The Candy Shop


Bella had spent the last thirty minutes walking from one end of the alley to the other and still no sign of number sixty nine. The address was very clearly printed on the flyer she had found at the previous night’s rave and having gone to the extraordinary bother of getting out of bed early this morning to visit the sweet shop she was rapidly losing her cool.

“This is fucking ridiculous. What’s the point of having a shop no one can find. Especially a confectionery store. Fucking outrageous!”

Bella was not by nature a patient girl. Very much the product of her upbringing she was accustomed to life having a certain pace and ease of access, after all that’s what search engines were for, wasting time and effort actually looking for something seemed very twentieth century. Her new shoes were starting to pinch just a tiny bit. She had dressed quickly this morning, it had only taken just over an hour to choose her outfit and to carefully ensure everything fitted and matched perfectly. It had seemed a perfect opportunity to try out the pair of Iron Fist Star-ship Platform Booties that had arrived fresh from California the day before.

“You looking for the Sweet Shop?”

The interruption to her thought pattern made Bella jump. She looked at the girl and smiled the cookie sweet smile she reserved for occasions when she wasn’t really happy, just being polite.

“It is really hard to spot the first time you visit.”

The girl was dressed reasonably well. A bit punkie for Bella’s tastes the Gothic Kera kimono dress was mainly black with mauve tartan trim and lace at the hem and a matching Obi. Worn with black knee socks and a pair of Demonia V Creepers the look worked.

“Hard? It’s fucking invisible.”

Bella wasn’t inclined to mince her words. Her head was still thumping from the intense volume of J-Pop so recently pounded into her head and the candy low was starting to make her grumpy.

“Should I show you?”

The girls offer of directions was accompanied by a handful of sweet hearts.

“Thank you, yes please.”

The words were mumbled through a mouthful of delicious sugary heaven.

“By the way my name is Cara.”

“Nice to meet you Cara, I’m Bella.”

“Yes you are. Bella, Bella, Bellissima!”

Cara lent forward, gave Bella a peck on each cheek then taking her by the hand headed into the alley.

Number sixty nine was between number sixty eight and number seventy, but of course it wasn’t. The doorway was completely unnumbered and without any hint to what lay behind its very boring appearance, in fact it was totally nondescript. The color was an undistinguished brown, the glazed panels were dirty and the handle was rusty and when turned seemed to do little except rotate endlessly. However with a little patience and a lot of pressure the door creaked grudgingly inward to reveal a very glaring and bright light at the end of a dark corridor. Cara pulled Bella after her and they had reached halfway down the mysterious passage when the door slammed shut again behind them.

“Don’t worry it closes automatically by sensor.”

Cara’s explanation seemed reasonable enough but Bella still shivered inexplicably.

“Don’t say the obvious whatever you do.”

Bella wondered what Cara meant and was still puzzling when they finally illegal bahis stepped into the Sweet Emporium proper.

“That’s impossible. Its bigger on the inside!”

“They always say it Cara.”

“Do you know everything Willy?”

“Just how to make very delicious and pleasurable sweets.”

“Bella this is Willy Wonka. He owns the sweet shop.”

The man was in his fifties, wore a very heavily smoked pair of sun glasses and a very striking brown top hat on a blond head of hair that matched His straggly soul patch perfectly. His clothes were a strange mix of Goth and Victorian in a style He would later explain to Bella was uniquely associated with Him and His siblings. Wonka took Bella’s right hand in His and kissed the back, first taking the time to sniff each of her fingers with great interest.

“A great pleasure to meet you Bella. I hope you find My Emporium as pleasurable as I am sure I will find you.”

The smile He gave as He spoke was somewhere between charming and creepy and Bella felt herself blush slightly as she felt His gaze burn into her flesh.

“Don’t worry about anything Wonka says to you Bella, everything that happens here is always accompanied by the best candy.”

As if to prove Cara’s words Wonka magically produced a huge bowl of the most colorful skittles from thin air. Cara immediately grabbed a handful and started swallowing the yellow ones as fast as possible.

“Have some yellow ones quickly Bella they make you feel amazing.”

Bella managed to take a dozen of the yellow before Cara had taken them all and following her lead popped as many in her mouth as was possible. The effect was instantaneous and totally amazing. The flavor was somewhere between banana and bubble gum but far sweeter and more delicious then anything she had ever experienced before. The strangest thing was the feeling of total contentment that seemed to overtake her whole anatomy, relaxing and fulfilling all at the same time.

“Those are fucking supreme.”

Bella had always had a terrible potty mouth and she couldn’t help but cuss at least once every two sentences. Wonka smiled and shook His head then slapped her very hard across the face.

“Please don’t swear again Bella.”

Bella was surprised at her reaction. Rather than shrink back and feel threatened or violated she actually found the slap pleasurable. Somehow the flavor and texture of the candy was enhanced by the brutish sting to her cheek.

“Oh Willy that is incredible.”

Wonka slapped her again, this time painting her cheeks left and right.

Bella felt so much pleasure she virtually creamed her panties. She felt Cara’s arm slip around her waist and pull her into a close embrace.

“You see Bella I told you this place was amazing. You have only been here a few minutes and already you get free samples and a good bitch slapping. We girls are so lucky.”

The journey from the Emporium sales floor to Wonka’s private laboratory was a cosmic experience. Bella knew her candy, considered herself a child of “Candi Concepts” in all its forms and compulsive edibles, yet in those few short steps she witnessed creations of sugary fruit and confection flavored genius that escaped reason or description.

“The laboratory is where I invent all of My new creations.”

Wonka illegal bahis siteleri waved His hand towards the myriad of jars and glass containers that lined one wall. Each was filled to the brim with candy of every imaginable hue and shape with beautifully hand printed labels describing the varied ingredients.

“Do we get to try them?”

Bella was very excited at the prospect of being a candy guinea pig.

“Well Bella normally that privilege is reserved for special occasions and girls particularly suited and qualified. You think Bella has the makings of a Wonka girl Cara?”

Cara smiled knowingly and casually began to undo Bella’s bodice.

The candy bracelets fitted over her wrists and ankles perfectly. She particularly enjoyed exchanging luxuriant licks with Cara as they tasted each other jewelry accoutrements. Being spread-eagled against the wall was a new experience but one she found strangely comforting in her newly skittled psychological state of being.

The peppermint gobstopper in her mouth was delicious, the fact it was held in place by a leather strap and acted exactly as a ball gag was of no real significance. Even when Wonka had licked the boiled sugar plug and slipped it deeply into her anal sphincter she had no feelings of concern or fear. She was surrounded by tons of candy, delicious wonderful sweets of every flavor imaginable. Every new texture and taste was guaranteed to rock her world. Even when Wonka began the slow steady flagellation of her breasts with a flogger made from a wonderfully flavorsome mixture of Twizzlers and black liquorish strings she could do nothing but writhe in rapturous ecstasy.

Cara had positioned herself between Bella’s spread legs and was busy using a lollipop to coat her inner and outer labia lips with a rich layer of sumptuous strawberry flavoring. Having finally reached a satisfactory depth of red sheen Cara proceeded to lick every morsel from the now swollen flashy outcrops. Bella found it quite easy to climax at every few laps of Cara’s very inquisitive tongue, building steadily towards a good heavy squirting that was bound to follow.

Wonka had criss crossed Bella’s breasts in a perfect design of red and black chequering, aesthetically the effect was beyond beautiful, bordering on the orgasmic. Willy might easily have considered becoming more physically involved in the encounter than as simple deliverer of percussive highlights but was fully engrossed in watching Cara accomplish such an extraordinary linguistic display. The girls tongue had a life all its own and was a marvel in its length and agility.

Stepping back momentarily from His flogging, if only to rest His arm for an instant Wonka was happy to enjoy the unrestricted view He now had of Cara’s perfectly shaped upper thighs and ass. Gladly she was a follower of the ‘sans culottes’ movement and the curves of her vulva and anal cleft were unrestricted by unnecessary enclosure. He noted that the rather beautiful piercing of her hood was adorned with a jewel of His own design, having three pear drops suspended from a fine silver chain. The pleasure of sucking on those sugary dangling’s could only be enhanced by the sensual aroma of the moist female genitalia millimeters away.

Stooping forward Wonka ran a finder down the groove of canlı bahis siteleri Cara’s ass from the small of her back to the tight core of her anal bud. He was rewarded by the most welcoming wink as His fingertip settled on the hopeful sphincter and of course took the opportunity to insert the first joint of His digit into its warm embrace. Cara gripped the infringing distal phalange with all her might and Wonka watched amazed as a stream of drips fell to the floor below her suddenly gaping vulva. Cara was on heat and the boiler pressure valve was releasing steadily.

Wonka shrugged and began to undo His pants. Sometimes penetration is the only real answer.

“Hello sweetie.”

The voice made Him jump and He almost managed to ensnare His now firmly erect penis in the hastily refastened zipper.

“Damned twentieth century inventions.”

“Did I catch you doing the dirty my dear?”

“Just carrying out a little experiment with a couple of prospective companions River.”

“You really are a dirty little Doctor aren’t you.”

Wonka blushed and hastily adjusted His bow-tie.

“Got to pass the time somehow River. Forever is a really long time you know and humans do like their urban legends as perverted as possible.”

“Well for goodness sake don’t put it away now its got quite so exactly the way I like it sweetie.”

In one movement River managed to accomplish dropping to her knees, unfastening Wonka’s pants and taking His stiff member deep in her throat.

“Oh yes River such a long time.”

“Two centuries at least dearie.”

Wonka grabbed her golden curly hair and pushed the plump lips back around His shaft.

“Back into the wormhole then.”

Bella’s eyes focused on the thick rod as it pummeled Rivers mouth. Whomever the woman was she certainly knew how to suck cock. She could see the tip distend her throat at its deepest seeming to cause an artificial Adams apple to appear momentarily. Cara was busy cleaning the last of the sugary essence from Bella’s inner labia and her tongue had started making inroads deeper into the vaginal canal. Bella was really close to the last station called ‘squirtsville’ and her urethra was preparing for full evacuation.

Reaching down River slipped two fingers into her own vagina and began a steady rhythmic thrusting guaranteed to produce a full on orgasm. She carefully controlled the speed and depth of Wonka’s thrusts so as to get unison in the big bang fast approaching. Cara was rubbing her clitoris hard, occasionally removing her hand far enough away to give herself a good hard pussy slap.

Bella was the first to explode. Her bladder emptied exactly in unison with a huge cervical push and the full force of her outpourings caught Cara full in the face. Cara reacted as all good girls should by immediately squirting long and hard onto the floor below her causing a sudden flood of wetness to stream across to where River was kneeling. Whether it was the feel of hot liquid on her knees or her own frantic fingering its difficult to say but Rivers vulva spread and emptied into the general lake of mixed bodily fluids. Wonka let go. Head back mouth open the full force of His ejaculation rifled down Rivers throat to settle hot and salty in the pit of her stomach.

Cara collapsed forward, face pushed into Bella’s cunt, Bella hung from her candy bracelets fighting for breathe, River swallowed and slurped happily on the sucker of her heart’s desire and Wonka stood amidst the carnal devastation of His wildest imaginings and giggled contentedly.

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