleasant sight to behold.

I grin as I ask, “What do you think of your first shower?”

Some of the piss starts to drip down to her ebony cheeks as she smiles. “I liked it, daddy. I know I’m supposed to be grossed out, but I’m not. It felt really good when you pissed on me.”

My grin turns lecherous as I say, “I’m glad to hear it, Nia. There’s going to be a lot more golden showers. Are you hungry?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, daddy, I’m to excited to eat.”

I look into her dark eyes as I say, “That makes two of us. You want to see the bedroom?”

She holds my eyes and there is pent up excitement in her voice. “Yes, daddy.”

I nod and say, “Follow me, Nia, and keep your shirt on your head.”

I turn as I hear her say, “Yes, daddy.”

I think her introduction to golden showers has made her even more excited and she is almost bouncing behind me. She is staying very close as I move to the open bedroom door and guide my daughter towards the bed of white. My wife’s chocolate body is so fucking sexy against the white, which is the reason there is so much of it in the cabin. Nia’s ebony body is going to look even better.

I move her to the side of the bed she’ll be sleeping on and say, “This is your side. Leave your shirt on your pillow, Nia.”

The anticipation of the unknown can be clearly heard in her voice. “Yes, daddy.”

She presses her narrow body past mine and the smell is quite pleasant. Her hands move the keçiören escort bayan damp shirt from her head and lays it on the pillow without question. There can be no doubt what she’ll be smelling when she lays her head down to sleep and no sense of trepidation about it.

My daughter is bent over slightly and I move my hands to her ass. Her cheeks are not as round as my wife’s and a little more firm to the touch. I’m glad there is more variety and can’t wait to have them together. She lets out a soft sigh as my hands explore her dark flesh and I don’t believe that she has ever been touched this way.

She lets out a slightly louder sigh as she says, “That feels good, daddy.”

I move my fingers to the crack as I ask, “Have you ever had anal, Nia?”

My fingers are moving a little further down and she lets out another sigh. “No, daddy.”

I grin at the answer and continue to slowly work my fingers closer to her asshole. “Have you ever had anything in your asshole?”

She lets out a soft moan. “No, daddy, never.”

My grin widens as my index finger reaches virgin territory and feel her tighten at my touch. Despite her body telling me she does not want me to go any further, her soft moans tell me something completely different. She’s not pulling away as I press down a little with the expectation of not getting very far without lube and am not particularly concerned about depth just yet.

I have my finger right in the center of her asshole and press in just enough to elicit a soft hiss. My finger is not even to the first joint and I feel the wonderful tightness pressing against me. There is another hiss as I press it in just a little more and know that is as far as I’m going to get for the moment.

I move my eyes up from her dark cheeks and say, “Face me, Nia.”

She nods and there is just a note of discomfort in her voice. “Yes, daddy.”

She slowly turns to face me and I can feel her asshole press a little harder against my finger. There is some discomfort on her face, but her eyes show the excitement of the moment. My daughter is willing to do whatever I want and I plan on exploring a lot of things with her body. There won’t be anything I haven’t done with my wife, since I can’t think of anything we have not attempted at least once.

I feel her asshole grip down as I remove my finger and our eyes hold each other. My hand moves to wards her face and she holds her position. Nia can smell my finger and she is looking at me with wonder as I move it closer to her mouth. I’m glad my daughter decided against eating, since I don’t want her to taste anything else. . I smile a little as I say, “Open your mouth, Nia.” Her mouth opens and I press my finger between her lips. “Might as well start getting used to the taste now.”

Her lips press tight against my finger and her tongue starts to explore my finger. There is no hint of concern on her face as I enjoy the sensation of her muscles pressing against me. My dick is starting to twitch and it won’t be much longer before she loses her anal virginity to my massive cock and there is no reason for her to suspect that anything else is about to happen. It isn’t like I would be asking her about anal unless I had every intention of fucking my daughter’s ass.

I pull my finger out of her mouth and her lips press down as I say, “Bend over the bed and wait for me, Nia.”

She grins and the anticipation is growing in her voice. “Anything for you, daddy.”

I see her ebony cheeks spread before me as her body presses against the white blanket, which is ever hotter than seeing my wife like this. Her legs are spread in anticipation of receiving me and I can see the pink against the dark of her flesh. My daughter has a great body and I can’t wait to have her join my wife for my pleasure.

My eyes burn the image of her dark ass into my mind as I leave her in position and head back to the great room. I grab the bag and put the toiletries in the bathroom as I make my way back to my daughter’s body. The only things left in the bag is a white buttplug and a large bottle of anal lube, which will both be needed shortly. Both are set close by and I toss the bag to the side.

I open the anal lube and get plenty onto my dick as I slowly stroke myself while staring at her ass. I’m trying to decide if I should warn her as I place my legs between her and set the bottle to the side. The buttplug is within reach and will need to wait a little while longer before I use it on my daughter.

The ridges of her asshole are camouflaged against the darkness of her flesh and the hole is not easy to see. I know I should stick a finger inside to prepare her, but I want the first thing going beyond my knuckle to be my dick. As the tip presses against her tight hole, I see it tighten to stave off my entry.

My daughter’s voice does not have the same level of excitement as she nervously asks, “What are you doing, daddy?”

I force the head of my dick in and feel escort keçiören it being crushed by a vice as I say, “Fucking your ass, Nia.”

She lets out a groan as she cries out, “It hurts, daddy.”

I press in an inch of my shaft as I say, “It’s going to hurt a lot worse, but you’ll get used to it.”

Her voice is trembling as she says, “Please stop, daddy. It hurts too much.”

I stop with five inches still outside of her asshole and enjoy the sensation far more now. “I’m giving you time to adjust.”

She lets out a sigh of relief as she speaks through her trembling voice. “Fuck. Thanks, daddy. It hurts.”

The sensation of the hot vice pressing down from every angle feels amazing. My wife’s asshole hasn’t been this tight in a long time and I plan to enjoy every moment of this. I am tempted to force the rest of myself inside, but need to be a little patient with my daughter.

Her breathing is becoming steady as I press two inches inside of her wonderfully tight hole. She screams out from the fresh intrusion and I enjoy the sensation of having more than half of my large shaft inside of my daughter. The sensation of hot pressure feels even better and I only have a few inches left.

Her voice is trembling a little more as she speaks between grunts of pain. “I thought you were giving me time, daddy. It hurts. You’re too big.”

I hold myself steady as I say, “No, Nia, I’m not too big. I fuck your mommy in the ass and she likes it.”

She groans out through a shaky voice, “I’m not mommy. Fuck, it hurts, daddy.”

I smile as I say, “I know your not mommy. You’re my daughter and you said you wanted to do all the things with mommy does. Do you remember what you said?”

She groans out, “Yes, daddy, I remember, but I didn’t think you were going to rip me open. Oh fuck, daddy, it hurts too much.”

I smile a little wider as I say, “Does that mean you want to go home.”

She calls out through a breath that is starting to tremble a little less, “No, daddy. It just hurts so much.”

My hands caress her dark flesh as I say, “I’m almost all the way in, Nia.”

There is a little bit of hope in her shaky voice as she speaks. “I think I can take…” I force myself all the way in while she’s speaking and she screams out. “Oh fuck, daddy. Fuck it hurts.”

Her voice is trembling along with her body and I enjoy the sensation of her tight asshole pressing against every inch of my shaft. Nia’s body is pressing against the bed in an attempt to escape, but I have her pinned and there is no way for her to remove anything from her asshole. The trembling of her body is sending pleasant signals through my dick and I very much want to start to move my hips.

I try my best to sound comforting as I take pleasure in my daughter’s asshole. “I know it hurts, Nia. I’m all the way in. It’ll take time, but you’ll get used to anal.”

She begs through her sobbing, “Can we stop, daddy? It hurts. Oh fuck. It’s too big.”

My fingers caress her narrow back as I say, “Not just yet, Nia. Just as soon as I cum.”

Her body is calming, but I know she’s going to feel pain for a while. My daughter’s flesh feels pleasant as my fingers slowly glide along her body. The hot vice feels amazing on my shaft and I love that my daughter was willing to continue. She wants to please me and me alone, which is so much like her mother.

She lets out a few grunts as she tries to catch her breath. “How long, daddy?”

I know what she’s asking, but I am having a little fun as her asshole adjusts to my girth. “How long until what, Nia?”

The trembling has died down and she is able to breath a little easier. “How lung until you cum inside of my ass, daddy?”

My fingers start to work their way down to her firm cheeks. “That all depends, Nia.”

Her breathing is still a little ragged, but there is no sign of the sobbing. “Depends on what, daddy?”

I start to caress her ebony cheeks as say, “On you, Nia. If I’m slow and gentle, it’ll take a while. If I am fast and rough, not that long. Do you want me to be gentle with your asshole, or do you want me to cum inside you sooner?”

My hands are softly rubbing her cheeks as she gets full control over her breathing. “Not much of a choice, daddy.”

I press down a little with my fingertips. “It’s still a choice.”

My fingers squeeze her cheeks a little more and I love the way they fit so perfectly in my hands. “Fuck, daddy. I’m going to regret it, but give it to me fast and rough.”

My hands release her cheeks and move to her narrow hips. “You’ve got it, Nia.”

My ebony fingers grips her dark flesh and I move my eyes to where my dick is buried. I slowly pull out several inches and see part of her pull out with my girth. She is trying to prepare herself as best she can, but it will take time for her to be able to do that effectively. If my daughter is anything like her mother, she will grow to enjoy anal.

I can hold back no longer and I thrust my shaft as deep as I can inside of her. Nia screams out, but it isn’t as loud as it was just a short while ago. My hips start to move as I watch my glistening dick starts to move in and out of her tight asshole. Every movement is bringing pleasure to my body and she is starting to let out more grunts than screams.

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