The Concert


The concert was loud, dark and very hot. I couldn’t believe that so many people were there, that I’d even come along and that I had managed to lose my friends 30 seconds after coming in the gates. But I was very grateful that I’d heeded my friends warnings and worn my mini skirt and halter top. Anything else in this heat and I’d be melting. I’d managed to find a more secluded spot, if you can call any spot in the middle of so many people secluded, and had settled down to this long awaited concert.

The music was coming on hard and strong and I was already right in the mood. Swinging my hips and arms I was the original wild child, just picking up the groove and flowing with it. When I felt his breath upon my neck I almost screamed in fright, but then I caught myself, no one would have heard a scream anyway! And the guy was only dancing right? How lame would I look if I screamed at him?

But I could say one thing for him. Man did he have rhythm! I could feel his body canlı bahis swaying to the beat of the music, in time with every nuance of the song. And I was moving right along with him. I’d never considered myself much of a dancer, but I guess I’d just been missing the right partner. His hands felt electric whenever they brushed my bare skin and I felt myself getting aroused by his touch, the music and the chemistry between us. When he pressed his arms to my thighs and leaned me back against him, I could tell I wasn’t the only one affected. He wasn’t huge, but he was definitely very hard.

He lifted my arm over my head and back around his neck, my other hand just hanging loosely. One of his hands stroked my uplifted arm while the other held me tightly around my waist. I was pressing back against him in some wanton manner, completely out of character, but I was so totally engulfed in the moment that everything felt right. When his hand started to brush against the side of bahis siteleri my breast I arched my back against him, longing for his touch. His other hand was slipping lower, and I could feel his pressure on my pubic bone. I was sure that everyone was watching us, but no one cared, we were in our own little world. When he cupped my breast with his hand my legs almost gave way, and if it wasn’t for his strong arm around me I would have collapsed to the ground. His other hand started to press even lower and I spread my legs to give him access to my very wet and very hot pussy.

I felt his fingers run over my panties and then inside, starting at my clit and running all the way down and then back again. Just stroking my pussy lips and clit, not entering too far. I was now on the balls of my feet, my arse pressed against his rock hard cock, grinding against him in some kind of primitive dance. He just pulled my panties to one side and before I realized what was happening, I could bahis şirketleri feel his cock pressing against my pussy lips. I can’t tell you how he did it because I would have sworn a minute ago his cock was clothed! And I definitely don’t need to tell you there wasn’t a lot of resistance left in this girl or her pussy, he just slid right in, right to the hilt, and fuck me, I came on the spot! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a powerful orgasm in my life, and maybe never will again. I just rode his cock while the music raged and the people around us, oblivious to our fucking, carried on as if nothing was happening.

As the song built to its’ climax I could feel his body shaking. He was trying very hard to hold back his orgasm but he couldn’t. When he came I was lifted off my feet as he drove deeply inside me. I felt him slowly slip out of me as the song wound down, and we both drifted apart as the crowd started to break up.

I finally found my friends 15 minutes later in the car park. They were worried about me and were grateful that I was there and ok. They apologized for not keeping together and were sorry that the concert was such a bust for me. If only they knew huh?

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