THE DUNGON!I walked into the Dungon wearing a black leather bustier that revield my breasts,black leather thigh high boots, and carring a riding crop, my slave was laying on the table tied naked and in the spread eagle posistion facing up, her breasts were ample and niplles semi erect, her shaved pussy very inviting, in her mouth a red gagball,she looked scared, her eyes wide open as she wreathed and wiggled unable to escape, she had disobeyed her mistress and she knew it was time for her punnishment,i walked slowly to her, bent down and looked into her eyes, they were filled with terror for she did not know for sure what was comming,i smiled,as my fingers pinched her nipple,she winced,then i pinched the bursa escort other,and twisted them gently,now they were standing erect, i twisted again this time harder, she writhed and wiggled harder on the table, the ropes holding her prisnor held fast!..i walked to the end of the table, between her legs, and ran a finger down the opening of her pussy,she moaned, then gently tapped it with my crop,she squeeled, but the gag stopped anything loud,i tapped again this time twice in a rapid succession,tap,tap,she bucked,i then walked to another table,where layed my tools, i picked up 2 nipple clamps and put one on each of her now hard erect nipples,then i chose a whip, i began slowly swinging it closer bursa escort bayan and closer, to her pussy, with a smack it made contact, then again again, her pussy started to turn red as it swelled, then again and again, smack ….smack…..smack,,,it started to become wet and glissend with the redness and swelling,my shecock began to be semihard, as i contiued,smack, smack,smack, i then walked to the table and picked up a huge 9 inch dildo, and eased it inside her, she moaned as i pushed it deeper, i moved to the side of the table and removed her gag, she said whimpering thank you mistress, i eased my cock from under my leather pantie, and with my hand pushed her head to it as she began sucking escort bursa me, i used my other hand and pushed the dildo in her pussy in and out, she started sucking faster and deeper,my hard shecock at times reaching the back of her throte causing her to gag,i would hold it there for a moment until she was at the edge of throwing up then i would pull it back for her to breath then do it again, i felt myself on the verge of cumming, as i felt that she let out a scream, as a huge gush of her liquid spurted from her pussy around the inserted dildo, she squirted, then again,,it excited me to where i started cumming, my hot cream gushed into her open mouth,and down her throte, she bucked, her back arched fully, as she exploded with one more orgasim…then she fell back to the table, coverd in sweat, i removed the dildo from her wet red swollen pussy, ran my crop over her quivering pussylips, and walked slowly out of the dungon………..

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