The Gay Game Player.


The Gay Game Player.I would go to the Gamming room every so often to see who was there. I would look for the guy that was not with a girl, I then would play a few games every night if he was there. I would ask him what he liked to do for fun and I would tell him what I liked to do for fun. But never about having sex with me. One night he said, “Do you have any Games at your house that we can play? I am tired of these.” I said, “I have a few. What kind of games do you have?”He said he had a few, that he would have to go home and get them. He asked, if I could give him a ride to go get the? We went and got them and went back to my house. We played games for about a week, when I kept sitting closer and closer to him every night. He did not say anything about it, in a way I think he knew what I was doing. Well one night I put my hand on his knee “by accident” and started rubbing it.He looked at me and said, “What are you doing?”I said, “OH, sorry.” I knew what I was doing all the time.He said, “That’s OK.”I was getting horny by now and could not take it. So I got up and went into my room and put on the tightest shorts I could find so he could see my Cock getting Hard. I wanted to see if he would look at my Cock. Well when I walked back in the room, my Cock was already Hard and he could see it.I sat down beside him and started playing the game again. Every once in bahis firmaları awhile I could see him looking at my Cock. I then asked him if he had ever done it with another Man before. He blushed a little and said he had not. Then I asked have you ever had sex with a girl before. He said “No”. Hhe said he went out with a girl, but never had the guts to ask to have sex with them. I reached over and put my hand on his Package and started Rubbing his Cock. I was Rubbing his Cock for about 10 seconds and it was getting Hard. I then asked him if I could Suck on his Cock? He turned Red as a Beet. He said, “I don’t know?” As if to say “Maybe”. I grabbed his hand and put it on my Hard Cock. Well, he took no time to start Rubbing my Cock. I then reached over and unbuttoned his pants. Then he started to take off his shoes and socks, he stood up and I took off his pants and shirt.I then took off his underwear his Cock came out, stand straight up. He said, “OH, Fuck! What am I doing.” I said, “It’s OK, don’t worry.” As I stood up taking off my shirt and shorts. I then slowly laid him on the couch and started to Lick on the Head of his Cock and Soft Balls. Then I stroked his Cock and out came a little Precum. I licked it off the head of his Cock.Then he said, ” OH! Fuck I am not Gay.”I said, “Yes, but do you like it?”He just shook his head yes. That’s all that counts kaçak iddaa for me.He had a small Cock about 5 inches long with a Big Fat Head on it and a thin rod. I then started Sucking on it, I got the Head in my mouth. Damn it was Big, I could feel it Throbbing in my mouth, then I put it down my Throat. I could feel that head go down my Throat. I Sucked it in and out about 6 times when I felt him Cum, he tried to pull his Cock out, but I held it in. Then he looked at me and said, “You like Cum? You must have Sucked Cock before Huh?”I said, “Yes. Now it’s your turn, OK?” He said, “OH! I don’t know about that.”I told him it would be OK. It feels really Good believe me. I told him to start by just licking my Head of my Cock first. He did and he got some Precum in his mouth. He said, “Well, that does not taste that bad.”He then took my Cock into his mouth and started Sucking it. He was going to town. He di not get my Cock down his Throat though.When I said, “See, you like it don’t you?” He was Sucking on it for awhile when my Cock came out and I Started to Cum. He looked at me and Licked some of it. Then he lick the Head of my Cock clean. He was still Horny and asked if I would Suck him again. I said, “You want to Fuck me instead.”He said, “Well, Sure!” I grabbed the lube from under the couch and lubed his Cock up. I then asked him how he would like to Fuck me. kaçak bahis On the couch or over the table. He just looked at me. I could tell he did not know what I was talking about, so I got down on my Hands and Knees and told him to go for it.He started putting that Big Head of his Cock in my Ass, “Damn it was Big.” I hurt just a little at first, but felt Good. He Fucked me for a good long time, he was getting into it. I could Feel his Cock Throbbing and knew he was ready to Cum. Then he jammed it Deep in my Ass and Came. He pulled it out and all that Cum came out. I said to him, “You want to try it now?”He was not sure about it so I told him that I would be easy on him, not like he was on me. He agreed and got down on his Hands and Knees. I lubed up my Cock Good and also his Ass so my Cock would slide in good. I started to put the Head of my Cock in, his Ass was tight. I put my Cock in just a little bit more, he let out a little moan. Then it went in further. He then got down on his elbows and took it all. My Cock Throbbing, I was Fucking him a little harder each time. Then I could not hold my Cum any more. I know he could feel it, my Cock Hard and Throbbing. I got off him and asked, “Him how was it?He said, “Well, it hurt just a little at first. but not bad as I thought it would. When you Came I could feel you Cock Throbbing and Getting Hard as Hell, and I could feel you Cum.”He had so much fun, the next time he came over we played in the Nude. He also started to swallow my Cock down his Throat and all my Cum too.I loved his Small Cock. OH and the Head of his Cock also.

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