The College Life Ch. 03


I woke up slowly, the way you do after a night of too many beers. Besides my head aching, my cock ached as if I had tried to screw myself dead. Cotton-mouthed, I wedged my eyes open to find myself cuddled with someone who was not the woman I had gone to the fraternity party with last night. We were spooned, her ass against my hard cock, my arms around her caressing her breasts. Looking over her shoulder, I didn’t recognize her room either so, shit, lost again.

Her hair was thick, curly and bright red. She seemed to be about 5’2″, nicely rounded, and warm and pliable. She moaned every time we rubbed against each other.

I felt her ass rub hard against me again, my dick thick between her ass cheeks, and I began to think that I could at least get a good morning screw out of this when she leaned a little away from me and in this breathless voice said, “Please fuck me anally. I really want my ass fucked.”

My dick illegal bahis was still wet, and I slid between her cheeks and then – POP – inside her tight anal ring. “Oh my god” was all she said as she pressed back against me and I slid deeper. I moved a little, twisting my body, and thrust inside her. “Oh shit!”

She was kinda tight, a nice feel for early first thing in the morning. She moaned again as we set up a nice rhythm and she gasped, “I’ve never had anyone as large as you. Shit, you’re big!” She moved my hands to her nipples and began to moan with every thrust. “Oh yeah. Fuckme, fuckmyass, fuckit, fuckit!”

I pressed her face down on the pillow and got on top where I could ride her ass and began to fuck her ass hard, deeper and deeper, listening to her muffled screams: “Oh shit, fuckme, fuckit, oh shitfuck, goddamn, shit, tear me up,. Fuckit, fuckit, fuckit….”

I reached down and grabbed a handful of hair, illegal bahis siteleri pulling and arching her back towards me as her garbled words turned to unintelligible sounds, her body arched against my thick dick in her ass, her head like a rag doll shaking back and forth as she came under me. She screamed and I drove my cock even deeper listening to her as I began to cum….

I woke up later by the looks of the sunlight. I was on my back and all I could see was her long red hair as she sucked my cock. God, she was great, deep throating me and twisting her head from side to side, hair flying out as she sucked my dick. Her hands went under my ass and a finger probed my asshole, arching my back up and my cock deeper down her throat. She did it again, and I screamed, shooting another load into her hot mouth….

The next thing I heard she was brushing her teeth in her bathroom. I was dying to pee so I got up canlı bahis siteleri but as I turned the corner I was her leaned up against the bathroom counter in front of a large mirror. I couldn’t resist so I slipped up behind her, and slid my cock between her legs. She gasped and reached down to help me inside her but I was already in her pussy and fucking her hard. We didn’t speak, just fucked, harder and harder, watching each other’s eyes in the mirror, until she moaned and began to fall, sinking into my arms as she came, her tight pussy driving me over the edge to another great cum.

When we awoke, it was dark, and she was collapsed on top of me like she had just ridden me to a great orgasm and I figured out who she was. “Where’s Jim?”

“Ah shit, you and I tried to get a 4-sum going with him and your date but they were chicken. Fuck ’em. They left in a cab. By that time, I wanted to fuck you so I cut the phone off, locked the door, and we went at it. And shit, I got a test tomorrow morning so I’ve got to go study.”

I found myself outside her apartment at 7:30 in the evening, totally exhausted, hungry…..then Jim drove up in his pickup. “Wanna ride?”

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