The Getaway


Life continues as usual for both of Bev and I. Is it as usual? On the surface it looks as it is. We both know better. Things have changed but I do hope it is for the better. But something gnaws at me. Didn’t know what it is but I guess it is thing got to do with her. I have fallen for her but didn’t want to admit it, More like afraid to admit it. Guess my silence didn’t help her. She thought I treated her as one of the many lady friends I have conquered. It is further from the truth. Wish I have had that many lady friends that I have bedded. LOL… Heck, just a wish…Man’s fantasy. In truth I am not like that and she knows deep inside her but still got some doubts. I am guessing this leads from her low self esteem and lack of self confidence.

Then one day, I have an assignment in another state. Going to be a few days trip. Going with my colleagues will be one bored trip especially the company didn’t even allow us to fly. Either take the train, the bus or drive. None of them are attractive eryaman escort bayan to say the least. As fate will have it, it is so happened that Bev can come along. She has a voucher at one of the resort there and not too far from my assignment. So we duly make an arrangement to make a driving trip up together. The day came and we can only set off around evening. The trip took us longer than usual. Maybe I was driving carefully and it is at night. Her company is great though making the drive so pleasant.

We arrived at the resort just after midnight. We duly checked in and the room was nice. It has a nice big double bed. We both freshen up and change to our nighties. We lie down on the bed. The TV was switched on but nothing interesting anyway. We both talked and soon we touched each other. We kissed lightly and gently at first. Soon, things were heating up. We kissed more passionately and begin to french kiss. We begins to undress each other and touch each other body in a light and ankara escort sensual manner. Both of us nude and on the bed embracing and kissing each other. Soon, I got to kiss her nice boobs.

Her nipples are so sensitive and aroused to my tongue and mouth touches. Her hands touched my chest and soon moved downwards to my tool. It responded to her touches and hungrily wants more. My desire for her was at the peak. Soon, she was desiring me as much as I do. I put her into a comfortable position. I maneuver myself and put my tool into her nice clean shaven pussy. She moans with delight. I was afraid to hurt her but she assures me it is alright. Soon it was over and I must have been tired from work and the long drive doesn’t help either.

The next day, we both got up and have breakfast at the cafe. We went to the site where I do my assignment while she hang around the nearby mall. Soon, it was time to go back and I declined to join my colleagues for a meal. Rather spent it with sincan escort bayan her. We went to a famous food court and the food there are mostly a hit and miss affair. We packed some back and then went back to the resort and to the room. We showered though not together. She still doesn’t allow me to see her in the shower. Fancy that? But I guess I have to respect her wishes.

Somehow tonight, my desire for her was intense. I can’t wait to have her. That night the sex was intense to say the least. We both wanted each other too much. Our bodies hungrily have each other. Never felt so good to be with someone. Guess I have feelings for her that my body even acknowledges it. Just my dumb brain decided to take the logical reasoning. Pity we didn’t get to go for a swim. Would be nice to see her in a bikini. Till now still no opportunity to see her in one. Perhaps next time.

The drive back was uneventful. I was tired and fighting fatigue. I was concentrating too hard on the road that I must have ignored her. She felt hurt and puzzled. So stupid of me. Guess I can let her drive too. I apologized to her when we next chat. Telling her it is not her. We sure make up real fast. Guess we sure miss each other. The trip was a nice memory for us. Still is.

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