The Clan Ch. 14


Chapter 14 – Ajay

Ajay had sat fascinated as Jeremy had spoken, because like the other guys he could see his mother in what Jeremy said. Ajay loved his mother dearly, so when the proposal of plans was discussed, he knew he couldn’t do this to his mother. Therefore, Ajay would be the only guy who would play this straight. He would follow his mother’s lead, wherever it went.

While the others discussed the merits of plans A and B, Ajay kept his thoughts to himself, even though he knew Jeremy was right, as soon as he had suggested that their mothers wanted them sexually. For Ajay it was so clear; all the odd pieces fell into place as jigsaw puzzle pieces tend to do, if you stare at them long enough; the whole scene suddenly becomes obvious.

Ajay could see the truth of what Jeremy was saying. His mother had always made him feel special compared to the other guys he knew, by the way she treated him. It was not just the physical contact she had with either, but it was the way she treated him as her confidant, best friend and keeper of her secrets. This is where a particular difficult piece of the puzzle, the depth of his mother’s feelings for him fell into place.

Sylvia had told him on a number of occasions that there was one secret she had to keep from him. At the time he thought it odd for two reasons; firstly, that his mother had a secret to keep from him, and secondly, that she would not tell him. Ajay sometimes thought she wanted to tell him, or wanted him to discover it. It was in little things she said, like nearly telling him and then saying ‘no she couldn’t tell him’.

Ajay had time to think on camp about his mother would say this, and he realized it was during her most affectionate times with him, or just after. As if such physical and emotional intimacy, had brought her to a point where she felt compelled to tell her son. At these times, he had seen the conflict in her eyes and also the sadness.

Now as Ajay watched his mother drive into the camp car park, he wondered how he could bring his mother to tell him her secret. Sylvia parked and her son walked to her with his bags, a huge grin of greeting on his face and her heart soared as it always did when she saw him. The last 2 week had been hell for her.

Ajay hugged his mother and she felt something different as he did, but she hugged him back. As she did, she hoped her physical contact with her son would convey to him her true feelings for him. Feelings that had always been so strong, and yet she dare not tell him. Mother and son held their embrace.

“I love you mum,” Ajay whispered to Sylvia.

“I love you too Ajay,” she whispered back.

They broke their embrace and stood back to look at each other, as if to see if the other had changed in the last 2 weeks. They smiled to see the other was as they remembered. Ajay led his mother to their car with his arm around the small of her back. Sylvia just loved the way her son’s arm felt around her, especially since this was the first time he had held her like this. It felt more intimate, more familiar, more like a lover then a son — as it was the way Ajay intended it to feel.

Once in the car and driving home, mother and son fell into the usual easy conversation. This lasted until they arrived home, but when they did, Sylvia was not looking for an early night.

“Hey Ajay, want to stay up with your old mum and watch some telly or something?”

‘Follow her lead’, Ajay told himself, that’s what Jeremy had told them — and watch for the signs.

“Yeah, I’d love to watch some telly with you mum.”

“Coffee?” Sylvia asked her son as she headed to the kitchen.

“Yeah great,” Ajay answered and followed his mother.

They busied themselves making their drinks, and Ajay kept an eye on his mother the whole time, watching for ‘signs’. He didn’t have to wait long. Unbeknown to her son, Sylvia had had time during the last two weeks to think; to think about the one secret she kept from him and whether keçiören escort she would tell him or not. She knew she had to; he was getting too old. If she left it any longer it would be too late — and Sylvia didn’t want it to be too late.

Her problem, as she saw it was how to tell Ajay. Should she tell him directly, or drop hints, or some other way to convey to him what she had decided he needed to know.

Sylvia had ruled out the direct approach, in case she offended him, or even disgusted him. You see Sylvia’s secret was one she knew the other mothers of the guys at camp harboured as well. Yet, she also knew that unlike herself, most of them buried their secret deep, never, even admitting it to themselves. But Sylvia was far more pragmatic than that, far more honest, no matter how that honesty played out.

No, she would have to tell her son, but indirectly. Yet, there in lay the difficultly; how obvious could she be? How guarded should she be? On one hand she didn’t want to upset her guy, but then she wanted him to know. Sylvia had has two weeks to get this right, as she saw it, now was the time.

Her heart was racing as the two of them worked as a team making coffee; this had all been part of her plan. Odd; here was a mother with a plan, and not the son, because he couldn’t bring himself to try and seduce his mother.

As mother and son moved around the small kitchen, Sylvia told herself it was now or never, and reached around Ajay pressing her body against him a little more then she needed to. He recognized the over play immediately, and the first chance he got he pushed himself into his mother with his back. Sylvia felt the counter move. The dance of seduction had begun.

Coffee making became a long, drawn out process that night, as mother and son exchanged body presses and dumps; both drawing sexual energy from it and both knowing the other’s moves were deliberate. The knowledge itself was sexually arousing.

Sylvia deliberately positioned herself with her back against the bench, so Ajay had to squeeze pass — and squeezed pass he did. Knowing for her son to do so would cause his dick to swipe across her lower tummy. As he squeezed passed, Ajay slowed, giving both his mother and himself an extra long thrill. Sylvia could feel her son’s dick, hard and erect, while Ajay could feel his mother’s soft and pliable tummy.

Sylvia sucked in her breath; not to allow Ajay an easier passing, but in response to her sexual arousal. For his part, Ajay’s dick flexed against his mother’s tummy, giving her an added sensation. They stared into each other’s eyes as Ajay dragged himself across his mother. Both could see the intention of the other. Both knew that they wanted each other; all pretence now evaporated.

With their coffee made they moved into the lounge room, and sat next to each other on the couch. Sylvia had cued a film in the DVD that they would both like, but the film was the last thing on their minds. Mother and son had their attention firmly focused on each other, as they sat and sipped their coffee.

Sylvia leaned into Ajay, and he had moved his body to accommodate his mother. They snuggled comfortably. Now Ajay waited for Sylvia’s next move, and he didn’t have to wait long.

Ajay felt his mother’s hand take his and lead it around her shoulders, to rest it on her chest just above her breast. Ajay’s heart was pounding as he realized just how forward his mother’s move was. So with his heart in his mouth, he moved his hand just that little more to his mother’s breast. As his hand cupped her, he could feel that his mother was not wearing a bra.

Sylvia had hoped her son would firstly recognise her invitation and secondly, take it up and make the next move. As Ajay gently kneaded her breast, she was surprised at just how good it felt.

“Enjoying the film?” Sylvia asked in just above a whisper.

For the first time Ajay actually focused on the film for a few seconds.

“Oh keçiören escort bayan yeah, this was a good choice of yours mum, I’m really enjoying this, what about yourself.”

The whole time Ajay had continued to knead his mother’s breast, slowly increasing the pressure he was applying.

“Yes, it’s just what I wanted tonight,” Sylvia replied as she too tried to focus on the film.

Sylvia moved her free hand to the buttons of her shirt and without a word undid them. Ajay knew exactly what this meant from his mother; it was her permission for her son to take another small step forward. He ensured his manipulation of her breast did not hinder her unbuttoning, just in case it broke the spell of the moment. Now with her shirt open to him, Ajay thought he would also make a move for his mother. He put his coffee mug down as his right hand slipped into her shirt and cupped her naked breast. His left hand now free, reached down to his short and as he lifted his hips he slid his short down to his knees.

Sylvia’s reaction was instantaneous, as she reached for her son’s erect dick, as it stood up straight and proud. Her hand wrapped around her son’s shaft and it felt so good for both of them. It had been a very long time since Sylvia had felt a hard, throbbing dick.

Ajay’s hand caressed his mother’s breast and he gasped as she gripped him. He was so pleased she was ready for him to do this, so he moved his hand to her nipple and Sylvia squirmed as shivers of pleasure ran through her. This must have been a strange sight, as a mother slowly slid her hand up and down her son’s dick, and he in kind rolled and pulled her nipple of one breast and then the other, while neither looked at each other. Their eyes were on the TV, but they saw nothing of the film.

Sylvia’s breathing was the first to turn to a pant as her son’s gentle, yet firm fingers played with each of her nipples. Ajay was busy concentrating on not coming too early for his mother, and Sylvia was more than aware of this; so she kept her hand sliding up and down her son’s dick slow, but it still didn’t take him long. Ajay’s dick pulsated in his mother’s hand, and like an angry cobra spat its cum into the air. Sylvia continued to jack her son, but Ajay had stopped pulling on his mother’s nipples as his body seemed to spasm as he came.

Now he had finished cumming, Ajay expected his mother to stop her hand sliding up and down his dick, but she continued. His dick had lost virtually none of its hardness, and he felt himself becoming aroused again and his hand once more found his mother’s nipples.

Sylvia was too far gone now to either stop or turn back, once she had made her son cum. She wanted his dick inside her now, but not before she had tasted it. As if by instinct, Sylvia pulled her dress up, so her son could now see her little black panties, and then she too lifted her hips to pull them down with her one hand.

Ajay saw his mother clean shaven pussy for the first time, and Sylvia was very pleased when she heard her son gasp as she exposed herself to him.

“Mum your pussy is so beautiful,” Ajay said in a whisper.

He had to touch her, and like a man possessed he reached down to slide his hand over her tummy that was slightly rounded. His hand glided over her silky skin to her pubic mound and on to her pussy. Three fingers of his hand cupped his mother’s pussy, the middle finger pushing gently into her slit, while the other two on either side kneaded her lips.

Ajay’s mother was very wet, as her feelings for her son had overwhelmed her now, after being suppressed for so long. Sylvia was still jacking her son’s dick as she watched him cup and knead her pussy; this was dream come true for her. Ajay’s earlier cum worked as a lubricant for Sylvia as she slowly pulled up and down his dick, while she watched and felt his middle finger disappear into her slit.

Both mother and son were on such an emotional high as they played sexually escort keçiören with each other. Sylvia more so as her son’s finger explored the inside of her love tunnel. Ajay watched his mother’s face for her reaction as his finger pushed against the inside of his mother’s love tunnel, and her eyes began to glaze over and her mouth open as he found her G spot.

With his attention on his mother, Ajay was able to last a long time; and Sylvia’s hand slowing down as she immersed herself in her son’s manipulations took their toll. With his hand on her breast squeezing her nipple, and his other hand on her pussy and his finger pushing her G spot.

Suddenly, Sylvia had to have her son in her body, and she opened her eyes wide and looked into his eyes, letting go of his dick. He knew immediately what his mother wanted, and Ajay took his hands away from her, as she spun around on the couch and onto her back, spreading her legs for her man. Sylvia opened her arms to her son as an invitation to come into her embrace and into her pussy. Ajay took his mother in his arms and she wrapped her arms around him. His dick didn’t need to be guided into his mother, as he was rock hard and Sylvia’s pussy lips were wide open to her son.

Ajay’s dick slid straight into his mother with ease, and he slowly pushed himself to the full depth of his mother. Ajay couldn’t contain himself as that beautiful feeling of penetrating his mother rippled through him from the moment his knob entered her.

“Ah mum, you feel so good to fuck, you really do.”

“It’s great this end to darling,” Sylvia told her son.

Ajay slowly thrust back and forth in his mother, and he just knew this would be long and slow for both of them. Sylvia held her son in a light grip to allow his the movement he needed, so he could slow fuck her — just as she wanted then and there. Her sounds were soft and low, but conveyed to her son just how great he was making her feel. His hips rose and fell in a rhythm that was perfect for their first fuck, slow and steady.

Sylvia could feel her orgasm rising slowly but steadily, and it was a great feeling after so many years of going without. After about ten minutes of slow humping, with Ajay concentrating on getting it right the first time for his mum, Sylvia quietly said,

“Faster and harder now darling.”

Ajay looked into his mother’s eyes, as he had been focused on his dick thrusting back and forth, sucking his mother’s pussy lips in and out of her. He could see in her eyes what she wanted, and complied with her need. He changed gear immediately, and pounded into her body. Sylvia reacted immediately also, as the noises that emanated from her suddenly went to fever pitch. She hadn’t expected to feel this good, as soon as her son increased his speed and force. Somewhere in her mind, as she now raced to her climax, Sylvia acknowledged just how much her son suited her sexually. She had hoped for this, but hadn’t hung any hopes on it. But now it added to her orgasm.

Ajay continued to stare at his dick thrusting into his mother, and on making her cum before he did a second time. His hard work was about to pay off, after nearly twenty minutes of fucking his mother. He could hear that she was very close to hitting the very peak of her climax, with her guttural low noises and screams intermingled with panting for air. Sylvia’s eyes were closed and her head was tilted back in full appreciation of being so highly stimulated.

Sylvia’s climax peaked and she screamed long and loud, and Ajay looked up to his mother’s face to see the fruits of all his work. The look on her face was what he needed to hit his own climax, and he shot hard and strong into the very end of his mother’s pussy. Sylvia felt her son blow into her pussy as she began to come down from her climax, and it gave her an extra thrill to know her son was cumming in her.

As mother and son lay in each other’s arms on their couch in the after glow of their first sexual coupling, they explored each other with soft loving fingers.

“That’s it you know,” Sylvia told Ajay and he knew exactly what she meant.

“And about time,” Ajay replied, as he too gave silent thanks to Jeremy. Without Jeremy’s ‘little talk’, Ajay knew he would not have had the courage to follow his mother’s lead.

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