The Gallery


It was Friday and Missy stood in the small tub shower at Dave’s place, washing the last of the soap away from her body. The shower curtain pushed aside, she looked at the clock on the wall.

“Geezzz. 7pm. Where is he?!” she thought. “Always late and never where he is supposed to be. He should have been here by now.” she felt herself getting angrier by the minute.

Closing the shower curtain, she turned, rubbing the wet glass window with her hand. Pushing the window open, the warm summer nights air started to mix with the steam filtering through the screen as she peeked out, watching few cars pass on the street.

A loud thump and Missy could hear the garage door go down. Dave’s place was so run down and needed so many repairs, but he was on the fast track. At least that’s the excuse he kept giving her. Missy heard a slam, and another noise as the screen door hit the frame of the door.

“Dave? You home?” she asked, not really needing an answer.

She could hear his keys hit the dish on the counter and then a long silence. Standing under the shower spray with her eyes shut, she just listened.

“Miss me?” Dave’s voice flooding her ears as he touched her shoulder.

Turning around quickly. “Damn you! I hate it when you sneak up on me! Where have you been?!” Missy asked, smacking him on the arm and then stopping suddenly, realizing he stood completely nude before her.

“Does that mean you want me to leave?” Dave asked with a wicked grin as his mouth began to curl at the edges.

A long stare that lasted longer than she liked, still trying to be pissed at him, with her breath held, he stood there already hard.

“Is that a no? ” he asked.

With a lump where her voice was supposed to be, she was unable to speak.

“Uh-huh. I thought so.” He flashed a lusty grin, then his eyes went dark, seductive, and purely animalistic.

“Something tells me I am forgiven.” he added, just loving the fact that she was speechless. “You have such beautiful long legs, you know that.” he said, more as a statement then a question.

The hot shower spray blocked by her wet body, slowly he began to descend down in front of her. Sliding and tickling his finger tips around her knee’s, stopping at the tops of her thighs.

“Looks like you missed a spot.” he said, making a teasing, tsking sound, the words hissed through her body like a burning fuse. She bit her lip, weakened at the sight of him.

“We don’t have time for this. We are going to be late for the opening.” Missy said, trying to distract him from the path he was taking, pressing her hands on top of his shoulders.

“Maybe if your a good boy, I’ll let you fix those spots later.” a devilish giggle followed by a deep breath as she backed up pulling the shower curtain aside. Legs that just ached with desire, she gazed back at him. Oh how she wanted him, completely hard just standing there, waiting for her.

“Mmm, silk over steel.” she thought to herself. “Come on, hurry up!! Take your shower or we will never make it.” she said, trying so hard not to look at him.

Rising up off his knees, grabbing up the fluffy, round, spongy thing she’d hung on the shower handle. He squeezed some shower gel into it and pressed it against his hard torso. Across his chest and around his well muscled shoulders, the bubbles began to appear. Eyes just filled with lust, his hands slowly moved as they danced under and around his length, the soap oozing between his fingers.

“I’ll be ready, when you are.” Dave laughed, and she knew he wasn’t talking about the party.

Standing in front of the closet, Missy dropped the towel at her feet. She slipped into a long, black dress, the beautiful and soft indent of her spine went straight down within inches above her crease. The back of the dress exposed soft skin as the rest held the curves of her body. Enjoying the heat of her skin, she pulled the straps of her dress up with the cooled material sliding over her bare breasts. Black strapped sandals slid under her toes as she stood in front of the mirror, taking one last look while gazing at her pink skin, still rich in color from the hot water of the shower.

Releasing the clip in her hair, long brown curls fell to her shoulders. A couple passes over her open lips with some gloss and they began to shine back at her in the mirror. Grabbing her small purse off the hook next to the mirror, she sat down on the bed, pulling the sandal straps over her heels.

“Come on. Geez, you take longer than I do!” she chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” his voice came from the bathroom.

A few moments passed and then Dave appeared in the doorway of the bathroom. Leaning against the door frame with a smile which stunned her body from moving. A clean shave and gel smeared into his hair.

“It’s about time!” she smiled wildly at him, loving that fresh showered look.

The faint smell of his cologne crept into the air as he began to walk toward her. “All I need to do now is jump into my clothes.” his wicked smile still there as though she’d never canlı bahis left the shower.

Kneeling at her feet, his hands slowly slid up into her dress. “I just need to figure out what I am going to wear.” Dave spoke softly, uncrossing her legs while kissing at the tops of her thighs.

The palms of his hands slid between them, easing them apart, just to the inside of her knees. Cool blown air was felt as it tickled at her heated skin. Gazing down at him, she watched his open mouth. Almost feeling paralyzed, Dave brushed his tongue against the inside of her thigh.

“Dave, umm… ” as she attempted to try again.” Dave, we have to go. You told Rick you’d be there.” feeling the need to shut her eyes. A small heated sigh passed between her parted lips.

“Yes, and we won’t miss it. ” Dave said, looking up with a torturing smile.

The power he had over her, was unmeasurable. “One kiss, just one, and I won’t be able to say no.” she thought.

Rising in front of her, Dave leaned just a little toward her open lips, Missy quickly turned her cheek to the side. “Go! Go on, go get dressed.” she giggled under her breath, pointing to the chair where his clothes laid.

“We will finish this later.” he said with a wicked grin.

Arriving a little after eight, a line of about ten people still stood out in front of the double doors to the gallery. Dave grabbed the invitation off the dash of his truck and they walked toward the front door. At the bottom of the steps, a man in a tux stood with his arm extended out.

“Invitation?” he said with a smile.

“Yes, we do.” Dave said, handing it too him.

“Right this way.” as he ushered them in past the line of people.

The already thick crowd of people stood in front of many different pieces of art that hung from the walls. Some paintings as tall as the ceiling, Missy looked at the double doors and wondered how they managed to get them through the front door of the gallery.

“I’ll get us some drinks.” Dave said as he smiled, his hand slipping away from the small of her back.

“Okay, I’ll be here.” Missy turned, walking toward another the wall of art.

One piece of art, rich in color, caught her eye as she stood motionless studying it.

“Not all art belongs on the wall.” A smooth voice said from over her shoulder.

Thinking it was one of those stuffy types, Missy stayed focused on the painting in front of her. “And not all art is for sale.” she added, without showing any interest. A few moments passed in silence. Thinking he was gone, she walked along to the next piece.

A nudge to Dave’s arm and he turned around.

“Hey Dave, glad you could make it!” Rick said, patting him on his shoulder with a gripping squeeze.

“Yeah, we made it. Great place you’ve got here. I’m actually impressed.” Dave said with a chuckle.

“Well, a little help from my dad, but I have hung a lot of my art in this gallery.” Rick said defending himself. “So, where is she?” he quickly said. “You did bring your girlfriend, didn’t ya?” he asked, looking as though he might become disappointed.

“Oh, yes! I brought her. She’s standing over there.” Dave looked past Rick, pointing her out.

“What? The brunette over there with the long black dress on?” Rick said, blinking only once. “Dave, I just talked to her. Her legs are amazing! I stood behind her while she was looking at one of my pieces.” Rick said as the both of them looked at Missy across the crowded room.

The slit that went up the side of her dress exposed a generous amount of her thigh, giving Rick the sudden urge to nudge Dave. “You’re in over your head.” he said, pushing him in disbelief. Rick had seen Dave’s girlfriends before, and Missy was nothing like them.

“No way, she is really sweet. Seriously.” Dave added, glaring back at him.

“I would love to do a piece with her.” Rick said, stating the obvious.

“Oh. Really? And just what piece is that, Rick?” Dave said curiously, but knew his love for women subjects.

“Her legs of coarse!” Rick said with a serious face.

“Come on. I want you to meet her.” Dave said with heavy laugh and huge grin.

Walking casually through the crowd, Missy stood studying another painting. Missy turned around just as they were approaching her.

“Missy, this is Rick.” Dave said.

“Hi, great to meet you.” she said, as Dave handed her a glass of wine. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” she continued. “Dave says you have quite a collection.” She hid her smile behind the wine glass. “Oh my, he’s hot.” she thought heatedly.

“Great to meet you, too.” he said, returning the smile equally. Missy felt it shoot straight though her.

“Yeah, some of my pieces are hanging in my father house.” Rick laughed. “So, is this piece worth selling? ” he added.

The look of shock came over Missy’s face as she suddenly realized he’d been the stuffy one standing behind her.

“Ah, yeah. This one would sell.” she giggled under her breath while taking another drink.

“Glad you think so. I won’t tell you how much bahis siteleri it already sold for.” Rick chuckled, letting her off the hook.

“Some of these piece are just not my taste.” she said.

“Well, what is your taste? We are always looking for fresh ideas and new models.” Rick said, casually glancing at Dave as he quickly returned the smile to Missy.

“Models, huh?” she winked at him. ” I’ll have to think about it.” she said, looking at Dave with a curious smile as his arm went around her waist, smiling back at her.

A couple hours passed, and Dave leaned into Missy ear.

“I think I am ready for that midnight snack now.” he said, tickling the lobe of her ear with a heated breath. His hand trailed secretly down the back of her spine until reaching the edge of her dress. Slipping his fingers inside the seam, playfully toying with it while kissing the back of her neck.

“I’d like to repeated that intoxicating look you had in your eye’s before you stepped out of the shower.” he added, with a deep tone. He stood behind her, breathing at the back of her shoulder.

“I can see you’re ready for me. Mmm, no panties.” he whispered, promising so much pleasure.

Missy looked over her shoulder. “Can you leave now or do you need to stay a little longer?” she questioned him as Rick started making his way back to them.

“You two getting ready to leave? ” Rick asked, seeing that ready look in Dave’s eyes.

“Yeah, it’s time to go. Great show though.” Dave said with a smile as Missy watched them shake hands.

“Give me a call, if you think of some new art that would work for the gallery.” He looked at Missy, trapping her eyes.

“I’ll do that, Rick. Thanks for the invitation.” Dave pulled Missy along with one last wave, heading for the front door.

A loud thump and the garage door went down, making contact.

“Are you ever going to fix that thing?” Missy asked, rolling her eyes.

“It’s supposed to do that.” Dave said with a sarcastic laugh.

Unlocking the door, she passed in front of him. The screen door slammed against the frame after he walked in behind her. A quick glare and Missy began to laugh.

“Uh huh, that must work the same way too.” she said, pointing at the door.

“What a great gallery.” Dave said, ignoring her comment. ” I’ve seen a lot of Rick’s art, but quite a few pieces were new.” he went on, smiling at Missy. “An interesting offer Rick made, don’t you think?” his smile deepened, while walking up to her.

“Mmm, just take it off.” she thought to herself as his eyes walked all the way down her dress. “Very.” she said finally, and then turned, walking down the hall. ” I wonder how much Rick pays his models.” she teased, heading for the bedroom.

He turned, watching her walk away as the long black dress slid against her curves, inviting him to follow.

Missy stood at the mirror, looping the strap of her purse on the hook. Suddenly, Dave appeared, leaning against the doorway to the bedroom. Standing there quietly, he watched her figure that was held inside the mirror’s image. Missy caught his unbreakable stare as he casually walked toward her. Now standing behind her, Dave gazed past her, looking into the mirror while he lightly began caressing the top of her shoulders. His fingers vanished as they slid down the trail of her spine.

“I think you’d make a great subject.” he said softly with a heated look, catching her eyes once again.

Slowly, he peeled his shirt off, and she felt his heat just inches behind her. Missy stood speechless, looking into the reflection of the mirror.

“What part of you would you show him.” he teased, now sliding his pants off, pushing them to the side along with his shoes.

Her mind began to race, remembering the rich, hazel eyes that Rick flashed her, along with that sexy smile. Dave’s fingers slipped into the straps of her dress, pulling them to edge of her shoulders. The dress dropped to the floor, laying in a gathered pile on top of her sandals.

“Would it be the front side?” Dave continued, reaching his hands around, teasing the edges of her nipples.

“Oohhh” A faint sound and then her small shiver was seen in the mirror.

“Or how about the back side?” Dave’s hands moved around behind her and with a slow drag, the tips of his fingers started at the back of her knees until he reached just under her cheeks.

“Or maybe what’s hidden?” his voice erotic, stirring the heat inside her.

Dave reached for Missy’s hand, placing her fingers against the soft line that had been drawn by a razor. Dropping slowly onto his knees, he watched Missy with a wild gaze. Her searching stare moved along Dave’s nude body, stopping at his hardened length, hovering just above his thigh. Flinching at the sight of her, the sweet liquid heat began sliding between her fingers while they moved along her parted crease. Eyes filled with fire gave away the building pleasure.

“Oohh, please touch me.” she thought, crippled by his words.

Dave grabbed her wrist, pulling it behind her back, bahis şirketleri holding it there. Disappearing behind her, the warmth of his wet mouth now wrapped around one of her fingers. The double sensation caused her to close her eyes as her head fell back, heavy with desire. He rose to his feet.

“Don’t shut your eyes.” Dave said with a husky voice, his hand grabbing a fistful of hair, baring Missy’s neck to his open mouth. “I love looking into those beautiful eyes.” he said, nibbling at the side of her neck.

The intense heat from his chest, which was pressed against her back. Grasping her moving hand, Dave slid her covered fingers into his mouth, tasting her excitement. Holding one wrist, he grabbed for the other, placing them at the top of the mirror. Missy could feel his hardened length dancing between her wet, satin lips.

“Mmm, take me!” she breathed in a lustful tone. Dropping her head below her shoulders, Missy could see his shiny crown held at the edge of her excitement.

“Oooh, so hot. I wanted you hours ago.” He said with a low moan, while firmly cupping her full breast into the palm of his hand.

His length slid slowly but purposely until he reached the soft padded core of her tunnel. Her breasts began to rise and fall, almost as if she could no longer breathe. She pushed against him.

“Ohhh, don’t make me wait.” Missy thought to herself, wanting that full feeling to rush deep inside her and yet hoping it wouldn’t end. “Oooo, my knees are so weak.” she whimpered. His hands gripped her tightly at the hips.

“Mmm, weak in the knees. Soon you won’t be able to stand.” he moaned against Missy’s ear while teasing her with another thrust.

“Ohh, yes! Don’t, stop!” she said with whimpering cry.

Dave’s pace continued as she looked into the mirror, watching it shake with each jolt of his hips. His fingers deliciously teased Missy’s swollen sex, making her knees feel heavier and heavier until they began to buckle. Quickly, Dave wrapped an arm around her waist. The other, crossed over just above it, holding her up against him. His hips slid up against her cheeks, repeatedly torturing her tightest spot as Dave began to feel the tightening grip around his crown.

“Uhh, uuhh…” she cried, with her wounded face showing in the mirror. The sight of Missy’s body jolting in the mirror, crippled inside his arm’s, sent sensations to the very core of him.

“Oohhh, I love it when you loose yourself.” with a growl in her ear, his eyes rolled back as Dave braced himself against her. “Uhh, ohh.” he moaned loudly. His hips quickly made contact, releasing the heat of his built up excitement.

Weak in his arm’s, almost ready to collapse. Dave turned, picking her up as he carried her over to the bed. Her arms barely held on. She released them from his neck, falling back onto the bed. With a small tilt to her head, she looked up at his peaceful smile. Laying pressed up against her heated body, Missy watched him for what seemed like minutes as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Missy woke up to Dave standing over her with his robe on, holding the phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

“It’s for you, sweetie. Are you awake enough to talk?” He chuckled, watching Missy look at him with groggy eyes.

“Uh, yeah.” she said softly as he handed her the phone.

“Hello?” she leaned back into the pillow with a small pause. “Hi, Rick.” Missy began, surprised to hear his voice as she watched Dave pull the sheet back.

“Uh huh, Oh? Um, yeah.?” watching intently, while trying to talk. With a sexy look, Dave lightly kissed up the inside of her thigh and then placed the cup of coffee at the edge of the end table.

“Well, I have given it some thought.” as she sighed softly, watching Dave blow on her parted sex.

“Stop it, Dave.” she whispered as his finger teased her sex.

“Oh, yeah, I’m listening. Sorry. ” she said quickly.

“Do it, you know you want to.” he breathed quietly between her legs.

“Okay. Uh huh, that sounds good.” trying to think of the next thing to say as Dave’s finger slid inside. “Oh!” clearing her throat, ” Um, yes, that is great.” she blurted out, trying to control her breath. “See you then. Bye Rick.” as she dropped the cordless phone on the floor.

Her heated skin became peppered with goosebumps. “Dave, I have to…oooh.” she stopped in the middle of her sentence, catching a quick breath. ” ….get dressed. I only have one hour to get ready.” she said, exhaling while pressing her hand to the top of his head.

“Ahhh, So you made up your mind about posing.” his tone was excited, still at the inside of her thigh. He rose onto his bent knees and with a wicked smile, reached for the tie on his robe.

“Oohh, your so hard.” she thought, watching his sex leap forward out in front of him, pushing his robe aside.

He began slowly touching, making a path down his muscular chest and over his stomach. Teasing his skin using his finger tips, he watched Missy while her eyes heatedly followed his every move. Extending his hand, Dave began to slide off the bed. Slipping her fingers into his hand, Missy’s toes lazily reached the floor in front of him. Dave wrapped his arms around her nude body giving her a tight squeeze.

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