The French Couple from the Spa

The French Couple from the SpaIn the mid 1990s I used to go a naturist spa in north London, the days before it built in playrooms and became a swingers meet spot as well as a naturist Spa. I loved going there and being naked in front of other people. I would regularly talk to people, single men, single women and couples, and learnt a lot about people who went there. I had a regular night (Tuesday) as this fitted best for work, and I would arrive at about 6pm and leave at about 10 or 11pm feeling totally relaxed. As I said this was just a naturist spa and nothing ever happened in the spa. I became quite friendly with a French couple who had moved to London about a year earlier. I was in my early 30s and they were both a few years younger. Luckily they both spoke pretty good English and I found out that Tuesday was the best night for them as well as it gave them the most time in the Spa together as they both worked different shifts. I learnt that before they moved to London they had been regulars at a naturist spa in France and regular went to naturist beaches. We got on so well that one night we left together and had a drink and this became a regular occurrence after our Spa nights. As you can probably tell from my nick name I am very tall – 6ft 7inches. This caused a lot of talk in the spa and from my French friends as they were both a lot shorter – he was about 5ft 8inches and she was 5ft 2inches. This meant that when I stood up to leave the sauna for example my cock was at eye level to both. I must confess I did find her very sexy with pert breasts and a pussy with trimmed hair and occasional saw her pussy lips as she bent over in the showers. His cock was uncircumcised and quite long unerect. Eventually, we arranged to meet one night that wasn’t the usual spa night for a meal and drinks. We discussed in detail our history of naturism and why we had gotten into it. They had both been naturist before they met each other and their first holiday together was to a naturist beach. They had been to many since and wherever they lived had found naturist clubs to regularly attend. They also told me that whenever they are at home they don’t wear clothes. At this time in my life I had only been to one naturist beach (I have been to many since then) and told them this. They said they would sought out some material about naturist beaches and bring it along to the spa next time they visited. However, when I reminded them at the next visit they had forgotten it. She was annoyed as she had sorted it out. To my surprise she gave me their address and told me to pop along on Saturday afternoon when they would be in. Saturday came and I was at their front door. They lived in a first floor flat in a converted house and she came and opened the door in a dressing gown. I jokingly said I thought you said you were always naked when you are at home. She laughed and invited me. At the top of the stairs she asked if I wanted a cup of tea, and when I said yes she turned into the kitchen to make it. She pointed at a door and told me to go in and make myself comfortable. I entered to find her husband naked on the sofa watching TV. He said hello and I found it an odd situation, as I was in a person’s house for the first ataşehir escort time and here he was naked. He got up and went over to the book shelf and got a pile of papers and handed them to me, saying these were the documents about the naturist beaches. I sat down and made myself comfortable and a few minutes later his wife entered the room with a tray of drinks, but was now without her dressing gown. There they were both naked, and I was fully dressed. She sat down opposite me and for the first time I got a good view of her lips as she slid back into the chair. I tried not to look but I think it was obvious that I was. As we drank our tea she asked me if I would be more comfortable naked as well. I didn’t need a second invite and stripped off, making a neat pile of my clothes. I must have stayed a few hours but had to leave as I had a party to go to that night. As I was leaving they said it had been fun and we should do it again. During the week I got a phone call saying they were having a few friends over the upcoming Saturday night … they would all be naked and would I like to come. I said that I would love to come and on the Saturday night I joined them and 6 friends for a naturist dinner and chat in their flat. The age range was from the mid 20s to mid 40s and it was a mix of people. It was fun and the first of these types of dinner party I had ever been to. Over the next month we regularly met at the Spa and again I was invited over as this time they had gotten out some promotional videos they had of naturist beaches and clubs which they thought I might like to see. When I arrived at their flat they were naked so I stripped off and made myself at home. This time I had taken over a bottle of wine and it was opened immediately. They asked if I wanted to watch the videos at their place or take them home with me, but as they were supposed to be quite short I said we should watch them now. There were about 6 videos in the pile and so they started with the first one. They were clearly poor quality promotional videos for naturist clubs in southern France. After the first three I suggested we stop watching them as they were all in French and I didn’t understand a word. She said that she thought they had a few in English as well. She quickly went through the rest of the pile putting on the videos to see the language, but they were all French. She then went to the cupboard in the corner which housed a large collection of videos. She grabbed a few and said that she thought an English version might be in amongst them. It wasn’t the first or second video which were in fact just movies copied off the TV. The third video though was a lot more interesting. When the picture started it was clearly my friends a few years ago on a naturist beach. She said that she better not show it, but I asked if she could leave it on as I had come round to see videos of naturist beaches. Her husband told her to leave it running. There was about 10 minutes of them on various beaches and then the setting changed to a bedroom. The wife said that it was time to turn off the video and moved towards the machine, but her husband with a cheeky grin, said that I wouldn’t mind the rest of the video. She was escort ataşehir clearly embarrassed and continued to the machine and stopped it just as on the film she appeared and walked to the bed. Her husband laughed and said that by now I had probably guessed what type of film it was going to be. I laughed as well and said that I of course wouldn’t have minded watching it. It was clear that she was embarrassed. We finished off the wine and she went to the kitchen to get another bottle. As soon as she had left he got up and turned the video back on. I watched as his wife got onto the bed and started to play with herself, pushing a finger or two into her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her husband must have been operating the camera as it focused in to show her pussy really clearly. It clearly had an effect on me and by the time she had reentered the room with the wine I was sporting a massive hard on. She saw my cock and then what had gotten me so aroused. She went bright red, but then said that as I was clearly enjoying she would leave it on. I watched for about 20 minutes as she masturbated on film and then the camera angle changed as it was put down and he appeared in the video with a hard on. She started to suck on it, and I then noticed that on the settee she was gently stroking his hard cock as they watched the video. I said that I was really enjoying the video, and she said that from my hard on it was clear to see. He now had a finger inside his wife in both the video and on the settee and I could her moaning. She now looked at me and told me that if I wanted to wank I could as it wouldn’t bother her. I started to stroke myself but it was clear I was watching them and not the video. She suggested that we turn off the video and watch each other. Instead the video was left playing and they started to go to work on each other. She took his cock in her mouth and he then manoeuvred so that he was lying on the settee and he was above her in the 69 position, his tongue in her pussy and his cock in her mouth. I moved so I could see him holding her pussy open to get his tongue in. I watched as they played with each other, looking oblivious to the fact that I was in the room as well. They then broke out of the 69 position. She got on all fours on the floor and he positioned himself behind her and pushed his cock deep into her. I watched as they fucked, and of course I was stroking my cock in rhythm to their fucking. She then ‘noticed’ me and told me to move forward. She gestured for me to lie in front of her, which I did and she took my cock in her hand. As she wanked me her husband rode her and was soon sending his seed deep inside her and my cum was soon covering her hand. She quickly got up and went to get some towels, but in leaving the room she had to step over me and I had a good view of her pussy lips with cum on them. We tidied up and there was an embarrassed silence. Eventually I was told that they had never included a third person in their love making. We sat and talked for about 30 minutes, generally avoiding what had happened and then I made my excuses and left.A few days later I got a phone call from the husband. He apologised if I had been embarrassed at what had ataşehir escort bayan happened. I said I hadn’t been as I had already attended swingers parties. He told me they had chatted about it. She had enjoyed being watched but wasn’t interested in having sex with another man. Therefore, if I was up for another watching session then I could come round on the Saturday coming. Nothing could stop me and I was there at the invited time of 3pm. To my surprise she came downstairs and opened the door naked and laughed as she closed door hoping neighbours had seen her. She gave me a hug and we went upstairs.She directed me into a different room this time … it was their bedroom and her husband was lying on the bed waiting. She looked at me and said that if we didn’t start immediately she would probably chicken out. I quickly stripped and before she got onto the bed she came upto me and hugged me again and rubbed against me – her hand stroking my cock as she pulled away. I moved to the chair in the corner, and I then noticed that the video camera was on the side filming them on the bed … the chair I was in was not in line with the camera, but the doorway where we hugged was. I watched as they warmed each other up and every so often she made sure that I could see her wide open pussy and she looked at my hard cock. I stroked my cock as they played and fucked. He then laid on the bed and she positioned herself above his cock and started to suck, her bottom pointing at me. I then noticed that he was signalling me. I wasn’t quite sure what this meant, and then I heard him ask his wife if I she would let the guest touch her pussy. There was a pause and then I heard yes. I moved over and started to stroke her pussy lips and then I pushed a finger in. I started to finger fuck her as she sucked her husbands cock. She then moved round and sat on her husbands cock. She started to ride him, and I pushed my luck and started to play with her breasts. She leant to one side a bit and took my cock in her hand and started to wank me. To my surprise she then stopped riding her husbands cock and started to suck my cock She then resumed riding his cock and sucking me and we both came roughly at the same time, me in her mouth and him in her pussy.We rested for a while and then went to the lounge after cleaning up. We talked about lots of things and they asked me about my swinging experience. They had wanted to get into it and it wasn’t until my last visit that they had really thought about doing it outside of a fantasy. As we talked it was clear that she didn’t want to fuck another guy, but it appeared nearly everything else was on the cards. Over the next 6 months or so we met regularly. I never did fuck her but I licked her pussy before, during and after sex with her husband, she tossed me over her breasts which I regularly played with. Probably the most surprising evening was when she invited a few guys over. We all stood round her kneeling on the floor naked and she took it in turn to suck each one of us as her husband watched. She took each of our loads on her breasts or in her mouth. After we had all come she and her husband then put a show on for us all to watch, as he fucked her brains out. Of course after he had cum we were all hard again and we formed the circle round again for her to make each one of us cum. They returned to France in 1996 or 97 and I didn’t keep in contact after a few letters, in which I was told in detail what they had been up to with other guys.

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