The Coatroom – The Climax


Your explosive orgasm had barely subsided, the muscles within your clit tightening around my fingers, your clit still pulsating on my tongue, when I stood up quickly and raised your dress over your naval, took your long, lean legs and put them over my shoulders.

My long, thick cock was now twitching, teasing, as you looked down and I saw the smoldering look of unbridled lust in your sparkling eyes, your eyes flipping between my own eyes and the rock hard member now inches from your entrance, and I lingered just beyond your walls, my length now bouncing over your thighs and stomach, and you moaned, sighed, wriggled, with my hands now firmly gripping your ankles, pulling your legs apart, and as much as you loved the fact of being lost in my complete control, you were nearly bursting with frustration, craving me to be in you, deeply.

I smiled down at this beautiful woman now writhing within my grasp, your scent of anticipation filling the musky air of the cramped room, serving as a further signal of your desire, each tactile sense now maximized. Sight.Sound.Taste.Smell.Touch.

“Oh my God, I want you to fuck me, please, please fuck me, John!” The heat was now rising noticeably between your thighs, your pussy still vibrating with after shocks of the orgasm administered by my mouth and hands, and very much anticipating the throbbing piece of steel plunging inside of you.

“Tell me again, I couldn’t quite hear you.”

I teased you, now letting bahis firmaları the very tip of my large cockhead press against your opening, ever so slightly.

“Dammit, fuck me, NOW, hard!”

With that prompting, the proper enthusiasm now audibly requested, in one thrust of my hips I plummeted within you for the first time, that indescribable sensation of cock meeting pussy in that first instant when time stands still, when the world doesn’t exist beyond our pelvises grinding together furiously, and I watched your eyes virtually roll back into your head, your neck twisting from side to side almost uncontrollably, your face turning from pink to crimson, your lips pursed, and I worked a firm, powerful rhythm, as your hips rose desperately to meet and catch my hard thrusts, your cunt completely filled with manhood, long, skilled, strong……

I glided my palms beneath your ass, and lifted you up from the ledge, now carrying you in the small room, your legs wrapping instinctively around my waist, your own hands holding onto the back of my neck, and I lifted you up, time and time again, and threw you down roughly on my cock, your pussy splitting wide with each downward movement, my cock ramming you again and again and again, my mouth now working its way to your nipples, sucking on them, pulling them with my teeth, feeling their hardness between my lips.

Your brief journey airborne ended when I brought you to the far corner, right in front kaçak iddaa of the wall-mounted mirror, and I lifted you down and spun you around so that your heaving breasts faced the mirror, and with the force of my body I pushed you into the glass, taking your wrists and spreading them on either side of the frame, and entered you again, this time from behind.

My lips worked frantically on the nape of your neck, I whispered into your ear, “Open your eyes and watch yourself get thoroughly fucked.”

With that, I took your tits in one hand, alternating rubbing and grabbing them, and with the other hand, I reached around and firmly ground my fingertip onto your clit, just inches away from my cock still buried in your dripping cunt, and the sensation was unlike any that you had ever known, this man who you had waited for, who looked so conservative, now providing carnal pleasure to you as you had never imagined, and the dichotomy made you even more aroused, your entire body and mind now on fire, completely lost, surrendering your entire body and being to me. You were mine,and you loved it.

I felt your stomach gyrating again, and the tight muscles within you more firmly grasping my cock, and I knew that you were again ready to explode, as I heaved faster, harder into your tight, wet tunnel, and as you shuddered and groaned and wailed, I pulled out of you and grabbed your shoulders downward, spinning you around, and you knew what was to come, and you opened kaçak bahis your mouth willingly as wave after wave of my cream gushed from my cock, coating your beautiful face, your neck, your cheeks, your hair, your breasts.

I stood above you and waited for your eyes to slowly open, cum dripping slightly from one eyelid, and I pulled you up towards me and kissed you deeply, tasting my own cum on your face and lips, my own mouth still covered with the sweet nectar of your own juices from my tongue-lashing of you.

You started to say something, but I put a finger gently to your lips,and tenderly recovered the wrinkled dress that was now strewn across the ledge, and slipped your heels on, and raised the straps of your dress back over your ample bosom, and lowered it down your smooth stomach.

You stood and watched me dress myself, smiling, mesmerized, sated, wanting more, but completely exhausted, and I took you by the hand and led you out of the room and down the corridor.

You feebly protested, and again I smiled and raised a single finger to your mouth, and we walked into the foyer where the remains of the wait staff watched us, your hair falling into your eyes, your hair mussed wildly, cum still coating your lips and cheeks, and as we walked by the smugly grinning maitre’d, I took one of your fingers to your own face, and rubbed your fingertip on the cum on your face.

I pressed your fingertip onto the handsome man’s face, and told him “Consider this your tip for lovely ambiance.”

As my hand wrapped snugly around your waist as we exited the door, we heard the man say, over our shoulders “Please, by all means, cum again.”


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