The Harness


As usual, you are messing with the racecar. I enter the garage to find you adjusting the harness, anticipating the next race. Your six-foot-plus frame is securely fastened in the seat. I walk over to greet you, smiling as the thought of you confined in the seat leads me to other thoughts. I firmly, but gently pin your wrists to the back of the seat, by your head, with my hands and kiss your forehead, your eyes, your nose – brush past your lips to the left earlobe. Nibbling there, I listen for you to take a quick gasp.. Briefly kissing you again, I head for the right earlobe, in hopes of eliciting another quiet gasp, back to your lips for a ‘real’ kiss, plunging my tongue deeply in your mouth – you would know I want more than to kiss you.

When I am certain you are as excited as I am, I will continue my way down your chin – regretfully leaving those lips! Slowly kissing your neck, down your breastbone, kissing you through your t-shirt. Detouring off to feel for your nipple thru the fabric, I kiss it, rubbing my tongue over it, feeling it harden thru your shirt. I blow on your wet shirt, cooling bahis firmaları it and quickly suck it into my mouth. I feel your body stiffen, wondering if I nipped too hard, and giggle at you.

You move as if to free your wrists, but I tell you “No,” and you settle back in the seat. I return to your nipple, making certain it is hard and your shirt is wet before attending to the other one, the same way. When I am sure your nipples can’t get any harder, I continue kissing my way down over your tummy, tugging your shirt out of your waistband with my teeth and finding your belly button, gently licking, kissing it. The bulge in your pants is huge, I feel the heat from your body and you squirm, a bit uncomfortable confined in your jeans. I try to ignore it and work my way back up your abdomen, pushing the shirt out of the way so I can taste you, drawing lines with my tongue, and then blowing to cool you off. I love teasing you. It excites me to watch you get excited – my tits ache and I am so wet.

“Don’t move your hands,” I tell you and you clasp them behind your head. Now I can reach kaçak iddaa your pants and still tonguing your belly button, I undo the button on the jeans and very slowly unzip them. I kiss your cock thru the underwear and feel it jump when I touch it. I free it and kiss it very softly, feeling the heat, watching it throb. Running my tongue slowly through the slit, I feel you shiver slightly. I circle the head with my tongue, kissing you lightly, toying with you. The harness is now an obstacle, but I try to ignore it, watching you bite your lower lip and close your eyes, as you strain to move again the harness. I leave your cock at full attention and start to kiss my way back up your belly, hearing you moan softly.

I giggle at you, wondering how much longer I can keep this up – I want you so badly. As if reading my mind, I feel your hands on my shoulders, pulling me up to kiss me. Your tongue enters my mouth, and you pull me close to you. I feel the heat of your body against my breasts, making them ache even more, and I wrap my arms around your head. You have won, as a slide a leg over you, straddling kaçak bahis you, feeling your hot hardness against my pussy, naked under my skirt. I can’t wait anymore. You are surprised at my nakedness underneath my dress as your hand slips down to touch me. The feel of your fingers is almost too much and I tell you to fuck me. You don’t argue with this and I feel you pressing, spreading me, filling me as I settle down on you with a low moan.

You enter me slowly, controlling my descent with your hands on my hips, gloriously torturing me as I feel you slide into me, until I am sitting with my clit pressing on your and I moan. It’s your turn to chuckle at me. Your muscular arms control my movements as I am lifted on and off your hard cock, as it rubs my g-spot and I spiral into a higher plane of excitement.

As you continue using me, my moans become mixed with screams as the first orgasm rips through me. I feel you thrusting harder and your moans join mine. As my orgasm subsides, you renew your efforts, plunging yourself faster and deeper within me. The second orgasm (or maybe just a continuation of the first) overwhelms me. I feel you stiffen and swell inside me. Then the warmth of your cum floods my pussy as you groan your pleasure. Pulling me close to you, you kiss me softly, as we both recover.

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