The Hairdresser


Liz and I met when shortly after I graduated from college. She was a hair stylist who had plenty of business. She was probably no better than most, but she was the best-looking one around. She was 5’9”, had full blonde hair (she was a real blonde), a full figure with firm 36 C breasts, a small waist, and a nice round ass. She could have been a model, and, in fact, had been one in high school. Besides being very attractive, she was smart, funny and engaging. She was also a flirt,

She would wash my hair before cutting it and would run her fingers over my ears in a very sensuous, suggestive manner. Either while washing my hair or cutting it, she would always manage to rub her breasts against mine. She never failed to make me hard, and I am quite sure she knew that.

One night while I was at a bar with a a buddy of mine, I ran into Liz and a friend of hers. We spent the next couple of hours drinking and dancing. We took a break to get some air. She invited me into her car to have a joint. She lit it and we passed it back and forth. At one point, she took a deep hit, grabbed me by the back of the neck, pulled me toward her, and as our mouths met in our first kiss, she blew the smoke into my mouth.

She was an expert kisser. While I had been with several girls up to that point in my life, Liz – although no older than any of the others – was my first real woman. Everything about her was feminine and sexy. We went back into the bar to get her girlfriend and my friend who was now paired up with Cindy, the other girl. We talked about going skinny dipping and, since Liz had never been before, she was all for it.

We drove to a secluded beach at a nearby lake. As we were driving she said, “I can’t wait to see you naked, and Nick, too.” I felt the same way about she and Cindy.

We got to the beach first and neither of us wasted any time stripping down. My cock had been hard all night and now stood out proudly. Liz and I came together in a deep kiss. “I love your cock,” she said. “Its perfect for everything I want to do.”

“God, Liz, you are absolutely a dream come true,” I said. She was a real blonde, I discovered, and truly gorgeous.

“Be careful with your dreams,” she said. “I am a very demanding lover.”

“Whatever you demand of me I will freely give,” I replied, a little too quickly.

“We’ll see about that hot-shot. You have no idea what I might demand.”

She gave my cock a nice slow stroke, than ran off into the water with me following close behind. Cindy and Dick arrived just as we got into the water, and Liz and I stood in about 5 feet of water holding each other and watching canlı bahis them disrobe.

Cindy was shorter than Liz, about 5’4”, but her tits were about the same size and looked huge on her cute body. Nick was a couple of inches taller than me at about 6’4” and weighed over 210 to my 180. We had both been involved in athletics in college and were in as good a shape as two twenty one year-old men could be in.

While Liz called my cock “perfect”, she moaned, “Oh my!” when Nick dropped his boxers. Nature had been kind to Nick. He had a long, thick cock that had pleasured many coeds in school. While mine was a pleasant 6 inches, Nick was not only significatntly longer, but much thicker as well. Cindy had a reputation as a girl who loved cock, and as we watched from the water, she dropped to her knees and started to eagerly suck Nick’s whopper. He looked at us in the water, the bright moonlight allowing us to clearly see each other, and smiled.

Liz was hot. She wrapped her arms behind my neck, her legs around my waist, and she and I kissed deeply. My cock was throbbing between us. I put my hands on her beautiful ass, raised her up, then slowly lowered her onto my cock. It was my first time fucking in water and, although I had been told it was hard to do, my rock-hard cock and her wet, hungry pussy fit together perfectly.

“That feels so good, Liz. Your pussy is so wet and hot and tight.”

“I love the feel of you inside me James. You have me so horny tonight. Fuck me good, baby.”

And I did. As we fucked, Liz alternately kissed my lips, my neck and my ears, than she would look at Cindy as she slurped Nick’s python.

“Have you ever switched partners before baby?” she asked as she worked her pussy up and down on my cock.

“I haven’t, but I think I am about to find out one of your demands,” I said.

“James, I like you a lot and I hope we can be together for a long time, but I do like to play around and Nick looks like he would be fun to play with. And you will like fucking Cindy, she’s a hot little thing.”

With that, we kissed deeply and I came deep inside her.

We walked up to Cindy and Nick just in time to see Nick come in Cindy’s hungry mouth.

“Take my juice, baby”, Nick urged Cindy. With his hands behind her head, Nick came loudly, groaning, moaning and smiling at Liz and I, but mostly at Liz. She stared at Nick and a little moan came out of her mouth as she watched Nick shoot into Cindy’s mouth.

When we was done coming, Cindy slowly backed her mouth off of Nick’s monster, cum connecting the end of his cock and her lips. “I am going for a quick swim,” Nick said, bahis siteleri and as he walked by us, his big tool dripping cum and saliva, he caressed one of Liz’s breasts and laughed, “What a night!”

“Liz, James and I are going over to your place. You bring Nick when you’re ready, OK?” I was about to have my second piece of ass of the night.

“You take care of my lover, Cindy. Nick and I will be there soon.”

I started to put on my clothes, but Cindy stopped me. “Lets drive there naked.” Who was I to argue?

We gathered out clothes, I dried off as best I could, and we got in Nick’s car. We kissed deeply in the car, and I could taste Nick’s cum still fresh in Cindy’s mouth. It was strange. I thought I should be repulsed when I realized what the strange taste was, but instead I found it oddly erotic. As we drove, beautiful Cindy snuggled up to me, her hand stroking my cock which was once again hard and throbbing. “God, I’ve wanted to fuck you for the longest time, James.” “Cindy, I feel the same.” As we made the 15-minute drive, Cindy spent most of that time with her mouth in my lap, sucking and stroking. She had me close to cumming a couple of times, but would squeeze my cock, laugh and say, “Not yet. I need you inside me tonight.”

Liz lived in the upstairs of a duplex and Cindy and I ran upstairs, naked, carrying our clothes with us. When we were inside, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into Liz’s bedroom. We fell onto the bed, kissing each other, my cock rubbing against her wet pussy.

“I want you to suck me James, lick me and suck me and make me cum.”

I crawled between her legs and licked one of the sweetest pussies of a lifetime. The sweetest would be Liz’s, but I didn’t know that at the time. Cindy was hot and wet, and she moaned and groaned as I licked and sucked her to several climaxes. Holding her ass in my hands as I sucked her pussy, she moaned, “Yes, touch me there, touch me there.” I wasn’t sure what she meant, but when my thumb rubbed her anus she went wild. I knew what she wanted.

With my mouth sucking her clit, I put two fingers in her pussy and slowly pushed a finger into her ass. Cindy went wild, coming quickly and crying out, “Oh, that is so good! That is so perfect!”

I looked up to see Liz and Nick standing in the doorway, grinning at us, their arms around each others waists, naked, Nick half-hard and Liz’s nipples standing erect.

“I want a some of that,” Liz said and started to walk over to the bed. I was in for either a blow job or a fuck from Liz and I didn’t care which. She sat on the bed, kissed me deeply – and, for the second time that bahis şirketleri night, I was tasting my buddies cum from a woman’s mouth. “Do you like that James?” she asked. “Do you like knowing that I sucked Nick’s big cock and he shot a big load of man-cream into my mouth? Do you like me sharing it with you?” I was beginning to understand some of the demands that Liz would put on a guy. She stroked my cock and all I could do was moan back into her mouth.

We broke our kiss and Liz looked at Cindy. She leaned over and kissed her. “Was he good baby? Did my guy give my little precsious a good cum?”

Cindy reached up and pulled Liz into a deep, open-mouthed kiss for an answer. I thought to myself, “This isn’t the first time for this kind of play.” Liz moved down Cindy’s body, kissing her neck and then her breasts. Catching a nipple in her teeth, Liz bit gently on Cindy’s tits bringing a moan of appreciation from the sexy minx.

“Get up on your hands and knees, Cindy, I want to watch Nick fuck you.”

To me she said, “James, lie underneath Cindy so she can suck your cock and you can eat her pussy. Nick, get over here, you’ve got some work to do.”

I positioned myself underneath Cindy as directed and soon felt her warm mouth on my cock. As I licked her slit, I felt Nick get onto the bed. He bent over and ran his tongue over Cindy’s hot little asshole. With his tongue pleasuring her there and my mouth working over her pussy, we had her jumping out of her skin in no time.

Nick’s big cock was swinging close to my face and bumped into the back of my head a couple of times. Liz grabbed it and said, “Get him nice and hard for Cindy, James.” And with that, she grabbed Nick’s cock and brought it to my mouth. She rubbed it over my face and, when I opened my mouth, she guided the big plum-sized head to my lips.

“This is getting awfully kinky really quick,” I thought, but with Cindy’s mouth working on my cock I gave into the situation and slowly started to suck Nick’s fat sausage. He must have liked it because he was very hard, very soon. He pulled himself from my mouth and I watched as he pushed that thick pole into Cindy’s tight little pussy. It was amazing to see and to see from just inches away. Other than porn videos, I had never seen two people fuck before and now, here I was, watching one of my best friends fuck my brand-new girlfriends best friend.

Cindy’s tight, hot pussy was too much for Nick, and after ten minutes of hard, ass-slapping fucking, he came inside her. When he pulled out of her, Liz was quick to kneel on the bed and suck his cum and Cindy’s off of his cock. Cindy raised up, looked down at me, and said, “Please, James, clean me up.” With that, she lowered her pussy to my face and I proceeded to lick and suck Nick’s cum from her pussy.

I would soon learn that Liz had more demands in-store.

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