The Daughter of Eros: A Witch’s Tale


The Daughter of Eros: A Witch’s TaleI am a daughter of Eros, God of love and fertility. While his brother, Anteros, was the God of mutual love, Eros wasn’t as restricted. Passion and lust is where he shined. I have followed his path for many years now, ensuring I ensnared many roaming eyes upon my form and forcing his praises unknowingly across various generations. I worked hard my entire life to maintain my body. Many assumed I was vain because I put a great deal of time and effort into my appearance, but that wasn’t the case. Nice clothes, pretty underwear, makeup and athletics were all simply my tools of worship.Though I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the feeling of catching someone’s eye as I walked down the street, I still did it as a means of worship rather than personal gain. Eros lead the way, as per everything in my life, but there were certain times I felt extraordinarily drawn to people. Men, women, NB, trans, any and all genders between and off the spectrum were permitted to fulfill their lustful desires with my body should they choose to do so. And, I could feel the surge in power as Eros gave me his approval to proceed past the mere creation of longing, traversing into the realm of fulfilling desires. Today was no different as I walked along the wharf barefoot with my sandals in my hand, and sat at the far end of the longest pier, my feet dangling over the edge, toes barely touching the water. I placed my sandals on the ground beside me. An older fisherman nearby grunted and grumbled towards me, a muttering of scaring off the fish while I felt his eyes practically boring holes into my chest as it rose and fell with each breath. I pulled my sunglasses down and smiled at him, his grimace softened slightly into an almost embarrassed smirk as he turned his attention back to the water and rubbed his cheeks, attempting to hide the flush that came over him. Eros’ light surrounded him and I turned my attention back to the water, lightly dragging the tips of my toes through the cool little waves that splashed over them. I untied the knot in my blouse, just beneath my breasts and carefully folded my top beside me. My emerald halter bikini top the only remaining cover on my upper body as I lay back on the dock and shimmied my way out of my cutoff jean shorts. With those folded beside me, resting atop my sandals, I looked back to the older man and bit my lower lip. The sun was low in the sky, it was nearly dusk and only a handful of people and boats remained on the waterfront. I started to slide off the dock, carefully, certain my grip on the edge of the pier was firm enough that I wouldn’t go into the water if I didn’t want to, but convincingly enough that the old man darted over to me and hooked his arm around my waist, hoisting me back up on the wooden structure that jutted out into the water. “You crazy? There’s caught lines and lost hooks all around the pier, bait and caught fish bleeding, boats fly in and out of here all the time, the sun’s going down and most boaters are absolutely sloshed by now. It’s summer off the cape, see all those seals going up on the beach and out of the water? They’re doing that for a reason. You looking to get killed?,” he stared me down, his finger wagging as he spoke. The glow around him grew and I smiled, “Well, I suppose I owe you a favor for saving my life then. What would you like from me, sir?” I asked. His cheeks flushed red again and he looked around, “Just don’t go in the water until daytime and go in at the beach, not the pier.”I sighed and looked around, a few stragglers were hanging on and the glow around the fisherman was starting to dim, “That’s all you want? For me to be safe?” He nodded and started packing up his gear, “It’s all any decent man should ask of you, miss.” I stood up and started to slip my shorts back on, but stopped and looked up at him. He smiled and shook his head. I watched him for a few minutes as I pulled my shirt back on and tied it up and fastened my shorts snuggly against my hips. “At least let me buy you dinner?” I asked as he started to walk away. He contemplated it before nodding, “Alright, there’s a little pub back on the wharf. You buy me a beer and a platter and we’re square.” I bit my lip slightly and took his hand. He was fairly taller than me, his head was sparsely covered in neatly combed silver hair with random black strands sprinkled in here and there. He had a full beard and crisp blue eyes made all the brighter by his deep “in the sun all day” tan.I looked around, “Didn’t you catch anything?” He shrugged, “I only keep ‘em if they’re big enough to donate to the shelter.” I took notice of the patrons as we entered the pub, when he said little he meant it. There were two tables by a front window and four stools around the bar. A younger guy sat at the far end of the bar, fresh off of one of the fishing boats I’d guess. The bartender was muscular and much taller than me, he scowled as I made my way through the threshold. No acknowledgment of me, just a nod to the old man. At one of the tables by the window two middle aged men sat bickering as they both stared at a television near the bar, a sports game was going and I’m guessing their team was losing.The old man sat at the bar and I sat next to him, putting me right between him and the younger fisherman. Again, the barkeep ignored me and turned to the old man, “What’ll it be Walt?” he asked in a huff. The old man, Walt, clasped his hands on the bar in front of him, “Catch of the day and whatever beer you got in there that hasn’t been run through that moldy tap of yours, and she’s paying,” he tipped his head towards me absent-mindedly.The bartender finally turned his attention towards me, “Lose a bet, doll?” a smirk replaced the scowl as he looked me over. I smiled and leaned forward on the bar, tracing my fingertips over the bartender’s hand as he wiped down the counter in front of me and Walt, “Not in a very long time, sir,” I said. I twisted my wrist behind my back and heard the slightest click just as the men at the table began to shout and whoop in celebration. The door was locked and a smile was the only distraction I needed to complete a glamour of the bar for both those that sat inside with me and pedestrians on the street.Looking around I could see the glow emanating off of each of the men. The young fisherman’s was the brightest, followed by the barkeep, the two sports fans, and then Walter was the dimmest, the least of the men filled with lust for me. The lights went down in the bar and the television turned off but the two sports fans continued to react to a game they weren’t really watching anymore. To any observers outside the bar had gone dark and silent, closed for the night to additional patrons. From the perspective of those inside, nothing had changed and everyone went about their business unless I addressed them. I turned to the young fisherman and smiled, “You have a secret desire don’t you?” He nodded and looked nervously back and forth between the barkeep and Walt. I took his hand in mine and smiled at him, “It’s okay, you can be honest, you’re not the only one in here thinking it.” The younger fisherman looked to the barkeep and my smile grew as his eyes darted back to me, “I want you to get pass-out drunk so I can rip your clothes off and fuck you.” “Is me being passed out part of the fantasy, or just what you think is necessary to get me to agree?” I asked. “To get you to agree,” he answered bluntly, his eyes darted back and forth and his brow furrowed. Brutal honesty, whether he wanted to say it or not. I turned to the barkeep, “And you? You have a similar desire, is it necessary for me to be passed out for you?” He shook his head, “I’d rather you just be asleep, but you’d wake up as soon as I started fucking you and I don’t want that. I think slightly d**gged would be better, so you’re sleepy and agreeable but there’s still a risk of you waking up. I don’t think it’d be fun if there wasn’t a risk of you waking up during.” I looked to the two sports fans,“And what about you fellas?”“No, I want you awake and fighting,” said the one sitting closest to the door. His eyebrow arched and sweat gathered on his brow as he continued, “Dressed like that, you’re just walking around asking for it and you need to be taught a lesson.” He put his hand up to his mouth and looked back and forth between the patrons, the young fisherman was nodding slightly, but the other sports fan and the barkeep looked bahis firmaları a bit appalled. Walt just shook his head and sipped his beer. The other sports fan had flushed cheeks as he looked away from me without answering my question. I got off the stool and walked over to him, “What’s wrong?” He bit his lip and tried to fight answering, but after a short struggle he blurted out, “I just want to watch. I don’t even like having sex, but I really love watching.” I smiled, “So you don’t want to do anything to me yourself?” I asked. He shrugged, “Not really, but I would like to see you covered and filled with cum, I wouldn’t mind contributing to that.” I turned back toward Walt, “And what did you have in mind?”His eyes glistened as he tilted his head slightly, “To show you how differently we treat a young lady and a whore.”My eyes lit up as his glow intensified just slightly, “And how would you make me into a lady, Walt?” I asked with a soft smile. “Clean your face, let down your hair, put just a little makeup on, paint your fingernails a soft color, put you in proper underwear and a pretty dress with short heels and stockings covering your legs.” I waved my hand and changed my attire. Now, I wore a fitted and sleeveless, slightly off the shoulder, pink tulle dress that came down just below my knees. I had on a silver bracelet, white pearl necklace, silver and pearl earrings, white gloves, soft tan thigh highs with a white garter belt and white kitten heels. A simple pink and silver fascinator completed the vintage “lady” look. I even took on the makeup of a young Audrey Hepburn. “Is this lady-like enough?” I asked as I clutched my hands together in front of me. Walt smiled and nodded, “Don’t you feel lovely like that?” he asked as he took my hand and pulled me to the middle of the floor. He led me in a dance set to music only heard by him. He pulled me in towards him, my back against his chest and leaned down next to my ear, “A lady deserves care and attention in the bedroom. May I show you?” he asked. I nodded and he quickly dropped his hand to the hem of my dress and lifted it enough to slide his fingers along the outside of my pussy lips, just through the cotton panties I wore. His lips kissed over the slightly exposed bit of shoulder and up my neck, groaning as his fingers slipped into the side of my panties and separated my lips to find the slippery juices flowing within.He laughed slightly, “Well, you look like a lady, but you certainly react like a whore.” I turned my head slightly towards him, “Would you prefer I mask my enjoyment to better suit your vision?” He kissed me softly on the lips before he shook his head, “No, it just means I can skip ahead slightly instead of spending a ton of time convincing your body to want enjoyment like a real lady.” He grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the edge of the table where the two sports fans sat. Everyone was watching as he pushed my feet up onto the table and pushed my dress up around my hips. “A lady should enjoy before a man even gets started on his own pleasure.” Walt pushed my panties aside slightly and leaned down between my thighs, his breath was warm on my cunt. His tongue curled over my clit and curved up into my cunt, lapping up the slick juices that lingered on my flesh. I moaned softly and felt his lips tip into a smile before he closed them over the tip of my clit. Gentle sucking and quick hard flicks of his tongue sent shivers through my lower abdomen. He tongued my cunt, pushing and pulling at the skin surrounding the opening of my vagina, expertly stretching the hymen I conjured, creating a more believable anatomy of a true and proper lady. As his tongue played with the elastic tissue, his fingertips gently rubbed across and around the visible bit of my clitoris. He really was quite good at pleasing a woman. The rest of the bar had gathered around us, one of the sports fans and the young fisherman had their hands in the top of my dress, groping and fondling my breasts, the bartender’s lips were mimicking the motions that Walt was tracing over my cunt, and the other sports fan had his dick out, stroking very slowly and gently as he watched.I made small little whimpers as Walt gently and quietly coaxed me to what may have been the most relaxed and gentle orgasm I’d ever experienced. He inserted his middle finger into my cunt as it contracted through the orgasm and he rubbed gently along the upper inner wall, soothing the muscles as the contractions slowed. He grabbed my hands and pulled me up into a sitting position. Reaching behind me, he unzipped the dress and lifted my butt just enough to slide the fabric off of my body. He did the same with my panties before unfastening and removing my bra. I wore the pearls, heels,thigh highs, garter belt, hat, and gloves as he looked me over. He pulled his cock from his pants and stroked it a couple of times before stepping closer and pulling back his foreskin, exposing a reddish colored head and rubbing it through my fluids, back and forth, pushing the head against and around my clit. I bit my lip and looked at him. He smiled and pushed me back down to the table, “A proper lady is loved gently and with purpose. That purpose is to get my semen as close to your womb as possible so a baby is made as close to the wedding night as possible.” I nodded and smiled, “Show me.” He pushed the head of his cock quickly into my wet hole. My toes curled and I squeezed down on him as I felt the tear of the hymen I’d made and heard the squelch of wetness as he grabbed my hips and pulled me off of the edge of the table and against his hips. He grunted as he pushed himself inside of me, closed his eyes and pushed me back up onto the table as he put his weight on the backs of my thighs, pushing my knees up to either side of my chest. It wasn’t a particularly exciting fuck, but it still felt good as he quickened his pace and took my right nipple between his lips. I considered creating a lactation glamour but decided against it as he hadn’t requested it. The other guys had reverted to just watching my body shift and bounce with Walt’s thrusts. Then Walt pushed deep and lifted my hips as he leaned all of his weight down onto me, ensuring his dick was as deep in me as it could possibly go. I felt just the slightest twitches of his cock in my cunt as he came. He stayed inside of me and kissed my lips a few times before he smiled and pulled himself free. I changed my attire back to the jean cut-off shorts, heavy makeup, bikini halter top and tied blouse as he looked at me. I looked to each of the men before settling my eyes back on Walt, “Now show me how you really want to treat me.” Each of the men grabbed at my clothes and body, groping my breast and pulling my bikini aside, ripping my top and quickly yanking my shorts down my thighs and onto the floor. The younger fisherman and one of the sports fans tore my shirt off of me and yanked my bikini down until it hung loosely around my waist. The barkeep helped Walter tear my bikini bottoms off of me. I thought they were done, but the fisherman pulled out a knife, a rather sharp looking knife. My breath caught but he slid the blade under my bikini top and pulled up, slicing through the fabric with ease. The sports fan pulled the last bit of fabric on my body off and everything lay in a heap beneath the table.Walt smirked as I waved my hand and his dick was hard as a rock again. He grabbed my hips and quickly flipped me over onto my stomach. I turned my head to look back at him, he had his belt in my hand and was sliding the belt through the buckle, making a large loop. He slid it over my head and affixed the leather between my teeth. He pulled the belt tight and nodded to the younger fisherman and the sports fan that wanted to fuck me. They each grabbed a wrist and pinned my hands to the edge of the table. I curled my fingers under the wood as Walt grabbed my waist and lifted my hips off of the table, holding my ass in the air and my legs stretched tightly as I balanced on my tip-toes. “You’re going to want to bite down on that belt real hard, darling,” he said as he shoved his dick in my pussy from behind. Every time my hips started to lower as he thrust towards me, he pinched my upper thigh and forced me back up, arching my lower back and stretching my calves and thighs as he fucked me. The bartender stood in front of the table, his dick hit me in the face every time Walt pushed me forward on the table. It was not the kaçak iddaa gentle sex we’d had just moments ago. I could feel my pussy pulling back every time he withdrew his cock and I’d bite down as he plowed it back into me. He maneuvered us until he was kneeling on the back of the table and two of the other guys were holding the table, preventing it from tipping with us. My fingernails dug into the soft wood of the table with each thrust. It was a mark I hadn’t meant to leave.The bartender got impatient and pulled the belt from my mouth before he grabbed a handful of my hair, lifting my head and pushing his dick between my lips and down my throat until I gagged, tears streaming down my face. He groaned in pleasure as my throat contracted around the head of his cock and I nearly threw up. I tried to lift my hands up to push him back some, but they were still pinned to the table by the guys holding the table steady, so I just stretched my fingers outward and struggled slightly to lift my arms.I continued to gag and the bartender just grabbed the back of my head and held me down onto his cock as thick ropes of cum flooded into my stomach. He pulled himself free and I coughed and choked, a trail of his cum and my saliva went from the corner of my lips down to the top of the table. My face was red from being unable to breathe properly and wet with tears.The bartender grabbed my wrist and took the place of the younger fisherman, he rubbed the tip of his dick against my lips and I tried to pull away slightly as Walt’s hand wrapped around my hip and fondled my clit, his dick was hitting the forward wall of my pussy in a way that made me tense up and moan. The fisherman at my mouth dipped his cock between my lips, but didn’t roughly fuck my throat like the bartender did. His dick was significantly shorter than either Walt or the barkeep’s but he was also thicker than the sports fan that I could see. He seemed to savor the feeling of my tongue on his tip, rubbing it up and down as my tongue moved around his cock. One of the bartender’s hands grabbed my ass cheek and pulled at it just as the sports fan did the same with the opposite side. Walter’s dick was slick with my cunt juices and his own cum as he sloppily fucked my pussy, but as his two friend held my ass open, he didn’t hesitate, pulling free with a wet slurp he shoved his dick deep in my ass in one quick motion. I screamed and gagged as the thrust shoved the fisherman’s cock against the back of my already sore throat. The vibrations of my scream was enough to make him pull my hair tightly as he rubbed his hips against my face and forced me to swallow the cum he was shooting into my mouth. He pulled free of my lips and I cried between gasping breaths. He took the place of the sports fan holding my wrist and steadying the table. I expected the sports fan to come around to my face as well, instead he walked around and stood just behind Walt, angling himself to push his long and thick dick into my dripping pussy as Walt continued to fuck my ass from above me. The other sports fan, the one that only wanted to watch, approached my face. I looked at him tearfully, my lower lip quivering, thin strands of cum from his friends coated my lower lip and dribbled down onto the table. He stroked his dick in my face until he splattered me with his thick opaque cum. It coated my cheek and practically sealed my right eye closed. It slowly oozed down my face and onto my lips before plopping onto the table beneath me. He grabbed my face and smiled as he admired how his load still clung to my skin with a milky-white glisten.Walt pulled free of my ass and the sports fan removed himself from my cunt. I thought maybe they were done or were going to give me a break. Instead, Walt sat in the chair as the sports fan lifted me off of the table with the help of the younger fisherman and the barkeep and sat me on Walt’s long thick rod. He shifted in the seat a little and I winced as the sports fan stood in front of us and pushed himself back into my cunt. I twisted my wrist and everyone’s dicks were renewed with a burning need for release. Walt and the other fisherman held one of my legs over my head, essentially bending me in half, and the sports fan and barkeep held the other as they bounced me between the two men currently impaling me. The younger fisherman and the bartender each pulled my hands over to their cocks. If I stopped stroking either of them, Walt pinched my nipples and the sports fan currently balls deep in my cunt slapped me. The barkeep wiped up the other sport’s fan’s cum on his fingertips and pushed it between my lips, making me swallow everything he could sc**** off my flesh. The younger fisherman pulled my hair and turned my face towards him as he unleashed another load that splattered my nose, cheek and lips. They took turns fucking me, each cumming in every hole for as long as I would revive their dicks and their desire to release in or on me. I could hear their hearts racing, the sweat poured off of them and they were crying as they fucked me and stroked their dicks, repeatedly releasing load after load until they collapsed to their knees, panting and crying. The sports fan that only wanted to watch reached his limit first. His dick was nearly twice the size it was when we’d started and he looked like he was about to pass out or throw up, so I released him and he found himself outside of the bar, heavily drunk and wandering home with images of my cum soaked body lingering just outside of his conscious thoughts. Walt was the next to reach his limit, his dick was beginning to chafe and his heart was reaching a breaking point as he gasped and looked me in the eyes, a defeated man silently begging for mercy. I released him and he found himself in his own bed, lying next to his wife. He shifted his weight and stroked out one more load while he thought of me, ignoring the slight pain from his dick to do so. The younger fisherman, other sports fan and the barkeep looked at me as if I were the last piece of meat they’d ever taste and they absolutely wanted to devour me. This was going to be fun. I waved my hand and paused things, I got cleaned up, they each got cleaned up and I separated them. I started with the young fisherman’s fantasy of getting me drunk in the bar and carrying me out back to fuck me. Of course, I was completely sober, but I knew what he wanted, so a little swish of my hand set the scene. Drunk college girl accepting drink after drink from the handsome and rugged fisherman. The more I made him think I’d consumed, the more daring he got with his groping of my body. It wasn’t until I was literally lying in his arms completely passed out and helpless, from his perspective at least, that he carried me over to what he thought was the alley behind the bar. He removed and opened up just enough of my clothing to have my pussy and breasts bare. He bit and sucked on my breasts as his fingers rubbed and probed my cunt. He watched me closely for any signs of sobering up and as I stayed completely out of it, he got a little braver and kissed my lips, prying my jaw open to get his tongue in my mouth as he fingered me. He pulled out of the kiss and whispered to me as he turned me over onto my stomach, “You’re enjoying this fucking aren’t you? You little slut.” His fingers slicked through my juices and I played the game as he pulled his pants down and penetrated me from behind. I wish I could say it was memorable, but it was just a typical drunken fifteen second pump and dump. I didn’t see the need to give him another go, so he simply slipped away from the bar and I let him wander home in a drunken and sore haze. The bartender was next. He really wanted me asleep in a bed with no possibility of waking up, so that’s what he got. From his perspective we were in a house he was familiar with and I was sound asleep in one of the bedrooms. He carefully crept into the room and watched me toss and turn in my sleep. As rough and impatient as he was with the group, in his own setting he was incredibly gentle and careful about every move he made. He used extreme caution as he pulled my tank top up, exposing my breasts millimeters at a time. He spent a fair amount of time toying with them as they became exposed. He groped the swell of my breasts as my shirt lifted, kissed and licked over my nipple, ran his fingers over my nipples, pinching them and groping the fullness of my breasts in his hands. He savored them and he didn’t kaçak bahis stroke himself at all for the duration of the attention he paid to my tits. He even commented on how soft and taut my skin felt against his hands, lips, and tongue, and how my skin smelled ever so slightly like roses and soap. He gently coaxed me fully onto my back and slowly inched my shorts down my hips. He kissed my hips as they became visible and then he kissed and pulled at my mound, showing just the start of my slit with my shorts still blocking the view of most of my cunt. He moaned and dipped his tongue between that beginning slit in my pussy lips, lapping and pressing at my clit, pausing with his lips still pressed against my cunt, his breath warming my skin and trapping the heat of our bodies in my small sleep shorts, every time I moved the slightest bit. He pulled my shorts all the way off of me and carefully opened my legs to him. My feet were on the bed and my knees were bent as he maneuvered them into a position that left my labia spread just slightly. His movements were very calculated, touching and licking my pussy until I glistened and squirmed just slightly with soft moans escaping my lips every little bit. A magical hymen at the entrance to my cunt gave him exactly what he wanted, an innocent virgin made to cum repeatedly in her sleep for his enjoyment. I could feel the restraint he was forcing in himself. As much as he wanted to pick up my body and use me as a cock sleeve, he also wanted to watch my pussy quiver in orgasm after orgasm as I slept peacefully. I partially woke myself at one point, scaring him as he sat up and stayed perfectly still, watching as I quickly closed my eyes and settled back onto the bed on my side.I curled my index finger over my nose and began to suck on my thumb, this wasn’t a new fantasy to me and I knew if I put the notion in his head that he could get the tip of his dick between my lips and I would suck him so softy and gently in my sleep that he wouldn’t be able to help himself as he came between my lips, he would pull my thumb from my lips and replace it with his cock. He didn’t disappoint as he maneuvered on the bed to get his dick in position at my lips while his lips and fingers played with my cunt just enough to send a wave of spasms through my stomach and he could watch my pussy contract in another orgasm, slippery liquids gathering at my opening, just waiting for him to move his dick from suckling lips down to my unprotected and thoroughly ready cunt. He hovered his hips over my face as I suckled at the tip of his cock, but it wasn’t until he curled his middle finger into my slipperry cunt and started mimicking my suckling on the tip of my clit that I felt his cock twitch. The strain in his hips from trying to force himself to not throat fuck me made his lower body tremble and I felt a trickle of precum drip onto my tongue from his dick. I contracted my pussy around his finger and practically sucked him into me. He moaned and began to move his finger a little faster, spreading my pussy lips with his other hand so he could see the moisture gathering around his digit as he carefully fingered the tight little virgin cunt I was offering him. He started rubbing his thumb around my clit and lowered his lips to suckle on the sensitive flesh, flicking his tongue back and forth as my pussy sucked his middle finger into me a little more. My suckling at his cock became more intense and he lowered his hips just until the entire head was past my lips, the tip of his dick rubbed against my tongue, which moved just slightly every now and then, and his fingers quickened their pace as he fingered me a little more insistently and rubbed my clit with a need to get my pussy wet and creamy for him. My pussy contracted around his finger and he quickly pulled his dick from my lips as he came on my lips, cheek, chin and tongue. The slightest hand movement ensured he stayed hard and he groaned as he moved around me on the bed and looked at my cum covered lips still suckling at air.He pulled his finger from my cunt and dipped it between my lips and let me suckle as he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit and dripping cunt opening. He was long and thick and I was eagerly awaiting his dick. I moaned as he pushed his cock head at my pussy. I could tell he didn’t want to force it but he also really wanted my warm tight cunt wrapped around his cock. I shifted in my sleep and the sudden movement tore the hymen I’d created and slipped the head of his dick into me as he groaned in delight. He bobbed the tip in and out repeatedly, savoring the tightness around him and moved his finger from my lips down between us to rub and coax my clit into another orgasm, hoping it would suck his cock right into me. He was so gentle and careful, always light teasing touches, always wet fingertips, a very specific pattern tailored to making a girl orgasm. Tight little movements and little shifts to get my cunt opened up a little more to him as he lifted my hips and dipped his dick a little deeper into me. My nipples were puckered as his rubbing of my clit brought on another orgasm, the suction of my contractions did just what he’d hoped and his dick was soon deep inside of me, the clitoral muscles on either side of my vagina massaged him internally and he grunted, his lips hovered near my ear as he rode out my orgasm, my cunt contracting around him in a gentle wave. He smiled and laughed lightly as he rubbed my clit and began to move in and out of me in slow gentle strokes, “Oh fuck,” he moaned in my ear as his dick twitched in me. His whole body shivered as he lost control and began to buck wildly into my cunt. He came quickly, as did I. As his bucking stopped and he collapsed against my thoroughly pleased body, I just looked at him. He suckled on my neck for a few minutes before he realized I was awake. He quickly grabbed his clothes and ran from the bar. I thought about stopping him, closing my eyes, getting him hard again and turning onto my stomach so he could fuck my pussy and ass some more if he wanted to, but his dick was also very swollen and he was already going to be in a world of hurt when he woke up in the morning in need of ice on his darkly bruised and swollen member. I would definitely let him do this fantasy again in a heartbeat, he made me cum more than anyone I’d ever been with before, complete with a full body shuddering orgasm as he shot his last load deep in my cunt.Then it was the other sports fan’s turn. He made no effort to pretend it was anything but getting off in my cunt as violently and roughly as possible. He pinned me down and fucked me hard and deep, tearing at my clothes and hitting me when I tried to pull away. A gleeful smile as he noticed blood on his cock, and no, I didn’t create a tear-able hymen for him, he was just that violent about it. His dick forced its way into every hole and I played the part, fighting and screaming just like his fantasy needed.He would be the sacrifice. His hand grasped my jaw and forced my head down on his cock and I simply watched as the light that had begun to shine so much brighter than anyone else’s during the group fuck absolutely consumed him. He didn’t get to cum after the group fuck, not once, no matter how rough or hard he fucked me, it just wouldn’t release. He didn’t get to enjoy his fantasy as his guttural groans of frustration quickly gave way to blood curdling screams. Each of my patrons that night would have the vaguest memory of an intensely erotic dream, having their deepest and most feared fantasy fulfilled, all except one, anyways. They would find that he died in his sleep, face contorted in pain and fear. An autopsy would find a few anomalies, no sperm in his testicles, his penis and scrotum bruised though no signs of sexual activity, and enlarged adrenal glands that flooded his body with adrenaline and aldosterone until his heart gave out.None of the men would ever talk about their dreams, and none of them were quite sure if it was only a dream. Each of them took the time, at least once a month, to sit at that table. To them it smelled heavily of sex, roses, and freshly washed skin. The sc****s in the underside gave them just enough doubt to let the memories of their fulfilled fantasies linger, a silent praise for my God, and a surge in my own power each time they indulged in their memory. I am a daughter of Eros, the God of love and fertility, and he does not take kindly to purely selfish cruelty disguised as lust and passion. I can fulfill lustful desires or I can let your fantasies consume you. Whichever outcome you face depends upon the truth in your heart, from which you cannot hide.

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