The GILF Next Door


The GILF Next DoorMy roomate and I had been renting the house for nearly 8 months now, both of us college students at the local University. Most days I had the place completely to myself because my buddy Mark was always at his new girlfriends place. Our next door neighbor Mrs. Jones was an older woman in her sixties, she had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and was always dressed in the most expensive, top of the line clothes. For being middle aged she still had a great body and I had been fortunate enough to catch a few glances of her in her backyard in her two-piece sunbathing. I had met Mrs. Jones a week after we moved in, she had asked me for some help moving some heavy boxes out of her bedroom and into her garage and now she calls me every time she needs help with anything. Regardless of the age difference we had actually become pretty good friends, she trusted me and it was a usual occurrence that she left me alone working at her home while she was gone. Mrs. Jones was a sweet woman divorced, with no c***dren except for her lab Lady which she treated like it was her c***d.It became a habit that every few days or so I would stop by just to visit with her and talk but I hadn’t seen her In almost a week as she had been gone out of town for another one of her business seminars, she had left me in charge of her house and her pup. I got her mail, fed her pet and mowed the lawn for her. As I was leaving my house to get the trash I saw her car sitting back in the driveway and knew she must be home, I wonder how here trip went? I thought to myself as I walked across her yard and knocked on the front door, there was no answer, I knocked again louder this time, still no answer, maybe she is not home I thought to myself, as I turned to walk away the front door opens slowly and Mrs. Jones peeks her head out just a bit. “Uh oh, hi Jessie, is everything ok? did you need something?” she says “No everything is great, just came to see how your trip was?” she opened the door a bit more and I could see her standing there in a small red half robe that barely covered her lower body, her toned shapely legs peaking from beneath it. For some reason her face was flushed and she seemed to be a bit out of breath. “Oh sweetie I am just getting out of the shower and I was going to take a nap” she says “ok, I’ll come by to visit with you some other time” I say. As I walked away I started to think that something just didn’t seem right, her hair was all out of place and for her to just be getting out of the shower she seemed to be completely dry except for the water that had run down her legs puddling on the floor beneath her as we had stood there talking. I thought about the entire odd scene all night but by the next day it was nearly forgotten.As I sat watching some TV there was a knock at my front door, I opened it to see a deliveryman standing before me with clipboard in hand. “Hi I’ve got a package for a Lillian Jones” he says “Yeah she lives next door” I respond “Yes but there was no answer at her door and it requires a signature” he tells me “Ok” I say “I will take it” I sign for the package and close the door behind me. I look at the package in my hands, its wrapped in plain brown paper and there was no return address. “I wonder what this is?” I say out loud as I walk through the house with the package under my arm. I look out of my bedroom window and see Mrs. Jones’s Mercedes parked in the driveway, I wonder why she bursa escort didn’t answer her door I thought to myself as I head out the door and over to her house to drop off the package. I knocked on the front door repeatedly but no answer “Maybe she’s working in the backyard” I think to myself. I slid open the lock on the iron gate and walked into her large backyard. I take a look around but don’t see her anywhere. “Maybe she is taking a nap” I say to myself, I’ll just leave the package on her deck, I climbed the steps and placed the small brown package down onto the picnic table. I was about to head back home when I heard something, it sounded like a moan of pleasure, everyone knows those unmistakable sounds “I didn’t think Mrs. Jones was dating anyone, she never mentioned a boyfriend” I said to myself. I wondered who it was? I could tell the sounds were coming from her den, the young horny male in me had to take a look, the blinds covering her sliding glass door where partially open. I walked slowly towards the door and peeked inside, I pulled away as if I had just been shot, I didn’t see what I thought I had, I couldn’t have.I forced myself to take another look and there was Mrs. Jones completely nude, sitting on her sofa with her legs spread wide, her small pedicured feet planted firmly onto the hardwood floor and a huge pink double dildo sliding between her mature thighs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I could hear her low lusty moans through the glass door as she rapidly slid the huge toy into her hairy mature vagina and humped upwards into it forcefully. For her being sixty years old she had an incredible taut tanned body with toned legs a flat stomach and large breasts, the blue veins and slight sagging of them was actually kind of erotic. I couldn’t believe how much I was getting turned on, my shorts were starting to get painfully tight and a bit moist as my young penis stood fully erect and began to leak its precum. Mrs. Jones slowly pulled her toy out of her vagina and sucked it in between her lips, I watched as she eagerly licked her juices off of her large dildo before she slowly got down onto her knees and laid herself across her leather sofa, her large breast resting on the cushions, her thick ass high in the air quivering. I watched as she looked seductively at her dildo and then with her manicured nails begins to guide the toy into her asshole inch by anus stretching inch.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, here was this well-off, sixty year old, educated, professional woman, totally naked in her den and on her knees furiously trying to fuck her own ass with one of the largest dildos that I had ever seen.Mrs. Jones thunderous moans of pleasure excited me, I could see that she was sweating heavily, her hair matted all over her face, her mouth was opened wide as her body shook from what she was doing to it, a small stream of drool ran out of the corners of her open mouth and dripped onto her sofas cushions. I could tell she was totally in another world as I stood there right outside her door unbelievable aroused watching the entire scene taking place before me. Suddenly her dog Lady appeared and walked over to the door that I was peeking through, she looked up at my figure and began to instinctively bark.I watched as Mrs. Jones turned in my direction with a look of pure terror spreading across her face. She ripped the dildo out of her anus with a slurp and I saw as she attempted bursa escort bayan to stand, her legs unsteady from her orgasms. I couldn’t move, I wanted to run but something kept me frozen in that spot. Mrs. Jones finally got to her wobbly feet and a stream of fluid poured from her anus and vagina. She stood and wrapped her self in the small red robe that she had left laying across the sofa and made her way shakily across the room to unlock the door that I was standing at. “What the hell are you doing, what do you want?” She shouted at me angrily “I’m, I’m sorry” I stuttered “I was just dropping of a package of yours” I looked her in the eyes and could tell she was on the verge of tears, she quietly made her way back to her sofa and sat down covering her face with her hands. I couldn’t stand to see her so upset, picking the package up off of the picnic table I walked nervously into her den unsure of what exactly to say. “I am so sorry Mrs. Jones” I placed my free hand on her small smooth shoulder “You weren’t supposed to see that” she says painfully looking at me tears beginning to drip from her eyes “I don’t date and sometime I get so lonely and it feels so, so good” she tells me “I’m sorry” I tell her once again “ “even at 60 I love the way a dick feels inside of me”, she says. I never expected to hear Mrs Jones say things like that and her words got me so hard I had to place the package in front of me. “You wont tell anyone will you?” she questions looking right at me “Of course I wont Mrs. Jones, were friends” I say to her “thank you” she responds relived before standing and wrapping her arms around me tightly, she places her hands on my face “Thank you Jessie” she says squeezing my cheeks, I watch as her robe opens inadvertently and her cleavage is completely exposed to me, I look instinctively and she notices my glances and smiles, she pulls me close once again and I feel her warm breath on my neck my body tenses my penis threatening to tear right through my shorts.Mrs. Jones can feel my dick brushing against her thighs. “are you hard?” she asks looking me right in the eyes “um yes, I am so sorry Mam” without another word she threw her robe to the floor exposing her perfectly aged body to my young eyes, I watched as droplets of her cum stream down her long legs “I am more than twice your age and I can get you hard?” she asks me, I stare at the nude middle aged woman who was standing in front of me, her pink nipples hard as stone “Mrs. Jones you are beautiful” I say. A huge grin spreads across her face “so Jessie do you want to screw me?” she questions “Mrs. Jones you have no idea how badly I want too” I responded, she grabbed me strongly around the waist and pulled me towards her, shoving her educated tongue all the way down my throat, she then threw herself down onto her sofa spreading her legs wide, I looked excitedly at her fat hairy vagina and I could see a few strands of her graying hair mixed in it, her cum still leaking from her used pussy.”Fuck me” she said loudly almost yelling, she didn’t need to ask me twice, I threw the package onto her coffee table and in record time I had removed my shorts and was kneeling on the floor between my neighbors mature legs. Mrs. Jones grabbed at my penis with her small hands and guided it right into her already moistened hole, I couldn’t believe it I had my penis inside a woman more than forty years older than me with her cum squishing around my young escort bursa shaft and running down my thighs as I pound away at her. I was screwing her harder than I ever had any other woman, her sagging breasts jiggling forcefully. For her to be as old as she was she was amazingly tight, her pussy massaging my young penis. “Call me Mrs. Jones” she whispers in my ear as she wraps her hands around my waist pulling me deeper into her. “I’m fucking you Mrs. Jones, take my dick Mrs. Jones” I scream out loud “Oh Jessie, I love your hard young cock, I’ve needed the cock of a man inside of me for so long” she shouts, I plunged myself in and out of my neighbors hot slimy hole as her arms and long legs are wrapped tightly around me the entire time.”Fuck my ass Jessie” she pleads. Mrs Jones quickly pushes me off of her and kneels down on the floor, her upper body resting on her sofa, she drops down into position, her legs spread, back sloped, butt high in the air, she sways her hips side to side rhythmically and turns back to look at me. I wrap my hand tightly around her thin waist and begin to search for entry into her anus. I guide my hard cock towards her puckered asshole and my tip makes entry into her backside and I begin to slide in. “ummm” she moans out loud, a small squirt of urine shoots explosively from her pink pussy splashing onto the floor. “are you ok?” I ask her, she shakes her head letting me know that she was. I rhythmically began to slide my member into her enlarged sloppy asshole some more, I listen to her grunt deeply with each of my thrust. “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh” she utters loudly, “you are tearing my asshole apart, dont stop!!!” she shouts to me. Mrs Jones is struggling to catch her breath and I can see drops of sweat running their way down her face, her teeth clinched tightly. “ohhhh” she moans.Trickles of drool again drip out of the corners of her open mouth and onto the sofa. The realization of everything that was happening finally hit me, here I was kneeling on the floor with my prick all the way inside the ass of my neighbor Mrs. Jones, my muscles tense and I knew I was close “I’m coming Mrs. Jones” I say to her “Come inside of me Jessie” she begs, I thrust deeply and do so happily, my penis spasming, shooting its streams of hot, sticky cum up into her sixty year old backside and emptying the entire contents of my balls into her, it seems to last for ten minutes. I slowly pull myself free of her well used butt “Ohhhh” Mrs Jones moans as my cum pours out of her, splashing across her ass and thighs and down onto the floor along with bits of her slimy loosened stool. “Oh my god” Mrs Jones groans deeply into her sofas pillow as she presses herself down into the cushions. She reaches her small hands back to feel at her gaping, slippery butt hole, her anus was still laid open and the stream of cum continued to bubble out of her rectum. Her den was filled with the smell of sex, sweat and satisfaction.Mrs. Jones turns around to lay across her sofa and I lay down beside the sexy, mature, nude woman. I wrap my arms around her sweaty, sticky body and we rested together in the slimy wet pools of mess hat both her and I had made. I am totally spent, a few drops of semen drip from the tip of my penis and fall onto the thick blond hair that is covering her vagina, she rubs the sloppy mess all over her cunt and onto her sagging chest finally sticking a few of her cum coated manicured fingers into her lipstick layered mouth “Yummy” she says with a smile. That night we did it four more times and I found out what was in the mystery package before I headed home. Now I help Mrs. Jones with much, much more than just her yard work…

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