The Family Business Ch. 01


It was a warm summer afternoon in Canesbury as thirty six year old Lisa Wright stood in her kitchen washing dishes. She looked up and smiled as she heard the young kids living behind her house playing around with their Labrador on the other side of the fence. Hearing them scream and laugh reminded her of her twin boys Jason and Kevin, now strapping eighteen year olds, running and playing around the house when they were younger. Their poor sister Tiffany, a year older than them, had to put up with her brothers’ constant teasing growing up. Lisa laughed a little as a memory came back to her of Kevin putting a small frog down the back of his sister’s shirt.

Lisa had a very contagious smile. Her lips were naturally pink and plump and her teeth were straight and white. A couple of small laugh lines appeared on the sides of her green eyes but those were the only wrinkles to blemish an otherwise youthfully round face for a mother of three. Her brown hair was thick as it fell over her ears in a bob-style cut and shined in the sunlight streaming through the window.

Her body also showed no signs of her age or the fact that she had three grown children. Years of intense yoga, Pilates and determination left her body the envy of any young coed. Her arms were slender and strong. Her stomach was flat with just a hint of muscle under the tight skin. Her legs looked quite long with generous hips and strong calves that were visible due to the tight red yoga pants she was currently wearing. The pants also did a great job of forming around her round tight ass cheeks. Her skin had a healthy olive complexion to it so she didn’t look pale nor overly tanned. Her greatest charms of all however were her breasts. Overly generous 34G’s that still defied gravity and stuck up from her chest without the need of a bra and were capped by dark pink nipples the size of the bottom of a soda can.

“Whoops!” she said as she dropped a glass back into the soapy water to cause a large splash across her expansive bosom. The white t-shirt that was already clinging to her massive breasts and flat stomach became transparent to reveal her deep cleavage and succulent nipples.

“Oh, damn it!” she said as she quickly grabbed the dishtowel and began to dab at her chest.

The heavy sounds of footsteps storming up the stairs made Lisa turn around to see her sons come tromping up from the basement. She quickly folded her arms across her chest to hide her breasts. This resulted in her cleavage being pushed up against the wet shirt however.

“Hey Mom!” Kevin greeted his mother as he walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek as he carried a backpack over his shoulder. His eyes darted and lingered on his mother’s exposed cleavage though the wet shirt.

“Hi Mom!” Jason said as he walked over and kissed his mother’s other cheek. His eyes also locked onto his mom’s massive jugs for a long second. “Can we take the van? We’re going to go shoot some hoops with a few of the guys.”

“Uh, sure!” Lisa was a little flushed from her wardrobe malfunction along with the sudden presence of her strapping young sons. “J-Just be home in time for dinner!”

“We will!” came the echoed reply from the twins as they headed out to the garage but not before taking one more look at their mother.

The door closed and Lisa blew a strand of her hair out of her face as she heard the van start and pull out of the garage.

* * * * *

“Hey Cassie, we’re heading over now. Are you ready?” Jason said into his cellphone.

“Almost. What do you guys want me to wear for this?”

“Well it has to be as natural as possible. We want people to believe that we’re just picking you up from shopping of something.”

“Kay! I’ll be ready when you get here!”

Jason hung up the phone and smiled at his brother. “Dude this is going to be fucking amazing! I think this could be out best video yet!”

“I know! I’m so fucking hard right now!” Kevin replied.

Jason and Kevin Wright were two seniors at Canesbury East High that everyone believed were going to make a name for themselves in whatever they did. Both were the best swimmers in the school along with being two of the best basketball players. Plus they showed a great aptitude in the audio and video departments. Being twins they each had sandy brown hair that was short cropped with green eyes the same as their mother. Each was tall at just over six feet with lean muscular bodies. Suffice to say they had no trouble in the women department.

Unknown to their parents however was the fact that both brothers had decided to use their skills along with their physical attributes to enter the world of professional pornography. In just the seven months from their eighteenth birthday they had made over six films and constructed a successful website from an outside web designer.

They’d been smart about it however. They had legal contracts made with an attorney they had found and even gotten an accountant. In four months after expenses, fees, and loan repayments they’d sincan escort amassed over one hundred thousand dollars for themselves and they were still thinking ahead.

At the start of their little business venture they’d asked their parents to buy them a large van claiming that it would be easier for team gatherings and for transporting equipment to and from the school. In reality they used it to film their videos. They placed a series of small cameras throughout the van along with a wireless recording device. Once the rear seats were removed they had the same amount of space as a queen sized bed in the back. With this set up they started the “BigDicksBangingBigTits” website. They also had a friend named Danny Adamson that also helped with a few of their videos.

Kevin pulled the van down the street to Cassie Nealson’s house fifteen minutes later and both he and his brother were treated to the amazing sight of Cassie’s mom’s ass clad in a pair of daisy-dukes as she was on her hands and her knees in her flower beds. Jason rolled down his window and smiled as he leaned out.

“Hi Mrs Nealson.”

Nicole Nealson looked over her shoulder and smiled at the two handsome boys openly staring at her ass and tanned legs.

“Well hello boys!” she greeted them in her southern accent. “Y’all here to pick up Cassie or are ya’ll doin some sight seein?” she said as she smiled and wiggled her round tight behind at them.

Jason chuckled at the older woman’s boldness. He and his brother had been flirting with Nicole for the past couple of years each time getting a little more bold.

“Maybe a little bit of both!” Kevin said as he glanced over his brother’s shoulder to look at the thirty eight year old cougar.

Nicole smiled at the hunky teens and stood up. Under her wide brimmed hat her long blond hair fell to the middle of her back. Her skin was lightly tanned and sweaty from working outside. The boys watched a bead of sweat roll down from her long neck to slide in between a pair of tits nearly equal in size to their mother’s. The only thing keeping the giant globes contained was a sleeveless white blouse that instead of being buttoned up was merely tide in a knot at the height of her nipples.

The hot MILF adjusted her top forcing the tanned globes to jiggle slightly. Walking over to the van Nicole placed a hand on her sexy hip and thrust it out to the side.

“You know, I sure could use your help this Saturday boys if you’re free.”

“Sure, what do you need?” Kevin said as he openly stared at her nearly foot long expanse of cleavage.

“Well I’ve got all these boxes I gotta get moved outta my basement and Richard is going to be out of town.” she pouted.

“Isn’t Cassie gone next weekend for cheerleader camp or something?” Jason asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You know, I do believe she will be!” Nicole said with an impish grin. She placed her hands behind her back and arched it slightly to push her impressive tits out even farther.

Kevin and Jason smiled at each other before turning back to the busty athletic mom. “Yeah I think we can make it.” Jason said.

Just then Nicole’s daughter Cassie came out and jogged to the van. Her hair, the same blond as her mother’s, was done up in pigtails and bounced as she moved. Her 36DD’s also bounced in a light blue tank top and didn’t need the help of a bra to hold them up either. A white tennis skirt ended just below her ass and her strong legs flexed with each step.

“Kay guys let’s go!” Cassie said as she reached for the side door.

“Excuse me young lady but were you thinking of running off without givin your momma a hug?” Nicole said with a stern look.

Cassie rolled her eyes and turned around giving her mother a hug. The boys watched in delight as the large tits of both women squashed against each other.

“Now you boys take care of my little sunshine!”

“Moooom…” Cassie groaned as she opened the side door and got in the van.

Nicole winked to the boys and walked back to her garden. The eyes of the twins locked onto her rolling ass cheeks before they drove away.

* * * * *

“What’re these papers for?” Cassie asked as Kevin gave her a set of three pages and a pen.

“Cassie, what are we here to do?” Jason asked her as they all sat in the back of the van.

The sexy blond smiled as she looked at the twins in front of her.

“I’m hoping to get fucked hard by you two studs like you did to Kimmy and Madison!”

Jason chuckled. “Yeah but we’re also paying you two thousand dollars to let us film you and put it on the website. You’ve got to sign that first.”

“Oh, okay!” Cassie said before she brought the papers down on the floor to sign them. She stopped however and looked back up at the twins. “Is it true what the girls said about you guys?”

“What did they say?”

Cassie looked at the growing bulges in the boys gym shorts and bit her bottom lip. “They said you guys have the biggest cocks they’ve ever sincan escort bayan seen!”

Kevin and Jason smiled to each other before they simultaneously whipped off their t-shirts and then their gym shorts. Their massive erections, each one a foot long and thick stood out proudly from their crotches. They were shaved smooth and their hairless testicles looked to be about the size of lemons.

Cassie’s mouth dropped open and the pen fell to the floor. “Holy shit!”

Fifteen minutes later the van was parked behind a warehouse and bouncing slightly. Inside, clothes were scattered all around and Cassie found herself on her hands and knees on a soft air mattress in the back. Her red lips were stretched wide as she took half of Kevin’s massive cock down her throat while he held her pigtails in his hands. She gagged repeatedly as he fucked her mouth. Spit slid down his length and dripped from his balls.

Kevin breathed in through clenched teeth as he looked down at the busty teen sucking him off. “Yeah baby suck that big cock!”

Behind her Jason had her tight ass cheeks squeezed in his hands as he slid eight of his twelve inches into her again and again. “Fuuuuck! This pussy is so good bro!”

Cassie gagged and moaned as she was ravaged by the twin hunks. Her big DD’s swung wildly beneath her as her sensitive nipples dragged across the comforter. Her tight cheerleader body was tense from the rough double fucking she was getting. Her juices ran down her thighs as she lubricated the thick piece of meat as it penetrated her again and again.

Kevin pulled his dick free from the tight vacuum of her mouth causing Cassie to take a deep breath. He gripped his shaft in his hand and smeared the spit covered length over her face.

Cassie looked back over her shoulder to see Jason pounding at her tight little pussy from behind. He was stretching her out more than she ever had been before. It was a mix of pleasure and pain that was blowing her mind away.


Jason spanked her ass before he reached down and squeezed her firm tits in his hands. The soft pliable flesh squeezed out between his fingers as his cock made obscene sucking noises in her wet tight hole.

Kevin grabbed the sides of her face and brought her forward to slide his cock back into her mouth. “Fuck yes!” he said as he began to fuck her face again.

“GURK! GURK! GURK!” choking noises emanated from Cassie’s mouth as tears streamed down her face while she looked up at Kevin. Her nostrils flared to take in air that was immediately pushed out of her by the giant dick smacking against her cervix.

Cassie’s toes curled as she bent her knees more so her feet pointed upward. Her athletic legs flexed hard to steady herself. Her small hands tried to make a grip on the blanket underneath her causing her knuckles to turn white as the biggest orgasm of her life racked her frame.

“MMMMMMFFFFFGGGG!!!” she moaned around Kevin’s thickness.

This rough fucking continued for another ten minutes before Jason got back up and gritted his teeth as he held Cassie around her slim waist. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too!” Kevin said as he gripped the back of her head and fucked her raw throat.

Both boys suddenly yanked their wet cocks free from Cassie and stood in front of her. Cassie carefully got on her knees in front of them as she was a little shaky. She cupped her titties in her hands and watched the large knobs bounce in front of her face as the brothers jerked off in front of her.


“FFFUUUCCKKK!!!” both exclaimed as thick ropes, each a foot long and as thick as a finger shot out and splashed on the stunned teen. Again and again jizz rained down on her face, neck and chest to dribble down her stomach and thighs. Kevin and Jason grunted loudly with each flexing of their giant cock in their hands as they painted Cassie with their potent seed.

Afterwards Cassie stared in shock at the two sweaty guys in front of her and then down at her cum covered body which looked like a bottle of lotion had exploded on her. Her gaze drifted back up to Kevin and Jason and she smiled widely.

“WOW!!! That was amazing!” she said as she rubbed the cum into her firm tits.

* * * * *

While her boys enjoyed the pleasures of their new business venture, Lisa was vacuuming the living room when the phone rang.


“Lisa? It’s Brad. Do you have a minute?” replied the voice on the other line.

“Oh hi Brad. What’s going on?” Lisa asked as she heard the stress in the man’s voice.

Brad Willis was the family attorney. He’d been taking care of the family’s trust funds and legal work for years. Unbeknownst to Lisa he had also helped Kevin and Jason set up the legal part of their business. While he may not have agreed with everything they were doing morally he still believed in their rights. If they wanted to make a legitimate business in escort sincan the adult industry there was nothing he could do to stop them.

“Lisa, I got a call from Carl half an hour ago. He’s in Mexico.”

“What? Why the hell is he in Mexico?” Lisa’s eyes were wide with surprise as she stood holding the phone.

Brad took a deep breath before continuing. He proceeded to explain that Carl Wright, Lisa’s husband of eighteen years and owner of a very successful financing company, had been laundering money for some individuals in Mexico. Apparently the FBI had begun an investigation and Carl had gotten wind of it. He’d cleared out all of the bank accounts and left the country leaving his family to fend for themselves.

Lisa sat down on the couch as she listened to Brad in stunned silence. She was perfectly rigid with one small fist held tightly in her lap, her breasts rising and falling with quick breaths.

Brad finally finished explaining everything that was happening and took a long pause before he continued. “Lisa, I’m so sorry. I had no idea what was going on. This was going on behind everyone’s back. The FBI’s already interviewed me and they will probably be coming over to your house soon.”

Lisa was struck by fear as the thought of men in black suits with sunglasses dragging her off to prison. “The FBI is coming here? B-But I didn’t do anything Brad!”

“It’s going to be okay. They’ll just want to ask you some questions.” he reassured her. “Just be cooperative and honest. If you have any information about his finances that I didn’t have I suggest you hand it over to them.”


“I’m sorry but I’ve got to go. If you have any trouble, contact my office. You’ll get through this Lisa. I promise.”

Lisa placed the phone down on its receiver after turning it off. She sat back down and stared at the wall as she processed everything that had just been told to her. Suddenly it occurred to her what Brad had just told her about the accounts. Carl took everything. She didn’t have a dime to her name.

She looked around the spacious living room and all of the fancy furniture it held. The house was a overly spacious 6,600 square feet and they were still paying for it!

“Oh God….we’re going to be homeless!” Lisa thought. Her face fell into her small hands and she began to cry as the tragic news began to settle in.

* * * * *

Jason, Kevin, and Cassie all headed over to the local recreation center for showers after filming. Cassie had a blushing and satisfied expression on her face as she made her way back to the girls’ locker area. Jason and Kevin cleaned up in the boys’ showers and discussed how the editing was going to go and how soon they thought they could get the video up.

After everyone was done the boys drove Cassie back to her house before heading home. Kevin pulled out his cell and called Danny. After six rings it went to his voice mail.

“Huh, I wonder where he’s at tonight?” Kevin thought out loud as he waited for the beep. “Hey man, it’s Kevin. We got that video with Cassie. You missed out! Give us a call when you get this so we can talk about the next vid. We think we may have an in with Carrie’s mom! Later.”

“Not there huh?” Jason asked his brother as he pulled onto the highway to make their way back home.

“Nah. He must be busy or something.”

* * * * *

Danny Adamson was in the same class as Kevin and Jason. He wasn’t on the swim team but he was one of the best lacrosse players in the school. His frame was lean with wide shoulders and his black hair was cut short. With all of his good looks and a cock equal in size to their own it was no surprise that Jason and Kevin asked him to help out with their movies. He didn’t complain as it had given him even more opportunities to fuck some of the hottest girls in his school.

Danny was ignoring his phone as he was very busy at the moment helping his mother pick out a dress for tonight. He sat in a chair in his mother’s bedroom, leaned forward in anticipation and he licked his lips.

“Okay, how about this one dear?” came a sultry voice from the master closet.

Alicia Adamson came striding out of her closet wearing a purple cocktail dress. She was a tall woman at five feet ten inches with hourglass curves. The dress left one shoulder bare before it stretched out to encompass her enormous breasts. A good eight inches of pale mouth-watering cleavage was exposed. Despite her age of thirty seven, Alicia’s tits remained high and firm as they jiggled slightly with each step she took. Her nipples made small indentations in the fabric as she stood with her hip cocked out and a hand resting on it as she waited for her son’s opinion.

Danny’s eyes trailed down from his mother’s cleavage to her small waist as the dress left no hints to the curves she possessed. Her generous hips stretched the purple fabric out before the dress ended at mid-thigh. She didn’t wear any stockings which was fine by her son’s standards as he enjoyed the sight of his mother’s leg muscles as they stood out. Her small feet were bare as she hadn’t decided on shoes just yet.

“Well?” she asked with a playful smile and one arched eyebrow. She brushed a strand of her long wavy auburn hair out of her face. Her blue eyes twinkled with her smile.

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