THE CREATURE WITHIN 10: GUARDCHAPTER 10: GUARDSylvia’s assignment of me to work with her on the charity side of her life proved enlightening. The Contreras Foundation was much more than I had been led to understand initially. I had heard mentioned that the Contreras’ provided a fund to the Venezuelan Special Forces and to the Caracas Special Crimes Unit, both of which were encouraged to use the funds for necessary equipment and manpower. The Special Forces was a branch of the military that Adrian had once commanded an elite unit within and were additionally used for fighting cartel and d**g forces outside the major cities. The Special Crimes Unit was the Caracas Police group assigned to fighting and investigating similar activities, but within the city limits of Caracas. They were also responsible for a growing threat in the city involving sex-slavery. Sylvia asked Adrian to oversee and front that part of the Foundation activities on her behalf. She made the necessary formal transition introductions, but both the military and police groups were excited to be able to work with Major Ramos, as he was increasingly being referred to as his role became more public.The other side of the foundation I assumed was the support of the arts that I had noticed her recognition. I was very wrong. Yes, she was very involved in supporting several of the arts groups in Caracas and she had even dragged me to an opera. But, the other major element of the Contreras Foundation was the poor and education. The education element included one of the smaller colleges but focused more on programs and aid in support of schools in the poor and slum areas of Caracas metropolitan area. It was this part of the foundation work she was pushing me to support her efforts.I was not a citizen of Venezuela and was, therefore, restricted in what I could do in the way of any appearance of paid working. My visa was that of ‘tourist’ so I could draw no salary, but since I was living in Sylvia’s estate and receiving an allowance of sorts, there was little real need for drawing a salary.It was in this new role of accompanying Sylvia that I found myself making the rounds with Sylvia and on numerous occasions being with her when she visited her various offices and companies in the Caracas area. On this particular day, I was accompanying Adrian and her to the Contreras Enterprises Headquarters, which was coincidentally in the Contreras Building, an eleven story office and retail building in the business district. Contreras Enterprises occupies the top six floors with Sylvia having a corner office on the top floor overlooking the major business and entertainment district of Caracas.It was from this building that Adrian led Sylvia and me through the main doors and onto the large outdoor courtyard with its raised flower gardens and fountain. We were headed next for the Caracas Opera House, which was about four blocks away. The time spent from the top floor to the ground was consumed with Sylvia and Adrian discussing walking or driving. Adrian wanted to drive us; Sylvia and I wanted to walk. It was a rare, beautifully sunny day without high humidity or temperatures.While they continued there talking, Adrian really needed to learn and understand that Sylvia was going to win in the end, I spotted a street vendor on the corner. I told them I was going to get bottled water for the walk. Adrian gave me an exasperated look as he continued to make his point about safety on the streets of the most dangerous city in the Western Hemisphere, if not the world.I touched Sylvia’s upper arm and told her I would meet them at the corner. I turned and felt like I was nearly sashaying across the crowded courtyard and down the couple steps to the expansive sidewalk. The beautiful day added to the feeling of elegance in the way I was feeling about myself. The clothes Sylvia had me wearing in the city were stunning and the freshness of the air and sunny warmth added to the experience. I was wearing a spaghetti strap sun-dress and high heels. My tanned and smooth legs required no nylons and I did not like the feeling of them in warm weather. Sylvia and I owned some, however, and teased about the show we could put on for Adrian in private, but we hadn’t quite worked our relationship to the three-some stage.The bodice of my dress covered most of the tattoos over my left breast, revealing only the larger crouching panther that sat over my breast to my chest. The skirt was full, coming to just above my knees, and swung freely about my legs with the breeze and my steps. I felt very much alive and vibrant as I seemingly floated toward the corner. It wasn’t missed by me that the crowds seemed to part as I moved, allowing me room to continue in a straight path through the crowd. It was obvious that not only men were giving me attention as I passed, but numerous women, as well. The Spanish culture is still largely driven by male dominance and women seem to openly encourage the attitude in the process. At least from my North American perspective, there seemed to be an undercurrent of sexual tension present in ordinary life and interaction. And, it seemed that not only men, but also women, played to that physical attraction. My increased sexual being never seemed more at home as in such a public environment.As I walked to the corner, my eyes were attracted to the sights around me and the sounds of the conversations, laughs, and tensions I could hear and feel from the people surrounding me and passing me. I had found the Spanish language easy for me to assimilate. I wasn’t perhaps fluent, but I was accomplished enough to fully communicate. People would recognize me as being foreign, but also as someone respecting their culture enough to adjust to them. The three of us moved freely in our private conversations from Spanish to English and back as it seemed easiest to express ourselves, mostly for my benefit in expressing more complex ideas and thoughts than my grasp of Spanish might allow. But, it was required less and less as I encouraged our communication to use Spanish for my better assimilation.At the corner, I approached the vendor. An older, grey haired man in an exquisite business suit was ahead of me. His attention was broken by following the vendor’s gaze on me behind him. The man made an elaborate gesture of offering to allow me to go first, but I demurely suggested that he continue. He nodded and did, glancing up at the vendor in his cart, drawing a knowing smile from the vendor.I was finishing my purchase of three cold bottles of water when I heard shouts and screams from down the sidewalk. With one hand on the vendor’s cart counter top, I looked up and saw a growing concern spreading over the vendor’s face. I turned to focus on what was happening and two things penetrated my senses at the same time. One was an increased confusion of excited sounds and shouts as the crowded sidewalk seemed to be parting to give way to an on-rushing force; the other was the sound of Sylvia’s voice, distinct in tone to me even through the other sounds and distance, exclaiming that her purse had been stolen.My mind and body seemed to simultaneously agree on the next moment’s course of action. I turned to the vendor, handed halkalı escort him my small purse, and asked him to hold it for me. I then turned to the on-rushing force continuing to cause the crowd to part in front of it. I stepped into the middle of the sidewalk, squared my shoulders with my left leg ahead of my right, shifting my weight to my back leg … and waited, my body tensed in a coil prepared to unleash dynamic energy. One of Adrian’s mantras was simple: use the momentum of your opponent to increase you power and control. This guy’s head-long rush to escape, combined with his initial appraisal of me as simply a refined, young woman, would be all the advantage I would need.The image approaching through the crowd was similar to something moving through the water, a wake of people opening up before the guy and openness, like a wake, behind him. With only a few more people between him and me, I prepared for my move. As he broke clear in front of me, I shifted my weight to my front leg, swinging my right arm around in the process, catching the man at the collar bone as I pressed my body and arm fiercely forward, driving my arm through him. Adrian, and Sam before him, stressed the importance of driving any blow past the target, keeping the momentum through impact. It was exactly my intention and result. My arm impacted his collar bone, glancing upward into his throat before impacting his chin, driving his head back and up. His head stopped while his lower body still had its momentum, raising him off the ground, his feet in the air in front of him. He landed on his back, bouncing the back of his head off the concrete walkway. I moved into position for a follow-up strike, but his only movement was stunned confusion as he blinked his eyes and gasped for air. I pulled his far arm to put him on his stomach, then knelt with my knee between his shoulder blades, pressing my entire weight onto him, eliciting a cry of pain.With that completed, my mind began registering the commotion around me. There was more rushing on the sidewalk as I recognized Sylvia calling and Adrian encouraging people out of the way. Behind me, I heard the distinctive whistles of policemen on foot rushing up. I reached over the man under me for the purse I recognized as Sylvia’s, the strap cut. To the side was an open folding knife.“Annie! What on earth? You could have been hurt!”I looked up at her, handing her the damaged purse. I looked over at Adrian who was smiling. I looked back at Sylvia, “It appears not …”As the policemen arrived, I removed my knee from the man as I stood, smoothing out my skirt in the process. The police questioned several people, Sylvia and myself, then led the man away, firmly controlled between them.I walked to the vendor who still had a stunned look on his face. He handed me my purse followed by the three waters. I smiled at him demurely, “Gracias, Senor.” He looked at me for a moment before shaking his head and giving me a smile.* * * * *We were sitting at a little restaurant downtown for an early dinner before returning home. We were at a table at the window, the thinning sidewalk traffic passing by just outside the glass. Adrian was sitting with his back to the window, Sylvia and I on either side of him.Adrian held his glass of wine up to us, apparently in preparation for a toast. “To Annie.”Sylvia touched her glass to his, then to mine, but wasn’t quite as pleased. “I have trouble being excited or joyful about what happened back there or that you felt it predestined.”He looked at her with sympathy. “I told you she was ready. I told you she was prepared. What happened back there was just validation.”I reached across the table and touched Sylvia’s hand. “I’m fine, Sylvia. I was always in control of the situation. Adrian is right, it was like reflex. His training just flowed through my body. I never had any doubt.”He looked at her softly, “Okay? I really do think it is time.” Sylvia shrugged with resignation, then nodded. He looked at me.I returned his look, but mine showed confusion. “Time for what?”He smiled. “Your next duty role for Sylvia … and me. Bodyguard. You can more innocently be with Sylvia than I can, at times. There are situations where having me around is awkward. Then, there are times when I can be having the car or SUV ready as you bring her out.”I looked at Sylvia. She gave us both an exasperated response. “I REALLY don’t think all this protection is necessary. This is my city; I’ve lived here without trouble.”I smiled at her. “Then just think of it as loving attention …” She knew she wasn’t going to change anything. Adrian had made up his mind and I was supporting him. As she relaxed to the idea of me being more than a very close friend assisting her with the Foundation, we shared a light laugh which started from her.I caught her eye as we relaxed while Adrian paid the bill with a company credit card. I winked and asked, “Tonight as planned?” She nodded and seemed to blush just a little.Adrian looked up as he finished with the bill, “What about tonight?”Sylvia patted his hand as she pushed her chair back, “Be patient, my man.” He looked at me but could see I wasn’t giving him anything. He shrugged and dug into his pocket for the car keys.* * * * *Arriving home and back inside the house, Adrian stopped at the large entertainment room. “I think this night deserves a little more time. How about one more drink and we relax?”I gave Sylvia a sly look and she nodded and replied, “Give us a moment. You make the drinks; we’re going to get a little more comfortable.” He smiled, took off his jacket and made his way to the wet bar. Sylvia and I went upstairs to our separate suites. We had this planned and we wasted little time getting ready.Inside my own room, I began stripping out of my clothes while still in the sitting room, dropping my dress and underwear on the bed, heading for the bathroom to quickly do my hair and touchup my lips and liner. Back in my bedroom, I needed little time to get dressed again. I took out my new black high heels, sheer black stay-up nylons, and black thong. Standing in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom, I got dressed. Once finished, yes finished, I appraised my look. I had to smile. The nylons were thigh high with lace at the top. On the back were little sewn-on flowers. The thong was black satin with a small lace wedge inset centered on the top. My heels were four inch stilettoes. On top I was wearing my tattoos. It didn’t quite seem balanced, though. I looked through the jewelry I now had and selected dangling silver earrings and a long string of costume pearls, which I double looped and arranged to hang between my breasts. Yes …I exited my room and knocked on Sylvia’s. She opened the door while putting on her own heels. She had decided on white. She was wearing an enchanting sheer flyaway long white gown with laced cups attached between the breasts with a jeweled bow. It hung to her ankles, but when she moved the light material parted, flowing behind her, exposing what was underneath. Underneath she wore sheer white stay-up nylons and a white satin thong. She too decided on jewelry, choosing a small pearl necklace nişantaşı escort and dangling earrings. She was stunning and I couldn’t wait to see Adrian’s reaction.“Are you ready?”“Oh, Annie, I’ve wanted this to happen for the three of us since shortly after Adrian and I finally got together. Yes, I am more than ready. I just hope we don’t shock Adrian too much.”* * * * *Adrian had our drinks waiting for us on the coffee table at the sofa. He was standing at the double door looking over the back patio and property. It was dark outside. The light was bright inside. Those glass double doors became a mirror. All he could really see outside was the lights in the pool that had been mistakenly left on. He was about to open the doors to walk to the equipment shed to do just that when there was a movement behind him reflected in the glass. The image he saw froze him. He didn’t turn around, but gazed at the reflection in the glass, afraid that the image might not be real and turning would prove it.Sylvia was standing in the opening to the room. She was unbelievably beautiful. He had known her since her husband was about to die. They had become quick friends and confidants, first for him as he pulled himself together in fulfillment of her husband’s wishes, and later for her as she sought to expand and extend her place in the businesses her husband left to her. He could pick her out of a crowd at a quick glance. He had come to recognize her in an intimate way that few people might ever come to know another, even lovers. That intimate recognition recently took on an entirely new dimension when she had become his lover, and he hers. She had always been an exquisite woman to him. More than her form, which he hadn’t begun to appreciate fully until recently, it was her manner, her carriage, her vibrancy that she showed. When he was given the gift of her full love, when he experienced the physical form of that love, when he had gazed and treasured the experience of her body in love, he never believed he would envision ANYTHING to compare. He was wrong and he was looking at it.He turned from the glass, determined that he owed himself the risk of the image disappearing … because, if it didn’t …“Sylvia …” It was almost a whisper as it came off his tongue to float across the room on air so still he feared it couldn’t possibly be real. This had to be another dream. Yes, that was it, it had to be. He would awaken and this woman would be d****d over him like other times. And that would be wonderful … but …She stood in the opening wearing one of the sheerest white gowns he had ever seen. He could easily see the white thong and stockings underneath. Only a moment before as she stepped in, her leg and hip had been exposed. Now, the gown covered her, but not really. He took a step toward her, but stopped to gaze more.“Sylvia … you’re … my god, you’re beautiful. Stunning!” Then he got nervous, but her appearance didn’t change. Her face and posture remained composed and relaxed and assured. “What … what about … but … what about Annie? Annie might …”She moved for the first time since she stepped into the entry. She moved her finger to her lips. Then, she stepped to the side.* * * * *I had been standing just out of sight of Adrian against the wall in the hall. I listened, while watching Sylvia. There wasn’t much said, but by the look on Sylvia’s face, I knew the effect on Adrian had been perfect. When his comments stammered around my name, the implication that they might be discovered by me, I moved to the entry on my cue.When I approached the entry, I was watching Sylvia and her face was glowing. She winked at me and nodded. I turned the corner and walked through the entry, stopping alongside Sylvia and looked directly at Adrian.“What about me, Adrian?”He only stared at me, then at Sylvia, but back to me. His eyes drifted from my face slowly down my body until Sylvia let him know we were aware, “Adrian, our eyes are up here …”, we were laughing.Embarrassed, his eyes quickly rose to our faces and he moved to the table, retrieved our drinks, and handed them to us. We laughed and both kissed a cheek as he stood offering the drinks. Sylvia and I giggled at his discomfort and awkwardness. But, we were surprised by the level of that awkwardness and how much he was taken aback, when she and I took seats at either end of the sofa and he stutter-stepped until he sat on a chair across the coffee table from us.I had crossed my legs, as a woman often does when sitting, but then opened them, parting my knees slightly while looking him in the eyes. Yes, it was bad to continue teasing the poor man. His eyes, without his intention, dropped to look between my legs. If my thong had been a lighter shade or color, he might have seen how excited I was. Instead, his eyes returned to my face, which was smiling at him, they flew over to Sylvia’s and he blushed, again. Sylvia and I glanced at each other, smiled our recognition that it was time to end the teasing, and both patted the sofa space between us.We were giving him a blatant display of sexual intention and the man was still nervous about reading the situation correctly. I leaned over to her and whispered, “You won’t have to worry about this man straying. He is too nervous about taking any action that might disappoint or offend you.” She nodded her understanding and looked at him with increased admiration and respect. I put my drink down on a coaster on the table made of a slab of Goncarlo Alves from the Venezuelan forests. I rose from the sofa, stepped to him, and taking his hand led him back to the sofa. The three of us on the sofa should have been comfortable, but I put him close to Sylvia and I sat nearly on top of him, my body tight against his. I took my glass and presented it before Adrian. The three glasses came to together, but Adrian had a confused look on his face.“What are toasting?”Sylvia kissed his cheek and giggled, “You, silly man! We’re toasting a man who we both feel so grateful to have in our lives.”I continued, “So grateful, in fact, that we want you to know that we intend to express that feeling frequently … together … and separately.”He looked quickly at Sylvia as if to question what he had just heard. She nodded, “Yes, dear Adrian, you heard correctly. And that has my full blessing. This, tonight dressed like this for you, is our way of introducing you to our intention, our desire to share in the openness of experiencing the pleasures that our bodies can experience, the pleasures that Annie and I had become so accustomed to sharing while at the resort.”I put my free hand on his leg, high up on his thigh. “Of course, neither of us believes in forcing sexual attention on another person, so ….”A huge smile spread across his face, his full acceptance of what was being offered to him settling in. He chuckled, placed his glass on the table, and put his arms around each of us, drawing us into his sides, his hands stroking down our bare arms, grazing the side of my bare breast and her lace covered breast. “No … forcing is not an issue.” We all laughed.I reached across his body, took her glass, and met her eyes. “In that case, I think this man is overdressed.” şişli escort She nodded to me, kissed his cheek, and began unbuttoning his white shirt as I placed the glasses on the table. I then knelt down between the sofa and table to undo his belt and pants. I then moved to his feet, removing his shoes and socks. Sylvia had his shirt off and was removing his undershirt as I took hold of his pants and underwear, pulling them down and off as he raised his hips from the sofa.He was being attacked by two determined women, but he didn’t seem to mind very much.Sylvia got onto her knees next to him in order to better kiss and stroke his now bare chest and stomach. In my kneeling position, I was taking care of other parts of his body. My hands ran along the top of his thighs, back and forth, as I watched them begin their kissing. My hands moved to the inside of his thighs and with little pressure, his legs opened before me. I settled between his knees, kissing my way up his thigh. By the time I had reached his crotch, his cock was already nearly hard. I took it in my hands, stroking up and down on it, watching it grow ever larger in my hands. My mouth went over the head and I sucked vigorously, allowing it to come out so my tongue could lick its length before again taking it back into my mouth. I mumbled, with it in my mouth, about his size and was surprised to hear a reply from Sylvia.“I know, right?”I smiled around his cock in my mouth. She has definitely enjoyed this cock and the man attached to it. I glanced up while sucking his cock to find his hands also busy. He was working on the tie of her gown between her breasts. Once it was undone, she straightened her back and moved her knees to free the gown and slip it off her shoulders and flip it off the sofa and out of the way. I had him very hard. He was a fine man … and his cock was fine, also.I stood up, reached to take Sylvia’s right arm, and pulled her away from her man. She started protesting until she saw the look in my eyes and rightly guessed that I had something new in mind. She relented after giving him another kiss and allowed me to guide her off of him. I stood her in front of him, took the waist of her thong between my fingers, and pulled it down her legs. His knees were still parted, as they had been when I was between them. I moved her between his legs, whispered to her to put one leg on the outside of his legs. Then, I guided her backwards and she knew instantly what I had in mind. She smiled and moved on her own.Adrian started closing his legs, anticipating what Sylvia was about to do, but I moved between them keeping his legs parted. I reached between both of their splayed legs and held his rigid cock vertical. At this point, Sylvia was crouched over Adrian’s midsection. She reached down, taking his cock from me, but I didn’t let go. I continued to hold the base as she used her fingers to guide it into her opening. I looked up when I saw the head disappear into her. Her face changed from concentrating on the penetration to the feeling of being penetrated. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened into an ‘O’ and her breath hung between intake and exhale. Neither happened until she had slowly slid down the full length of his cock and was sitting on his body.I looked down to verify that she had him completely, then looked back up to her face. When her eyes opened and she looked down at me, they were eyes reflecting the lust and desire she was at that moment consumed with. I smiled, reached up and kissed each of her breasts. My own excitement spiked as I contemplated when I might enjoy this man for myself. Hopefully, yet that tonight. I raised myself momentarily to cover her mouth my own. I took her face into my hands and kissed her, again.Looking into her eyes, “God, you are a sexy woman!”I then pushed her back onto Adrian’s chest and kissed my way down to their joined bodies, which were now in motion as she rose and fell on him and he rotated his pelvis in time with her, adding his own motion to his cock going in and out of her.I put my hand out, touching his cock as it appeared and her pussy as it covered him, again. My hand slipped underneath him to massage his balls and he groaned. I bent down, bringing my mouth into contact with their union, liking his cock as it appeared, licking her pussy, licking her engorged clit. I fastened my lips to the upper part of her pussy slit and clit, my tongue coming out to lick his cock, my upper lip pressing against her clit. One hand went up to her breast only to find it already being fondled. Without moving my mouth, I changed hands from his balls up to the other breast. I fondled it, pulled on her nipple, pinched it and twisted it. All the while, they fucked and I sucked.At one point, she lifted her up and off his cock. I didn’t even wonder why. I grabbed it and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked on it and engulfed it into my mouth and throat, moving up and down it. When I felt a hand gently touch the side of my head, I raised up, releasing the cock but holding it vertical. I watched as her pussy settled over the head and quickly sank back down in one stroke to the base. I returned to my licking and mouthing of their parts without wondering how or why that had just happened.I felt his impending climax. Holding his balls in my hand, I felt them tighten. I heard his groans and moans increase and I watched him drive his cock deeper and more firmly into her. My fingers went to her clit and I strummed her as I watched intently as their fucking took on an urgency and demand that was almost a****listic. a****listic is something I understand.As they came, I pressed my body against Sylvia’s, which pressed her back into him even more. There were arms and hands moving over bodies, sometimes becoming entangled as mine, Sylvia’s, and Adrian’s arms and hands battled for skin and body parts to caress.We stayed like that, pressed into each other until I could feel their breathing begin to return to normal. The side of my face pressed into Sylvia’s stomach was an easy indicator of their recovery. I rotated slightly and kissed her stomach, then sat back on my heels, which I was surprised I was still wearing.I stood up, retrieved the glasses and returned with them filled with water, handing one to each of them. They drank greedily. I glanced down and found them still joined without embarrassment or self-consciousness. I knelt on the sofa next to them, giving each a kiss on the mouth. Sylvia stretched her naked body, extending her arm above her and bring them down around the neck of Adrian. I stroked her breasts, then slid my hand down her body to their union, his cock still embedded in her. They smiled at me, recognizing the position they were in. Sylvia put out her right arm and Adrian his left, pulling me into a three-some hug. This felt so good and natural. How did I get so lucky? And … how often am I going to be asking myself that?But, as we were settled into loving embrace, Sylvia wiggled to extricate herself. I moaned a complaint.She persisted, though. “Come you two. It’s time.”With her moved off Adrian, I settled tight next to him on the sofa. My hand naturally went to his thigh, as his onto mine. I looked up her, “Time for what?”She looked at the two of us with a growing smile coming over her face. “Time to go upstairs … now it’s your turn.” I smiled. Adrian apparently had a lot of confidence in his ability to perform, he moved up right away and pulled me with him, and we followed Sylvia up the stairs.* * * CHAPTER 11: SEARCH & RESCUE will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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