The Countess

The CountessShe’s getting scarier, but there is no point in worrying about it. I’m totally hooked on her and whatever happens is inevitable. She has me tied down the usual way – on my back on the bed with my feet chained to the bedposts and a noose around my neck. She leaves my arms free because she says she likes to watch me trying to fend off the blows when she beats me. Creepy, right? Who knows what she will do to me this time? Cuts and bruises are par for the course. I always tell her “not the face!” but kayseri escort bayan there have been a couple of fat lips and a black eye so far. Now she is on top of me in a 69 position and I can feel her breath on my dick. I am getting a hard-on but I’m still a little worried because I hear something that sounds like snarling. Trying to put my fear aside, I start licking her moist pussy while I work a finger into her anus. I feel her tongue circle the head of my cock and I begin licking escort kayseri and fingering a little faster. Her lips close around the head and I smile as…OWWWW!!! She’s biting my penis! Biting it hard!! I don’t say anything. I never do. She starts sucking my cock voraciously and I go back to eating her pussy deeper and faster while still finger-fucking her ass. We bring each other to climax within minutes – our bodies writhing and bucking as we devour each other’s genitalia! When it’s over, kayseri escort she turns around 180 degrees and lays on top of me face-to-face. I am shocked by what I see. Her beautiful face is beaming with a joyful smile that shows every tooth. But it’s not the grimacing smile that shocks me – it’s the blood. Her face is covered with blood! My blood!! What’s worse is that she is making a show of drooling a river of blood down her chin and onto her chest. Now she is rubbing the vile red fluid around her ample breasts as her red-tooth smile becomes even wider and more demonic-looking! As she laughs maniacally, the horrible truth dawns on me. My girlfriend has been drinking my blood! Drinking the blood from my hard cock!! SHE’S A bloodY COCKSUCKING FUCKING VAMPIRE!!!

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