The Gas Meter reader

The Gas Meter readerOh it’d be about two years ago now, where we used to live a man used to come and read the gas meter, as it was situated inside the house. this particular day I really fancied someone to wank me off I wanted a little something different, me and the wife were seperated, and I’d already had a wank the night before but I was still as horny as fuck.It was around half one in the afternoon when there was a knock on the door, there stood a man, 5’10” probably 55-60 years old, dressed in some kind of green uniform, he was smiling and said he’d come to read the gas meter. I let him in and showed him where it was and he went off to do what he had to do.When he came back I asked him if he wanted a cold drink, he said he did. As he sat at the kitchen table, I used a ploy that I’d done before, as I got his drink I pretended to trip and tipped some of it in his lap, he jumped up swearing and I was all apologetic as I grabbed a nearby towel and started to dry the area where it was wet.I’d been doing it for a couple of güvenilir bahis siteleri minutes, and I could tell by the way I was rubbing him he was getting harder, he kept saying “No no it’s fine now” and I kept saying “No no it’s my fault I’ll sort it”, and carried on rubbing it dry. When I did eventually stop he had a right bulge, he stood there looking a little embarrassed as I knelt in front of him.When I knew I had to stop I looked up at him and he didn’t know what to do, “This is my fault I’ll sort it ok”,and with that I rubbed his bulge through his uniform, as he was closing his eyes as I rubbed him I could tell he was enjoying it, he said “I’m not gay”, I said “It doesn’t matter no-one will know, it’s our secret”, and carried on stroking him.After a couple of minutes, with me as hard as a rock also, not that he knew it yet, I unbuttoned his uniform and the trousers fell down, he looked down at me. As I stroked him tenderly through his old man underpants, he smiled. “I’m happily married” he said, “It perabet doesn’t matter here” I replied as I stroked him.He sat back on the chair as I pulled his pants off his feet, his cock was about 5″ sticking through his undies, as I gently rubbed him. A couple of minutes later I pulled his undies down and out it popped, opening his legs wider I ran my finger up and down his stem, as I cradled his balls with my other hand. He just sat looking at me.Pulling his undies off his feet I bent down and licked the shaft of his penis, rolling my tongue over his helmet dipping it into his japs eye, he was moaning. I grabbed hold of him and slowly wanked him as I licked him. I licked his balls, which were very hairy, and pulled his cock at the same time, I had a good rhythm going.After a few minutes I stopped and there was pre-cum oozing out of his eye, I stuck my tongue in and licked it, he moaned on. As I was doing this he was constantly groaning, then sure enough he said “I’m coming” as I carried on at the same speed perabet giriş doing the same thing. Then it happened he came, thick warm cum oozed out of his cock as I took it in my mouth.I licked him until he was empty and he looked satisfied. I said “Right your turn”, he said “I can’t do that”, I stood up and pulled down my pants and pushed my cock at him, he looked like he didn’t know what to do. He placed his hand on me and started to half heartily wank me off. “Either you do me or I’ll fuck you” I said.He looked shocked and said “I don’t know what to do”, dragging him up from the chair and placing him on his back on the floor I said “I’ll make it easier for you”. Spreading his legs he looked horrifyed, as I got my cock in my hand and came towards him. He scrunched up his face as I rubbed my cock at the entrance of his asshole.Then using all my energy I pushed my cock deep into his ass, “It hurts” he said, and to be honest he wasn’t wrong, I did a few strokes, and as I was new to this then, I realised in future I’d need some gel on hand. I pulled out and waved my cock above him, he grabbed me and wanked me off as I shot my load it landed on his cock and pubes.We got dressed and as I let him out of the door I said “How old are you?”, he replied “62”.And that was that.

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