The Experiment


I rang the doorbell uncertain of what was to come once I stepped inside. I had a feeling of excitement with a tint of apprehension seeing as this was the first time I had ever done something like this. In fact, it wasn’t until just recently that I even pondered the thought of doing something like this. It was totally unlike me, but it was a level of satisfaction that I haven’t been able to attain in any other way.

The door opened and there he stood in his button down shirt motioning for me to come in. Immediately, my level of excitement went through the roof. Recently, I started having a rush of urges to satisfy men. I don’t know what brought it on, but sex with my girlfriend was just not cutting it anymore and I needed other ways to satisfy my sexual cravings. Just the thought of having another man use my body as his personal playground as he brought himself to satisfy his most primal urge gave me such a high that doing it physically would undoubtedly be sheer ecstasy.

We skipped the small talk and went straight to turning out the lights. I began unbuttoning his shirt and I could feel his pulsing body underneath the fabric. I tore his shirt off and wasted little time undoing his belt. He stood in front of me bare with a smile on his face. This was a man’s man. His physique was so flawless bahis firmaları you would’ve thought he was raised in the jungle like Tarzan. The sight made my heart rate skyrocket and neither of us could wait for the main course any longer.

I guided my tongue from his abdominal muscles to his chest making sure I put emphasis on his nipples. His head rolled back indicating I was doing well so far. My hands gravitated from his firm torso to his erect dick as I began to stroke it nice and slow. I wanted to make sure I didn’t give him too much too fast, so I laid him on the bed and continued to slowly stroke his cock while licking his chest and neck. He began to breathe heavily, and I took it as my cue to let my tongue do some work on his rock hard cock dripping with pre cum. I spat on the tip of his dick and moistened his shaft with both my palms. I licked from his shaft to the tip and back down again as he let out low moans of pleasure. Knowing that my tongue alone was able to satisfy this beast gave me such an incredible high that my dick also began to drip with pre cum. Just imagining the pleasure he must feel by having my mouth over his warm cock made me suck that much harder and deeper.

His moist cock slid easily between my wet lips, and I made sure my tongue did its part massaging so thoroughly kaçak iddaa that I could trace the veins that roped around his cock like vines. Up and down I went accompanied by pleasurable moans as his firm grip fluctuated from the back of my head to the top of my neck. “I don’t want you getting off too much on this, it’s just the appetizer,” I said. He and I both knew what the main course was. I assumed the position.

He forcefully slammed my head into the bedding so as to expose my asshole completely. He took his fingers and ran them down my neck and spine. He took his massive palms and spread my asscheeks apart spitting into my asshole moistening it for penetration. He spread my knees farther apart and again spit in my asshole. I could feel the warm saliva work its way down and I completely relaxed and submitted to his will. I wanted him to use me in any way he wanted. He teased my asshole by slapping the head of his penis on it, I bit my bottom lip and smiled as the anticipation of being his personal fucktoy had me in a trance.

Without warning he rammed his cock inside me causing my body to jerk forward. He pulled out slowly so as to not deprive his cock a morsel of sensation. Then again he rammed, each pump more violent than the previous one. My breathing became deep and heavy like I kaçak bahis was running a marathon. The excruciating pain coupled with indescribable pleasure had my mind in a state of bliss. My yells of pleasure and pain fell on deaf ears as he continued his dominance.

He pulled me up by the hair with his dick still inside me and held my arms behind my back as he continued to pump. Without the support of the bedpost to help absorb the shock, I was now completely at his mercy as my asshole took the brunt of the pounding with nothing to hold on to. The ratio of pleasure to pain shifted more towards the pain side, but he quickly restored the balance when he began licking and sucking my neck. He eased up and concentrated on my neck for a little bit. The soft sounds his lips made against my neck was a welcome calm after the storm. He laid me down and assumed his position over me almost as a mighty gladiator would over a conquered opponent. His physique glowed in the dim lighting. I rubbed my hand on his chest as it rose and fell with each breath. My other hand began massaging his overworked cock and my mouth would soon follow. I placed my mouth over his pulsing dick and did my best until he came for what seemed like two minutes into my mouth. He brought his lips to mine and we shared his load with our tongues intertwined until every drop was accounted for. We layed next to each other not regretting for a minute our experimental experience. A perfect culmination to a perfect night. I can’t wait to ring his doorbell again.

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