The CEOs Wife part 2


The CEOs Wife part 2Having just witnessed my wife with the owner of my company at his pool party, I was dazed to say the least. Seeing your wife’s first infidelity is a hell of a shock to the system. But I was as shocked at my own reaction to the situation as anything. I would have believed that my reaction was to get sexually excited and have a stronger and longer hard-on then I have had in years! I had neglected my duties as acting bartender at the party as I had watched my wife’s submission to my boss. Fortunately, I hadn’t been missed much as many of the guys had left early. There was still the hard core of James’s closest cronies but they were basically helping themselves to their own drinks. So, I ended my bartending duties a few minutes after I got back, at which time I went to find Linda. She was stretched out on a chaise lounge with a very content look on her face. She was probably wondering if I’d noticed that she’d been absent for over thirty minutes. I told her I hoped she’d been having a goo d time, as I’d been too occupied behind the bar to spend time with her. She said, “James kept me busy meeting people, and we also danced a few times.” It hurt that she lied to me. On the other hand, I didn’t really expect her to reveal her infidelity to me. I tried to erase the truth from my mind but I just couldn’t.The music was turned up and men kept asking me if I minded if they asked Linda to dance. Linda loves to dance and I don’t so I couldn’t really say anything but yes. The party was really getting cranked up. I watched Linda on the patio, sweating in the hot sun, covered with baby oil and just about naked in her skimpy suit. I guess the combination of her drinking and the freeing up of her inhibitions by James’s blackmail threat had changed her normally reserved personality, because she was acting totally uninhibited, grinding her hips to the music, her big breasts bouncing with every move. All of the Sales Mangers were loving it as well as James’s other long time associates. On the slow songs, she’d always end up with some guy grinding his crotch into her. As she’d been drinking all day, she was so horny that she just ground back, eventually dry humping pretty much every guy there. I could see the guys whispering to each other and nodding in her direction. I’m sure some of them believed that they had a good chance of fucking her before the party ended. And from the way she was acting, I don’t blame them for thinking that way.Her rear end was totally exposed, her bikini bottom bunched up between her ass-cheeks. Her nipples were also clearly outlined through the top of her suit. She danced with about eight different guys. The last dance was the worst. Keil, our newly promoted Sales Vice-President, had her in a slow dance, and in front of everyone he actually put his hand between the cheeks of her ass and rubbed. Linda just giggled and kept grinding her crotch wantonly into his. It obviously excited her as her nipples started standing at attention poking right trough her flimsy bikini suit material. I had all I could stand and when the song ended, I asked her to come with me into the house. We found an unoccupied room to talk inside James’s house. My heart was pounding. I was angry and embarrassed, but strangely enough my cock was like iron. I told Linda I was tired of seeing her flaunting her body in front of all these men, but she just laughed and said that I was being ridiculous. As she spoke, she put her arms around my waist and rubbed up against me. She must have felt my erection, because she asked, “What have we got here?” She pulled my 5 ” cock out of my suit and said, “Oh, I think you liked seeing me with those men, didn’t you, honey?” She began stroking my cock. “I think watching those guys rubbing my butt got you all worked up.” I couldn’t speak and my cock felt like it was going to explode. She told me if I was a good guy that she’d take care of my hard-on when we got home and that if I wasn’t I’d be sorry. She then told me that she might have been doing a little flirting, but that I should be proud that all the men thought she was sexy. She told me that if I didn’t stop bursa escort acting like such a jealous nerd that she’d get angry enough to do more than flirt. I knew that she’d done more than just flirt already, but I also knew she was right about me being proud of how sexy she was. It had to be the reason her actions were giving me a perpetual hard-on. I was struck like thunder by her assertive posture to my admonitions of her behavior and realized that she and certainly James had the upper hand at this point.We went back to the party, and soon it started to get dark. Just as I was thinking about James telling Linda that they would have another opportunity to be alone, he came up to me and asked me to be the designated driver for a few of his guests who were too drunk to drive. I had no choice but to agree. James said, “Don’t worry about Linda. We’ll keep the party going until you get back.” The sly bastard, I knew he planned on keeping Linda, not the party, going until I got back. I began to figure out a way to see exactly what his plans for Linda were. I had five people to take home, the farthest one living about thirty miles away, so he figured I’d be gone for at least an hour and a half. I was clever enough to take them to town, (about 5 miles away) put them all in a taxi, with good directions to the driver and quickly return to the party. When I got back, about fifteen minutes after I left, I parked about a block away and walked up the driveway so as not to make a sound. The pool area was surrounded by hedges and was extremely well lighted. I could see in from about fifteen feet away, but they couldn’t see me in the dark. When I looked in, I quickly realized that almost everyone had gone home. Linda was reclining on a chaise lounge and looked half asleep. James was saying good-bye to some people. There were two other men, Keil and Carl, (the new Sales V-P and one of his top Sales mangers), standing at the bar. When the others had left, James came back to the pool area, helped Linda out of the chair and began to dance with her to a slow song. I could see Keil and Carl closely watching to see what James was going to do. Keil and Carl had been among those dancing with Linda earlier in the evening, and had taken advantage of every opportunity to fondle her body. With the rest of the guests gone, James wasn’t even subtle with Linda. He gave Keil and Carl a “thumbs up” signal, and they came over and sat down on a lounge chair, watching him.Linda had her arms around James’s neck, and he was holding her ass cheeks in his hands, whispering in her ear. He stopped dancing, turned her head toward him and began kissing her right in front of the other guys. I could see my Linda’s mouth open to welcome the movements of James’s tongue. He played with her breasts and squeezed her buns. “Ohh, James, we shouldn’t be doing this in front of these guys.” Linda moaned. “And my husband could be back any minute.”James took her hand, put it on his cock and said, ” I really don’t give a shit if your husband gets back to see his slutty wife. ‘Cause then I’ll just have to explain what will happen to him if he doesn’t play ball, just the way I expect you to be my sex slave. Besides he wouldn’t be back for another hour at least. In the meantime, baby You’ll do as I say in front of these guys or not. Remember who’s the little slut slave here! As I told you before If you want this again, baby – and I know you do – my friends get to watch.” Anyway, it’s not like we haven’t done this already today. Now, take your suit off for us.” Linda stood there just looking at James, but she kept her hand on his cock, stroking it through his suit. James peeled off his bathing suit. His erection was enormous. Linda immediately put her hand around it and said, “I know I shouldn’t be doing this again. Please don’t let my husband find out.” James smiled over at Carl and Keil then reached out and pulled Linda’s top off. He turned her around and, standing behind her, took one of her breasts in each hand. He said, “Gentlemen, Jack’s little wife here is going to make us all very happy. Isn’t that right, Linda?” As he said this, bursa escort bayan he took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and she began moaning with desire. Keil and Carl stood up. It was then that I noticed Carl had a small video recorder in his hand. But Linda didn’t seem to notice it as she was fully occupied with James. He led her to the chaise lounge, and she lay back as he pulled off her bikini bottom. Carl began to tape the action as James pushed her legs up and began working his cock into her pussy. Linda was groaning and bucking her ass up, saying, “YES, YES – FUCK ME JAMES. GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK. DO IT, BABY. DO IT.” She was acting like a complete slut, and my co-workers were getting it all on tape. I stood there immobilized by the scene unfolding before me, knowing I was helpless to do anything but watch. I was angry at my boss for his seduction of my wife and I was puzzled by my wife’s wanton behavior but at the same time my cock was as stiff as a board and seemed to have a mind of it’s own! I knew one thing for sure that my wife may have been initially forced into this situation but she was certainly now enjoying all the sexual attention she was receiving. I knew that their was no way that I was going to break up her sexual enjoyment! It would be extremely selfish of me to do so, I concluded, and my dick was also making a large argument for me to simply stand back and watch all the sexy action that my wife was about to get into without a thought of breaking it up by doing something stupid at this point! Keil knelt by her face and began rubbing his cock over her lips. Linda didn’t even hesitate. She opened wide and began to noisily suck his hard prick. Keil told Carl to come in for a close-up as he fucked her mouth. “Suck that dick, Linda,” he moaned. “Tell me you love to feel it on your tongue.” “Oh, God, I love it,” Linda said between licks. “It’s so hard, so… big!” James was fucking her really hard, slamming his big cock into her over and over again He gave Linda several huge orgasms. She was starting to shake incessantly, yelling, moaning and holding her legs up high so she could get every inch of James’s penis inside her. After James came, he climbed off Linda. She kept her legs completely spread open and continued sucking Keil’s cock He suddenly stiffened and said, “I’m coming! Suck it down, you little slut.” Linda was groaning and slobbering all over his big dick, totally out of control with lust. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and came all over her face. Keil smiled at the camera, reached down and scooped up a large puddle of spunk from her chin. He told Linda to suck it off his fingers, which she immediately did. Carl had seen enough. He handed the camera to James and told Linda to roll over and get on her hands and knees. Her ass was up in the air. Carl squirted baby oil all over her butt as he took off his suit. He had a very nice sized dick. It wasn’t as big as James’s but still it must have been a good 7 and a half inches. It wasn’t as thick as James’s either. A good thing for my wife. “Does your husband ever fuck your pretty ass?” he asked.”No,” she answered, “I have wished he would but he’s too timid for that.” I was shocked. Why hadn’t she told me? I would’ve been glad to ass-fuck her. But now it looked as though the privilege of having first crack at it would go to Carl. “Please don’t hurt me,” Linda said. Then she reached back and spread her asshole wide open. Carl began to fuck her ass with his thumb, as James moved in with the camcorder for a close-up. Linda was moaning, slowly grinding her ass against Carl’s hand. “Oh, I’ve got to have it! ” she suddenly blurted. “Fuck my ass with your beautiful cock.” Carl began to rub his cock across her asshole, then pushed forward and began to shove it in. Linda was grunting and moaning louder and louder as he buried his prick in her ass. I couldn’t believe it-he forced his cock all the way into my petite wife’s tight ass! Once it was all the way in, he began to shove it in and out with tremendous force. “You like that, baby?” he asked. “Push back against me. Feel my cock in t here. Give escort bursa me that ass.” He was too excited to last very long, and in a few minutes had a tremendous orgasm. When he pulled out of her ass, he pried apart her ass-cheeks wide so James could get a shot of his big cock sliding out of the tight channel.And they still weren’t done with their fuck-fest! At my wife’s urging, Keil flipped Linda over on her back, straddled her chest and began rubbing his cock between her tits. He cummed a big load onto her tits that she really appreciated as she rubbed his jizm all over her bountiful tits and thanked him for titty fucking her. Although she had been timid about it at first, she was now aggressively seeking more and more cock from her trio of lovers. I realized she was living out her x-rated sexual fantasy. As for myself, I was excited beyond believe in spite of the fact that my wife was acting like such a slut or maybe because of it, I really didn’t know. Finally the hurt and pain of watching her actions outweighed the sexual excitement for me and when I couldn’t watch anymore I went down to the car. I drove up the driveway slowly to let them know I was on my way back. When I walked to the pool area, James said Linda had taken a nap and was getting dressed. In a few minutes she came out with a dazed look on her face. James put his arm around her, told me I had a great wife and that he hoped we’d had a good time at his party. Keil and Carl were both standing there smiling at me, their cocks still smelling of my wife. On the way home, Linda didn’t talk much, except to say that she needed to take a shower. When we got home, I made sure to be in the bathroom when she emerged from the shower. I couldn’t believe the way her body looked. Her nipples were red and swollen, and she had red marks on her breasts and thighs from all the rough sex she’d enjoyed. When we got into bed, I asked her if she’d had fun at the party. She said, “You know I did. I especially enjoyed flirting with those guys and I’m glad that you finally approve of my harmless exhibitionism for them. It was nice being the center of attention.” I never did tell my wife that I knew exactly what happened at the party. Nor did I tell her that thinking about her sucking and fucking other men got my cock harder than it had ever been. She did let me fuck her as she had promised earlier, but because she was so tired and because I had already jacked off several times watching her, it wasn’t very good sex for either of us. I guess partially it was also the thoughts I had as we made love, knowing that other men were so much more capable then me of making her sexually happy with their larger equipment and sexual prowess.Over the next few weeks, even though I was less able to satisfy my wife sexually, every time I thought of her with my boss and his friends, I was able to jack-off. Funny thing is, unlike fucking with my wife and getting it off so quickly, I was able to jack-off for over an hour at a time as I thought of the slutty way she acted for them. Since my heart condition has improved, James now schedules me to be out of town about two times a month on consultation work for the company. I know that during these intervals I’m gone that Linda goes to his house for wild sex with him and some of his special friends and clients. She always tells me she’s out with her girlfriends, but I know where she really is. As I said the party was almost a year ago and by now I’ve gotten over the hurt and jealousy of her infidelity to me. But my sexual excitement at seeing my sexy well built wife fucking and sucking other men remains. The best thing of all is that, I’ve located where my wife hides the videos that they make of their wild sex sessions. By making copies, I take them with me on my out of town trips. That way, I can actually re-see her with James’s cock in her mouth, or Carl’s cock crammed up her ass. When I watch her sexy videos, I can jack-off like a man possessed. In this way both my wife and I can enjoy sex better than we ever ha d in the past. Me, by watching her and jacking-off for hours at a time and her, by fulfilling her fantasy of several big cocks to fill every one of her orifices at the same time. She’s now my bosses slut. But she’s still my wife and she’s discreet enough not to let on that she’s having any kind of sexual fling and that’s good enough for me!

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