The Cabin Story


Paul and I were driving to his dad’s place for Christmas this year. We left Michigan and the weather was not bad.

As we continued on tho it got worse. Paul could hardly see the road. He knew we had to turn soon, so the next road south we did. But it was the wrong one and not far into it we were stuck.

It was nearly dusk then. And no one on the road but us. We tried everything to get unstuck, but just couldn’t do it. We were running low on fuel too. We couldn’t stay in the truck much longer so we decided to walk up the road a bit. Before it was dark.

As we walked along, Paul started talking about when we met and our dreams. I think he knew I was a bit scared, and this might get my mind off of it. And feel better.

We walked for what seemed like miles. And there before us was a cabin. My body was starting to feel the cold so this was a big relief. And the door was not locked, even better.

We went inside. It was nice to be in a warm place. Paul got the fireplace going. Our boots and clothing were wet from the snow.

I went to the bedroom and got some blankets. Came back to the fire and set the blankets on the floor. I sat down and started undressing. Paul came over and hugged me.

“It’ll be ok Tam. We’ll have our own Christmas here. Make some new memories.”

I smiled, knowing he was absolutely right.

He pulled my sweat shirt over my head. Then reaching behind me, he undid my bra. Slowly, he pulled the straps off of my shoulders. Taking it and the shirt over to the chair in front of the fire.

He returned and I rubbed my bahis firmaları hand on his chest then grabbing the bottom of his shirt, I pulled it off of him. Grabbing his pants, pulling him closer, I undid them and let them drop to the floor.

When he was putting his clothes by the fire, I undid my own pants and toke them off along with my panties. As I am bending over, Paul comes up behind me and slaps my ass.

“You still have a nice ass Tam after all these years.”

He is always a joker, although I do have a pretty nice ass.

Both of us naked now, we go to the fire and cuddle under the blanket. It is kind of romantic to be with the guy you love all alone, in front of a fire.

We lay there feeling the warmth of the fire. Glad that we are not out in the cold anymore.

Part 2-Cum To Me

Paul and I have been married for awhile now, and I still find him as attractive as I always did. In fact in the last year we have had the best sex ever. We have tried many new things and most of them were superb.

As we are laying in front of the fire, Paul remembers he brought the present he bought me to the cabin. He jumps up and goes to his coat. Now this man’s ass, wow, excellent. I watched him as he walked along naked. Biting the inside of my lips. He comes back and gets under the blanket again.

“Now have you been naughty or nice Tam? And remember, I know the truth!”

“Always naughty Paul, always.”

“Then you should love this gift I got you.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Open it and find out.”

I start opening it. And kaçak iddaa when I finally get it open, I realize what it is. I start giggling I knew this gift was as much for his pleasure as mine. He bought me a vibrator, and it had attachments, plus, now this is the biggie, balls. Yes it had balls. Now i was going to put it back in the box, but Paul was anxious to try it out on me. I was the shy quiet type while Paul was always bringing new ideas into our sex life.

Well, we decided to use the vibrator with no attachments to begin with. It looked so real. I turned it on and the gentle hummm was kind of a turn on. Paul took it from me.

“Lay down sweetie, and lets see what it’s like.”

He turned it off and laid it beside me. He moved his body down to my cunt. Using the tip of his finger he teased my already swollen clit as it bulged with delight. He could feel my hot sticky juices bubbling out of my pussy, so he reached for my new toy.

Part 3 – Vibrations

Holding it in his one hand, he parted my pussy lips with his other hand. Turning the vibrator on, he placed it up against my clit. OHHHHHHHHHH, it was heavenly. Moving it back and forth so slowly. Getting me hotter and hotter. I needed something in my pussy, something now. I was soaked already. Paul knew that. He liked teasing me. He lowered the vibrator to my hole. Mmmmmmmmmm, I sighed. Breathing harder. He slowly pushed the toy deep into my pussy as deep as he could. It felt wonderful. I cried out as it went deeper and deeper. My body tingling as he moved it in and out. I met the thrust with my own. kaçak bahis I screamed out.

“Ohhhhhh my God Paul, awwwwwwwwwww.”

Paul’s hand was taking the vibrator to new levels. His hand was soaked with my cum. You could hear the sloshy sound it made as he pushed it in further and further. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. I loved the new toy, but I needed more. Paul took it out. Turned it off and put it on the floor. Now the real toy will perform.

Part 4-The Whole Nine Yards

Paul lifts his penis and gently touches the tip to my pussy. My moisture runs over him. He moves it over my lips, my clit, my cunt opening. It feels good, it stimulates me more. He continues teasing until he feels the sensation of me having another orgasm. He pushed the head of his penis into my hole. We are both breathing harder. Paul wants in me so bad, but I keep stopping him. Only the tip of his penis is in me, I squeeze on it. Using my muscles. Several times I stop, holding Paul there only half penetrating me. Then I let him enter me completely.

Paul leans over me and kisses me deeply with passion, his eyes are closed but I can feel how near he was. My body is wiggling about. He puts his hands on my shoulders to keep me still. Thrusting harder into me. I breath deeper and deeper as his cock touches every inch of my insides. Paul goes faster. he lets a moan out. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHh”. And with that he explodes into me. I feel the warm semen hit. Giving a last thrust, then grabbing me and holding me tight. We lay there in each others arms for a long time. Then Paul pulls out of me and grabs one of the blankets and covers us up.

We fall asleep, in front of the fire, Paul’s arms wrapped around me. Tomorrow will be another day, but for now we have the memory of today.

The End.

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