The Day I Met Veronica

The Day I Met VeronicaI’ve never really been to Sable Chase Apartments before the whole year and a half that I lived in McDonough GA. I walked up there to sell an iPod for $50 to a buyer that contacted me from Craigslist. “Everything works fine with it”? The buyer asked as he turned on the iPod and plugged his headphones into it. “Yup! It’s in good shape no problems what’s so ever” I replied. “Ok here’s fifty thanks a lot” He said as he handed me two twenty dollar bills and a ten folded up neatly. I stuck the money in my pocket and glanced up at a car pulling in parking two spaces down from where I was standing. It was a dark grey dodge stratus, the driver exited the car, and was a sexy light skin thick mature looking woman. She opened the back door and let what look to be her young son out. He raced for the steps up to their apartment and she grabbed a couple of bags out of the backseat. “Mind if I help you with that”? I asked as I approached her, “Sure I’d like that” she replied as she handed me two bags containing milk, bread, and eggs. “What’s your name gorgeous?” I asked as we walked up the stairs to the apartment. “Veronica” she replied with a grin. “Mine is Rell” I replied. “You live around here?” she asked as we placed the groceries on the table. “No I live down the street in Bridge Mill apartments I had to meet someone over here” I said. “Oh ok…..Thank you for helping me with my bags” she said as we shook hands “You mind if I get your number and call you sometime?” I asked sounding as if I was not ready to leave, “That’s cool!” she said anxiously as I handed her my phone to put the number in. She handed me the phone back and I walked towards the door, “Well I’ll text you when I get home and maybe sometime we can meet up again to hang out maybe catch a movie or something” I said “Yeah…we can definitely do that, just hit me up” she said. I left feeling confident that we would meet up again. There was something about her that just stayed on my mind she was definitely my type, she had a nice body I am naturally attracted to BBW women but she was different from all the rest. Her nonchalant style and personality is what captured my interest. I got home and didn’t want to text her or call her so fast I was afraid she might think I’m coming off too strong or anxious so I played it cool until about 11:30pm. All my favorite shows had gone off and I lay on the couch in my boxers at my one bedroom apartment lonely and feeling horny as I always did. I thought about texting Veronica but I didn’t know what type of woman she was and I didn’t want to give off the impression that I was trying to use her as a booty call. So I decided to wait until tomorrow to contact her. The next day was a Wednesday and I had the day off I thought about Veronica all night and decided to text her the next following morning. bayraklı escort Hey beautiful I said as I sent the text message. Approximately six minutes went by and I got a response from her saying lol hey handsome ;)….I was so shocked and turned on by the response I got excited but quickly calmed myself down and wrote back, I’m just chilling I got the day off and was wondering if we could meet up this afternoon and chill? I was feeling a bit nervous about what she might say in response because I was so used to rejection. I thought she might say she’s busy or has other prior plans to do something else. Then again I thought to myself I can’t be selfish because she does have a son and she might have something to do with him today also. So many things came to my mind that I had to take into consideration. But before I could think anymore she replied back. Sure we can do that…you can come over here if you’d like. I was so relived and excited I couldn’t wait to get over there and see her again. We agreed on 1:00pm and it was about 10:45am at the time we text and it seemed like the time just would not go by any faster. I waited until around 12:20 pm to start walking over there I knew it would take me a good thirty minutes to get there. As I walked up to her apartment door I felt a slight feeling of nervousness and excitement rush through my body. I rung the door bell and she came and opened the door. We greeted each other with a warm hug and lots of smiles. I came in and we sat down at the table she didn’t have much furniture but it didn’t matter to me I thought maybe she had just moved in and hadn’t had the time to go furniture shopping yet. After ten minutes of small talk about each other she told me that she recently kicked out a couple of her roommates that she shared her apartment with. I asked about her son and she told me a close family from her church came and picked him up for the day to take him swimming. “Would you like something to drink water, juice, or soda?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen I couldn’t help but to stare at her nice round shaped fat ass and thighs as she walked into the kitchen “A soda is fine” I responded feeling myself getting turned on by staring at her up and down as she bent over in the fridge and grabbed me a soda. I sipped some of it and we talked some more, I felt very relaxed and comfortable talking to Veronica and getting to know her. As each moment went by I was just imagining kissing her soft looking lips that were nicely glazed in lip gloss she smelled so good and looked so damn sexy in those yellow tight shorts and skin tight Bob Marley t-shirt. Her hair neatly pulled back into a pony tail and she wore black eye glasses that really complimented her caramel skin. She was without a doubt drop dead gorgeous. We went into her bed room to watch T.V escort bayraklı because she didn’t have one in her living room. We watched a few re-runs of Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne back to back. I rubbed her back softly as I went in for a kiss on her lips, and to my surprise she didn’t reject it. We kissed passionately and slowly it was almost like the perfect kiss I’ve ever experienced in my life. I maneuvered her down on her back as I got on top of her and kissed her long and good. My hands rubbing her breast and my body softly grinding up against hers. I felt my dick getting harder and harder each minute. It had been six long months since I last had this kind of contact with a woman and I was going to take my time and enjoy every second of this precious moment. She rubbed my back and pulled my V-neck t-shirt up and over my head, at that very moment I knew it was on and popping! The kissing we were doing went from passionate to downright freaky as we used our tongues and took more and more clothing off each other. There was definitely chemistry building more and more between us, before I knew it we were both naked and my face was deep into her wet juicy pussy. I lick and tickled her clit with my tongue first as I cocked her legs up and sucked away on her as if she was a ice cream bar on a hot summer day. She tasted so good, the way she grabbed the back of my head and massaged it as I ate her out felt so good and turned me on even more. Her moans got louder and louder it was music to my ears, I knew I was doing something right. I was so into it I got carried away and started talking out loud to her as I licked and sucked on her pussy. “You like that baby?” I said as I stroked her pussy lips with my tongue “Yes…..yes……baby” she replied as she rubbed her breasts and licked her lips. Enough was enough and I had to see what her head game was like I sat up on my knees as she pulled herself up and came face to face with my hard, throbbing dick that was already leaking pre cum. She grabbed it softly with one hand and slowly started sucking it passionately. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and how good it felt. Her mouth was so warm and moist she had a unique way of sucking dick and I couldn’t get enough of it as I grabbed her head And fucked her face. She drooled all down my shaft and sucked on my balls and stroked my dick at the same time. She looked up at me with a look in her eyes that said fuck me…and fuck me hard and good. I kissed her again as I stroked my dick rubbing all her spit on my dick, she turned around positioning her ass in front of me. Her tattoo on her lower back reading “Scorpio” in fancy cursive turned me on even more I knew she was a freak after seeing that. I stuck my dick in her wet slippery pussy stroking her from behind bayraklı escort bayan nice and smooth, she moaned and grunted passionately as I grabbed her waist and guided her ass against me. The sounds of her fat juicy ass slapping against my thighs as I fucked her from the back made me drill her harder and harder, I noticed her starting to cream on my dick. That turned me on even more as she rubbed her clit and me fucking her hard and strong from the back. I smacked her ass and pulled her hair as she moaned and screamed loader after each stroke. She turned around laid on her back and I inserted my dick into her creamy, wet pussy I gripped her ankles tight as I sucked on her feet and toes and continued fucking her as I watched her massage her breasts and talk dirty to me. “You like this pussy?…..huh??….tell me you like it!” she said in a demanding voice “Yes baby I love it….I love fucking this wet ass pussy!” I responded as I resumed drilling her harder and harder making her head board bounce off the wall. She stopped for a quick moment to put a pillow behind it to avoid the noise. She turned around and sucked on my dick some more. She knew exactly how to turn me on sexually and knew just how I like to fuck. She climbed on top of me and rode me like no other woman has ever rode my dick before. She had rhythm and knew how to work that sexy ass body of hers. She rode me in reverse cowgirl as I smacked that ass of hers that bounced in front of my face. I got back on top of her in a missionary position and grinded my dick inside of her while sucking on her nipples, she sucked on my neck hard gripping it with her teeth it was a pleasurable pain that I just loved, normally I hate it when women try to leave hickies on my neck, but Veronica had the touch and knew how to do it just right. “Fuck baby I’m about……about to cum….You feel that dick getting harder baby?” I said as I felt myself about to climax. “Yes daddy I feel that dick getting hard…..cum for me baby….cum all over me!” she said as she rubbed my chest “Where you want it baby?!” I said as I was about to pull out and shower her with my semen. “It doesn’t matter baby…cum wherever you want!” she replied I pulled out my throbbing dick from her pussy and sprayed six months of cum on to her face and into her mouth. I was so amazed on how much sperm came shooting out of my dick. It was a huge stress relief and it felt good releasing it. She took her index finger and cleaned up the cum that splattered on her glasses and fed it into her mouth. “Baby…..that was hands down the B.E.S.T I’ve ever had” I said out of breath as I lay next to her rubbing her body passionately. “Oh really?……I must agree with you” she said as she smiled at me and cuddled up next to me. Before we both knew it we were fast asleep in each other’s arms. I was a hundred percent satisfied and couldn’t ask for anything else. I wanted more with her than just sex and I knew at that very moment I was going to do my best to keep her in my life and get even closer with her every chance I could. I couldn’t wait for round 2.

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