The Girls Encounter

The Girls EncounterA few weeks after Sugars exotic encounter in the park, she was very cock hungry, but not in a relationship at the time, the only way to satisfy her needs was to play with herself from time to time.One day she was on her way to town to look around the shops and treat herself to some new cloths. After about an hour see went into a department store that had some special offers on. Looking around something caught her eye.It was a beautiful one piece bask with a two-popper clasp under the pussy area, very silky looking and extremely sexy in black, she browsed for her size; she was a slim beautiful girl and very good looking.With a tight fresh young body, firm breasts.As she looked through the racks, a middle-aged shop assistant appeared,”Can I help you with anything my love” she said, Sugar turned to see who it was, her immediate thoughts were “Wow”, the woman she was looking at was a tall dark lady, with a tight fitting dress that was quite short, quite large breasts that pressed into the dress, she could tell she was wearing a lo cut bra.”Um” I just looking, Sugar replied,let me help she said, flicking through the racks and stretching over, sugar caught a glimpse through the armpit of her dress and confirmed it was a very lose lo cut bra, here we go love, as she held it up to her, “here hold this she said”, so sugar held this up to herself.As the shop assistant tried to smooth it out by pushing it into sugar, she felt the assistants hands move across her breasts. This was a nice sensation and she could feel her nipples start to harden, getting a bit embarrassed, she said quickly, I don’t think this suits me and pulled it away…Nonsense said the assistant, it would look fibulas’.Why don’t you try in on in the changing room said the shop assistant, eager to get out of this situation she said, ok thanks, Ok follow me she replied, it was a fair trek down the store and the shop keeper was chatting. Your boyfriend is going to love this, she said, and without thinking kırıkkale escort she said, I’m not in a relationship at the moment, Oh said the shop assistant, a good looking girl like you, that’s does surprise me.As she was following the assistant, you could not help but look at her firm body in this tight dress, she did not class herself as lesbian, but still liked what she saw.They reached the changing rooms and Sugar went in, the assistant said I would be just outside love, if you need me. Sugar peeled herself out of her cloths; and felt there was a slight chill, draft in the changing room, which made her nipples slightly erect.Goose bumps all over her body started to appear.As she got into the bask, it was very tight, and as she pulled it up over her breasts, her nipples rubbed against the tight garment, before pulling it all the way up, she snapped the poppers in the gusset, now she pulled it up and over her shoulders.It was a tight fit, which showed her perfect body off nicely, her nipples wear erect, partly from the cold and partly from the friction getting the garment on.She could feel, it was very tightly pulled into her pussy, which felt nice.Lost in the moment, she was imaging the person in the park a few weeks ago, rubbing his hands all over her in this tight fitting bask. her pussy was starting to get wet and she continued to day dream, she rubbed her tits, her nipples were rock hard at this point and her pussy was very wet, the sensation was out of this world.She sat on the seat in the changing room and ran her hands between her legs, over her wet pussy, by this time the garment was soaking around the poppers. In a daydream, she let out a huge gasp.All of a sudden, the assistant said, “Are you ok in there, she snapped out of the day dream and began to collect herself, “yes, yes, I am ok thanks”… “may I have a look said the shop assistant…”err”…Ok said Sugar…still not sure, what to say…The assistant entered the room…Well, that looks fantastic’…She escort kırıkkale immediately noticed, a dark patch around Sugars pussy, and erects nipples. “I can see this suits you my dear and I can see that you like it.Sugar could feeling herself glowing with embarrassment, Um I think it is a bit small, she said, just to say something.The assistant said, I think it looks very sexy as she started to touch Sugar, Sugar felt excited by this but very confused about the situation, the assistant stood behind her as she faced the full-length mirror. The assistant reached around her from behind and started to pull it up a bit more over her body.As she pulled it up, she ran her hands over sugars erect nipples, Sugar could hear the assistants breathe in her ears, does that feel good honey, Oh yes sugar replied, closing her eyes for a short time, the assistant continued to caress her breasts.By this time Sugars pussy was soaking wet, the tight garment was making her clitoris tingle with excitement, the assistant continued to rub her easily towards her pussy, this make Sugar very excited, and she gasped for air. It that what you want said the assistant, yes she whispered, very short of breath, yes please…The assistant’s hands moved over her pussy, the assistant whispered your pussy is very wet and moist, just how I like it…Can I put my fingers into you tight wet pussy, she said in a very out of breather voice….Sugar just nodded as she could not talk at this point.Sugar felt one of the poppers, “POP” and she gasped in anticipation, cupping her breasts, and she was beside herself with excitement. The second popper POPED and she almost collapsed, the assistant wrapped one arm around here to support her quivering body, it was trembling with pleasure.Her knees were shaking at this point as the assistant ran one finger over her slit, it was very wet indeed. She slowly inserted one finger that slid in without any hesitation, sugar moaned with pleasure. This continued kırıkkale escort bayan for some time, until sugar could not stand anymore.Realising this, the assistant sat her in the chair and knelt in front of her, sugar was in a daze and just looked at the amazing assistant, who began to take of her dress, this revealed her low cut bra and her tight panties, which also had moist in front of her pussy. She removed her bra and her erect nipples stuck out, she them removed her wet panties.She took her panties and held them in front of sugars face; sugar took hold of them and put them to her mouth, sucking the gusset out. At this point, the assistant spread Sugars tight thighs and held her legs wide open to reveal her amazing shaved pussy.The assistant could see it was glistening in the light.With direct eye contact the assistant moved towards Sugars, sweet pussy, she pulled her pussy flaps as wide as they would go and licked her crease. Sugar was moaning with pleasure as she sucked the assistant’s panties. The assistant’s tongue was now deep inside Sugars wet pussy that was flowing with pussy juice.Sugars inner thighs were soaking, see could not help but hold back an almighty orgasm, her body shook with pleasure as she groped her breast and stiff nipples; this was fucking amazing she thought. the assistant was now inserting 4 fingers into sugars tiny vagina, stretching it wide open, she looked down her body to see this horny woman inserting, what looked like her hand from the angle she was looking.Again, she let out an almighty orgasm, once sugars body had stopped shivering, she grabbed her hand and pulled her from the chair, layer her on the floor and mounted her in a 69 position, sugar could not resist but to reach up and part the assistants pussy lips and insert her tongue. As she did this she could feel the assistant doing the same, it was almost as if she was doing it to herself. They licked each other to orgasm, the smell of pussy juice all over her face made her cum repeatedly.With both of them exhausted, they gathered themselves from the floor and began to be changed, they kissed as they did this, knowing that this was a shopping trip, that was going to happen again. The assistant gave the garment to Sugar to remind her to come back.

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