THE FIELD TRIPA lot of times, you read about how long after a guy meets a girl beforehe has sex with her. Well, I think I take the world’s record because I hadsex with my girlfriend before I even met her! Let me explain…It was back in high school. We were going on a senior trip from Edison,New Jersey to Washington DC — about a five hour trip. I was the first onthe bus so I thought I’d catch some Z’s on the way down. I went all theway to the back of the bus and stretched out on the back seat thatstretched the whole width of the bus.I grabbed the prize seat and stretched out. Other k**s started fillingup the rest of the bus. A few moments later, these three girls came up tothe back seat too. I’ve seen them around school, but I didn’t know any ofthem. I don’t remember EXACTLY how it went, but it was something likethis. They looked down at me and one of them said, “We want to sit backhere too.”I answered, “Dibs!””You get up, or we’ll sit on _you!”_”I dare you!”They did! One sat on my chest, one sat on my lap, and the other sat onmy knees.I suppose you want to know what these girls looked like and how theywere dressed and everything. Well, these were pretty normal high schoolgirls, all in all, pretty decent looking. I don’t remember how exactlywhat each girl was wearing, but tight jeans, tank tops, and halter topswere fairly common that year.They started talking and giggling. I was about to ask them if therewere going to sit on me the whole way, but then another girl came back tosit with them. She was a black girl wearing a short denim skirt and ablack halter top with a bare midriff. She was decent looking too; tall andwith her hair all in braids. She sat on my legs too, after the one girlmoved closer to my feet.A moment later, two more girls came to join them. I knew one as Donnafrom one of my classes, but I didn’t know the other. The two girls on mychest slid up together so that one girl’s thigh was pressed against my chinand the other sat on my stomach while the others slid down my legs. Donnathen sat on my lap. The other girl tried to squeeze in and one of thegirls sitting said something like, “No more room.”She answered, “There’s room if Diane and Carol move down a little more.”The girl sitting on my chest, I guess she must have been Diane, lookeddown at me for a second, and I licked my lips with my tongue. She gave meback an evil grin and she then slid her butt up over my head. I quicklyturned my head sideways before she pressed fethiye escort her butt down on me. The othersslid up on my chest where she was just sitting and then the last girl saton my stomach. I immediately got a hard-on, and I could feel it pokingwhoever was sitting on me there!The sensation was incredible. I was pinned down under the weight of sixgirls sitting on me packed in along the whole length of my body. Now, Icouldn’t hear what was going on. My one ear was pressed into the seat, myother ear was being sat on by about 100 lbs. worth of — I think — Diane,and all I could see facing forward was the back of her jean clad legs. Icould feel their bodies vibrate whenever they talked or giggled, but it washard to make out what they were saying.After several minutes, It was starting to become uncomfortable. Icouldn’t move, and it took all my strength to breathe in against the weighton my chest.I figured they were all going to get up and let me out after a fewminutes of sitting on me. I didn’t want to be the one to wimp out, so Ididn’t say anything. But after several minutes when the bus started tomove, I realized they weren’t going to get off me!The sensations were intense. I’m sure most of you know what it feelslike to sit in the back seat of a school bus – the kind where the back fewseats hang back over the rear wheel. Every time we went over a bump orsomething, the girls bounced hard onto me.It was thrilling, but it was also agonizing. It was, like, a majoreffort to breathe, my stomach was starting to hurt, and I was having crampsfrom the constant hard-on.And then I started to smell Diane’s “feminine” odor. This only made myhard-on even bigger! I knew the girl sitting on it could feel it toobecause I heard her giggle every time she squirmed around on it. A coupleof times, I almost came in my pants.The trip lasted several hours and I was pinned under them the whole way!It was really outrageous, but I was also really beat when we finally gotthere. The side of my head was sore from being sat on. I was totallyexhausted from struggling to breathe. My stomach was in cramps. My dickhurt from the constant hard-on. And my neck hurt from being twisted to theside the whole time. My hair was a mess too – all sweaty and matted, and Icould swear I could sometimes smell Diane’s pussy odor in my hair from timeto time during the day.In Washington, we all saw a bunch of boring museums and stuff. Theytreated us to lunch at this Steak and Ale escort fethiye place. We saw more boringmuseums. And then it was time to head back.Again, I was one of the first to get back on the bus. I didn’t expectto enjoy the ride back as much as I enjoyed the ride down, but when Istarted walking down the aisle, three of the girls were already sitting inthe back seat and they waved me back to them. They said, “we saved yourseat for you,” as they gave me this sexy look.I wasn’t too keen on doing it again on the way back, but I couldn’t be anerd and say “no thank you,” so I said, “sure.” They stood as I sat down onthe seat and I lay down as I had before. They sat back down on my stomachand lap. A moment later, two more returned — Diane and the black girl.So anyway, the first three slid down my legs and the three other twogirls slid in. The black girl slid in first and I could see up her shortdenim skirt to her bright orange panty as she sat on my chest. Shesqueezed her thigh against my chin as Diane sat on my stomach.At first, it seemed there would be only five girls on me on the triphome this time, but after a few minutes, Donna returned too. As shesqueezed in onto my stomach, the group on my chest slid upward. This time,the black girl slid onto my head. She didn’t even look down at me first oranything, she just did it.When she sat on me, she d****d the back of her skirt against the back ofmy head, so that only her panty separated her flesh from mine. I smelledher “feminine” odor right away. It was much stronger than Diane’s and itwas a major turn-on. Again, I got a real big hard-on in my pants rightaway.Anyway, the bus continued to fill, and eventually we were on the roadagain. We must have gone for about an hour when I felt the girl on my laplift herself up slightly and unbuckle my pants. She started to work mypants down my hips and then she pulled my dick out of my Hanes and sat onit. She squirmed around until she had me inside her! Oh man! She didn’thave to do much to set me off. The bouncing of the bus was enough and Icame almost right away! I can’t believe I even stayed hard after I came!And I came again a little later! That time, I felt myself get soft, but Istill stayed inside her.I couldn’t believe what happened next! The black girl sitting on myhead then lifted herself up and pulled her panty down her legs and showedme her pussy! She reached between her legs and pushed my chin so that Iwas facing straight up and she fethiye escort bayan sat back down with her cunt over my mouth.It was funny how the bright pink of her pussy contrasted with her coalblack skin that was completely covered with thick black hair.I worked her pussy as best I could. It wasn’t easy since she wasactually sitting on me with all her weight, and the bouncing of the busdidn’t help either. I licked and licked, and she squirmed a bit inresponse. I then started fucking her pussy with my tongue, going in andout and in and out, and this must have really turned her on, as shesuddenly started quivering and getting real wet. I mean her pussy juicewas actually dribbling into my mouth!Of course, my hard-on came back again and I came again. I was tonguefucking black pussy and coming again and again into someone else. Youknow, I didn’t even know which one it was! Oh man, it was incredible!Still, the black girl still wasn’t finished satisfying herself. Sheslid forward so that her asshole was over my mouth. I guess she wanted meto rim her, so that’s what I did. I never rimmed a girl with my tonguebefore, I always thought it was kind of gross. But it tasted like dryleather and there was no shitty taste that I expected, so I kept rimmingher for a while. I was afraid that she might accidentally poop into mymouth, but she just kept squirming around. I could tell she was reallygetting off on that too, so I then started tongue fucking her asshole. Shereally exploded that time, quivering and shaking like mad.Oh man! The girl on my dick must have thought I was some kind ofsuperman because my hard on came back and I exploded into her a third time!I must have finally satisfied the black girl because she then pulled herpanties back up and rolled my head forward with her ass. However, theother girl kept my dick insider her for most of the rest of the way.I had no track of time, and after losing count of the times I came intothe girl on my lap, she took me out of her and pulled my pants back up.Shortly after that, the bus stopped and everybody started getting offbecause we got back to school.So again, they all got off me — except the girl whose pussy was full ofmy cum. With her still on my lap, I sat up and saw that everybody had gotoff the bus, including the driver.I said, “Hi.”She said, “Hi.”I said, “My name’s Jesse.”She said, “My name’s Kim.”We didn’t say anything else. We laid down on that seat together and Kimand I did it again, just the two of us.Afterward, her friends must have guessed why she didn’t get off the busso they didn’t wait for her and I drove her home. We have been goingtogether ever since, and we plan to get married after we get out ofcollege.* END *

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